9/7 Labor Day

Volume 31: August 28, 1932
Divine alternations:  work and rest.
How God takes the creature always by ways of love.
Universal love and special love.

My little mind continues to wander in the Divine Volition.  It seems to me that I cannot be without plunging myself into Its waves to find, in act, what It has done for love of us.  But in the midst of such great immensity of love, my heart had its loving moans because of the privations of my sweet Jesus – His profound silence.  I feel that, in my soul, although there is a pure air, a heaven most clear, studded with twinkling stars of all colors, a most refulgent sun that with its light beats continuously on my littleness, so that everything may be Divine Will; everything is peace and serenity, there is not even a slight breath of wind that could make noise, and this, however, is all effect and property of the Eternal Fiat – yet, I was saying to myself: ‘It seems to me that I lack the King, I lack the One who, with a love that I cannot tell, has operated and ordered everything in me.  And because I lack Him, I feel lonely.  But, tell me, why have you left me?  Why do You not speak?’  And my dear Jesus, letting Himself be wounded by my moans, and sustaining me in His arms, told me:  “My daughter, do not be surprised, this is my usual way – after work I want to find rest in my own labor, in the midst of my own works which, more than soft bed, are fit to give Me rest in act of profound adoration and in mute silence.  Rest after work is the requital for the work, it is the taste and contentment that sacrifice can give.  Did I not do the same in Creation?  First I created It with my Fiat, because Our word is work, it is step, it is everything; and after I ordered and operated everything, I found the most beautiful and sweet rest.  These are the alternations of Our Supreme Being – work and rest.  Work calls Us to rest, and rest calls Us to work. So, don’t you want Me to rest in your soul Everything that you see in you is nothing other than the work of your Jesus.  Each word I spoke to you was a work that I was doing, and from within my word I formed the new creation in you, more beautiful than Creation Itself.  In fact, that one was to serve for the bodies, while this one was to serve the souls, to give them the life of my Will.  If I did not make alternations of work and rest in your soul, it would be a sign that you had not given Me the freedom to do my work in your soul with my creative power, and therefore I would have continued my work unto reaching the intent, to then rest.

If I do not finish, I do not rest; and if after resting I resume the work, it is because I begin new works.  Don’t you want Me to rest under this heaven so serene, these stars and sun that rain down upon Me like sweet refreshments, and making for Me the most beautiful lullabies they invite Me to rest, and in mute silence they say to Me:  ‘How beautiful are your works – your operating Will, your creative power that gave us life.  We are your works – rest in us, and we will form your glory, your perennial adoration’?  Upon so sweet a speaking I take rest, and at the same time I keep vigil and I preserve my work, and I prepare other works to do – and if you knew what the first work is that I do after resting!  I open my work by saying to the creature a sweet ‘I love you’of mine; I want to begin my work with my love, so that the creature, feeling wounded and enraptured by the irresistible force of my love, lets me operate, and gives Me the field of action in her soul.  I take her, I begin my works, I ask for sacrifices, always by way and by dint of love.  My love makes her happy, invests her, absorbs her, inebriates her; and in the face of my love, inebriated as she is, she lets Me do what I want and reaches the point of sacrificing her life for Me, because an ‘I love you’of mine, coming out from the depth of my Divinity, contains the immensity that is present everywhere, the infinity that never ends, the power that can do anything, the wisdom that disposes everything – so, everything that exists feels the power of my ‘I love you’, and all say it together with Me.  Heaven says it to her with the whole Celestial Court; the stars say it with their twinkling that changes into ‘I love you’; the sun, the wind, the air, the water say to her:  ‘I love you’, because since I said it, my ‘I love you’ has resounded in everything and everywhere, and all say it together with Me.  And the creature feels she is under the rain of an immense ‘I love you’, and feeling drowned by my love, she lets Me operate, she utters not a breath, and she offers herself to let Me accomplish my most beautiful works.  And even though she too feels the need to tell me ‘I love You’, she sees, however, that her own is too small in the face of mine, because it does not possess the weapons of immensity, power and infinity.  Yet, she does not want to remain behind, and she uses the industry of saying it in the power of my Will, and – oh! how much I enjoy it, and it is a spur for Me not only to work, but to repeat for her an ‘I love you’of mine, direct and special.  In fact, it is true that I love all, my love never ceases for anyone; but when I want to do special labors, new works, more distinctive designs, I am not content with my general love, but I add a special and distinct love which, while it serves to charm the creature, serves as material, as the ground on which to form my labor and lay my works.  Therefore, let Me do – I know when work, word, silence and rest are necessary.”