6/1 Archbishop Paul F. Leibold passed away in 1972

Most Reverend Paul F. Leibold
Second Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Evansville
Born December 22, 1914
Ordained a Priest: May 18, 1940
Named Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati: April 10, 1958
Consecrated Bishop: June 17, 1958
Apostolic Administrator of Evansville: Oct. 20, 1965
Installed as Bishop of Evansville: June 15, 1966
Installed as Archbishop of Cincinnati: Oct. 2, 1969
Died: June 1, 1972
Burial: Cincinnati, June 7, 1972

– +Archbishop Paul F. Leibold to Heaven 1972 – Confessor of Sister Mary Ephrem – Jesus: “I ask of him (Rev. Leibold) what I continue to ask of you (Sr. Mary Ephrem), oh bride of My Heart – prayer and penance. As a priest after My Own Heart, I will be with him in all his trials and sorrows. Tell him not to become discouraged at the crosses awaiting him for I, the Great High-Priest go before him carrying the heaviest part of his cross. I seek always the humble and lowly of heart and since I have found two such, so I have entrusted to them a great mission, but become not vain, for I have Chosen him and you only because of your unworthiness and lack of virtue. Let this thought be with you always, that you may remember that it is I working through you, Who sanctify you for His Glory and the salvation of souls. You are poor instruments in My Hands, but through you a Great Work will be accomplished. I AM the Great Sculptor of souls. With hammer and chisel I form them that they may glorify My Father by their beauty and perfection. Be pliant in My Hands, oh My two lowly ones, My priest and My little white dove, and then will you be formed into My likeness and through you, I will be formed in souls.” (Letter from Sr. Mary Ephrem to her confessor Archbishop +Paul Leibold 2/20/54).