6/18 Feast Day of St. Ephrem of Syria (Traditional)

“More fitting to be told, than the glorious account of Paradise, are the exploits of the Victorious who adorned themselves with the very Likeness of Paradise; in them is depicted the Beauty of the Garden.” – Hymns on Paradise – St. Ephrem


Volume 31; Jnauary 22, 1933
Our Lord:  “…You Must Know that your will, while being with you, is weak, insignificant; but as it gets into My Creative and Transforming Hands, it changes appearance; I render it Powerful, I Vivify it and enclose in it the Value-producer of Good, and I make use of it so as not to remain idle; and making Myself the Celestial Gardener, I work in this field of your will, and I make of it a Beautiful flowery field and a Garden of My Delights. So, what in your hands is insignificant and maybe even noxious, in Mine it changes its nature and it serves Me to amuse Myself and to have a little soil at My disposal in order to form the Most Beautiful Flowerings.”