3/19 First Day of Spring 2024

 Book of Heaven
12/18/21 – Vol. 13; December 18, 1921

I was feeling very oppressed and distressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. After one entire day of pain, late at night He came, and clinging to my neck with His arms, He told me: “My daughter, what is it? I see a mood and a shadow in you which render you dissimilar from Me, and break the current of beatitude which has almost always existed between Me and you. Everything is peace in Me, therefore I do not tolerate in you even one shadow which may shade your soul. Peace is the springtime of the soul. All virtues bloom, grow and smile, like plants and flowers at the rays of the Sun in springtime, which dispose all things of nature to produce, each one, its own fruit. If it wasn’t for the Spring, which shakes the plants from the torpor of cold with its enchanting smile, and clothes the earth with a flowery mantle that calls everyone to admire it with its sweet enchantment, the earth would be horrid and the plants would end up withering. So, peace is the Divine smile that shakes the soul from any torpor. Like celestial springtime, it shakes the soul from the cold of passions, of weaknesses, of thoughtlessnesses, etc., and with its smile it makes all flowers bloom, more than in a flowery field, and it makes all plants grow, through which the Celestial Farmer is pleased to stroll and pick the fruits, to make of them His food. Therefore, the peaceful soul is My garden, in which I enjoy and amuse Myself.