3/19 March 19 is the Feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

S_St Joseph the Worker

Day Twenty-five
The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

     Dearest daughter, O! How I longed for you in order to continue My Lessons on the Kingdom which the Supreme Fiat extended ever more within Me.

     Now, you must know that for your Mama, for Dear and Sweet Jesus, and for Saint Joseph, the little house of Nazareth was a Paradise. Being the Eternal Word, My Dear Son Possessed the Divine Will within Himself, of His own Virtue; and Immense Seas of Light, of Sanctity, of Joys and of Infinite Beauty resided in that Little Humanity. And I possessed the Divine Will by Grace; and even though I could not embrace Immensity, as did Beloved Jesus— because He was God and Man, and I was always His finite creature—yet, in spite of this, the Divine Fiat Filled Me so much, having formed Its Seas of Light, of Sanctity, of Love, of Beauties and of Happinesses; and the Light, the Love and everything that a Divine Will can Possess, which came out of Us, were so Great that Saint Joseph remained eclipsed, inundated, and lived of Our Reflections.