2/1 The Blessed in Heaven Participate in the Pleasure Jesus Takes from the Pilgrim Soul who Lives in the Divine Will of God

Book of Heaven
5/9/07 – Vol. 7

…  and Good Jesus told me; “My daughter, the Blessed in Heaven give Me much Glory because of the perfect union of their will with Mine, for their life is a product of My Will. There is so much harmony between them and Myself that their breath, their breathing, their movements, their joys and everything that constitutes their Beatitude is the Effect of My Will. However, I tell you that for the soul who is still a pilgrim, if she is united to My Will in such a way that she never detaches from It, her life is of Heaven, and I receive from her the same Glory. or rather, I take more Pleasure and Delight because what the Blessed do, they do without Sacrifice and amid Delights, while what the pilgrim souls do, they do with Sacrifice and amid Sufferings, and wherever there is Sacrifice, I take More Pleasure and I AM More Delighted. And the Very Blessed, who Live in My Volition – since the soul who is still a pilgrim and Lives in My Will forms one Life with them – participate in the Pleasure I take from the pilgrim soul.”