1/7 Flight of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

What a beautiful time to pray The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

Flight into Egypt

Book of Heaven
The Call of the Creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose
for which He was Created by God
Volume 23 – February 9, 1928

The Sovereign Queen of Heaven, reflector of Jesus.  Pleasures of Jesus when one asks for His Fiat. 

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

Continuing to follow the Acts of Jesus done in His Divine Will when He was on earth, I (Luisa) was following Mother and Son when they fled to Egypt, and I thought to myself:  “How beautiful it must have been to see the dear little Baby in the arms of His Divine Mama.  Though He was so little, enclosing the Eternal Fiat within Himself, He enclosed Heaven and earth; everything came out from Him, as the Creator, and everything hung upon Him.  And the Sovereign Queen, transfused in the little Jesus by virtue of the same Fiat that animated Them, formed the reflector of Jesus, His echo, His very Life.  How many hidden beauties they possessed; how many varieties of heavens, more beautiful than what can be seen above our horizon; how many more refulgent suns They contained.  And yet, no one could see anything; nothing appeared other than three poor fugitives.

“Jesus, my Love, I want to follow, step by step, the steps of my Celestial Mama; and as She walks, I want to animate the blades of grass, the atoms of the earth, and make You feel my ‘I love You’ under Her soles.  I want to animate all the light of the sun, and, as it shines on Your face, I want it to bring You my ‘I love You’; all the waves of the wind, its caresses—let all say to You:  ‘I love You.’  I (Luisa) am the one who, in Your Fiat, brings You the warmth of the sun to warm You, the waves of the wind to caress You, its whistling to speak to You and say:  ‘Dear little One, let everyone know Your Divine Will; let It come out from within Your little Humanity, that It may take Its dominion and form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.’

But while my mind was wandering after Jesus—and I would be too long if I wanted to say everything—my highest and only Good, Jesus, moved in my interior, and all goodness told me:  “My daughter, My Mama and I were like two twins born of the same labor, because We had but one Will that gave Us life.  The Divine Fiat placed all Our Acts in common, in such a way that the Son was reflected in Her, and the Mama was reflected in the SonSo, the Kingdom of the Divine Will had Its full force, Its perfect dominion within Us; and as We were fleeing to Egypt, We carried the Divine Volition as though strolling throughout those regions, and We felt Its great sorrow for It was not reigning in creatures; and, looking at the centuries, We felt the great joy of Its Kingdom that It was to form in their midst.

“And, oh! how pleasing to Us did your repeated refrains in the wind, in the sun, in the water, under Our steps, reach Us upon the wings of Our Fiat:  I love You, I love You—let Your Kingdom come.  It was Our echo that We could hear in you, as We wanted nothing but the Divine Will to reign and be the conqueror of all.  Therefore, even from that time We (Jesus and His Blessed Mother) loved Our tiny little one (Luisa), who asked for and wanted but what We Ourselves wanted.” …