9/7 Tomorrow is the Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Round:  Seventh Hour

The Soul, one with Luisa, Plunges into the Ocean
of Light and Holiness of the Heavenly Mother.
With Her, It Prays that the Kingdom of the Divine Will May Come Upon the Earth.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I feel Your Love overflowing in me. I see with greatest joy that You are now laying aside Your mantle of Justice and getting ready for a new festivity, perhaps even greater than Your festivity in the creation of man. You are displaying oceans of Power, Wisdom, Love, and indescribable Beauty. Gathering all these oceans together, You call from the very depths of these oceans, based on Your omnipotent word, the life of the little Queen. And the Royal Lady, so pure, so stainless, is so exquisite in beauty as to captivate Your very Divinity.

With the Conception of this Immaculate Sovereign, the festivities begin between Heaven and earth. All creation rejoices and celebrates its Queen. I, too, pay homage to Her. She is the object of delight of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I invite the sky, the sun, the wind, all creation, the angels and every human being to sing with me the praises of the little Queen just conceived and to acknowledge Her as Noble Lady, as Mother, as the chosen one among all creatures.

My Mother, do You see? All people are turning to You their hearts, their glances. Our fate is in Your hands. Therefore, in this first act of Your Conception, all together we prevail upon our Heavenly Father and exclaim: “Let the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon the earth!”

Holy Mother, present us to God; and He will be overcome, seeing that all creatures, gathered close around You, are saying with You: “Let the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come!”

Yes, O Divine Persons, You do nothing other than continually pour love upon the newborn Queen. Nor do You ever cease granting Her new graces to extend Her oceans increasingly and without bound. In this Heavenly Creature, You see She who has to give You everything, who has to make amends to You for everything, She who must restore to You intact the glory of creation. So, You explain to Her immediately the history of fallen man, Your sorrow, Your adorable Will rejected by creatures.

While You entrust everything to Her, She generously gives You the gift of Her own will and swears to You that She doesn’t care to recognize it. Plunging into Your Fiat, She chooses It for Her own Fiat. She gives It dominion over Her and in this way forms in Her soul the first Kingdom of the Divine Will. And now I hear the echo of Her continual refrain: “May the Kingdom of the Redemption come; may the Word come upon earth; may peace come between the Creator and the creature. Eternal Father, I will not leave Your lap if You don’t give Me what I ask of You.”

I, too, Heavenly Father, will repeat with my little Queen Mother, the refrain I usually say: “May the Kingdom of the Divine Will come!” Far from getting off Your Paternal lap, I will hold You with my arms until You assure me that the Divine Will not only will be known and loved by men but will reign over them with complete triumph.