10/31 The Vigil of All Saints

In the eighth century the Gregorian Sacramentary indicated among the common Masses without a date:  The Mass in honor of All Saints.  Fixed in the following century on November 1, it became The Mass of All Saints Day that is now prepared for by that of a vigil.  Thus today is the Eve of All Saints, otherwise known as All Hallows Eve, that is Hallows Eve, or now more commonly,  Halloween.

Volume 17 – January 4, 1925

Having completed my whole day, I was thinking to myself: “What else is left for me to do?”

And in my interior, I heard: “You have to do the Most Important Thing – your last act of Fusing yourself in the Divine Will.”

So, according to my usual way, I started to Fuse all my poor being in the Supreme Will; and as I was doing so, it seemed to me that the Heavens were opening, and I went to meet the whole Celestial Court, and all of Heaven came toward me. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, fusing yourself in My Will is the Most Solemn Act, the Greatest One, the Most Important of all your life. To Fuse yourself in My Will is to enter the Sphere of Eternity, embrace It, kiss It, and receive the Deposit of the Goods which the Eternal Will contains. Even more, as the soul Fuses herself in the Supreme Volition, all go to meet her, in order to communicate to her all the Goods and the Glory they have. The Angels, the Saints, the very Divinity – they all communicate, knowing that they communicate in that same Will in Which everything is safe. Even more, in receiving these Goods, the soul multiplies them through her acts in the Divine Will, and gives back Double Glory and Honor to the whole of Heaven. Therefore, by Fusing yourself in My Will, you put Heaven and earth in motion. It is a New Feast for the whole Heaven.

And since to Fuse oneself in My Will is to Love and to Give, for each one and for all, without excluding anyone – in My Goodness, so as not to be won over in love by the creature, I place in her – in My Will – the Goods of all, and all the possible Goods I contain within Me. Nor can there be a lack of space in which to place all the Goods, because My Will is Immense, and is capable of receiving everything. If you knew what you do and what happens when you Fuse yourself in My Will, you would eagerly yearn to do it continuously…