11/20 The current chastisements are only the beginning of the purification of the world.

Book of Heaven
11/21/15 – Vol. 11

Finding myself in my usual state, as soon as I saw my always adorable Jesus, I begged Him, for pity’s sake, that He would change the decrees of the Divine Justice. I said to Him: ‘My Jesus, I cannot take any more! My poor heart is crushed in hearing about so many tragedies. Jesus, enough, these are your dear images, your beloved children, who moan, cry and ache under the weight of instruments that are almost infernal!’

And He: “Ah, my daughter, yet, all the terrible things that are happening now are only the sketch of the design. Don’t you see what a large circle I am marking? What will happen when I will complete the design? At many points they will say: ‘Here there was such a city, here such buildings.’ Some points will disappear completely. Time is tight. Man reached the extent of forcing Me to chastise him. He wanted to almost challenge Me, incite Me, and I remained patient – but all times arrive. They didn’t want to recognize Me through Love and Mercy – they will know Me through Justice. Therefore, courage – do not lose heart so soon.”