11/19 Day 16 from the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

My daughter, listen to your Mother (Blessed Mother), and ponder well the great evil of the human will; it removes the eyes of the soul and makes her become blind, in such a way that everything is darkness and fear for the poor creature. Therefore, place your hand upon your heart and swear to your Mama (Blessed Mother) that you would rather die than do your will. I, by never doing my will, had no fear of My Creator. And how could I be afraid if He Loved Me so much? And the Kingdom extended so much within Me, that with My Acts I (Blessed Mother) kept forming the Full Day to make the New Sun of the Eternal Word Rise upon earth. And as I saw that the Day was being formed, I increased My Supplications to obtain the longed-for Day of Peace between Heaven and earth.