12/12 Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe


December 8, 1922 – Book of Heaven – Luisa Piccarreta – Description of Our Lady of Guadalupe

“This is the reason We made Her Queen of everyone (when We act, We do so with reason, wisdom and justice): She never gave life to her human will. … All created things, …,seeing this sublime Virgin Who, almost as though She were their sister, had never wanted to know her own will but only that of God, they not only celebrated but felt honored in having Her for their Queen. They ran about Her, paying Her homage by putting the moon beneath her feet as her footstool, the stars as her crown, the sun as her diadem, with angels as servants, and with men attending Her. Absolutely everyone honored Her and paid Her homage. There is no honor or glory that cannot be given to our Will, whether It acts in Us, Its own home, or whether It dwells in creatures.


Columbus discovered America 40 years, before Our Lady of Guadalupe came in 1531. It was customary before sea journeys, to stop at the Lady’s shrine (Guadelupe Spain) for a blessing. But it was unusual for ships to be renamed at this point. Columbus named his three ships: The Nina (little girl) The Pinta (paints) and The Santa Maria (St Mary) .