1/10 Aborted Vocations…

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From Fr. Jerabek’s Blog in 2015, but worth repeating:

So it was with interest that I read the following words in Fr. Rutler’s weekly newsletter:

Last year at this time, I cited a statistical abstract using the ratio of professions to population and the number of infants aborted. The resulting estimate showed that in the last 35 years, those lives destroyed could have included: two U.S. presidents; seven Supreme Court justices; 102 U.S. senators and 589 congressmen; 8,123 judges; 31 Nobel Prize laureates; 328 Olympic medalists; 6,092 professional athletes; 134,841 physicians and surgeons; 392,500 registered nurses70,669 clergy, including 6,852 Catholic priests and 11,010 nuns; 1,102,443 elementary and high-school teachers; 553,821 truck drivers; 224,518 maids and housekeepers; 33,939 janitors; 134,028 farmers and ranchers; 109,984 police officers; and 39,477 firefighters.

I could have boldfaced the whole thing. Of course, it is a statistical projection and could be wrong. Two different statisticians might come up with very different numbers, based on different methodologies. But in any event, with over 56 million babies aborted since 1973, the fact is, it’s hard not to recognize at least some truth in the above numbers. Just imagine a country with 56 million more people in it!