Droplets of Courage

Compiled by Sr. Assunta

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S. Paul: “When I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Cor 12:10)

My dear brothers, in the Light of the Divine Will, with these droplets we want to become courageous and help ourselves to live, with greater faith, our calling: “The Fiat Voluntas Tua“. (Mt 6:10)

To talk about courage is to link ourselves, first of all, to the evangelical language, to that of the saints, to their strength and endurance, as well as to their heroism.

Courage is a strength of spirit gushing from the Gift of the “Strength” that the Spirit of the Father instilled in our souls.

To be brave, meaning to be strong in spirit in order to fight against human tendencies, that has at its head one’s own ego.

This strength and this courage, comparable to a suit of armor, enveloped the most holy Humanity of the Word, even from the moment of conception, and it was transmitted by Him through His Spirit to all those who, uniting themselves to His Divine courage, want to ascend the unshakable rock of His Holiness itself.

Therefore, courage extends its roots into the font of salvation. Font of faith and of fortitude, from which the Church nourishes itself in order to guide to harbor the people of God, and against which “the gates of hell will not prevail against It.” (Mt 16:18)

Christian Courage grows and is strengthened by the rectitude of mind and heart and by the desire to live in union with the Will of the Divine Creator.

My dear ones, this robust virtue seeks the things above (Col 3, 1 to 11) and this is why it is associated with hope and makes us full of charity. Furthermore, courage is administered by the power of the Will of God, which supports, nourishes and enlightens the soul to the purpose for which the visible universe was created, in order to believe in the possession of the invisible and eternal goods.

The object of courage is also to fix the center of the wheel, the seat of God, without detaching, and embrace all goods, attributes and virtues that make up the circumference and crown the Sun of the Divine Will, which is God himself.  From this Sun come luminous rays that convey unity with the Creator, support for the beauties of creation and nourishment for man to live in the Divine Will.

“My Will is the center and the virtues are the circumference. Imagine a wheel in whose middle many rays are centered.  Now anything, even holy, but not done in my Will, is a ray detached from the center. “ (Vol.11 – 04/04/1912)

So courage administers strength and vigilance of soul that wants to remain linked to that thread of Light that comes from the center, which is the Kingdom of God.  This virtue is like the anchor that binds the rays, so that the soul never detaches itself because if that happens, it would be like a branch cut off from the vine. (John 15:1-8)

The droplets of Christian courage fall on resolute, constant souls, that is, on those that seek to draw God’s strength in their weakness.

Dear friends, let us embark on a journey of faith with courage, let us ensure continuity and unity with the Lord and with one another, because continuity is what strengthens and brings together all the energies of mind and body. It is like a compass of Light that provides peaceful guidance, even when it seems that Jesus sleeps in the boat of our soul and the sea is rough. It is precisely then that courage is strengthened, because it is shaken by the powerful words of Jesus to the disciples, and now to you: “Take heart, it is I, be not afraid.” (Mt 14:27) (Do not be afraid)

Where does greatness and strength, courage, hide? In the courage of Christ, Who, by His Divine courage, crowned the life of each of us that we might imitate him in the cross and in the glory, despite human weakness.

Pope Francis:  “The Christian is called to be courageous in their own weakness.”

This virtue has the strength as to snatch miracles of soul, first of all, forgiveness of sins, which are miracles par excellence, like that of Jesus to the paralytic: “Courage, your sins are forgiven you.” (Mt 9:2).

This is repeated as many times as the soul lives the Sacrament of reconciliation, if he has the courage to look at Jesus with the eyes of Mary Magdalene, eyes purified, renewed, able to look at Jesus through the eyes of Jesus himself.

Jesus did not hesitate to send His courage to those who are willing to testify, with earnestness, the Gospel. So to Paul: “Courage, as you have testified in Jerusalem it is necessary to testify in Rome.”  (Acts 23:11)

Here is how courage is the effective way to get up again from falls, because it is transmitted to us by Jesus himself.  He, in saying to each of us: “Courage, get up!” gives us the chance to get up and start again, with greater courage, our path to holiness. From the font of Christian courage also flows fraternal courage, one that allows us to fill each other with courage in order to reclaim the losses caused by lack of courage. In this we are helped by the prophet Isaiah: “They help each other; everyone says to his brother: courage!” (41.6).

My dear ones, it is very important, indeed it is indispensable, to clothe ourselves with Christian courage if we truly want to be witnesses of the Gospel and followers of the Servant of God Luisa, who with her indomitable courage has left the world a model of life made of heroic virtue and of holiness.

Courage is the virtue of the strong, those who take to heart the Gospel saying that calls for a firm and constant choice: “One who gets to the plow and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God.” (Lk 9,62)

One who turns away from Christian courage is likely to embark on a downhill road, that of weakness of spirit, of distrust, of tepidity, of insensitivity and indifference, because lacking the strength to do good, one can go to meet the evil, perhaps even without repentance.

You cannot compare the courage that places itself at the service of the part of the world that is corrupt, with Christian courage that fights sin. They are two completely different forces.

There are many excellent personages, both in the Old and New Testament, who acted with their own courage, the most powerful weapon to glorify God, even to their blood.

Model par excellence is Mary, the Virgin of “Yes”, courage and total renouncement of one’s own human will.

She who at the announcement of the Angel saw her plan, even though holy, changed completely, did not hesitate to pronounce with courage her “Yes”, in order to fulfill the Will of God.

The Lord can completely change our lives at the most unexpected times, when with His merciful heart, He watches over a soul who entrusts herself to Him and uses His strength to pronounce with courage her own “Yes” to His Will.

There are many people from whom we can draw courage and make our souls strong with the same strength of God.  Such as the figure of young David, although a shepherd, who, with the weapons of faith and courage, managed to defeat the giant Goliath, one of the most stubborn enemies of the Israelite people. Besides faith and indomitable courage, a small stone thrown with a sling was enough for David to bring down the evil.

“You come to me,” said David, “with the sword, with a spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts.” (1 Sam 17,49)

When the heart turns to stone one suffers by the hardness of his own heart, because it does not stand up to the fortress of the Heart of Jesus. Was not a small stone enough to hit the stony heart out of Goliath?

Courage comes from that little mustard seed (Mt 13:31-32) which, cultivated with faith and fertilized by courage, becomes a sturdy tree capable of withstanding any storm that threatens to tear it down. So it is for the courageous soul, because she grows and gets stronger with Christian courage.

Brothers and sisters, we are confident in the teaching and in the advice that we get from our guide, teacher and sister Luisa: “Take courage, if you want to became a saint and please Jesus more.  Enclose yourself in His Holy Will. May It be your food, refuge, help, your strength.”  (From the letters – #125)


Corato, August 15, 2013
Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary Most Holy

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I unit myself to the courage of all of you

So that our “yes” becomes more constant

for the glory of the Kingdom

Sr. Assunta

a little daughter of the Divine Will