11/29/1932 Our Lady appears at Beuraing, Belgium

Our Lady of Beauraing
Pope John Paul II praying before statue of Our Lady of Beauraing
Also known as Our Lady of the Golden Heart
Memorial is November 29th
Dates of Apparitions are November 29, 1932 – January 3, 1933

Beauraing 1932

Beauraing is a small village in the French speaking part of Belgium.
Our Lady appeared there to 5 children Andree and Gilberte Degeimbre 15 and 9 years old, Fernande, Gilberte and Albert Voisin 15, 13 and 11 years old.

Our Lady appeared 33 times to these children and the first time was on November 29th, 1932 and the last one January 3, 1933.

On November 29 1932 Fernande, Andree and her sister Gilberteand Albert Voisin went to the local convent school to meet up with Albert’s sister Gilberte. Albert rang at the door to the convent and as he waited, he turned around and looked toward the street and the railroad bridge and the little Lourdes grotto. He saw Our Lady there dressed in white and when the girls turned around they saw Her too above the bridge and the grotto, clouds covering Her feet. The girls also saw Our Lady dressed in white with Her feet hiden by a little cloud.

This was the first apparition and nobody would believe them, not their parents, the Mother Superior of the convent or anybody in their village did.

On December 1, Our Lady appeared for the second time and from that time She would appear nearby a hawthorn tree near the grotto to the children. As soon as Our Lady appeard the children were thrown on their knees and prayed Hail Marys in a loud, high voice. They would only stop if Our Lady was talking to them.

On December 2 Albert asked Our Lady if She was the Immaculate Virgin, and She smiled and nodded Her head, and said to him: “Always be good.”

The news was spreaded rapidly and on through the village and the rest of Belgium and beyond. More and more people would come to the hawthorn tree in the grotto to pray the rosary with the children.

On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the children were in ecstasy and matches that were lighted were held underneath their hands, they also got pinpricks, etc. but they were not injured or harmed in any way.

The local priest, Fr. Lambert, and the Church authorities were very prudent about the apparitions and refused to get involved. Even the local bishop ordered the priests not to go to the site.

The children were closely watched at the apparitions and questioned separetely.

On December 29 Our Lady also showed Her Golden Heart surrounded by rays to Fernande, the next day also to the other children. Our Lady instructed a chapel to be built for pilgrims, and She said: “I am the Immaculate Virgin”

Our Lady also said She would give proof that She was theImmaculate Virgin and said: “Pray, pray very much and always”. Our Lady was wearing a white dress and veil, and a crown.

On January 1, 1933 Our Lady said to Gilberte Voisin to “Pray always,” and said that on January 3 She would appear for the last time and would speak to them separately.

On January 3, a crowd of over 30,000 people came to the grotto for the last apparition of Our Lady to the children. She had a message for each of them.

To Gilberte Voisin She said: “I will convert sinners. Goodbye:”

To Andree She said: “I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven. Pray always. Goodbye:”

To Fernande She said: “Do you love My Son and Me?” Fernande replied yes to Her,  and Our Lady said:  “Then sacrifice yourself for Me. Goodbye”.

Our Lady then disappeared.

In July 1935, the bishop appointed a commission of inquiry, and in February 1943 Bishop Charue gave his permission for public devotions to Our Lady at Beauraing.

In July 1949 the Shrine was officially recognised, and 2 important documents were issued. One was about the many cures that had taken place at Beauraing, and the second one was to affirm that the Queen of Heaven appeared to the children of Beauraing in 1932-1933.