September 12th is the Feast of The Most Holy Name of Mary

In Hebrew, the name Mary is Miryam. Miryam, the sister of Moses is a “type” of the Blessed Virgin. Miryam was a prophetess who sang a canticle of thanksgiving after the safe crossing of the Red Sea and the destruction of Pharaoh’s army. Mary prophesied in Her Magnificat that all generations would honor Her, and She sang of how God would topple the proud and raise the lowly. Miryam supported her brother, Moses, the liberator of his people. As the Co-Redemptrix who United Her Sufferings to those of the One Mediator on Calvary, Our Lord Jesus, Mary labored alongside the Redeemer, the True Liberator of His people. Just as Jesus was the “antitype” [Fulfillment] of Moses, so was Our Lady the “antitype” of Miryam, the Fullest Realization of the Courageous Woman standing beside and laboring with, the One Who comes to free captives.
In these times, Our Lady of America comes to free Her children from the captivity of all evils, preparing them for union with Her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Divine Indwelling. Please take the time to read the (attached) booklet on OUR LADY OF AMERICA, The Immaculate Virgin – a brief overview of the history of the property where Our Lady first Appeared, and the significance of the Apparitions and messages.
In a soon to follow email, you will receive an invitation to the October 14, 2019 day of recollection given by Fr. B Thomas Celso, B.D.V. in Rome City, Indiana.
Our Lady of America Pray for us!