Read the documents of the Second Vatican Council in one year for less than ten minutes a day

P_Second Vatican Council St Peters

The Great Grace

Daily Reading Plan

Between the sixteen documents of Vatican II, there are 624 paragraphs of varying length.  It is therefore possible to read through them all by reading just one or two paragraphs each day.  The following daily reading plan has been created with an eye to a giving one a relatively equal amount to read each day.  Each day’s reading is equivalent to about one or two pages in a standard size book of the Council documents.

Here is a brochure of the daily reading plan that can be printed out and used as a checklist.  This is handy if you plan on completing your daily reading away from the computer.

Alternately, you can check back with the site each day and follow the daily posts or the table that it lists (click here).  As the documents are all available online, this brings everything you need to complete the readings together in one place.