St. Annibale Di Francia Painting at the Church of the Rogation Fathers in Rome

Painting of St Annibale Di Francia in Heaven
at the Church of the Rogation Fathers in Rome

3. “Whoever loves me will keep my word” (Jn 14: 23). In these words of the Gospel we see illustrated the spiritual profile of Hannibal Mary Di Franciawhose love for the Lord moved him to dedicate his entire life to the spiritual well-being of others.

In this perspective, he felt above all the urgency to carry out the Gospel command:

“Rogate ergo… Pray then to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest!” (Mt 9: 38).

He left to the Rogationist Fathers and the Daughters of Divine Zeal the task to do their utmost with all their strength so that prayer for vocations would be “unceasing and universal”.

This same call of Fr. Annibale Maria Di Francia is directed to the young people of our times, summed up in his usual exhortation: “Fall in love with Jesus Christ”.

From this providential intuition, a great movement of prayer for vocations rose up within the Church.

I hope with all my heart that the example of Fr Annibale Maria Di Francia will guide and sustain such pastoral work even in our times.

Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia
Beatified 7 Oct. 1990
Canonized on 16 May 2004

Extraordinary Confessor of The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta for over 17 years.
Ecclesiastical Censor of her Writings,
Founder of the Rogationist Fathers, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, and the Anthonian Orphanages

St. Annibale was the Ecclesiastical Censor of Luisa’s writings until his death in 1927.

Volumes 1-19 bear his Nihil Obstat. Additionally, he was responsible for publishing Luisa’s work, The Hours of the Passion, in 1915.