6/25 – Maternity of Mary (431), and Our Lady Queen of Peace (1981)

Maternity of Mary

Book of Heaven
Volume 33; February 4, 1934

Love of God hidden in the Virgin.  The Divine Paternity gives Her (Our Lady) the Divine Maternity and generates the human generations in Her as Her children.  How the Divine Immensity renders all His Works inseparable.

            My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues, and finding everything that had been done in It, the little atom of my soul goes around, and around again in order to also give my little ‘I love You’ for everything that It had done in the round of Eternity for the Love of all creatures.

            And my beloved Jesus stopped me in the waves of Interminable Love of the Conception of my Celestial Mama, and all goodness He told me:  “Little daughter of My Volition, your ‘I love You,’ for however little, wounds Our Love, and from those wounds that it makes Us, it gives Us the occasion of making Our Hidden Love come forth and of making it Revealer of Our Intimate Secrets and of how much We have Loved the creatures.  Now you must know that We Loved all mankind, but We were constrained to keep hidden in Our Divine Being all the Immense Ardor of Our Love, because We did not find in them either the Beauty that enraptured Our Love, or Love that, wounding Us, would make Our Love come out in order to inundate them so as to make itself known, to Love them and make itself Loved.  Rather, they were so absorbed in the lethargy of faults as to make Us horrified only to look at them.

            “But Our Love burned; We Loved them, and We wanted to make Our Love reach everyone.  How to do it?  We must use a great invention of Our Love in order to reach this, and here is how:  We called to Life the little, tiny Virgin Mary and Creating Her All Pure, All Holy, All Beautiful, All Love, without original sin, and making Our own Divine Will Conceived together with Her so that between Her and Us there would be free access, Perennial and inseparable Union.

            “Now the Celestial Queen enraptured Us with Her Beauty, and Our Love ran, it ran.  With Her Love She wounded Us, and Our Love, overflowing, hid itself in Her.  And looking through Her Beauty and with Her Love for all creatures, Our Love poured itself out and Loved all creatures with hidden Love in this Celestial Queen.  In fact, We Loved everyone in Her.  Through Her Beauty they did not seem ugly to Us anymore.  Our (God’s) Love was no longer restricted within Us, but diffused into the Heart of a Creature so holy, that communicating Our Divine Paternity to Her (Blessed Mother), and Loving everyone in Her, She acquired the Divine Maternity in order to be able to Love everyone as Her children, offspring of Her Celestial Father.  As She felt that We Loved all creatures in Her, so She felt that Our Love formed the New Generation of all mankind in Her Maternal Heart.  Can one give greater invention of love, stratagems more loving, then Our Paternal Goodness in order to Love creatures, and even those who offend Us?  To elect from this same lot a creature, to form Her as Beautiful as We can, such that Our Love would not find an obstacle in order to be able to Love everyone in Her and to make Her Love everyone?  In this Celestial Queen everyone can find Our Love hidden in Her.  Even more because possessing Our Divine Will, She commanded Us to make Us Love everyone.  And We, with Our Sweet Empire, commanded Her to be the most Loving Mother of all.

            “True Love does not know how to be without Loving, and It uses all the arts, It takes the occasion of the littlest things as well as the greatest in order to Love.  Our Love now hides Itself, now it Reveals Itself; now directly, and now in an indirect way, in order to make known that We animate with Incessant Love She who We brought forth from the depth of Our Love.  Greater Gift We could not give to all the generations, than giving them this Incomparable Creature as Mother of All and as Bearer of Our Love hidden in Her so as to feed it to all Her children.”

            After this I continued to think about the Divine Will.  The thought that My Celestial Mama possessed in Her Maternal Heart the hidden Love with which My Creator Loved me, filled me with joy.  And to think that I was looked at by God from within my dear Celestial Mother—through Her Sanctity and with Her enrapturing Beauty.  O! how happy I felt, and all trusting, because I would not be Loved and looked at by myself anymore, but Loved and looked at together with my Mama.  Ah! She, in order to make me Loved even more by my Jesus, will cover me with Her Virtues, She will dress me with Her Beauty, and She will hide my miseries and my weaknesses.

            But a thought wanted to afflict my joy—that Our Lord did this as long as the Queen of Heaven lived on earth, but when He brought Her to Himself in Heaven, this invention of Divine Love ended.

            And my sweet Jesus, returning, added:  “My blessed daughter, Our Works always continue and are inseparable from Us such that Our Hidden Love continues in the Queen of Heaven, and it will always continue.  It would not be to Operate as God if all that We did could separate from Us and not have Perennial Life.  Therefore We Love, We pour Ourselves out over creatures.  It seems that Our Love departs from Us, but no, it departs and it remains with Us.  And the Love that pours itself over creatures is inseparable from Us and renders inseparable She who has received Our Love, such that all Our Works—Heaven and earth, creatures who come forth to the light of day—it seems that they depart from Us, but no, they are all inseparable from Us.  And this is in virtue of Our Immensity that envelops everything; there is no place where It is not found, and It renders everything that We do inseparable.  Therefore neither can Our Works be separated from Us, nor We from them.  One can say that they form a single body for Us, and Our Immensity and Power is like the circulation of the blood that maintains Life for everything and everyone.  At the most there can be works distinct from one another, but separable—never.”

            So I, in hearing this, marveling to myself said:  “And yet, my Love, there are the reprobates already separated from You; they too are works come forth from You, how is it, therefore, that they do not pertain to You anymore?”

            And Jesus:  “You are mistaken, My daughter; they do not pertain to Me by way of Love, but by way of Justice.  My Immensity that envelops them has Its Power over them, and if they did not pertain to Me, My punitive Justice would not have what to punish, because as things would not pertain to Me, at that instant they lose life.  But if this life exists, there is One who Conserves it and who Justly punishes him.  Therefore, in Heaven the Sovereign Lady still possesses Our Hidden Love toward each creature, rather, it is Her Greatest Triumph and Contentment that She feels all creatures Loved by Her Creator in Her Maternal Heart.  And She, acting as True Mother, how many times She hides them from Me in Her Love in order to make them Loved, in Her Sorrows in order make them forgiven, in Her Prayers in order to make Greater Graces be given them.  Ah! She is the covering who knows how to cover and excuse Her children before the Throne of Our Majesty.  Therefore let yourself be covered by your Celestial Mama who will think about the needs of Her daughter.”

Our Lady, Queen of Peace

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Day Nine

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will is constituted by God Celestial Peacemaker and Bond of Peace between Creator and Creature.

 The soul to her Celestial Queen:

Sovereign Lady and my Dearest Mama, I see that You call me as You feel the Ardor of the Love that Burns in Your Heart, because You want to narrate to me what You did for Your daughter in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. How Beautiful it is to see You direct Your Steps toward Your Creator; and as They hear the treading of Your feet, They look at You and feel wounded by the Purity of Your Gazes; and They await You in order to be Spectators of Your Innocent Smile, to Smile at You, and to Amuse Themselves with You. O please! Holy Mama, in Your Joys, in Your Chaste Smiles with Your Creator, do not forget Your daughter who lives in the exile, who is so much in need, and whose will, peeping out, would often want to overwhelm me, to snatch me from the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Daughter of My Maternal Heart, do not fear, I will never forget you. On the contrary, if you always do the Divine Will and Live in Its Kingdom, we will be Inseparable, I will always carry you clasped in My hand, to lead you and be your Guide, in order to teach you how to Live in the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, banish fear; in It, everything is Peace and Security. The human will is the disturber of souls, and puts in danger the Most Beautiful Works, the Holiest Things. Everything is unsafe in it: Sanctity, Virtues, and even the Salvation of the soul are in danger; and the characteristic of one who lives of human will is volubility. Who could ever trust one who lets herself be dominated by the human will? No one neither God, no man. She looks like those empty reeds that turn at every blow of wind. Therefore, dearest daughter of Mine, if a blow of wind wants to render you inconstant, plunge yourself into the Sea of the Divine Will, and come to hide on the lap of Your Mama, that I may defend you from the wind of the human will; and holding you tightly in My arms, I may render you Firm and Confident along the path of Its Divine Kingdom.

Now, my daughter, follow Me before the Supreme Majesty, and listen to Me. With My rapid flights, I would reach Their Divine Arms, and upon arriving, I would feel Their Overflowing Love which, like Mighty Waves, covered Me with Their Love. O! How Beautiful it is to be Loved by God. In this Love one feels Happiness, Sanctity, Infinite Joys, and one feels so Embellished, that God Himself feels Enraptured by the Striking Beauty He infuses in the creature in Loving her.

I wanted to imitate Them, and, though little, I did not want to remain behind Their Love. So, from the Waves of Love They had given Me, I would form My waves, in order to cover My Creator with My Love. In doing this, I would smile, because I knew that My love could never cover the Immensity of Their Love. But in spite of this, I would try, and My innocent smile would arise on My lips. The Supreme Being would Smile at my smile, and make Feast and Amuse Himself with My littleness.

Now, in the middle of Our Loving Stratagems, I remembered the painful state of My human family upon earth, for I too was of their offspring—and how I grieved and prayed that the Eternal Word would descend and put a Remedy to it. And I would say this with such tenderness as to reach the point of changing smile and feast into crying. The Most High was so moved by My tears, more so, since they were the tears of a little one, that pressing Me to the Divine Bosom They dried My tears and said to Me: “Daughter (Blessed Mother), do not cry, pluck up Courage. Into Your hands We (God) have placed the destiny of mankind; We gave You the Mandate, and now, to console You more, We make of You the Peacemaker between Us and the human family. So, to You it is given to reconcile us. The Power of Our Will that Reigns in You compels Us to give the Kiss of Peace to poor humanity, decayed and unsafe.”

Who can tell you, My daughter, what My Heart felt at this Divine Condescension? My Love was so Great that I felt faint and, in delirium, I was restless, looking for more Love as relief for My Love.

Now a word to you, My daughter. If you listen to Me by banishing your will and giving the Royal Place to the Divine Fiat, you too will be Loved with Striking Love by your Creator; you will be His Smile, you will put Him in Feast, and you will be Bond of Peace between the world and God.

 The soul:

Beautiful Mama, help your daughter. You Yourself, place me into the Sea of the Divine Will, and cover me with the Waves of the Eternal Love, that I may see and hear nothing but Divine Will and Love.

 Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will ask Me for all of My Acts, and will enclose them in your heart, so that you may feel the Strength of the Divine Will that Reigned in Me. And then you will offer them to the Most High, to thank Him for all the Offices He gave Me in order to save the creatures.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Queen of Peace, make the Divine Will give me Its Kiss of Peace.