1) Luisa and the Divine Will 2023 – Part I 

 Luisa and the Divine Will 2023 – Part I 

*How all the figures and symbols of the Old Testament symbolized the children of the Divine Will. How Adam, from a high point, fell to the lowest point.* 

V21 – 4/8/27 I was following the acts that the Divine Will had Done in All Creation, and I was also searching for the acts It had Done in the first father Adam, as well as All those It had Done in All the Saints of the Old Testament, especially those in which the Supreme Volition had made Its Power, Its Strength, Its Vivifying Virtue, stand out. 

And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, Told me: “My daughter, the Greatest Figures of the Old Testament, while being Images that Veiled the Future Messiah, enclosed also the Gifts, the Image, and Symbolized All the Gifts that the children of the Supreme Fiat would Possess. When he was Created, Adam was the True and Perfect Image of the children of My Kingdom. Abraham was symbol of the Privileges and the Heroism of the children of My Will. And Calling Abraham to a Promised Land Flowing With milk and honey, making him the Owner of that land, a land so fecund as to be enviable and aspired to by All other nations—Everything was Symbol of what I would Do with the children of My Will. 

“Jacob was another Symbol of them; in fact, as the Twelve Tribes of Israel would descend from him, from their midst the Future Redeemer was to be Born, who was to Bind Again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to My children. Joseph was Symbol of the Dominion that the children of My Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples—and also his ungrateful brothers—perish of starvation, so will the children of the Divine Fiat have Dominion and be the ones who shall not let the peoples perish that shall Ask For The Bread of My Will from them. Moses was the Image of the Power; Samson, Symbol of the strength of the children of My Will; David Symbolized the Reigning of them. All the Prophets Symbolized the Grace, the Communications, the Intimacies with God that, more than they did, the children of My Divine Fiat would Possess. 

“See, All these were but Symbols—Images of them; what will happen when the lives of these Symbols shall come out? After all these came the Celestial Lady, the Sovereign Empress, the Immaculate, the Spotless—My Mother. She was Not Symbol or Image, but the Reality—the True Life, The First Privileged daughter of My Will; and in the Queen of Heaven I looked at the generation of the children of My Kingdom. She was the first Incomparable creature, who Possessed, Intact, the Life of the Supreme Volition, and therefore She Deserved to Conceive the Eternal Word, and to Mature Within Her Maternal Heart the generation of the children of the Eternal Fiat. Then came My very Life, in which the Kingdom was Established that these fortunate children were to Possess. 

“From All this you can Comprehend how the Primary Purpose of Everything that God did from the beginning of the Creation of the world, and that He does and will do, is to Form the Kingdom of His Will in the midst of creatures. These are All Our Aims—this is Our Will; and to these children will All Our Goods, Our prerogatives, Our Likeness, be given. And if I Call you to Follow All the acts that My Will has Done, both in the Creation of the Universe and in the generation of the creatures, not excluding either those that It did in My Celestial Mother, or those that It did in My Very Life, it is to Centralize All of Its Acts in you, Luisa to Give them to you as Gift, so as to be able to Release from you, Luisa, All together, the Goods that a Divine Will 2 

can Possess, in order to Form the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat with Decorum, Honor and Glory. Therefore, Be Attentive in Following My Will.” 

…“How is it that, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, from such height Adam fell so low?” 

…“Luisa, My daughter, in the natural order, one who falls from a very high point either perishes completely or remains so wrecked and deformed that it is impossible for him to recover his original state of health, of beauty, of stature. He shall remain as a poor cripple, blind, bent over and lame; and if he is a father, from him shall come the generation of the cripple, of the blind, of the hunchback, and of the lame. 

“In the same way, in the Supernatural Order, Adam fell from an Extremely High Point. He had been placed by his Creator at a point So High as to Surpass the height of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun. By Living in My Will, he dwelled above Everything—in God Himself. Do you see, then, from what point Adam fell? Given the height from which he fell, it was a miracle that he did Not Perish Completely; but even though he did not perish, the blow he received with the fall was so violent, that it was inevitable for him to remain crippled, wrecked, and deformed of his Rare Beauty. He remained shattered in All his goods, numb in operating, dazed in his intellect. A continuous fever debilitated him, such that, as it weakened All his virtues, he no longer felt the strength to Dominate himself. The Most Beautiful Character of Adam/man—the Dominion of himself—had vanished, while passions took over, to tyrannize him, and to render him restless and melancholic. And since he was father and head of the generations, from him came the family of the cripple. 

“They think that Not Doing My Will is something trivial, but instead, it is the total ruin of the creature; and as many more acts of her own human will as she does, so many times does she increase her evils, her ruin, and she digs for herself the most profound abyss in which to fall.” 

Then, I was thinking to myself: “If by withdrawing from the Divine Will only once, Adam fell so low and turned his fortune into misery, his happiness into bitternesses—what shall happen with us, who withdraw from this Adorable Divine Will times upon times?” 

…“My daughter, Adam fell so low, because he withdrew from an Expressed Will of his Creator, that enclosed the test in order to prove his faithfulness toward He who had given him life and all the goods he possessed. More so, since after the so many goods He had given to him for free, God asked of him to deprive himself of one fruit alone of the many fruits He had given him, for love of He who had given him Everything. 

“And in this little sacrifice that God wanted from him, He had let him know that it was for nothing else but to be sure of his Love and of his Faithfulness. Adam should have felt Honored that his Creator Wanted to be Sure of the Love of His creature. His fault was greater because the one who attracted him and convinced him to fall was not a being superior to him, but a vile serpenthis major enemy. His fall brought graver consequences, because Adam was the Head of All human generations, therefore, as though naturally, all the members were to feel the effects of the evil of their head. 

“See, then: when My Will is Expressed, Wanted and Commanded, the sin is graver and the consequences are irreparable; and Only My Divine Will Itself can Make Up for such great evil, as it happened with Adam. On the other hand, when It is Not Expressed, even though the creature has the Duty to Pray to Me in order to Know My Will in her Operating, if there is some 3 

good in her act, it is My Pure Glory, while—if My Will is Not Expressed—the evil is not so grave, and it is easier to find a remedy. 

“And I Do this With Each creature, in order to Test their Faithfulness, and also to secure the Love that they say they have for Me. Who would not want to be sure about a property he has acquired, to the point that they write the deed? Who would not want to be sure about the faithfulness of a friend, or about the true loyalty of a servant? So, in order to be sure, I let them know that I Want some little sacrifices, that shall bring All Goods and Sanctity to them, and they will Fulfill the Purpose for which they were Created. But if they are reluctant, everything will be upset in them, and all evils will swoop down upon them. Therefore, Not Doing My Will is always an evil—more or less grave, depending on the Knowledge of It that one Possesses.” 

*Every 2,000 Years Jesus Renews Face of the Earth* 

V12 – 1.29.19 – “My Beloved daughter, I Want to Make Known to you the Order of My Providence. Every course of Two Thousand years I have Renewed the world. In the First Two Thousand years I Renewed it with the Flood; in the Second Two Thousand I Renewed it with My Coming Upon earth, in which I Manifested My Holy Humanity, from which, as though from Many fissures, My Divinity Shone Forth. And the Good and the Very Saints of the following Two Thousand years have lived of the Fruits of My Holy Humanity, and, in drops, they have Enjoyed My Divinity. Now we are at the turn of the Third Two Thousand years, and there shall be a Third Renewal. This is the Reason for the general confusion – it is nothing other than the Preparation for the Third Renewal; and if in the Second Renewal I Manifested what My Humanity Did and Suffered, and very little of what the Divinity was Operating, now, in this Third Renewal, after the earth has been purged and the current Generation destroyed for the most part, I shall be Even More Generous with creatures, and I shall Accomplish the Renewal by Manifesting What My Divinity Did within My Holy Humanity; How My Divine Will Acted with My human will; How Everything remained Linked within Me; How I Did and Redid Everything, and even one thought of each creature was Redone by Me and Sealed with My Divine Volition. My Love Wants Its Outpouring, and Wants to Make Known the Excesses that My Divinity Operated in My Holy Humanity for the Good of creatures, that Surpass by far the Excesses that My Holy Humanity Operated externally.” 

V19 – 6.15.26 – “My daughter, the Triumph of My Will is Connected with Creation and with Redemption – it can be Called One Single Triumph. …This is why, after Two Thousand years More, We have Chosen another Virgin as the Triumph and Fulfillment of Our Will. Forming Its Kingdom in your soul Luisa, and Making Itself Known, with Its Knowledge, My Will has Given you Its Hand to Raise you to Living in the Unity of Its Light, so that you may Form your Life In It and the Divine Will may Form Its Life in you. And having Formed Its Dominion in you, It Forms the Connection through which to Communicate Its Dominion to the other creatures; …” 

V26 – 7.18.29 – “My daughter, I AM Working in your soul Continuously, and while Working, I AM Finalizing, so that nothing may be missing; Solidifying, to Give to My Work the Divine Stability and Immutability; and Waiting with Invincible Patience for My Work to Become Known, so that All may Know My Great Love, My Great Sacrifice and yours, and the Great Good that, if they Want to, All Can Receive. What this is about is that this Work of Mine is the Renewal of the Whole Creation, It is the Centralization of All Our Works, It is to Establish My 4 

Divine Will in the midst of creatures, Operating and Dominating in their midst. Whoever shall Know this, My Work, shall be a Kingdom of Mine. Therefore, I shall have as Many Kingdoms for As Many As are the ones who shall Know What I have Done and Said in the littleness of your soul Luisa; and, Fused Together, they shall Form One Single Kingdom.” 

*The New Era – Thy Kingdom Come* 

V12 – 2.8.21 – …“O iniquitous world, you are doing everything you can to cast Me away from the face of the earth, to banish Me from society, from schools, from conversations—from everything. You are plotting how to demolish temples and altars, how to destroy My Church and kill My Ministers; while I AM Preparing for you an Era of Love—the Era of My Third Fiat. You shall make your own way in order to banish Me, and I shall Confuse you by Means of Love. I shall Follow you from behind, and I shall Come toward you from the front so as to Confuse you in Love; and wherever you have banished Me, I shall Raise My Throne, and there shall I Reign More than before—but in a More Astonishing Way; So Much So, that you yourself shall fall at the Foot of My Throne, as though Bound by the Power of My Love.” 

Then He added: “Ah, My daughter, the creature rages more and more in evil! How Many machinations of ruin they are Preparing! They shall reach the point of exhausting evil itself. But while they are occupied with following their own human way, I shall be Occupied with Making the Fiat Voluntas Tua have Its Completion and Fulfillment, and that My Divine Will Reign upon the earth—but in a Completely New Way. I shall be Occupied with Preparing the New Era of the Third Fiat in which My Love shall Show Off in a Marvelous and Unheard-of Way. Ah, yes, I Want to Confuse man Completely in Love! Therefore, Be Attentive—I Want you with Me, in Preparing this Celestial and Divine Era of Love. We shall lend a Hand to Each Other, and shall Work Together.” Then He Drew near My mouth, and Sending His Omnipotent Breath into my mouth, I felt New Life being Infused in me; and He disappeared. 

V15 – 4.14.23 – “Now, My daughter, let’s Come to My Divine Will. Do you think It is a Sanctity like the other sanctities? A Good, a Grace, almost like the others that I have Given for Many Centuries to the other Saints and to the Whole Church? No, No! This is about a New Era—about a Good that Must Serve All Generations; but it is Necessary that I First Centralize All this Good in one creature alone, just as I Did in Redemption by Centralizing Everything in My Mama Mary. …in order to Dispose souls to Live in My Divine Will, to let them Partake in the Goods It Contains, and to Make man Return to the Path of his Origin, just as Adam was Created by Me, I Myself Wanted to Pray as the First, Making My Voice Resound from one end of the earth to another, and Even Up High in Heaven, saying: ‘Our Father, Who Art in Heaven.’ I did not say ‘My Father,’ but I Called Him Father of the whole human family, so as to Engage Him in that which I was going to add: ‘May All Hallow Your Name, so that Your Kingdom May Come, and Your Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven.’ This was the Purpose of Creation, and I asked the Father that it be Fulfilled. As I Prayed, the Father Surrendered to My Supplications, and I Formed the Seed of a Good So Great; and so that this Seed might be Known, I taught My Prayer to the Apostles, and they Transmitted it to the Whole Church, so that, just as the people of the Future Redeemer Found Salvation in Him and Disposed itself to Receive the Promised Messiah, in the Same Way, with this Seed Formed by Me, the Church might Pray and Repeat My Very Prayer Many times, and might Dispose Herself to 5 

Receive the Good of Recognizing and Loving My Celestial Father as their Father, in Such a Way as to Deserve to be Loved as Children and Receive the Great Good that My Divine Will be Done on earth as It is in Heaven. 

In this Seed and in this Hope that My Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, the Very Saints have Formed their Sanctity, and the Martyrs have shed their blood. There is no Good that does not Derive from this Seed. So, the Whole Church Prays; …now, when the Church Recites the ‘Our Father,’ it is Precisely for you, Luisa, that She Prays, so that I May Centralize in you All the Good that My Divine Will Contains, the ‘Way’—the ‘How’ the Divine Will may have Life on earth as It does in Heaven. And even though you are not Known, by Echoing My Prayer, ‘Thy Will be Done on earth as It is in Heaven,’ the Church Prays Me, Presses Me to Centralize All this Good in a Second Virgin, so that, like a Second Savior, she may Save unsafe humanity; and Making Use of My Inseparable Love and Mercy, I may Answer My Own Prayer, United to that of the Whole Church, Making man Come Back to his Origin, to the Purpose for which I Created him—that is, that My Divine Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven. This is Precisely the Living in My Divine Will;…” 

*Work of the Holy Spirit in this Time of Sanctification* 

V12 – 2.22.21 – “Let us say ‘Fiat!’ Together.” And everything – Heaven and earth – was Filled with Adorations to the Supreme Majesty. And, again, He Repeated: “Fiat!”, and the Blood, the Wounds, the Pains of Jesus, Arose and Multiplied to Infinity. And then, for the Third Time: “Fiat!”, and this Fiat Multiplied in all the wills of creatures, to Sanctify them. Then He said to me: “My daughter these Three Fiats are the Creating, the Redeeming, and the Sanctifying. In Creating man, I Endowed him with three powers intellect, memory and will; with Three Fiats I shall Accomplish the Work of the Sanctification of man.” 

“In the Third Fiat, My Love Wants to Display Even More; I Want to Assail the human will, I Want to Place My Very Will as Support of his will, in Such a Way that the human will shall remain not only Enraptured, Enchained, but Sustained by an Eternal Will, Such that, Making Itself Prop for the whole of man, he shall almost be unable to escape It. 

The Generations shall not end until My Will Reigns Upon earth. My Redeeming Fiat shall Place Itself in the Middle, between the Creating Fiat and the Sanctifying Fiat. They shall Intertwine, All Three Together, and shall Accomplish the Sanctification of man. The Third Fiat shall Give Such Grace to the creature as to Make her Return “almost” to the State of Origin; and then, once I have seen man just as he Came Out of Me, My Work shall be Complete, and I shall Take My Perpetual Rest in the Last Fiat. Only the Life in My Volition shall Give Back to man the State of Origin. Therefore, Be Attentive, and Together with Me, Help Me to Complete the Sanctification of the creature.” 

V13 – 11.12.21 – “My daughter, the Sanctity in My Will is Not Yet Known. This is the reason for their Wonderment; in fact, when something has been Known, the Wonderment ceases. All sanctities are Symbolized by something that is Spread in Creation: there are sanctities Symbolized by mountains, others by trees, others by plants, the little flower, the stars; and Many other similes. All of these sanctities have their own limited and individual Good; they have their beginning, as well as an end; they Cannot Embrace Everything and Do Good to All, just as a tree or a flower cannot do so. 6 

Now, the Sanctity in My Will shall be Symbolized by the sun. The sun has Always Been, and shall Always Be; and even though it had a Beginning in Illuminating the world, since it is light that took Origin from My Eternal Light, it can be said that it has No Beginning. The sun does Good to All, it extends to All with its light; it makes no exception with anyone. With its majesty and its dominion it Rules over Everything and Gives life to everything, even to the littlest flower – but silently, without noise, and almost unobserved.” 

“…Now, the Sanctity in My Will, symbolized by the sun, shall Come Out from the Center of My Sanctity; It shall be a Ray Delivered by My Sanctity, that has No Beginning. So, these souls Existed in My Sanctity; they Exist, and shall Exist.” 

“…In this Sanctity I see My Shadows, My Images, Hovering over the Whole earth, in the air, in Heaven. And this is why I Love and shall Love the World – because I AM Waiting for My Sanctity to have Its Echo Upon earth; for My Rays to Come Out to the Light and Give Me Complete Glory, Returning to Me the Love and the Honor that others have Not Given Me. However, just like the sun, They shall be the Most unobserved, without any clamor. But if anyone wants to look at Them, My Jealousy shall be Such that they shall run the risk of remaining blinded, and shall be forced to lower their gazes in order to regain their sight. Do you see How Beautiful is the Sanctity in My Will? It is the Sanctity that is the Closest to your Creator; therefore It shall have Primacy over All other sanctities, It shall Enclose within Itself All other sanctities Together, and shall be Life of All other sanctities. 

What Grace for you to Know It! To be the First, like Solar Ray, to Come Out from the Center of My Sanctity, without Ever detaching from It! Greater Grace I could not Give you – More Portentous a Miracle I could not Operate in you. Be Attentive, My daughter, My Ray, because Every Time you Enter into My Will and Operate, it happens as when the sun hits the glass: Many suns are Formed in it. In the Same Way, you Repeat My Life As Many Times; you Multiply It, you Give New Life to My Love.” 

V14 – 12.3.21 – “Now, the Living in My Will is not only Salvation, but is Sanctity that Must Rise Over All other sanctities, and that Must Carry the Mark of the Sanctity of Its Creator. Therefore, minor sanctities were to come first, as Cortege, Bearers, Messengers, Preparations for this Sanctity, Fully Divine. And just as in Redemption I Chose My Incomparable Mama Mary as Link of Connection with Me, from which were to Descend All the Fruits of Redemption, so I Chose you Luisa as Link of Connection from which the Sanctity of Living in My Will was to have Its Beginning; and having Come Out of My Divine Will to Bring Me the Complete Glory of the Purpose for which man was Created, It was to Return along the Same Step of My Will, in order to Return to Its Creator.” 

V14 – 7.16.22 – “In the Face of My Will yours Must disappear; and besides, it is the Sanctity of My Will that Wants to be Known; here is the Reason. The Sanctity of Living in My Will has no path, nor doors, nor keys, nor rooms – It Invades Everything. It is like the air that one breathes: Everyone Must and Can Breathe It. If they but Want It, and put the human will aside, the Divine Will shall Make Itself be Breathed by the soul, and shall Give her the Life, the Effects, the Value of the Life of My Volition. And if It is not Known, How shall they be able to Love and Want a Living So Holy, and the Greatest Glory that the creature can Give Me? 7 

The sanctity of the other Virtues is Known enough in the Whole Church, and whoever wants it, can copy it; this is why I was not concerned with Multiplying that Same Knowledge. But the Sanctity of Living in My Will, the Effects, the Value It Contains, the Final Brush Stroke that My Creative Hand shall Give to the creature in order to Render her Similar to Me, is not yet Known. This is the Reason for All My Urging, that What I have Told you be Manifested;…” 

V17 – 5.17.25 – “My daughter, to what you have said on Fusing yourself in My Will, another Appeal Must be added – that of Fusing yourself in the Order of Grace, in Everything that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit – has Done and shall Do for those who are to be Sanctified. More So since, while We, the Three Divine Persons, Are Always United in Operating, if the Creation Points to the Father, and Redemption to the Son, the Fiat Voluntas Tua shall Point to the Holy Spirit. And it is Precisely in the Fiat Voluntas Tua that the Divine Spirit shall Make Display of His Work. You do it when, on Coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say: ‘I Come to Requite You in Love for Everything that the Sanctifier Does for those who are to be Sanctified. I Come to Enter into the Order of Grace, so as to be able to Give You the Glory and the Requital of Love as if all had made themselves Saints, and to Repair You for all the oppositions and lack of Correspondence to Grace’. And As Much As you can, you Search within Our Will for the Acts of Grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, so as to Make His Sorrow your own, as well as His Secret Moans, His Anguishing Sighs in the depth of the hearts, in seeing Himself so unwelcome. And since the First Act He Does is to Bring Our Will as the Complete Act of their Sanctification, in seeing Himself rejected, He Moans with Inexpressible Moans. And you, in your childlike Simplicity, say to Him: ‘Spirit Sanctifier, Hurry, I Implore You, I Pray You Again – Make Your Will Known to All, so that, by Knowing It, they may Love It, and may Welcome Your First Act of their Complete Sanctification – that is Your Most Holy Divine Will.’” 

*Universal Life – Catholic Life* 

CCC: 830 The word “Catholic” means “Universal,” in the sense of “according to the totality” or “in keeping with the whole.” First, the Church is Catholic because Christ is Present in her. “Where there is Christ Jesus, there is the Catholic Church.” 831 Secondly, the Church is Catholic because she has been sent out by Christ on a Mission to the Whole of the human race: 310 …The Character of Universality that Adorns the People of God is a Gift from the Lord himself whereby the Catholic Church Ceaselessly and Efficaciously seeks for the return of all humanity and all its goods, under Christ the Head in the Unity of His Spirit. 311 

V19 – 6.26.26 – “My daughter, the little daughter of My Divine Will Must not only Think about and Occupy herself with Defending the Universal Rights of her Creator, Giving Him the Return of Love and of Glory that Everyone owes Him as if all were One, in Such a Way that He may find Everything in her – because Our Will Involves Everything and Everyone, and one who Lives in It Possesses Universal Ways, therefore she can Give Us Everything and We Can Recover Everything – but, as Our daughter, she Must also Defend the Rights of the Sovereign Queen. She Operated in a Universal Way, and therefore She had a Love, a Glory, a Prayer, a Reparation, a Sorrow, for Her Creator, for all and for each creature. She let not one Act escape Her that creatures owed their Creator; and Enclosing all in Her Maternal Heart, She Loved all and each one in a Universal Way. …And to Act as a Magnanimous and Most Loving Mother, Who Pours Her Own Self Out for Her Children, She Generated Everyone in Her Sorrowful Heart. Each Fiber of It was a Piercing Sorrow in which She gave Life to each of Her Children, up to the Fatal Blow of the Death of Her Son God. The Sorrow of this Death Placed the Seal of the Regeneration of Life upon the New Children of this Sorrowful Mother.” 8 

“…Now, You Must Know that One Who has Done Good to all, Who has Loved all, and has Operated in a Universal Way for God and for all, has Rights Over Everything and Over Everyone – and with Justice. Operating in a Universal Way is the Divine Way, and My Celestial Mama was able to Operate with the Ways of Her Creator because She Possessed the Kingdom of Our Will. Now, having Operated in Our Supreme Will, She has the Rights of the Possessions that She Formed in Our Kingdom; and who else can Requite Her if not one who Lives in the Same Kingdom? In fact, only in this Kingdom is there Universal Operation – the Love that Loves Everyone, that Embraces Everything, and from which nothing escapes. But You Must Know that one who Possesses the Kingdom of My Will on earth, has the Right to Universal Glory in Heaven; and this, in a Natural and Simple Way. My Divine Will Embraces Everything and Involves Everyone; so, from one who Possesses It Come All Goods along with the Glory that these Goods Contain; and while Universal Glory Comes from her, she also Receives It. And do you think it is trivial to Possess Universal Glory in the Celestial Fatherland? Therefore, Be Attentive, the Kingdom of the Supreme Will is Immensely Rich; there are Coins that Spring Forth; so, Everyone Expects something from you, Luisa and also My Mama Wants the Return for the Universal Love She had for All Generations. And you, in Return, are Due Universal Glory in the Celestial Fatherland – the Exclusive Inheritance of one who has Possessed the Kingdom of My Divine Will on earth.” 

V21 – 3.16.27 – “…it was Necessary that I First Choose one creature who would Live in the Divine Fiat, in order to Receive from her Universal Acts, because My Divine Will is Universal – It is Present Everywhere, there is no creature that does not Receive Its Life. By withdrawing from My Divine Will, man rejected a Universal Good; he took away from God the Universal Glory, Adoration and Love. Now, in order to Give Back this Kingdom, these Universal Goods, First He Wants, by Right, a creature to whom, as she Lives in this Fiat, He may Communicate this Universal Act; and as she Loves, Adores, Glorifies, Prays, she may Constitute herself, together with His Very Will, Universal Love for all, Adoration and Glory for each creature; and Diffusing her Prayer as if each one were praying, she Prays in a Universal Way that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may Come into the midst of creatures. When a Good is Universal, Universal Acts are Needed in order to Obtain It, and only in My Divine Will are there these Acts. As you Love in It, your Love Extends wherever My Divine Will is; and My Divine Will feels your Love in Every Place, It Feels Itself Followed Everywhere, therefore It feels in you the Original Love, just as It had Established for the creature to Love It in the Beginning of Creation. It feels Its Own Echo in your Love, that does not Know How to Love with little and finite Love, but with Infinite and Universal Love; It feels the First Love of Adam before he sinned, when he did nothing but Repeat the Echo of the Will of His Creator; and It Feels as though Drawn by these Universal Acts that Follow It Everywhere, to Come to Reign Again in the midst of creatures. 

This is why I have Chosen you Luisa, My daughter – and from their same stock: not only to Manifest to you the Knowledges, the Goods, the Prodigies of this Fiat, but so that, by Living in It, with your Universal Acts, you might Incline My Divine Will to Come to Reign Again in the midst of creatures, as in the Beginning of Creation. Therefore, to you it is Given to Unite Everyone, to Embrace Everyone – so that, finding Everyone and Everything in you, just as Everything is Found in My Divine Will, you may Place Harmony among them, they may 9 

Exchange the Kiss of Peace, and My Kingdom shall be Restored in the midst of creatures. Here, then, the Necessity of the Knowledges, of the Wonders of My Divine Fiat: to Dispose the creatures, to Attract them to Desire, to Want – to Long for this Kingdom and the Goods that are in It; as well as the Necessity that I First Choose one creature, who, by Living in My Divine Will, with her Universal Acts that My Divine Will Itself Administers to her, that are Divine Acts, may Impetrate the Kingdom of My Fiat for creatures.” 

V22 – 8.17.27 – “My daughter, Everything that the creature Does in My Divine Will is Universal Property. In fact, since My Divine Will is Property of God, Everything that is Done in the Divine Fiat Becomes Divine Property. And since the Supreme Being, by Nature, by Right, by Creative Power, as the Creator of all things, is the only Universal Owner of Everything, Everything that the soul Does in My Divine Will Acquires Universal Rights, and Everything that is Rendered Universal Becomes Property of all. So, Everyone can Take that which is Rendered Universal. More So, since in Giving Themselves to all, the Universal Properties of God Never Decrease; they Give and They lose nothing. …Now, What Glory, What Honor does the soul who Lives in My Divine Will and Operates in It not Give Me, as she Lays her Acts within the Universal Properties of God, in Such a Way that, More than sun, all can Take the Goods of her Acts? And What Glory is it not for her, as, More than sun, she Invests all, and with her Light Goes Around all to Feed them her Light, her Acts, her Love?” 

V32 – 11.10.33 – “My Blessed daughter, in My Celestial Fatherland Reigns the One and Universal Act. One is the Will of all – whatever One Wills, the other wills as well. No one changes action or Will; each Blessed feels My Divine Will as his own Life, and because they all have One Single Will, It Forms the Substance of the Happiness of the Whole of Heaven. More So, since My Divine Will Knows not how to do, nor can It do, broken Acts, but Continuous and Universal; and since in Heaven It Reigns with Its Full Triumph and with the Totality of Its Dominion, all feel, as their own nature, Its Universal Life, and are Full, up to the brim, of all the Goods It Possesses. At the Most, It might be in them according to the capacity of each one and to the Good they have done in life, but no one shall be able to change, either will, or action, or Love. The Power of My Divine Will Keeps all the Blessed Absorbed, Identified, Fused within Itself, as if all were One. 

But do you think that Its Universal Act, and Its Life Palpitating and Communicative to each creature, Extends only in Heaven? No, no, what It does in Heaven It does on earth – It changes neither Action nor Manner. Its Universal Act Extends to each pilgrim soul, and one who Lives in It feels Its Divine Life, Its Sanctity, Its Uncreated Heartbeat that, while Constituting Itself Life of the creature, keeps Pouring into her with Its Incessant Motion, without ever ceasing. And the Happy creature who lets It Reign feels It Everywhere, inside and out; Its Universal Act Keeps her Surrounded from all sides, in Such a Way that she cannot go out of My Divine Will, and Its Continuous Giving Keeps her Always Occupied with Receiving; so, even if she wanted to, she has no time to do or think about anything else. Therefore, the creature can say, and be convinced, that just as they Live in Heaven, so does she Live on earth; there is only a difference of place, but One is the Love, One is the Will, One the Action. But do you Know who it is that does not feel the Life of Heaven in her soul, and does not feel the Universal Act, the One Force of My Divine Will? One who does not let herself be Dominated by It.” 10 

The Three Missions of Jesus, Mary and Luisa 

V17 – 5.1.25 – I was thinking about the Many Things that my Beloved Jesus told me on His Most Holy Will, and some doubts came back to me – that, who knows, it might really not be Necessary to say everything, or, that some things were not Necessary. But Jesus, wanting to Lovingly Resolve my doubts and Make me Know the Mission He Entrusts to the one who is to Make His Divine Will Known – having Chosen for this the misery that I am, to my Great stupefaction and confusion – Continuing His Holy Instructions on this Matter, told me: “My daughter, Every Mission is to be Connected to the Office of Executing it, and therefore it Must be Carried out omitting nothing of that which belongs to it. In fact, Every Mission that is Destined for the Good of others, has Its Own Particular Gifts, Graces, Riches and Qualities, that are Useful for Its Execution. 

My Humanity Received from My Divinity the Mission of the Salvation of souls and the Office of Redeemer – that is, to Redeem them from the slavery of sin and from Eternal death. In order to Carry Out this Office, I was Given their souls, their pains, their satisfactions. Therefore, I Enclosed within Myself everything from everyone; and if My Humanity had neglected to Enclose in Itself just one soul, one satisfaction, the Office of Redeemer would not have been Complete – I would not have Enclosed in Myself all the Graces, the Goods and the Light that it was Necessary to Give to each soul. And even though not all of the souls are Saved, this says nothing. On My Part, I had to Enclose the Goods of all, so that I might have Necessary and Superabundant Graces for all, in order to be able to save all. This was convenient to Me for the Decorum and the Just Honor of My Office as Redeemer.” 

“…Each Created being has its own Office to Carry Out, and that Office is Unique – Linked to that being, to that creature. In order to Execute it well, it is Necessary that the one who is to Carry Out the Office Entrusted to her, Contain So Much of that Good – Good that she Must Give to others according to the Mission for which she was Created – that as Much of it as she Gives, it is Never Exhausted, not even by one atom. 

This was Even More Convenient to Me, Who was to be the New Sun of the souls, and Who was to Give Light to all and Embrace all with My Light, to Bring them all to the Supreme Majesty, Offering to this Divine Majesty an Act from Myself that would Contain all acts, and to Make the Superabundant Light of My Divinity Descend Upon all in order to Rescue them. 

In addition to Me, there is My Celestial Mama, Who Received the Unique Mission as the Mother of a God Son, and the Office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For Her Mission of Divine Maternity, She was Enriched with So Much Grace, that all other creatures combined, both Celestial and terrestrial, would Never be able to Equal Her. But this was not enough to Draw the Word into Her Maternal Womb; it was Necessary that the Mother put in Action all this Abyss of Graces and Gifts, by Embracing all creatures, Loving them, Repairing and Adoring the Supreme Majesty for all; in Such a Way as to Accomplish Herself, all that the human generations Owed to God. Therefore, in Her Virginal Heart She had an Inexhaustible Vein for God and for all creatures. When the Divinity Found in this Virgin Compensation for the Love of all, It felt Enraptured, and Formed in Her Its Conception – that is, the Incarnation of the Word. And as She Conceived Me, She took on the Office of Co-Redemptrix, and Shared and Embraced Together with Me, all the Pains, the Substitutions, the Reparations, the Maternal Love, for all. In the Heart of My Mother there was a Fiber of Maternal Love for each creature. This is why, in Truth and with Justice, when 11 

I was on the Cross, I Declared Her Mother of all. She Ran Together with Me in the Love, in the Sufferings – in Everything; She Never left Me alone. If the Eternal One had not placed So Much Grace in Her as to be able to Receive, Alone, the Love of all – He would Never have Moved from Heaven to Come Down Upon earth and Redeem mankind. Here is the Necessity, the Convenience – that She had to Embrace and Surpass Everything, as Befitting the Mission of the Mother of the Word. 

When an Office is Unique, as a consequence, Nothing Must Escape the one who has it as Mission. He Must have Everything under his eyes, so as to be able to offer the Good he Possesses; he Must be like a True Sun that can Give Light to all. So were I, and My Celestial Mama. 

Now, your Mission of Making Known the Eternal Will is Braided with Mine and with that of My Dear Mother. And since it has to Serve for the Good of all, it was Necessary to Centralize the Eternal Sun of My Divine Will into one creature; so that, as a Unique Mission, this Sun might let its Rays Blaze from her, and all might take the Good of Its Light. This implies that, for the Decorum and Honor of My Divine Will, I had to Pour Into you, as Bearers and Preparations, Such Graces, Light, Love and Knowledge of It, as to Befit the Residence of the Sun of My Divine Will. Even More, You Must Know that, just as My Humanity, in Its Office of Redeemer, Conceived all souls, the Same was to happen in you, in your Mission and Office to Make My Divine Will Known and Reign: as you continue to do your Acts in My Divine Will for all, all creatures remain Conceived in your will; and as you keep Repeating your Acts in Mine, you Form Many Sips of Life of Divine Will, in order to be Able to Nourish all the creatures that are as though Conceived in yours, by Virtue of My Divine Will. Do you not feel how, in My Divine Will, you Embrace all, from the First to the Last creature that is to Exist Upon earth; and for all, you would want to Satisfy, Love, Please this Supreme Will, Binding It to all, Removing all obstacles that Prevent Its Dominion in the creatures – Making It Known to all; and even with Sufferings, you Expose yourself to Satisfy for all, this Supreme Will, that So Much Loves to be Known and to Reign in the midst of creatures? 

To you, Firstborn Daughter of My Divine Will, it is Given to Make Known the Qualities, the Value, the Good It Contains, and Its Eternal Sorrow of Living Unknown – Hidden, in the midst of the human generations; Even More, despised and offended by the evil ones, and placed by the Good ones at the level of the other Virtues, as if It were a little Light that is lit by men – as Virtues are in Comparison with My Divine Will – and not the Eternal Sun that My Divine Will is. 

The Mission of My Divine Will is the Greatest that can Exist: there is No Good that does not Descend from It; there is no Glory that does not Come from It. Everything is Centered in It: Our Interior Works and those that We have Delivered; the Creation of the Angels, of the world, of men; all Virtues, all Merits, all Predestinations, all Goods, all the Glory of the Chosen ones, all the mysteries of the Infinite Love, that are still unknown to man; and the past, the present, the future – all in One Act and in Act, and in One Single Point. 

Therefore, Be Attentive, and do not want to waste time with doubts or uncertainties. Everything I told you for this Mission was Necessary – not for you, but for the Honor, the Glory, the Knowledge and the Sanctity of My Divine Will and of Its Dominion in the creatures. And since My Divine Will is One, one was to be the creature to whom I had to Entrust It, and through whom It would Make Its Rays Blaze, to Do Good to all.” 12 

*Luisa and Adam* 

V18 – 11.12.25 – You Must Know that for one who is Called to be the Head of a Mission, the More he Encloses of the Good Pertaining to that Mission, the More Good he shall be able to Communicate to others. Those Goods shall be like Many Seeds that he shall Lend to others, so that whoever has the Fortune of Wanting to Acquire those Seeds, may become the Possessor of the Harvest of those Seeds. This happened in Adam who, being the First man, was Constituted the Head of All Generations; and, he being the Head, it was Necessary for him to Possess the Seeds in order to Give to others What is Necessary for the Development of human life. Regardless of the fact that these Seeds have been Expanded, Dilucidated, Known More, According to the Goodwill of the Following Generations, to the Capacity and the Application they have used over these Very Seeds; nevertheless, Adam had Them All within himself, and it can be said that Everything Comes from him. So, it can be said that, in being Created by God, he was Endowed with All Sciences. What others learn with So Many efforts, he Possessed as Gift in a Surprising Way. So, he Possessed the Knowledge of All the things of this earth; he had the Science of all plants, of All herbs and of the Virtue that each of them Contained; he had the Science of All species of animals and of How he should use them; he had the Science of music, of singing, of writing, of medicine – in sum, of Everything. And if the Generations Possessed each one its Special Science, Adam Possessed them All. See, then, How it is Necessary for one who Must be the Head to Enclose within himself All the Good that he Must Share with others. 

The Same with you, My daughter Luisa. Since I have Called you as the Head of a Special Mission, More than a New Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the Science of sciences, that is My Will, Science All of Heaven – I Want you to Enclose within yourself All the Seeds that My Will Contains. And the More Acts you do in It, and the More Knowledges you Acquire, the More Rays of Light you shall Place on the Sun of My Will, so that, with Greater Fullness of Light, It shall be able to Diffuse More for the Good of the Generations; in Such a Way that, stirred by the Fullness of Light, they shall be able to Know with Greater Clarity the Good that My Will Contains, What it Means to Live in It, and the Great Good with which they are Enriched. 

“…Just as I Chose Adam as the Head, just as I Chose a Point in the Heavens in which to Fix the Center of the sun that was to Illuminate the earth, so Did I Choose you Luisa as the Center of the Sun of My Will; and the Fullness of Light Must be So Great, that all may be able to Enjoy It and be Invested by this Light, and each one may Make It his own. This is why your Complete Acts in My Will are Needed, as well as the Knowledge that I Keep Manifesting to you, in order to Form the Fullness of this Light.” 

V20 – 10.26.26 – ‘My Love, I Want to Annihilate my will in Yours, that it may Never have life, so that your Will may have Life in Everything and Forever, in order to Repair for the First Act that Adam did, and Return to Your Supreme Volition all the Glory as if Adam had Never withdrawn from It. Oh! How I Wish to Give Back to him the Honor he lost because he did his own will and rejected Yours. And I Intend to do this Act for As Many times as all creatures have done their own will – the cause of all evils, and have rejected Yours – the Origin and Fount of All Goods. Therefore, I Pray You that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat May Come Soon, so that Everyone, from Adam up to all the creatures who have done their own will, May Receive the 13 

Honor and the Glory that they lost, and Your Will May Receive Triumph, Glory and Its Fulfillment.’ 

Now, while I was saying this, my Highest Good, Jesus, was Moved and Touched, and Making my First father Adam Present to me, let him himself tell me, with Emphasis of Love, All Special: “Blessed daughter, Luisa finally my Lord God, after So Many Centuries, has Delivered to the Light of the Day the one who was to think about Giving me Back the Honor and the Glory that I lost, alas, by doing my will. How I feel my Happiness Redoubled. Until now, no one has ever thought of Giving me Back that Honor that I lost. Therefore, I Thank God Profoundly for having Delivered you Luisa to the Light, and I Thank you, the daughter Dearest to me, for Taking on the Commitment of Giving Back to God the Glory as if His Will had never been offended by me, and to me the Great Honor that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat be Established once Again in the midst of the human generations. It is Right that I Give you the Place that had been Destined to me, as the First creature that Came Out of the Hands of our Creator.” 

V23 – 11.10.27 – “Now, the Whole Work of Adam would have remained in all Creation as the First Model for all of his descendants, who would have Modeled all their Acts in the Reflections of the Light of his Acts, that, as First father, he would have Given as Inheritance to All his descendants, who would have had, not only their Model, but the Possession of his Very Acts. What Glory would Ours and his have been – to see the Works of Our Dear son, of Our Precious Treasure who had been Given Birth by Our Love, Fused with Our Works! What Happiness for him and for Us! Now, if this was Our Purpose for which All Creation was Created, as well as Our Dear Jewel, that is man, is it not right that, even though Adam Started but did not finish – or rather, he finished in sorrow and in confusion because he rejected Our Divine Will that served him as First Act and made him Operate in the Works of his Creator – We Fulfill this, Our Purpose, in his descendants? This is why I Call you Luisa into the Midst of My Works in All Creation – to Form the Model within which the other creatures Must Model themselves in order to Return into My Fiat.” 

“…You Must Know that the First Model in Creation was the Supreme Being, within which was man to Model all his Acts with his Creator. The Second was to be Adam, within which all his descendants were to Model themselves. But because he withdrew from My Will, since My Will and Its Unity were missing in him, he lacked the Brushes, the Colors and the Raw Material to be able to Make the Models in the Likeness of his Creator. Poor one, how could he Form Models with the Very Divine Form, if he was no longer in Possession of that Will that Administered to him the Ability to Do it, as well as Everything that was Needed to be able to Form the Very Models of God? By rejecting My Divine Fiat, he rejected the Power that Can Do Everything and Knows How to Do Everything. It happened to Adam as would happen to you, if you had neither paper nor pens nor ink with which to write. If these were lacking to you, you would not be able to write a Single Word. In the Same Way, he was no longer able to Form the Models on the Divine Mold. The Third Model Must be Formed by the one, Luisa, who Must Make the Kingdom of My Will Return. Therefore, your duties are Great; on your Models shall All those of others be Modeled. So, let the Life of My Divine Will Flow in All your Acts, that It may Administer to you Everything that is Needed. In this Way, Everything shall Go Well, and your Jesus shall be Together with you, to Make you Execute His Divine Models Well.” 14 

*The Role of the Priests* 

V7 – 10.20.06 – “…Pray for Priests, that they may be Light for the peoples, so that, as the Light Arises Again, the secular (laity) may Acquire Life and may see the errors they commit; and by seeing them, they shall feel disgusted to commit these grave excesses, that shall be the cause of grave chastisements.” 

V20 – 11.6.26 – “…After I had Done Everything (for the Kingdom Redemption), and had Nothing left to Do, I Entrusted Everything to the Apostles, that they might be the Criers of the Kingdom of Redemption, so that the Fruits of the Works I Did for the Kingdom of Redemption might Come Out. 

“The same shall happen for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. We (Three) shall Do It Together, My daughter. Your Pains, your Long Sacrifices, your Incessant Prayers that My Kingdom may Come Soon, and My Manifestations about It—I shall Unite Everything Together with Me and shall Form the Foundations. And once I have Completed Everything, I shall Entrust My Kingdom to My Priests, so that, like Second Apostles of the Kingdom of My Will, they may be the Criers of It. Do you think that the coming of Father Di Francia, who shows So Much interest and who has taken to heart the Publication of What Regards My Will, came by chance? No, no—I Myself Disposed it. It is a Providential Act of the Supreme Will that Wants him as First Apostle of the Divine Fiat and Proclaimer of It. 

“…And then, the daily coming of the Priest, I Myself also Disposed, that I might find quickly the First Apostles of the Fiat of My Kingdom, so that they might Proclaim What Regards My Eternal Will. Therefore, let Me Finish first, so that, after I have Completed It, I may Entrust It to the New Apostles of My Will; and you shall be able to Come to Heaven, to see from up there the Fruits of the Longed for Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.” 

V23 – 1.18.28 “Now, what I Manifest on My Divine Will, and that you write/read, can be Called ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.’ In nothing does It oppose either Sacred Scriptures or the Gospel that I Announced while being on earth; on the contrary, It can be Called the Support of One and of the Other. And this is why I Allow and I Call Priests to Come—to read the Gospel, All of Heaven, of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, so as to say, as I said to the Apostles: ‘Preach It throughout the whole world.’ In fact, in My Works I Make Use of the Priesthood; and just as I had the Priesthood before My Coming in order to Prepare the people, and the Priesthood of My Church in order to Confirm My Coming and Everything I Did and Said, so shall I have the Priesthood of the Kingdom of My Will.” 

“My daughter, it is a Great Necessity to Form the First Priests; they shall Serve Me like the Apostles Served Me to Form My Church; and the ones who shall Occupy themselves with these Writings in order to Publish Them, putting Them out to Print Them—to Make Them Known, shall be the New Evangelists of the Kingdom of My Supreme Will. And just as the ones who are Most Mentioned in My Gospel are the Four Evangelists who wrote It, to their Highest Honor and My Glory, so it shall be for those who shall Occupy themselves with Writing the Knowledges on My Will in order to Publish Them. Like New Evangelists, there shall be Greater mention of them in the Kingdom of My Will, to their Highest Honor and My Great Glory in seeing the Order of the creature, the Life of Heaven on earth—the Only Purpose of Creation—Return into My Bosom.” 15 

V25 – 10.10.28 – “…To those Priests who want to Occupy themselves with removing this nightmare from Me by Making Known My Many Secrets, by Publishing Them, I shall Give So Much Surprising Grace, Strength in order to do it, and Light in order to Know, themselves First, what they shall Make Known to others (laity). I shall be in their midst, and shall Guide Everything.” Now, it seems to me that every time the Reverend Priests Occupy themselves with Reviewing the Writings in order to Prepare Them, my Sweet Jesus Comes to Attention, to see What they do and How they do it. 

V25 – 1.13.29 – “It is to the Priests, as to New Prophets, through the Word as well as through Writing and through Works, that the Task is Given of Acting as Trumpeters in order to Make Known What Regards My Divine Fiat; nor would their crime be lesser than that of the Prophets, had these hidden My Redemption, if they do not Occupy themselves As Much As they can with What Regards My Divine Will. They themselves would be the cause of a Good So Great being neither Known nor Received by creatures; and to suffocate the Kingdom of My Divine Will, to keep suspended a Good So Great, such that there is no other similar to it—is this perhaps not a crime? Therefore, I Recommend to you: on your part, do not omit anything, and Pray for those (Priests) who Must occupy themselves with Making Known a Good So Great.” 

V27 – 1.3.30 – “For the Kingdom of My Divine Will I have Chosen another Virgin who, in appearance, has no importance, either of Great Riches or of Height of Dignity; the Very City of Corato is not an important City, but it belongs to Rome, in which Resides My Representative on earth, the Roman Pontiff, from whom Come My Divine Laws; and just as he Makes it his Duty to Make My Redemption Known to the peoples, so shall he Make it his Duty to Make Known the Kingdom of My Divine Will. It can be said that one and the other shall Proceed In the Same Way and Manner, as the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat Must Unfold.” 

Mama Luisa and the little Children of the Divine Will 

V20 – 11.27.26 – “My daughter, when one has a Special Mission, this person is called Mother, or father. Whoever Originates from this Fulfilled Mission can be Called daughter of this Mother. True Mother Means to Carry the Birth from oneself within one’s Womb, to Form it with one’s own blood, to bear pains, sacrifices, and if needed, to expose one’s own life in order to Give life to the Birth from one’s Womb. And when this Birth has Matured in one’s Womb and has come out to the light, then, with Justice, by Right and with Reason, this Birth is Called son, and she who Generated him, Mother. Therefore, in order to be Mother, it is Necessary to First Form all the members in one’s own interior – to Generate them in one’s own blood, and the Acts of these Children Must be Generated from the Very Heart of their Mother. 

Now, My daughter, in order to be daughter of My Will, you have been Generated in It; in It you have been Formed, and, in Forming you, the Light, the Love of My Will, More than blood, has Grafted in you Its Ways, Its Attitude, Its Operating, Making you Embrace Everyone and Everything. This is So True that, you being a Birth from It, It Calls you now ‘Newborn of My Will’, now Its ‘little daughter’. Now, only one who has been Generated by It Can Generate the Children of My Will; therefore, you Luisa shall be the Mother of the Generation of Its Children.” And I: ‘My Jesus, what are You saying? I am not Good at being daughter – how can I be Mother?’ 16 

And Jesus: “Yet, from you Must Come the Generation of these Children. What Mother has Suffered So Much? Who has been confined in a bed for forty years and more, for the Love of Forming a Birth from herself, and of Giving Birth to the Generation of her Children? No one. What Mother, as Good as she might be, has Sacrificed her Whole Entire Existence to the Point of Enclosing within herself the thoughts, the heartbeats, the works, so that Everything might be Reordered in the Birth that she Carried, wanting to Give Life to it – not once, but As Many Times for As Many Acts as her child does? No one. Do you yourself not feel within yourself the Generations of these Children, by following their thoughts, words, works, steps, to Reorder them all in My Will? Do you not feel yourself Wanting to Give Life to each one, as long as they Know My Will and be Regenerated in It? Everything that you Do in your interior, and that you Suffer, is nothing other than the Formation and the Maturation of this Birth, All of Heaven. This is why I have told you Many Times: your Mission is Great, there is no one who Can Equal It, and Highest Attention is Needed.” 

V20 – 12.22.26 – “…In you Luisa, I have Placed the Hope of the Long Generation of the Children of My Eternal Fiat.” 

“…Now, who shall be able to Resist the Light of My Eternal Fiat? All of Its Knowledges shall be More than Rays of Light of My Volition, that shall Beat Down on the surface of the earth, and Penetrating into the hearts, shall Bring the Good that the Light of My Will Contains and Can Do. However, these Rays Must have their Sphere from which to start; they Must be Centered in One Single Point, from which to Arise in order to Form the Dawn, the Day, the Afternoon and the Sunset within hearts, to then Rise Again. The Sphere, the Single Point, is you Luisa; the Rays Centered in It are My Knowledges that shall Give Fecundity to the Generation of the Children of the Kingdom of My Will. This is why I Always Repeat to you, ‘Be Attentive’ – so that not One of My Knowledges may be lost. You would cause a Ray to be lost from within your Sphere, and you cannot Even Comprehend All the Good It Contains, because Each Ray Contains Its Own Specialty of Good, that It Must Do to the Children of My Will. And you would deprive Me of the Glory of that Good for My Children, and would deprive yourself also of the Glory of Spreading One More Ray of Light from your Sphere.” 

V21 – 3.19.27 – “As for you Luisa, then, your Mission is Extremely Long, nor shall you be able to Complete It on earth. Until All the Knowledges are Known and the Kingdom of the Divine Will is Established Upon earth, your Mission can Never be Called Finished. In Heaven you shall have Much to Do; My Will, that has Kept you Occupied on earth for Its Kingdom, shall not let you be without Working Together with It in Heaven – It shall Keep you Always in Its Company. So, you shall do nothing but Descend and Ascend from Heaven to earth, in order to Help and to Establish My Kingdom with Decorum, Honor and Glory. And this shall be for you of Great Delight, Happiness and highest Glory – to see your Littleness that, United with My Will, has Transported Heaven onto earth, and the earth into Heaven. Greater Contentment you could not Receive. More So, since you shall see the Glory of your Creator Completed on the part of creatures, the Order Re-Established, the Whole Creation with Its Full Splendor, and man, Our Dear Jewel, in his Place of Honor. What shall be Our Highest Contentment, Highest Glory and Happiness Without End – as well as yours – in seeing the Purpose of Creation Fulfilled? To you, 17 

then, We shall Give the Name of Redemptrix of Our Will, Constituting you Mother of All the Children of Our Fiat. Aren’t you Happy?” 

V25 – 11.14.28 – “My Mama, My Mama…. One who does My Divine Will becomes Mother; My Divine Fiat Embellishes her for Me, Transforms her, and Renders her Fecund, in Such a Way as to Give her All the Qualities in order to be a True Mother. And I keep Forming this Mother with the Reflections of the Sun of My Divine Volition, and I Glory and Take So Much Pleasure in Calling her My Mama, My Mama…. And not only do I Choose her as My Mother, but I Call Many More tiny little ones and Give to them My Mother as their Mother.” And while He was saying this, He showed me Many little boys and girls Around me; and the Child Jesus said to them: “This is My Mother and your Mama.” The little ones made Feast and Drew all Around me Together with Jesus; and Jesus added: “These little ones you see are no other than the First Cohort of the Children of My Divine Volition. In It, All shall be little, because My Divine Will has the Virtue of Preserving them Fresh and Beautiful, just as they Came Out of Our Creative Hands. And since It Called your littleness to Live in It, it is Right that, as the First One, you be the tiny little Mama of the tiny little Children.” 

V30 – 1.24.32 – “…Luisa, the one who Lives in My Divine Will Prepares the Prevenient Grace for the human Generations in order to Make It Known to them, and Each of her Acts in It Forms the Step in order to Ascend – herself first, and then the creatures, to the Knowledges of the Supreme Fiat. So, to one who Lives in It, My Divine Will Gives the Maternal Virtues, and It Gives her the Office of Performing, before God and before creatures, the Office of True Mama. 

See, then, the Necessity of your Acts in My Will, in order to Form a Long Staircase that Must Touch Heaven, in Such a Way as to Force It with Its Very Divine Strength, to let My Fiat Descend Upon earth and Form there Its Kingdom, Making It find, Upon this Staircase, the First People that would Receive It and be willing to let It Reign in their midst. Without a Staircase one cannot go up, therefore it is Necessary that one creature would Make it, to Lay the Field in order to let others Ascend. And so that this creature may be willing, We Must Give her the Office of Mother, who, Loving the creatures as her own Children, Given to her by My Divine Will, would Accept the Mandate and would spare neither toils nor sacrifices, and, if Needed, Even her own Life for Love of these Children. More So since, in Giving her the Office of Mother, My Divine Volition Endows the soul with Maternal Love, and Makes her feel these Children in her own heart, and Gives her Divine and human Tenderness in order to Conquer God and the creature and Unite them Together, to Make her Do His Divine Will. There is no Greater Honor We can Give to the creature than Maternity. Maternity is Bearer of Generation, and We Give her the Grace to Form Our Beloved People. And even though Maternity says Pain, she shall yet Feel the Joy, All Divine, of seeing the Children of My Will Come Out from within that Pain. Therefore, Always Repeat your Acts, and do not draw back; drawing back is of the cowardly, of the indolent, of the inconstant – not of the Strong; even less so, of the Children of My Will.”