Droplets of Silence

Compiled by Sr. Assunta

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Droplets of Silence


“Silence is necessary to hear what God says to the soul. The language that God hears the most is silent love. “

(St. John of the Cross)

Sisters, brothers, the Light of the Divine Will that was given to us as a Gift, invites us to deepen also inner silence, that is silence in God, which has no word, that serves the human creature, while the Word of God is the Voice of the Spirit.

Inner silence is not to be confused with the silence that makes a person intentionally silent and turned in on himself, like a wilted flower, because it does not absorb the Divine Dew. This is to close the doors to God and neighbor, because it lacks the strength and momentum toward filial and fraternal Communion with Him and with his brother.

“The more you stand silent, the less you feel bad.”

(S. T. Benedicta of the Cross)

The more you cultivate silence, the more one regains his sonship and familiarity with the Father, received in the Act of Creation.

“The sign of man’s familiarity with God is that God places him in the garden.255 There he Lives “to till it and keep it.” (C.C.C. 378)

The Eden where man was placed, was the Home of intimate Silence, chaos arose from the rebellion produced by disobedience, when everything was turned upside down and the interior of man lost its Orientation, which made Communion with the Creator difficult.

“Those who live in noise live in restlessness, while those who Live in inner silence Live in the Peacefulness of God, and the restlessness of wanting to know and communicate ever more with God is born.” (Papa Francesco)

Beloved, growth is the quality of our spiritual life, depending greatly on Silence in God, that is, by direct contact with Him.


We must recover the lost Silence. How many words, looks, and other unnecessary actions, could be eliminated if we cultivate inner Silence! The wisdom of S. Dominic is fitting: “Talk with God, or talk of God.”

You have to fall in Love with God by falling in Love with Silence, though not without the renunciation of the human will, in order to espouse the Divine Will.

At the head of any direct manifestation by God there is the Silence that becomes active. When God breaks the Silence, He brings forth His Power ad extra to speak to mankind and call us to himself through whatever form. The voice of the prophets, of the patriarchs and of those who helped prepare the Era of Salvation, is the mouth of the Silent speaking of God.

God also uses the same method for every single soul, if she corresponds. Her intimate Life becomes the Garden of the Divine Farmer who Silently cultivates the Seeds of the many Truths that in the same Silence were endowed in man’s inner being.

This is the Fruit of Silence in God and of the Silence of God.

Direct contact with God, consisting of Spiritual Silence, can be distinguished in several categories that help us to direct our lives according to the Divine Will, and they are: Silent speaking that makes us listen to the Silent Voice of God through Creation. This Voice speaks to the human heart through the sparkling of the stars, of the moon that governs her activity, of the shining and fruitful sun, of the waters, of the air you breathe, and of all that the universe encompasses.

There is Silent communicating that speaks very little but operates especially with the testimony of Life. Let us go to Silence in prayer, that as incense it raises the heart to God in order to praise Him, thank Him and bless Him, it links us to the exultant Silence mentioned in the Gospel of Luke when the crowd rejoiced and praised God, and the Pharisees: “Master rebuke your disciples. But he said, I tell you, if these were Silent, the stones would cry out. “ (Lk 19: 37 to 40)

In particular, we want to deepen fruitful silence, which worked wonders in Mary. She, the Fruitful Virgin, the Virgin Mother, having received the Divine Fecundity, in the Silent Act in which She Conceived, gave Birth to the Word of the Father, and this occurred in the deepest Silence, in the Silence of the little House that was Mary’s Virginal Womb, without wishing to downplay the stones, which also were spectators of so great a Mystery, but the House in which the Word became Incarnate was made of Heaven, of Light, it was the Seat of the Trinity because Mary was Living in and with the Divine Will.

Luisa:  “…all we should care about is to bring with us the Will of God, which is not a house made of stone, but of Light, ” (From Letter #118)

In that ambience of Silence, unrelated to external noise, Mother and Son enjoyed Divine Silence. This was the invisible House of Nazareth. The Womb of Mary, fecund Womb, Womb that kept the Mystery of Salvation made by Crosses and Silence. Amid the stones and the environment that guarded the Divine Persons, Silence excelled.

“Oh! If were reborn in us the esteem for Silence, admirable and indispensable Atmosphere of the Spirit: while we are dazed by so many clamorous noises, sounds and voices in the frantic and tumultuous life of our time. “Oh! Silence of Nazareth, teach us to be resolute in Good thoughts, intent to inner Life, ready to hear the Secret Inspirations of God. “(Pope Paul VI)

Brethren, little House of the Eucharist, the Tabernacle, is not far.  In that Silence Lives Jesus Himself, the same Word made Flesh, who goes in search of a little living, Silent house, that comes closest to the Silent Womb of His Mama. Jesus wants all Silenced around Him: passions, self-love, inordinate and interested zeal. And the ego? It is not compatible with the Spiritual Silence, because it is the cause of internal disorder. But Jesus, to bridge the gap, breaks the Silence and speaks to the heart of each one: “I have covered Myself with the Eucharistic Veils so as not to strike fear, and  I have descended into the deepest abyss of humiliations.” (Vol. 15 – March 27, 1923)

What to say about the Divine Silence that is the Silence of God Himself?

It is the Silence that is King in the Trinitarian Family.

The multiple forms of Divine Silence fill the heavens and earth with the Glory of their Creator: “The Heavens and earth are full of Your Glory.” (From the Liturgy)

The Silence of God, equal to His Unique and Continuous Act, multiplies without noise, but with a Light that absorbs the human eye in order to transform the soul into a Devouring Fire, that Fire which Jesus came to bring on earth:  “I have come to bring Fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled. ” (Luke 12:49)

Silence is essential to the Life of the Spirit. Ask yourself, dearest souls, why man labors beyond measure, why he feels the need for a Silent Sanctuary where the soul can relax in the shade of the Beauties of Creation, the high mountains and crystal clear waters?

It is because God has given us, through Grace, His Silence, made of Peace, of Serenity and of relaxing in Him.

Silence comes in the many Gifts donated by the Creator to the creature, before then crowning him with the Gift of His Most Holy Will. One of the Prerogatives of Silence is Wisdom.  The wise man is Silent, his words are communicative and short, and this leads to the acquisition of discernment and to self-knowledge: to know oneself is a Gift.

“The greatest favor I can do for a soul, is to make her know herself.  (Vol. 2 – June 2, 1899)

Dearest friends, perhaps for some the language that comes forth from these droplets goes beyond ordinary, common concepts, but I assure you that is not so. They are more than current, the requirements of the times cannot shape, according to the human, what God has given us and what Jesus has told us, everything must be taken with Faith and Lived in Its Integrity. There may be special cases, distinct choices on the part of God, but that is part of the Design that belongs to Him alone.

Mary at Cana: “Do whatever He tells you.” (Jn: 2,5) Doing that is the certainty that you are doing everything you can to correspond to Grace, not without renunciation, but kissing the Cross as Jesus Kissed It.

The Divine Will is the Crystalline Sea where you can find the Beauty that It contains in Its Depth. These Riches are the many Seeds of Virtue that God has deposited in the soul, including Silence.

Now it’s up to us to care for Them, water Them, appreciate Them, so that They become strong and tall trees, in order to rise again to the Sanctity of our First Origin.

Courage and Perseverance, brothers! God Loves us and wants to enjoy His Rest in our inner Silence.


Corato, October 1, 2013

S. Therese of Lisieux

1928 – October 7, 2013

Luisa enters the House of the Divine Will

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In the Silence of our hearts

Let us Live Unity in the Divine Will


Sr. Assunta

a little daughter  of the Divine Will