Today we must have the faith of St. Joan of Arc

Memorial Day for Joan of Arc: Joan’s Feast Day & Death Anniversary

May 30th is the anniversary of Joan of Arc’s death and is also her Feast Day which is a chance to honor and remember her in a similar way as we do other soldiers on Memorial Day Weekend.  It always gives me pause to remember that Joan’s final recorded words were “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” which to me was her final exclamation point as to the true focus of her life.  Saint Joan of Arc loved God more than anything else which is what made her such a “brilliantly shining light” in this dark world.  Even in the final and darkest moments of  Joan’s life her light shone brightly which impressed even her enemies to the point that several made professions of faith as later described by one of the men participating in Joan’s execution:  “The judges who were present, and even several of the English[Joan’s enemies], were moved by this to great tears and weeping, and indeed several of these same English, recognized God’s hand and made professions of faith when they saw her make so remarkable an end. “(you can read several touching eyewitness accounts of Joan’s death on the page devoted to Joan of Arc’s Feast Day)