9/15 Eve of ROSH HASHANAH/FEAST OF TRUMPETS starts Sundown Today and Ends 9/17



The Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah

 Lev 23:24 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation.

Themes linked to THIS Feast of the Lord are repentance, resurrection, kingship, coronation and a marriage feast. Rosh Hashanah is not only the start of “The Day of the Lord” (Millennium), but is also the day of the resurrection! It has to do with the moon and its 29-½-day cycle of renewal.
In this period of slightly less than 30 days, the moon goes from darkness to light and back to darkness again. This is not a haphazard occurrence attributed to evolution or science. God planned it for many reasons, one being as a picture of resurrection and renewal. With each cycle of nearly 30 days the ancient rabbis understood that the moon was being reborn or “born again.”


In Yeshua’s day, the moon was so important that a Jewish festival was proclaimed at the beginning of every month. This was called the New Moon Festival and in the apostle Paul makes note of it (Colossians 2:16). King David provoked King Saul over it (1Samuel 20:5). In the millennium all nations will celebrate the New Moon festival every month Isaiah 66:23. It is obvious from the Scriptures that in the millennium God has no plans to do away with His system.
Since it is so important, exactly what is a new moon? It is the opposite of a full moon. Every month the moon goes through a complete cycle of renewal called Rosh Chodesh, the head or beginning of the renewed month. Twelve times a year on Rosh Chodesh, the moon always starts off with its disk being very dark to the naked eye. Over the course of 15 days it gets brighter and brighter until it finally reaches a full white-faced disk or full moon. Over the next 15 days it becomes darker and darker and finally becomes invisible to the naked eye again.
The ancient rabbis saw a great lesson in this. Just as the moon has no light of its own but receives its light from the sun, so we too have no light of our own and must receive it from God. As the moon goes through a near 30-day cycle of dark to light to dark, so we need constant spiritual renewal and repentance. Like the moon, we too must be reborn or “born again” into the Messiah and constantly renewed through REPENTANCE. This is why God called the moon a faithful witness in the sky Psalm 89:37. We have lost touch with God’s faithful witness in the sky. But Yeshua, and the people of His day never lost touch with it. The new moon was necessary for the Jewish calendar, and it was also a monthly festival celebrated with a feast fit for a king! 
So, when Yeshua said His famous words Matthew 24:36, it had far-reaching implications. Here are the words of Yeshua in Matt 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
Taking phrases out of Jewish context can lead one to misunderstand His words. For example, in many places of the New Testament. Yeshua knew the future and talked about it openly. In one instance He warned His disciples about their future saying, “See, I have told you ahead of time” Matthew 24:25. His context concerned the tribulation, the destruction of the Temple, the rise and fall of false messiahs (antichrists), etc. If He knew the future in Matt 24:25, and the context is about the Day of Trouble. Why would He suddenly speak as though He did not know the future in the same context just 11 verses later in Matt 24:36? Was He confused? Or was He making perfect sense in light of the customs of the Jews? The phrase, “Of that day and hour no man knows” refers to the sanctification or setting apart of the new moon. 
Twelve times a year a new Jewish month (Rosh Chodesh) was announced to the people. We have no system like it today. We look at a calendar to determine the first of the month; the Jews, however, looked at the moon. This system of time keeping was given to the Jews to know precisely when the Holy Feasts of the Lord would fall. The moon was the faithful Jewish calendar or witness in the sky. And 12 times a year was sanctified as the basis of the Jewish calendar.
To correctly announce the first day of the month, established by the new moon, was one of the Sanhedrin’s greatest responsibilities. They had to ensure the people knew when the first of the month began 12 times a year! Therefore God said to the leaders of Israel:
Leviticus 23:4 These are the feasts of the LORD, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons.
As soon as the new moon was announced, the first day of the month began. In Hebrew, those observances have always been called “appointed times” or moedim, literally “a sacred and set time”. From God’s perspective, the appointed times belong to Him and no one has the authority to change the celebration of an appointed time. To do so was a serious matter and great sin. Appointed times had to be kept because of their Messianic implications.
Also notice the phrase, “holy convocation”. God’s appointed times are actually “holy rehearsals” set apart to reflect events in the Messianic era. God said to the people, “Pay attention! On this day I am going to do something! Wake-up! The Jews were to know and practice all of God’s holy convocations. This is the essence of Paul’s words that the Shabbat, new moons and festivals, “are a shadow of things to come to the body of Messiah” (Colossians 2:17).
Twice a year, in the spring and fall, there were several appointed times and specific days of holy convocation dedicated to the Lord. The new moon was the key in being able to fulfill those set times, holy convocations and rehearsals. For example, when the new moon was announced on the first day of Nisan, also called Aviv, or Abib, the people knew when to observe the holy convocations and set times. 
Again, once the Sanhedrin set Rosh Chodesh, or the beginning of the new month by sighting the new moon, the rest of the festivals were calculated. However because of the 29.5 day cycle, and a 365.25 day year some years would need a 13th month. Determining the new moon in the FIRST month of Abib or Nissan was the most important for that determination set the appointed times or Feast of the Lord for the whole year. That first month called Nissan was also called Abib. When the BARLEY WAS ABIB. When the barley would be abib means that it has grain heads at the time of the new moon in Jerusalem. This can also be effected by a lack of sufficient rain. With no rain the barley seeds would not germinate. The barley would not be seen abib if there was no rain. Then, all the feasts of the Lord would be postponed by a month in that year.
The seventh month, Tishri, was particularly important because it was the only month that had a holy convocation or appointed time on the first day of the month. This posed a unique problem. The first day of Tishri was the appointed time called Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23:24). Yet no one could begin observing the festival until they heard those famous words from the President of the Sanhedrin, “Sanctified!” No one in Israel could plan for the first day of the seventh month Tishri, called Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets (also called Rosh Hashanah). When they knew how many days to count to a festival, that would be easy.
That is why, to this day, the Feast of Trumpets is a 2 day feast of the Lord.
This was unique to Rosh Hashanah and dependent upon the testimony of the two witnesses. Prophetically, we are informed of two important witnesses during the Great Tribulation: Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto My Two Witnessesand they will prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth. 
Of course, anyone could look up into the twilight or early morning sky and, if they looked hard enough, see the new moon or at least its “horns”. And certainly a good observer knew when about 29-½ days were completed since the previous Rosh Chodesh. Once proclaimed, the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) commenced. Until that public announcement, everyone had to wait before they could begin the observance of the festival. No one could begin the festival beforehand! Thus, we can more clearly see the analogy Jesus made with His words:
“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” was in regard to this important festival of the Feast of Trumpets. Jesus told the apostles as clearly as possible that His Second coming and end of the age of grace and testing of mankind as we know it, was what the Feast of Trumpets is all about. The Feast of Trumpets calls us to seek the Lord while HE MAY YET BE FOUND!

Feast of Trumpets, Modern Rosh Hashanah, is the sounding of the trumpets on the first day of the seventh month (Tishri) of the religious calendar year (Lev. 23:24; Num. 29:1). The trumpet referred to here was the shofar, a ram’s horn. It was distinctive from the silver trumpets blown on the other new moons. Silver trumpets were sounded at the daily burnt offering and at the beginning of each new month (Num. 10:10), but the shofar specifically was blown on the beginning of the month Tishri.
This day evolved into the second most holy day on the modern Jewish religious calendar. It begins the “ten days of awe” before the day of atonement. According to Lev. 23:24-27 the celebration consisted of the blowing of trumpets, a time of rest, and “an offering made by fire.”
Thanks to Jim Searcy of Great Joy in Great Tribulation website (moresureword.com) for this summary of Rosh Hashanah which begins approx. on Sept. 4, 2013. Le us be in prayer during this time, repenting and anxiously

9/15 Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows

Santa Maria Greca Church, Corato, Italy

Book of Heaven
The Call of the Creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose
for which He was Created by God
Volume 6 – September 17, 1905

How one can participate in the sorrows of the Queen Mama

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

Having been in much suffering because of the privation of my most sweet Jesus, this morning, the day of the Sorrows of Mary Most Holy, after I struggled in some way, He came and told me:  “My daughter, what do you want, that you so much yearn for Me?”

And I:  “Lord, what You have for Yourself – that is what I yearn for myself.”

And He:  “My daughter, for Myself I have thorns, nails and cross.”

And I:  “Well then, that is what I want for myself.”  So He gave me His crown of thorns and shared with me the pains of the cross.

Then He added:  “Everyone can share in the merits and in the goods produced by the sorrows of My Mother.

The one who, in advance, places herself in the hands of Providence, offering herself to suffer any kind of pains, miseries, illnesses, calumnies, and everything which the Lord will dispose upon her, comes to participate in the first sorrow of the prophecy of Simeon.

The one who actually finds herself amid sufferings, and is resigned, clings more tightly to Me and does not offend Me, it is as if she were saving Me from the hands of Herod, keeping Me safe and sound within the Egypt of her heart – and she participates in the second sorrow.

The one who feels downhearted, dry and deprived of my presence, and remains yet firm and faithful to her usual practices – even more, she takes the opportunity to love Me and to search for Me more, without tiring – comes to participate in the merits and goods which my Mother acquired when I was lost (third sorrow).

The one who, in any circumstance she encounters, especially in seeing Me gravely offended, despised, trampled upon, tries to repair Me, to compassionate Me, and to pray for the very ones who offend Me – it is as if I encountered in that soul My own Mother who, if She could have done it, would have freed Me from My enemies; and she participates in the fourth sorrow.

The one who crucifies her senses for love of My crucifixion, and tries to copy the virtues of My crucifixion within herself, participates in the fifth one.

The one who is in a continuous attitude of adoring, of kissing My wounds, of repairing, of thanking etc., in the name of all mankind, it is as if she were holding Me in her arms, just as my Mother held Me when I was deposed from the Cross – and she participates in the sixth sorrow.

The one who remains in My grace and corresponds to it, giving a place to no one else but Me within her heart, it is as if she buried Me in the center of her heart – and she participates in the seventh one.”

9/14 Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


The Exaltation of The Holy Cross

   We adore You O Christ and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world!

The faithful bow, venerate and devoutly kiss The Holy Cross.

“Come, all you faithful, let us adore the Life-giving tree, upon which Christ the King of glory willingly stretched out His arms and raising us up, restored us to that original happiness, the enemy stole from us in the past, seducing us by vain pleasures so that we became estranged from God.
Come, all you faithful, let us bow down before the tree, through which we have become worthy to crush the heads of invisible enemies.
Come, all you nations, let us extol the Cross, perfect salvation of fallen Adam.
Our most faithful kings glory in you, for by your power they overcame their enemies.
Today we Christians with awe kiss you, we glorify the crucified God upon you and say,
‘O Lord, crucified on the Cross, have mercy on us, for you are good and you love mankind.’”

To arouse ourselves to a greater veneration and love for The Holy Cross, let us frequently call to mind those profound thoughts expressed by the great venerator of The Holy Cross, St. Ephrem the Syrian (+373) in the following hymn:

The Cross is – the Resurrection of the dead.
The Cross is – the Staff of the lame.
The Cross is – the Consolation of the poor.
The Cross is – the Dethronement of the proud.
The Cross is – the Hope of the hopeless.
The Cross is – the Helm of those who sail.
The Cross is – the Harbor of the storm-tossed.
The Cross is – the Father of orphans.
The Cross is – the Comfort of the afflicted.
The Cross is – the Protector of youth.
The Cross is – the Glory of men.
The Cross is – the Crown of the aged.
The Cross is – the Purity of virgins.
The Cross is – the Bread of the hungry and the fountain of the thirsty.

… Therefore, let us make the sign of this Life-Giving Cross on our forehead, lips and breast…
Let us not do anything without it, but whether we are going to sleep, or getting up; whether we are eating or drinking, whether we are traveling on land, sailing the sea, or crossing rivers, we should adorn all the members of our body with the sign of the Life-Giving Cross.”

On this day The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta receives the last bond with Jesus in “the Marriage of the Cross”


Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Little Daughter of the Divine Will, receives the last bond with Our Lord Jesus Christ:  the Marriage of the Cross

Book of Heaven
The Call of the Creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose
for which He was Created by God
Volume One

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

One morning – it was the day of the Exaltation of the Cross – my sweet Jesus transported me to the holy sites; and first, He told me many things about the virtue of the cross. I don’t remember all, but just a few things: “My beloved, do you
want to be beautiful? The cross will give you the most beautiful features that
can possibly be found, both in Heaven and on earth; so much so, as to enamor
God, who contains all beauties within Himself.”

Jesus continued: “Do you want to be filled with immense riches – not for a short time, but for all eternity? Well then, the cross will administer to you all kinds of riches – from the tiniest cents, which are the little crosses, up to the greatest amounts, which are the heavier crosses. Yet, men are so greedy to earn a temporal penny, which they soon will have to leave, but do not give a thought to earning one eternal cent. And when I, having compassion for them, in seeing their carelessness for all that regards eternity, kindly offer them the
opportunity – instead of cherishing it, they get angry and offend Me. What
human madness – it seems that they understand it upside down. My beloved (Luisa), in the cross are all the triumphs, all the victories, and the greatest gains. You must have no aim other than the cross, and it will be enough for you, in everything. Today I want to make you content; that cross which until now has not been enough to lay you on and crucify you completely, is the cross that you have carried up to now. But since I have to crucify you completely, you need new crosses which I will let descend upon you. So, the cross you have had until now, I will bring to Heaven, to show it to the whole celestial court as pledge
of your love, and I will make another one descend from Heaven – a larger one,
to be able to satisfy the ardent desires I have upon you.”

While Jesus was saying this, that cross which I had seen the other times made itself present before me. I took it and I laid myself on it. As I was in this way, the
Heavens opened and Saint John the Evangelist came down, carrying the cross that Jesus had indicated to me. The Queen Mother and many Angels, when they arrived near me, lifted me from that cross and placed me over the one which they had brought me, which was much larger. Then, an Angel took the cross I had before and took it to Heaven with him. After this, with His own hand, Jesus began to nail me to that cross; Queen Mama assisted me, while the Angels and Saint John were handing the nails. My sweet Jesus showed such contentment, such joy in crucifying me, that just to be able to give that contentment to Jesus, I would have suffered not only the cross, but yet more pains. Ah! it seemed to me that Heaven was making new feast for me, in seeing the contentment of Jesus. Many souls were freed from Purgatory and took flight toward Heaven, and quite a few sinners were converted, because my Divine Spouse let everyone participate in the good of my sufferings. Who can tell, then, the intense pains I felt while being stretched so well over the cross, and pierced through by the nails in my hands and feet? But especially the feet – the atrocity of the pains was such that they cannot be described. When they finished crucifying me and I felt I was swimming in the sea of pains and sufferings, Queen Mama said to Jesus:  “My Son, today is a day of grace – I want You to let her share in all of
Your pains. There is nothing left but to pierce her heart through with the lance, and to renew for her the crown of thorns.” So, Jesus Himself took the lance and pierced my heart through; the Angels took a crown of thorns, well thickened, and handed it to the Most Holy Virgin – and She Herself drove it into my head.

What a memorable day that was for me – of sufferings, yes, but of contentments; of unspeakable pains, but also of joy. It is enough to say that the intensity of the pains was such, that for that entire day Jesus did not move from my side, but remained close to me in order to sustain my nature, which was failing at the liveliness of the pains. Those souls from Purgatory who had flown up to Heaven, descended together with the Angels and surrounded my bed, cheering me with their canticles, and thanking me affectionately because through my sufferings I had freed them from those pains.

It happened, then, that after five or six days of those intense pains, to my great regret, they began to diminish, and so I would solicit my beloved Jesus to renew the crucifixion. And He, sometimes quickly, and sometimes with some delay, would be pleased to transport me to the holy sites and to let me share in the pains of His Sorrowful Passion… now the crown of thorns, now the scourging, now the carrying of the cross to Calvary, now the crucifixion – sometimes one mystery per day, and sometimes everything in one day, as He pleased. This would be of highest pain and contentment for my soul. But it would become very bitter for me when the scene would change, and instead of I being the one who suffered, I would be the spectator, watching most loving Jesus suffer the pains of His Sorrowful Passion. Ah! how many times I found myself in the midst of the Jews together with Queen Mama, seeing my beloved Jesus suffer. Ah! yes, it is indeed true that it is easier for one to suffer himself, than to see the beloved suffer.

Other times, I remember that, in renewing these crucifixions, my sweet Jesus would say to me: “My beloved (Luisa), the cross allows one to distinguish the reprobates from the predestined. Just as on the day of judgment, the good will rejoice upon seeing the cross, so even now it can be seen whether one will be saved or lost. If, as the cross presents itself to the soul, she embraces it, carries it with resignation and patience, kissing and thanking that hand which is sending it – here is the sign that she is saved. If, on the contrary, as the cross is presented to her, she gets irritated, despises it, and even reaches the point of offending Me – you can say that that’s a sign that the soul is heading on the way to hell. So will the reprobates do on the day of judgment: upon seeing the cross, they will grieve and curse. The cross tells everything; the cross is a book that, without deception and in clear notes, tells you and allows you to distinguish the saint from the sinner, the perfect from the imperfect, the fervent from the lukewarm. The cross communicates such light to the soul that, even now, it allows one to distinguish not only the good from the evil, but also those who are to be more or less glorious in Heaven – those who are to occupy a higher or a lower place. All other virtues remain humble and reverent before the virtue of the cross, and grafting themselves to it, they receive greater glory and splendor.”

Who can tell what flames of ardent desires this speaking of Jesus would cast into my heart? I felt devoured by hunger for suffering, and in order to satisfy my yearnings – or rather, to say it better, in order to satisfy that which He Himself infused in me – He would renew the crucifixion.

I remember that sometimes, after renewing these crucifixions, He would say to me:
Beloved of My Heart (Luisa), I ardently desire not only to crucify your soul and to communicate the pains of the cross to your body, but also to mark your body with the mark of my wounds; and I want to teach you the prayer in order to obtain this grace. This is the prayer: ‘I present myself before the supreme throne of God, bathed in the Blood of Jesus Christ, praying Him, by the merit of His most luminous virtues and of His Divinity, to concede to me the grace of being crucified’.”

However, I (Luisa) have always had an aversion for anything that might appear externally – and I still do – but in the act in which Jesus was saying that, I would feel such yearnings being infused in me to satisfy the desire that He Himself was expressing, that I would yet dare to ask Jesus to crucify me in the soul and in the body. And sometimes I would say to Him: “Holy Spouse, I would rather not have external things; and if sometimes I dare to ask for that, it is because You Yourself tell me to, and also to give a sign to the confessor that it is You who operates in me. But for the rest, I would like nothing but those= pains which You make me suffer when You renew the crucifixion. If only they were permanent – I would rather not have that diminution after some time. This alone is enough for me. As for the outward appearance, the more You (Jesus) can keep me (Luisa) hidden, the more You will make me content.’

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Little Daughter of the Divine Will outside
at the St. Anthony Orphanage in Corato, Italy. 

Normally invisable, the stigmata Luisa received can be seen
in her hand holding the Holy Rosary,

it looks like a line.

9/13 Eve of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Based on Excerpt from the
Book of Heaven

Volume 3, December 2 1899 


History of the Institution of the Feast
Of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross 

 The feast of the Elevation of the Venerable Cross is a very ancient feast.  However, it has been attributed to the dedication of Constantine’s basilica, which enclosed both Calvary and the Holy Sepulcher, that took place on September 14 in 335.  It was at the same time the anniversary of the finding of the Holy Cross.

However, about 615, Chosroes, king of Persia, took Jerusalem and carried off the relic of the Holy Cross.

Fourteen years later, the emperor Heraclius defeated Chosroes.  He then insisted on the restitution of the Cross and carried it on his shoulders in great pomp to Calvary.

Heraclius, who was loaded with ornaments of gold and precious stones, was held back by an invincible force at the entrance gate.

Zacharias, bishop of Jerusalem, said to him:  “With these ornaments you are far fro imitating the poverty of Jesus Christ and HIs humility in bearing His Coss.”  Heraclius thereupon cuffed his splendid garb and walked barefooted with a common cloak on his shoulders, to Calvary, where he again deposited the Cross.


Book of Heaven
Volume 3  – December 2, 1899

Eloquent praise of the Cross

… Jesus: Let Me hear your voice that cheers my hearing. Let us converse together a little; I have spoken to you many times about the Cross; today, let Me hear you speak of the Cross.


I felt all confused; I did not know what to say. But as He sent mea ray of intellectual light, to make Him content I began to say:

My Beloved, who can say to You what the Cross is? Your mouth alone can speak worthily of the sublimity of the Cross; but since You want me to speak, I will do it.

The Cross, suffered by You, freed me from the slavery of the devil, and espoused me to the Divinity with an indissoluble bond.

The Cross is fecund and gives birth to Grace in me.

The Cross is Light, It disillusions me of what is temporal, and reveals to me what is eternal.

The Cross is fire, and reduces to ashes all that is not of God, to the point of emptying my heart of the tiniest blade of grass that might be in it.

The Cross is coin of inestimable value, and if I have, O Holy Spouse, the fortune of possessing it, I will be enriched with eternal coins, to the point of becoming the richest in Paradise, because the currency that circulates in Heaven is the Cross suffered on earth.

The Cross, then, makes me know myself; not only this, but It gives me the knowledge of God.

The Cross grafts all virtues into me.

The Cross is the noble pulpit of the uncreated Wisdom, that teaches me the highest, the finest and most sublime doctrines. So, only the Cross will reveal to me the most hidden mysteries, the most secret things, the most perfect perfection, hidden to the most erudite and learned of the world.

The Cross is like beneficent water that purifies me; not only this, but It administers to me the nourishment for the virtues, It makes them grow, and only then does It leave me, when It brings me back to Eternal Life.

The Cross is like celestial dew, which preserves and embellishes for me the beautiful lily of purity.

The Cross is the nourishment of Hope.

The Cross is the beacon of operating Faith.

The Cross is like hard wood, which preserves the fire of Charity, keeping it always lit.

The Cross is like dry wood, which dispels and puts to flight all the smokes of pride and of vainglory, producing the humble violet of humility in the soul.

The Cross is the most powerful weapon that offends the demons, and defends me from all of their claws. Therefore, the soul who possesses the Cross is the envy and admiration of the very Angels and Saints, and the rage and indignation of the demons.

The Cross is my Paradise on earth, in such a way that if the Paradise of the Blessed up there, is of delights, the Paradise down here is of sufferings.

The Cross is the chain of most pure gold that connects me to You, my Highest Good, and forms the most intimate union that can possibly be given, to the point of making my being disappear. And It transforms me in You, my Beloved, to the point that I feel lost within You, and I live from your very Life.

After I said this (I don’t know whether it is nonsense), my lovable Jesus was all delighted in listening to me, and taken by enthusiasm of love, kissed me all over, and said to me:


Brava, brava, my beloved – you spoke well! My Love is fire, but not like the terrestrial fire which, wherever it penetrates, renders things sterile and reduces everything to ashes. My fire is fecund, and it renders sterile only that which is not virtue. To all the rest it gives life, it makes beautiful flowers bloom, it makes the most delicious fruits mature, and forms the most delightful celestial garden. The Cross is so powerful, and I communicated so much grace to It, as to render It more effective than the very Sacraments; and this, because in receiving the Sacrament of my Body, the dispositions and free concourse of the soul are needed in order to receive my graces, and many times these may be lacking; while the Cross has the virtue of disposing the soul to grace.

Book of Heaven
Volume 3 – April 20, 1900

The Cross gives us the features and the likeness of Jesus.


My adorable Jesus continues to come, for just a little and like a shadow, and even when He comes He does not say anything. This morning, after He renewed in me the pains of the cross as many as two times, looking at me with tenderness while I was suffering the spasm of the piercings of the nails, He told me:

The cross is a mirror in which the soul admires the Divinity, and by reflecting herself in it, she acquires the features and the likeness that most resembles God. The cross must not only be loved and desired, but one must consider it an honor and a glory. This is to operate as God and to become like God by participation, because I alone gloried in the cross and considered suffering an honor, and I loved it so much that in my whole life I did not want to be one moment without the cross.

Who can say what I understood about the cross from this speaking of blessed Jesus?  But I feel mute in expressing it with words. Ah, Lord, I pray You to keep me always nailed to the cross, so that, having this divine mirror ever before me, I may clean all my stains and embellish myself ever more in your likeness.

Book of Heaven
Volume 3 – April 21, 1900

More than Sacrament, the Cross seals God in the soul.


As I was in my usual state, or rather, with a little bit of concern about something that it is not necessary to say here, my sweet Jesus, on coming, told me:

And they are sacred vessels, and every once in a while it is necessary to dust them off. Your bodies are as many sacred vessels, in which I make my dwelling, therefore it is necessary that I do some little dusting every now and then, that is, that I visit them with some tribulation, so that I may remain in them with more decorum. Therefore, be calm.

Later, after I received Communion, having renewed in me the pains of the crucifixion, He added:

My daughter, how precious is the cross! See now: in giving Itself to the soul, the Sacrament of my Body unites her with Me, It transforms her, to the point that she becomes one with Me. But as the species are consumed, the union, truly established, ceases. Not with the cross. The cross takes God and unites Him with the soul forever, and It places Itself more surely as a seal. Therefore, the cross seals God in the soul, in such a way that there is never separation between God and the crucified soul.

9/12 Special Significance of the Date of the Feast Day of the Most Holy Name of Mary

M_Hail Mary Pic Plane

The actual Feast date of September 12th also has special significance. In 1683, the Moslem Turks, under the  leadership of Sultan Mohammed IV, once again began their aggression against Christian Europe. Just a few years earlier, they had been stopped at Poland. A huge army of Muslim Turks, estimated at around 300,000, marched through Hungary (parts of which had been under their control for 150 years) towards Austria. They ravaged Hungary, and were partly successful because of a Calvinist named Thokoly who incited rebellion against the Catholic rulers; for his traitorous dealings, Mohammed IV named Thokoly “King of Hungary and Croatia,” but with the understanding that he was simply a vassal to his Moslem overlord.

The Moslem aggression continued on to Austria. Emperor Leopold fled from Vienna. By July, 1683, the Grand Vizier Kara Mustapha laid siege to Vienna, defended by an army of only 15,000 Christians. The papal nuncio as well as Emperor Leopold begged King Jan Sobieski, who had defeated the Moslem Turks at the Polish borders and had earned the title “Unvanquished Northern Lion,” to come to their aid. Sobieski did not hesitate.

In August, Sobieski began his campaign. As he and his troops passed the Shrine to Our Lady of Czestochowa, they begged the Blessed Mother’s blessing and intercession. At the beginning of September, they crossed the Danube and met with the German armies. On September 11, Sobieski was outside of Vienna with an army of about 76,000 men. The hussars lured the Moslem Turks into thinking they were on retreat, and then with reinforcements attacked. The Moslem Turks retreated, but were followed by Sobieski’s calvary. The vanquished Moslem Turks fled Austria (but only after slaughtering hundreds of hostages). Vienna and Christian Europe were saved. The Moslem standard proclaiming “Death to the Infidel” was taken by Sobieski and delivered to the Pope. Worshiping at a Holy Mass of Thanksgiving, Sobieski fell prostrate and with outstretched arms declared it was God’s cause and praised Him for the victory saying, “Veni, vidi, Deus vicit.” meaning “I came, I saw, God conquered,” which he also wrote in a letter to Pope Innocent XI.

On September 12th, Sobieski triumphantly entered Vienna. Pope Innocent XI thereupon declared September 12th as a date to honor Mary, whose maternal intercession had saved Christendom just has it had over 100 years earlier at the Battle of Lepanto. As for Kara Mustapha, Mohammed IV had him strangled for being defeated by the Christians. Pause for a moment: Only the ignorant would not see the connection between September 11, 1683 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

As we celebrate this feast day, let us remember the opening prayer for the Mass: “Lord, our God, when your Son was dying on the altar of the cross, He gave us as our mother the one He had chosen to be His own mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary; grant that we who call upon the holy name of Mary, our mother, with confidence in her protection may receive strength and comfort in all our needs.” May our Blessed Mother continue to protect us, especially those Christians suffering under Islamic persecution this very day.

9/12 Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary

This feast is a counterpart to
the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus (January 3)

Eight days after the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to the custom of the Jews, Her holy parents gave Her the name of Mary.  During the Octave of Her Nativity, the liturgy keeps a feast in honor of this Holy Name.

The feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary began in Spain, with the approval of Rome,  in 1513, and in 1671 it was extended to all of Spain and the Kingdom of Naples.

In 1683 this feast was extended to the whole Church by Pope Innocent XI to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary for the victory which John Sobieski, king of Poland, had just gained when the king brought an army to the outskirts of beseiged Vienna to stop the advance of Muslim armies loyal to Mohammed IV in Constantinople.

After Sobieski entrusted himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he and his soldiers thoroughly defeated the Muslims who were besieging Vienna.  Sobieski had planned to attack on September 13th, but with the Turks close to breaching the Vienna’s walls he ordered a full attack on September 12th. At 5:30 p.m. that day, Sobieski entered the deserted tent of Kara Mustafa and the battle of Vienna ended.


The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Day Eleven

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, 
in the first Years of Her Life down here, forms a Most Refulgent Daybreak,
 to make the longed for Day of Light and of Grace rise in the hearts.


The soul to the Little Baby Queen:

Here I am again near Your cradle, Celestial Little Mama. My little heart feels charmed by Your Beauty and I am unable to detach my gaze from a Beauty so rare. How Sweet is Your Gaze; the motion of Your little hands calls me to embrace You and to cling to Your Heart, which is drowned with Love. Holy Little Mama, give me Your Flames, that they may Burn away my human will, and so I can make You content, Living of Divine Will together with You.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

My daughter, if you knew how My Maternal Little Heart rejoices in seeing you near My cradle to listen to Me! I feel Myself, with facts, Queen and Mother, because in having you near Me, I am not a sterile Mother or a Queen without a people, but I have My dear daughter who loves Me very much, and who wants Me to do for her the Office of Mama and of Queen. Therefore, you are the bearer of Joy to your Mama; more so, since you come onto My lap to be taught by Me how to Live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. To have a daughter who wants to Live together with Me in this Kingdom so Holy is the Greatest Glory, Honor and Feast for your Mama. Therefore, pay attention to Me, My Dear daughter, and I will continue to narrate to you the Wonders of My Birth.

My (Blessed Mother Mary) cradle was surrounded by Angels, who competed among themselves in singing lullabies to Me, as to their Sovereign Queen. And since I was endowed with Reason and with Science, Infused in Me by My Creator, I did My First Duty to Adore, with My Intelligence, and also with My babbling little voice of a baby, the Most Holy Adorable Trinity. And the Ardor of My Love for a Majesty so Holy was so Great that, feeling Myself languishing, I was delirious for wanting to be in the Arms of the Divinity, to receive Their Embraces, and to give Them My own. And so the Angels, for whom My Desires were Commands, picked Me up, and carrying Me on their wings, brought Me into the Loving Arms of My Celestial Father. O! With how much Love They awaited Me. I was coming from the exile, and the brief pauses of separation between Me and Them were the cause of New Fires of Love; they were New Gifts that They prepared for Me, to give them to Me; and I would find New Devices to ask for Pity and Mercy for My children who, living in the exile, were under the lash of Divine Justice.

And dissolving Myself all in Love, I said to Them: “Adorable Trinity, I feel Happy—I feel Myself Queen, nor do I know what unhappiness and slavery is. On the contrary, because of Your Will Reigning in Me, the Joys, the Happinesses, are so Great and so many that, little as I am, I cannot embrace them all. But in so much Happiness, there is a vein of intense bitterness in My little Heart: I feel in It My children unhappy, slaves to their rebellious will. Have Pity, Holy Father have Pity. Make My Happiness whole—make Happy these unhappy children, whom I carry, more than Mother, within My Maternal Heart. Let the Divine Word descend upon earth, and everything will be granted. And I will not come down off of Your Paternal knees if You do not give Me the Deed of Grace, that I may bring to My children the Good News of their Redemption.”

The Divinity was moved at My Prayers, and filling Me with New Gifts, They said to Me: “Return to the exile and continue Your Prayers. Extend the Kingdom of Our Will in all Your Acts, for at the appropriate time We will make You content.” But They did not tell Me either when or where He would descend.

So I would depart from Heaven only to do the Divine Will. This was the Most Heroic Sacrifice for Me, but I did it gladly, so that the Divine Will alone might have Full Dominion over Me. Now listen to Me, My daughter. How much did your soul cost Me, to the point of embittering the Immense Sea of My Joys and Happinesses. Every time you do your will, you render yourself a slave, and you feel your unhappiness; and I, as your Mama, feel in My Heart the unhappiness of My daughter. O! How sorrowful it is to have unhappy children. And how you should take to heart doing the Divine Will, since I reached the point of departing from Heaven so that My will might have no life in Me.

Now, My daughter, continue to listen to Me (Blessed Mother Mary): in each one of your acts, may your First Duty be to Adore your Creator, to Know Him and to Love Him. This places you in the Order of Creation, and you come to recognize He who Created you. This is the Holiest Duty of each creature: to recognize her Origin.

Now you must know that My bringing Myself to Heaven, descending, praying, formed the Daybreak around Me, which, spreading in the whole world, surrounded the hearts of My children, so that, from the Dawn, the Daybreak might rise, to make arise the Serene Day of the awaiting of the Divine Word upon earth.


The soul:

Celestial Little Mama, in seeing You, just Newly Born, giving me Lessons so Holy, I feel enraptured and I comprehend how much You Love me, to the point of rendering Yourself unhappy because of me. O please! Holy Mama, You who Love me so much, let the Power, the Love, the Joys that inundate You, descend into my heart, so that, filled with them, my will may find no room to live in me, and may freely give up the place to the Dominion of the Divine Will.


Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will do three acts of adoration to your Creator, reciting three Glory Be’s to thank Him for the many times I received the Grace to be admitted to Their Presence.


Ejaculatory Prayer:

Celestial Mama, make the Daybreak of the Divine Will rise within my soul.