4/3 Message of Our Lady of America on February 11, 1958

Our Lady of America
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Written by Sister Mary Ephrem, C.PP.S.:  
Towards evening of February 11, (1958) I heard these words addressed to me by Our Lady:  “I am the Mother of the Sacred Humanity, and it is My special work as Coredemptrix of the human race to help souls reach the Sanctity of the Father in Eternal union by showing them how to put on Christ, to imbibe His Spirit, and thus become one with Him.”
(Note:  Easter was on April 6, 1958, so this message was on the Friday in the Octave of Easter)


The Friday before Palm Sunday, is a traditional Feast of Our Lady, Co-Redemptrix, in connection with Her sorrowful witness at The Crucifixion, one title that She used to identify Herself to Sister Mary Ephrem, C.PP.S.  (Mildred Neuzil).



Today, April 2, is the 15th anniversary of the death of Pope St. John Paul II. He passed from this life on this date at 9:37pm Rome time, 15 years ago today. We received an email from Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Papal Secretary to JPII, and he is asking all Christians to light a candle in their home, shop or office, if possible, TODAY and uniting your prayer to the prayers of all the angels & saints & souls in Purgatory and all those on earth participating in this prayer event, through the intercession of Pope St. John Paul II, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at the hour Pope John Paul died that God may have mercy on the whole world and stop the virus, open the Churches and get our families and communities back to work, as well as your personal intentions. Prayer can move the Heart of God and change the course of history. Especially when we all pray together in union with our powerful intercessor that we all knew and loved, Pope St John Paul II, who is the patron of this apostolate!

If you are in the Eastern time zone: Pray at 3:37pm

If you are in the Central time zone:  Pray at 2:37pm

If you are in Mountain time zone:     Pray at 1:37pm

If you are in the Pacific time zone:   Pray at 12:37pm

4/2 Feast of St. Francis of Paola, Hermit

S_Francis of Paola

St. Francis of Paola

St. Francis was born at Paola, Italy and was educated there at the Franciscan friary of San Marco, and when fifteen became a hermit near Paola. In 1436, he and two companions began a community that is considered the foundation of the Minim Friars. He built a monastery where he had led his eremitical life some fifteen years later and set a Rule for his followers emphasizing penance, charity, and humility, and added to the three monastic vows, one of fasting and abstinence from meat; he also wrote a rule for tertiaries and nuns. He was credited with many miracles and had the gifts of prophesy and insight into men’s hearts. St. Francis died on April 2nd and was canonized in 1519.

Letter #2 to Sister Giovannina by the Servant of God, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta :


To my dear Sister M. Giovannina, in memory of her vows, always with Jesus.

The mind toward Heaven, the gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always “Fiat”.  In each thing never escape from acquiring a degree of sanctity.  Make yourself a saint; Jesus wants it, make Him content.

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, May 14, 1932

4/1 – 104 Years Ago Today: April 1916

Volume 11; April 1, 1916
What stripping is required of the soul, so that her heartbeat may be one with that of Jesus.

This morning my sweet Jesus made Himself seen within my heart, and His Heartbeat was beating in mine. I looked at Him, and He told me: “My daughter, for one who really Loves Me and does My Will in everything, her heartbeat and Mine become one. So, I call them My Heartbeats and, as such, I want them around and even inside the Heartbeat of My Heart – all intent on consoling Me and sweetening all My Sorrowful Heartbeats. Her Heartbeat in Mine will form a Sweet Harmony, that will repeat My Whole Life for Me, and will Speak to Me of souls, forcing Me to Save them. But, My daughter, what stripping is required to be the Echo of My Heartbeat! It must be a Life more of Heaven than of earth – more Divine than human! Even one shadow, one little thing, is enough to prevent the soul from feeling the Strength, the Harmonies, the Sanctity of My Heartbeat; and so she does not Echo My Heartbeat, she does not Harmonize together with Me, and I AM forced to remain alone in My Sorrow or in My Joys. And these Sorrows I receive from souls who – …who knows how much they had promised Me, but at the occasions, I was left disappointed by their promises.”

3/31 God knows the number, the value and the weight of all created things.

J_God sees me
God sees me


8/10/04 – Vol. 6
…At that moment blessed Jesus told me: “Silly, silly that you are – why do you marvel so much? What is difficult and impossible for the creature, is easy and possible, and also natural, for the Creator. It happens in this as to someone who, looking at millions and millions of coins in the twinkling of an eye, says to himself: ‘They are innumerable – who can count them?’ But the one who put them in that place tells everything in one word: they are this many, they are worth this much, they weigh this much. My daughter, I know how many drops of water I Myself put in the sea, and no one can disperse even a single one of them. I numbered everything, I weighed everything, I evaluated everything; and so with all the other things. So, what is the wonder if I know everything?” On hearing this, every marvel ceased; or rather, I marveled at my silliness.

24 Hours of the Passion of Our Lord – Worldwide



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1. Holy Thursday – Hours 1-12
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3. Entire Passion
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3/30  Invitation to take the crumbs of the Divine Goods.

That is the whole law of Jesus.

3/30/31 – Vol. 29

…After this, I found myself prey to a supreme force, that it was not given to me to be able to resist, in my painful state; and even though I felt great reluctance, I tried to abandon myself in the Divine Will, my only refuge. And Jesus, to give me strength, made Himself seen for a little while and told me: “My daughter, in creating man, Our Divinity issued from Ourselves Sanctity, Love, Goodness, Beauty, and so forth, that were to serve man to make himself holy, good, beautiful, and to give Us love for Love. Now, Our goods have not been taken completely by him, and so they are waiting for one who would take them. Therefore, come into Our Goods, come to take the crumbs of Sanctity, of Love, of Goodness, the crumbs of Beauty, of Strength. I say crumbs in comparison with those that you will leave out, because Our Goods are immense and what the creature can take can be called crumbs compared to what she leaves out; but, for her, they fill her so much as to overflow outside. Only when Our Love sees the creature loved in Our Goods, filled to the brim—then is It content. Now, these crumbs form many different foods, one more beautiful than the other, that she takes from Our Celestial Table, and she nourishes herself abundantly from these Divine Foods; and since one gives of that food that one takes, so, in giving Us her acts, of one who has nourished herself of these Divine crumbs that give of Sanctity, of Beauty, of Strength, of Love, and has filled herself with such beauty, We immediately recognize that it is food of Our crumbs that she gives Us in her acts, and—oh! how content We remain, that the creature gives Us her acts that give of Divine; We feel Our fragrances, We touch Our Sanctity and Goodness, and feel requited for the crumbs We gave to her.”