6/30 The First Martyrs of the Hoily Roman Church

The Veneration of the Martyrs

The Liturgical Year can be compared to the skies in which during the day the brilliant sun shines, radiating warmth and light, while at night the moon shines brightly and millions of stars glitter.  Similarly, in the skies of the Liturgical Year the most brilliant Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, always shines with His Most Blessed Mother beside Him, like the bright moon, and round them, like heavenly stars, the immense multitude of Saints.  Besides the festivals in honor of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, certain days of the Church Calendar are dedicated to the honor of various Saints of greater or lesser importance.

Among the various groups of Saints, the Holy Martyrs hold a special place, the reason for this is that they are the most beautiful flowers in the garden of Christ’s Church, and the first-fruits of the Christian faith, that God has chosen for Himself as a holocaust or burnt offering.  The Holy Martyrs are eloquent witnesses who by their heroic love of God testify to the truth and to our Holy Faith.  Because of their sufferings and martyrdom, the Christian faith grew with remarkable rapidity and became marvelously strong.  From the very beginning, their graves became the places where they were venervated.  As a matter of fact, it was with this veneration that the cult of the Saints originated.  The number of Martyrs is known only to God alone.  But the greater part of the Church Calendar is filled with their names.

Book of Heaven
3/15/12 – Vol. 11

The Divine Will is the sanctity of sanctities, and the soul who does It on earth as in Heaven is a queen soul, who gives life to all the good done on earth and in Heaven. These souls are the true Consecrated Hosts of the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt a great desire to do the Most Holy Will of Blessed Jesus; and He came and told me: “My daughter, my Will is the Sanctity of Sanctities. The soul who does my Will according to the perfection that I am teaching you – that is, on earth as It is in Heaven – however small, ignorant and ignored, leaves even other Saints behind in spite of their prodigies, the most clamorous conversions and the miracles. Really, in comparison, the souls who do my Will in the way It is in my third “FIAT” are queens, and it is as if all the others were at their service.

It seems that the souls who live in my Will do nothing, while they actually do everything, because being in my Will these souls act Divinely, in a hidden and surprising way. They are light which illuminates, wind which purifies, fire which burns, miracles which cause miracles. Those who do miracles are channels; but in these souls resides the power. Therefore, they are the foot of the missionary, the tongue of the preachers, the strength of the weak, the patience of the sick, the regime (of the superiors), the obedience of the subjects, the tolerance of the slandered, the firmness in the dangers, the heroism in the heroes, the courage in the martyrs, the sanctity in the saints, and so on with all the rest. Being in my Will, they concur with all the good that can be both in Heaven and on earth.

This is why I can surely say that they are my true Hosts – but living Hosts, not dead ones. The accidents that form the host are not full of life, neither do they influence my Life; but the soul who lives in my Divine Will is full of life and, doing my Will, she influences and concurs with all that I do. This is why these consecrated Hosts of my Will are more dear to Me than the very sacramental Hosts, and if I have reason to exist in the sacramental Hosts, it is to form the sacramental Hosts of my Will.

My daughter, I take such delight in my Will that, in simply hearing talk about It, I feel overjoyed and I call the whole of Heaven to make feast. Imagine what will become of those souls who will do It: I find in them all the joys, so I give all the joys to them. Their life is the life of the Blessed. They care about, desire and yearn for two things only: my Will and Love. They need to do very little else, while in fact they do everything. The virtues themselves remain absorbed in my Will and in Love. Therefore, they have nothing to do with them, since my Will contains, possesses and absorbs all; but in a Divine manner – immense and endless. This is the life of the Blessed.”

6/29 Commemoration of St. Paul

St. Paul

St. Paul wrote in his canticle of love (1 Cor. 13): “…and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”  St. Paul was perhaps the most powerfully dynamic of all priests.

Volume 8; December 16, 1908
Our Lord:  “…And then, I have not thrown you (Luisa)  to the ground; rather, I keep you more than ever clasped in My Arms.  Even more, I tell you (Luisa) that if to Paul I gave My efficacious Grace at the beginning of his conversion, to you I give it almost continually – and this is the sign of it:  that you continue in your interior everything that you used to do when I was with you almost continually – doing what now you seem to do by yourself. Your feeling all immersed in Me and bound to Me, always thinking of Me even though you do not see Me – this is not your own thing, nor an ordinary Grace, but Special and Efficacious Grace. And if I give you much, it is a sign that I Love you much, and I want to be loved much by you.”

6/29 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta
On this Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (New and Trad c.67), the little children of the Divine Will remember and celebrate the Apostolic Princes of the Church and the ordination of Pope Benedict XVI. This day in 1951 Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger was ordained into the holy priesthood of Christ. He shares the namesake “Aloysius’ with the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Aloysiusa as on her baptismal certificate.
St. Peter says to Our Lord Jesus, “You are Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but the Father has Revealed it.” Why? From a homily of St. Jerome, ‘What flesh and blood could not reveal was revealed by the Grace of the Holy Spirit. By his profession also he earns a right to his name; receiving a Revelation from the Holy Spirit, he should be called son of the Holy Spirit, and indeed Bar-Jona means “Son of the Dove.”
In this time of Sanctification, the Holy Spirit is bringing awareness to the little children, through the little daughter of the Divine Will, of the Wonders God is doing.
Volume 17 – May 4, 1925 – The Most Essential Thing to know about the Holy Divine Will
Jesus said to Luisa – “What if I told you, Luisa, that you did not write everything? Rather, you have left out the Most Essential thing. So, continue to write, and add: ‘The Mission of My Will shall Conceal the Most Holy Trinity upon earth.  Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Inseparable but Distinct among Themselves, Who Form all the Beatitude of Heaven, in the Same Way, on earth there will be three Persons who, because of their Missions, will be Distinct and Inseparable among themselves: the Virgin Mary, with Her Maternity which Conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and Encloses His Power in order to Fulfill Her Mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; My Humanity, for the Mission of Redeemer, which was Enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, in order to Manifest My Celestial Wisdom, adding the Bond of becoming Inseparable from My Mama; and you Luisa, for the Mission of My Will, as the Holy Spirit will Display His Love in you Luisa, Manifesting to you His Secrets, the Prodigies of My Will, the Goods It Contains, in order to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much Good this Supreme Will Contains, to Love It and to let It Reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It Dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to Form Its Life in them. And the Bond of Inseparability will be added, between you Luisa, the Mother and the Eternal Word.
… being Light, The Divine Will shall make Its Way by Itself, More than a Second Sun, in order to Illuminate the human generations and to Bring about the Fulfillment of Our Works: that Our Will be Known and Loved, and that It Reign as Life within the creatures.
Therefore, be attentive, because this is about Rescuing that Eternal Will which, with So Much Love, Wants to Dwell in the creatures.  But It wants to be Known, It does not want to be like a stranger; rather, It Wants to give out Its Goods and become Life of each one, but It Wants Its Rights Whole – Its Place of Honor. It wants the human will to be banished – the only enemy for It, and for man.
The Mission of My Will was the Purpose of the Creation of man.  My Divinity did not Depart from Heaven, from Its Throne; My Will, instead, not only Departed, but Descended into all Created things and Formed Its Life in them.  However, while all things Recognized Me, and I Dwell in them with Majesty and Decorum, man alone drove Me away.  But I, Jesus Want to Conquer him and Win him; and this is why My Mission is not finished.  So I Called you, Luisa, Entrusting to you My Own Mission, that you, Luisa, may place the one (man – the Holy Father will be the first) who drove Me away, on the Lap of My Will, and everything may Return to Me, in My Will.
Therefore, do not be surprised at the Great and Marvelous things I may tell you for the Sake of This Mission, or at the Many Graces I may Give you; because this is not about making a Saint, but about Saving the generations.  This is about Rescuing a Divine Will, for which everything Must Return to the Beginning, to the Origin from which everything came, so that the Purpose of My Will may have Its Complete Fulfillment.”
“As the Source of our New Life in Christ, the Holy Spirit is also, in a Very Real Way, the Soul of the Church, the Love that Binds us to the Lord and to one another, and the Light that Opens our eyes to see all around us the Wonders of God’s Grace.” Pope (now Emeritis) Benedict XVI

6/28 Feast Day of St. Irenaeus

S_St IrenaeusSt. Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr

Quite rightly we sing in the Gloria in excelsis: “We praise you, we bless you . . . we give you thanks for your great glory.” These statements can be applied in a special way to the action of the Holy Spirit, who, in the First Letter of Peter, is called “the spirit of glory” (1 Peter 4:14). This is a glory which is pure gratuitousness: It does not consist of taking or receiving, but only of giving. In giving us His Spirit, who is the source of life, the Father manifests His glory, making it visible in our lives. In this regard, St. Irenaeus says that “the glory of God is the living man” (Adv. Haer. IV, 20, 7).


Book of Heaven
7/14/28 – Vol. 24

How one who lives in the Divine Will forms her little seas within God Himself.  How the Divine Will is light and It looks for light, and how all evils become lost before Its light.  Prodigy of the Fiat.

I feel myself completely in the Divine Fiat, and my adorable Jesus showed before my mind an interminable Sea of light; and within this Sea one could see many other little seas, little rivers, formed in the same Sea.  It was beautiful, delightful, enchanting, to see these little seas formed very often within the Divine Sea—some smaller, some a little larger.  It seemed to me as when, possibly, we are in the sea and, as we dive into it, the water divides, and forming a circle around us, it gives us the place in order to be able to stay in the sea, in such a way that one can see many people in it, who are not seas, because the sea does not have the virtue of converting us into water, while Our God has the virtue of converting us into His very Light, and in spite of this, one can see that a human will has gone to dive into the Divine Sea to take its place in It, and according to its much or little operating, it forms a small or a larger little sea within the Divine Sea.

Now, while I was delighting in watching a scene so beautiful and enrapturing, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, these little seas and rivers that you see in the Eternal Sea of the Divine Majesty are of those who operate in the Divine Will.  The Creator gives and forms the place within His own Sea for those who want to live in the Fiat; He admits them into His house and lets them form their own properties.  And while forming their own, they enjoy all the goods of the interminable Sea of the Supreme Being, who gives wide freedom to these children of His to expand their own little seas within His very Sea, as much as they can.

“In this Sea there are the little seas of My Humanity and those of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and there will also be those of the ones who will live in My Will.  None of their acts will be done outside of this Divine Sea, and this will be the greatest Glory of God and the greatest honor for the children of my Divine Fiat.”…

6/27 Feast Day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – “I am Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I will Help you Always.” (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem; these are Our Lady’s Words that Sister Mary Ephrem wrote to Rev. Leibold in a letter dated 3/57)

O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke Thy most powerful name, which is the safeguard of the living and the salvation of the dying. O Purest Mary, O Sweetest Mary, let thy name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not, O Blessed Lady, to help me whenever I call on Thee, for, in all my needs, in all my temptations I shall never cease to call on Thee, ever repeating thy sacred name, Mary, Mary.

O what consolation, what sweetness, what confidence, what emotion fill my soul when I pronounce thy sacred name, or even only think of Thee. I thank God for having given thee, for my good, so sweet, so powerful, so lovely a name. But I will not be content with merely pronouncing thy name: let my love for thee prompt me ever to hail Thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.


Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

1. Behold, O Mother of Perpetual Help, at thy feet a wretched 
sinner, who has recourse to thee and trusts in thee. O Mother of 
mercy, have pity on me; I hear all men call thee the refuge and 
hope of sinners: be therefore my refuge and my hope. Help me for 
the love of Jesus Christ: hold out thy hand to a fallen wretch, 
who commends himself to thee and dedicates himself to be thy 
servant forever. I praise and thank God, who of His great mercy 
hath given me this confidence in thee, a sure pledge of my eternal 
salvation. Alas, it is only too true that in the past I have 
fallen miserably, because I did not come to thee. I know that with 
thy help I shall conquer; I know that thou wilt help me, if I 
commend myself to thee; but I am fearful lest in the occasions of 
sin I shall forget to call upon thee and so I shall be lost. This 
grace, then, do I ask of thee; for this I implore thee, as much as 
I can and know how to do; namely, that in the assaults of hell I 
may ever run to thy protection and may say to thee: Mary, help me; 
Mother of Perpetual Help, permit me not to lose my God.

Hail Mary, three times.

2. O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant me ever to be able to call 
upon thy powerful name, since thy name is the help of the living 
and the salvation of the dying. Ah, Mary most pure, Mary most 
sweet, grant that thy name from this day forth may be to me the 
very breath of life. Dear Lady, delay not to come to my assistance 
whenever I call upon thee; for in all the temptations that assail 
me, in all the necessities that befall me, I will never leave off 
calling upon thee, ever repeating: Mary, Mary. What comfort, what 
sweetness, what confidence, what tenderness fills my soul at the 
sound of thy name, at the very thought of thee! I give thanks to 
our Lord, who for my sake hath given thee a name so sweet, so 
lovable, so mighty. But I am not content merely to speak thy name; 
I would utter it for very love of thee; it is my desire that love 
should ever remind me to name thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.

Hail Mary, three times.

3. O Mother of Perpetual Help, thou art the dispenser of every 
grace that God grants us in our misery; it is for this cause that 
He hath made thee so powerful, so rich, so kind, that thou 
mightest assist us in our miseries. Thou art the advocate of the 
most wretched and abandoned sinners, if they but come unto thee; 
come once more to my assistance, for I commend myself to thee. In 
thy hands I place my eternal salvation; to thee I entrust my soul. 
Enroll me among thy most faithful servants; take me under thy 
protection and it is enough for me: yes, for if thou protect me, I 
shall fear nothing; not my sins, for thou wilt obtain for me their 
pardon and remission; not the evil spirits, for thou art mightier 
than all the powers of hell; not even Jesus, my Judge, for He is 
appeased by a single prayer from thee. I fear only that through my 
own negligence I may forget to recommend myself to thee and so I 
shall be lost. My dear Lady, obtain for me the forgiveness of my 
sins, love for Jesus, final perseverance and the grace to have 
recourse to thee at all times, O Mother of Perpetual Help.

Hail Mary, three times.


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6/27 Novena to St. Maria Goretti starts today!

St. Maria Goretti
July 6 Feast Day


Among mercy, forgiveness and love, St. Maria Goretti is also known for her intercession for purity and chastity. And, she is known as a patron of the youth and of rape victims.

Novena to St. Maria Goretti

Day 1: Purity

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of purity, you defended your virginity unto your death. Even at the age of 11, you held dear to your heart what is dear to our Lord’s heart: your purity. Pray for me that I may do the same, especially when I am tempted.
Please pray that God will give me the strength to avoid sin and say, “yes” to a life which will lead to eternity in Heaven with you and our Lord.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 2: Love

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of love, your love for God was so clear in how you cared for your family during such hardships and in how you loved your enemies — even while you were dying.
Even at the age of 11, you understood what it meant to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself. Pray for me, that I may be able to do the same.
Please pray that I will truly be able to serve my family joyfully, and others who need my help and love. And most of all, pray that our Lord will come first in my heart.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 3: Forgiveness

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of forgiveness, pray for me.
Even at the age of 11, you did not withhold forgiveness from your attacker. You didn’t wish him unwell. On the contrary, you wanted Heaven for him. You loved him in that way. Pray for me, that I, too, will be able to love my enemies like you did. Pray that I will want Heaven for them.
Please pray that it will become easier and easier to forgive those who have hurt me and those who will hurt me.
Please pray for my own healing from these past hurts so that I can move forward and offer forgiveness.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 4: Chastity

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of chastity, you guarded your virginity with such fervor. Even at the age of 11, you knew the value of the virtue of chastity.
Please pray that I will become better at practicing chastity in my own life.Pray that I will learn to live a life in which desire is subservient to reason. Please pray that I will be able to love as Jesus does: selflessly.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 5: Mercy

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of mercy, pray for me.
God’s mercy is the only hope for mankind. I know we are called to imitate our Father’s mercy to those around us, but it is hard, and I often fail.
But you, even at the age of 11, were strong and courageous enough to offer mercy to your attacker, the one who hurt you the very most.
Please pray that I will be able to do the same to those who hurt me. Please pray that I will not consider their unworthiness, but that I may consider our Lord, as you did.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 6: Living a Holy Life

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of living a holy, everyday life, pray for me.
I often feel as though my life must be extraordinary if I am to be a saint, but you show me another way. You show me that I can be a saint if I love our Lord with all my heart, and if I serve my family and put them before me.
Please pray that I may be selfless as you were, and that I can learn to deny my own desires so that I can fulfill our Lord’s will.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 7: The Suffering

O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of christian suffering, pray for me.
You carried your cross so courageously while you suffered through surgery without anesthesia. You thirsted and were not able to be given water, and you accepted that cross because you loved our Lord.
Pray for me, St. Maria Goretti, that I will become better at carrying my cross.
Pray that I will not complain about my cross, and that I will remember to offer it up to our Lord, for I know that He does not waste any ounce of suffering given to Him.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 8: The Youth

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of youth, please pray for the children in my life and the youth across the world.
Please pray that their faith may be as strong as yours was when you were 11 years old.
Pray that I may do what I can to support children in their faith, and to encourage them to love our Lord, to put Him first in their lives, and to follow His commandments.
Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


Day 9: For Victims

O St. Maria Goretti, patron of victims of rape, please pray for all those dignity has been attacked.
Pray for their healing, for comfort, and for peace for them.
Please pray that we, as a society, may be able to better protect those who are survivors of sexual assault.
And please pray for justice for their attackers, but most of all, for their contrition and conversion.
Also, please also pray for (mention your intentions here).




V1 – (Jesus):  “Daughter (Luisa), the iniquities that are committed are so many that the scale of My Justice is about to overflow. Know that I (Jesus) will pour heavy scourges upon men, especially a most fierce war in which I will make a slaughter of the human flesh. Ah! yes.” He continued, almost crying: “I gave bodies to men that they might be as many sanctuaries where I would go to delight in them; but they have turned them into sewers of rot, which emanate such stench as to force Me to stay far away from them. See what a recompense I (Jesus) receive for so much Love and for the so many Pains I have suffered for them. Who has ever been treated like Me? Ah! no one. But what is the cause? It is the excessive Love I have for them. Therefore, I will try with the chastisements.”

I felt My Heart split with pain; it seemed to me that the offenses they were giving Him were so many, that in order to escape, He wanted to hide within Me, almost to find a refuge. I also felt such pains because men were to be chastised, that it seems that I myself was to suffer – not them. Even more, it seemed to me that, if I could, it would have been more bearable for me to suffer all of those chastisements myself, rather than to see others suffer.

I tried to compassionate Him as much as I could, and with all My Heart I said to Him: ‘Oh! Holy Spouse, hold back the scourges which Your Justice has prepared. If the multiplicity of the iniquities of men is great, there is the Immense Sea of Your Blood in which You can bury them. In this way Your Justice will be satisfied. If You have no where to go to delight Yourself, come into me – I give You all My Heart, that You may somehow rest and delight with it. It is true that I too am a bilge of vices, but You can purify me and make of me what You want. But, O please!, placate Yourself. If the sacrifice of my life is necessary – oh! how gladly I would make it for You, as long as I may see Your own Images spared.’ And the Lord, interrupting me, continued: “Here is exactly where I (Jesus) wanted you (Luisa) – if you offer yourself to suffer, no longer every now and then as up until now, but continuously, every day, for a certain given time, I will spare men. See how I will do it: I (Jesus) will put you (Luisa) between My Justice and the iniquities of the creatures, and when My Justice sees itself full of iniquities to the point of not being able to contain them, and is forced to send the thunderbolts of the scourges in order to chastise the creatures, in finding you (Luisa) in the middle, instead of striking them, it will strike you. Only in this way will I be able to content you in sparing men – not otherwise.”


V2 – 2/28/99 – (Jesus):  “…It happens to her as to a person who has received a gift which he did not have. What does he do? He takes it and makes himself the owner of it; however, every time he looks at it, he says to himself: “This is mine, but it was given to me by so and so.” So also does the soul whom the Lord transforms in Himself, by unleashing a Particle of His Divine Being from Himself. Now, just as this soul abhors sin, she also feels compassion for others, and prays for those whom she sees walking on the path of the precipice. She unites herself with Jesus Christ, and offers herself as victim in order to placate Divine Justice, and to spare creatures the deserved chastisements. And if the sacrifice of her life were necessary – oh, how gladly she would make it for the salvation of one soul alone!


V2 – 3/10/99 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all embittered and afflicted, and He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), My Justice has grown too heavy, and the offenses I (Jesus) receive from men are so many that I can no longer sustain them. So, the scythe of death is about to harvest much – suddenly and by means of diseases. The chastisements I will pour upon the world are so many, that they will be a sort of judgment.” Who can say the so many chastisements He showed me, and how terrified and frightened I was left? The pain that my soul feels is so great, that I believe it is better to keep silent.

But I continue, because Obedience wants it so. I seemed to see streets filled with human flesh, and blood inundating the ground, and cities besieged by enemies who spared not even children. They seemed to be like many furies come out of hell; they respected neither churches nor priests. The Lord seemed to send a chastisement from Heaven – what it is I don’t know; it just seemed to me that we will all receive a mortal blow, and some will be victims of death, others will recover. I also seemed to see plants withered, and many other troubles which are to come over the harvests. Oh God, what pain to see these things, and to be forced to manifest them! Ah, Lord, placate Yourself! I hope that Your Blood and Your Wounds will be our remedy. Or rather, pour the chastisements upon this sinner, for I deserve them; or otherwise take me, and then You will be free to do whatever You want; but as long as I live, I will do everything I can to oppose it.


V2 – 3/18/99 – (Luisa):  This morning, my beloved Jesus continued to make Himself seen from within My Heart, and in seeing Him a little bit more cheered, I plucked up courage, and I began to pray that He would not send so many chastisements. And Jesus told me: “What moves you, O My daughter (Luisa), to pray Me not to chastise creatures?”

Immediately I answered: ‘Because they are Your Images, and if creatures should suffer, You Yourself would suffer.’ And Jesus, heaving a sigh, told me: “Charity is so dear to me, that you cannot comprehend it. Charity is simple, just like My Being which, though immense, is yet most simple; so much so that there is no place which It does not penetrate. So Charity is; being simple, It diffuses everywhere; It has regard for no one – whether a friend or an enemy, whether a citizen or a stranger, It loves all.”


V2 – 3/20/99 – (Jesus):  “…The reason why the world has reduced itself to such a sad state is that it has lost subordination to leaders; and since the first leader is God against whom they have rebelled, it happened as a consequence that they have lost any subjection to and dependence on the Church, the laws and all the others who are said to be leaders. Ah! My daughter (Luisa), what will happen to so many members infected by this bad example of the very ones who are said to be leaders – that is, superiors, parents, and many others? Ah! They will reach such a point that neither parents, nor brothers, nor kings, nor princes will be recognized any more. These members will be like many vipers that will poison one another. Therefore, see how necessary chastisements are in these times, and how necessary it is for death to almost destroy this sort of people, so that the few who will be left may learn at the expense of others to be humble and obedient. So, let Me do; do not want to oppose my chastising the people.”


V2 – 5/9/99 – (Luisa):  ‘My adorable Jesus, You don’t Love me any more.’ And He: “If I (Jesus) did not Love you (Luisa), I would not be so close to you.’ And I added: ‘How can You say that You Love me if You no longer let me suffer as before? I am afraid You don’t want me to be in this state any more – at least, free me also from the bother of the confessor.’

While I was saying this, it seemed that Jesus would not pay attention to my words, but rather, He made me see a multitude of people, who were committing every kind of evil. Indignant with them, Jesus would make different kinds of contagious diseases swoop down into their midst, and many would die black as charcoal. It seemed that Jesus would exterminate that multitude of people from the face of the earth. While seeing this, I prayed Jesus to pour His bitternesses into me, so as to spare the people, but He would not pay attention to me in this either; and replying to the words I had said before, He added: “The greatest chastisement I (Jesus) can give you (Luisa), the priest, and the people, is to free you from this state of suffering. My Justice would pour out in all of Its fury, because It would find no opposition. This is so true, that the worse evil for someone is to be given an office and then to be removed from it. It would be better for him had he not been admitted to that office, since, by abusing it and not profiting from it, he has rendered himself unworthy of it.”

Then, Jesus continued to come quite a few times today, but so afflicted as to move one to pity and to tears – maybe even the stones. I tried to console Him as much as I could; now I would embrace Him, now I would sustain His Head which was in great pain; now I would say to Him: ‘Heart of My Heart, Jesus, it has never been Your usual way to appear so afflicted to me. If other times You made Yourself seen afflicted, by pouring it into Me, You would immediately change appearance; but now I am being denied the opportunity to give You this relief. Who would have thought, after You have consented to pour and to share your sufferings with me for so long, and You Yourself did so much to dispose me, that now I would have to be deprived of it? Suffering for love of You was my only relief; it was suffering that made me bear my exile from Heaven. But now, being deprived of it, I feel I have no place on which to lean any more, and life becomes tedious to me. O please! O Holy Spouse, beloved Good, my dear Life, O please! – let the pains come back to me, give me suffering. Do not look at my unworthiness and at my grave sins, but at Your Mercy, which has not exhausted itself.’

While I was pouring myself out with Jesus, He drew closer to me and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), it is My Justice that wants to pour Itself out over the creatures. The number of sins in men is almost complete, and Justice wants to come out, to make pomp of Its fury, and to find reparation for the injustices of men. Look – to show you (Luisa) how embittered I AM and to content you a little bit, I want to pour only My Breath into you.” And so, drawing His Lips near mine, He sent me His breath, which was so bitter that I felt my mouth, My Heart and my whole person being intoxicated. If His mere breath was so bitter, what must be the rest of Jesus? He left me with such pain, that I felt My Heart pierced through.


V2 – 6/14/99 – (Luisa):  So, after prolonged suffering, Jesus came, carrying a cup in His Hand, full of coagulated blood, putrefied and stinking; and He told me: “Do you see this cup of blood? I will pour it over the world.”

While He was saying this, Mama came, the Most Holy Virgin, and my confessor together with Her. They prayed to Jesus that He would not pour it over the world, but have me drink it. The confessor said to Him: “Lord, why keep her as victim if You do not want to pour it over her? I absolutely want You to let her suffer and to spare the people.”

Mama was crying, and insisted with Jesus, and with the confessor, that he would not give up praying until Jesus would be content with accepting the exchange. Jesus insisted that He wanted to pour it over the whole world, and at first He almost seemed to frown. I saw myself all confused; I was unable to say anything, because the sight of that cup full of blood, so ugly, was so horrifying, as to cause my whole nature to tremble. What would it be to drink it? However, I was resigned – if the Lord would give it to me, I would accept it. Who can say, then, the chastisements contained in that blood, if the Lord would pour it over the world? It seems that from this very day He keeps the hail prepared which will cause great damage, and it seems that it must continue in the following days.


V2 – 6/16/99 – (Luisa):  He still continues to make Himself seen with the intention to chastise; I prayed Him to pour His bitternesses into me, and to spare the whole world, and if this were not possible, to spare at least those who belong to me, and my town. The intention of the confessor also seemed to unite to this intention. So, it seemed that, conquered by the prayers, Jesus poured a little bit from His Mouth, but not that cup mentioned above. That little bit He poured, He seemed to pour in order to somehow spare my town, though not completely, as well as those who belong to me.

However, this morning, I myself have been a cause of affliction for Jesus. Since after He had poured I saw Him more calm, without thinking I said to Him: “My lovable Jesus, I pray You to free me from the bother I cause to the confessor of having Him come every day. What would it cost You to free me Yourself, releasing me from that state of sufferings Yourself, just as You Yourself put me in it? Indeed it would cost You nothing, and if You want, You can do everything.’ But while I was saying this, Jesus’s Face turned so afflicted, that I felt that affliction penetrate deep into my inmost heart; and without telling me a word, He disappeared. How mortified I remained – the Lord alone knows, thinking, especially, that He might not come any more. However, after a little while He came back, but with greater affliction, with His Face all swollen and full of Blood from offenses He had just received. All sad, Jesus said: “Look at what they have done to Me – how can you say that you don’t want Me to chastise creatures? Chastisements are necessary in order to humiliate them, and not to let them grow bolder.”


V2 – 6/17/99 – (Luisa):  It continues always in the same way, but this morning especially, I have done nothing but argue with my dear Jesus: He wanted to keep sending the hail, as He did in these past days, and I did not want it. But then, in the middle of this, it seemed that a thunderstorm was getting ready, commanding the demons to destroy several places with the scourge of hail. At that very moment, I saw the confessor calling me from afar, giving me the Obedience to go and put the demons to flight, so that they might not do anything. As I went out to go there, Jesus came to meet me, making me draw back. I said to Him: ‘Blessed Lord, I can’t – it is Obedience that called me, and You know that You and I must surrender to this Virtue, without being able to oppose it.’

And Jesus: “Well then, I (Jesus) will do it for you (Luisa).” And so He commanded the demons to go to places farther away, and not to touch, for now, the lands belonging to our town. Then He said to me: “Let us go.” So we came back – I into my bed, and Jesus beside me. As we arrived, Jesus wanted to rest, saying that He was very tired. I stopped Him, saying to Him: “What is this sleep that You want to have now? And then, a beautiful Obedience You had me do! – You want to sleep. Is this the Love You have for me, and the way You want to content me in everything? Do You want to sleep? Sleep then, as long as You give me your word that You won’t do anything.’

Being sorry for my discontent, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), yet, I (Jesus) would like to content you. Let us do it this way: let us go out together again, in the midst of people, and let us see who are those who need to be punished because of their wicked actions – who knows whether, at least under the scourge, they might surrender. And then, those whom you want, those who need less to be punished, and whom you don’t want to be punished, I will spare.”

And I: ‘Lord, I give You thanks for Your highest Goodness in wanting to content me, but in spite of this I cannot do what You are telling me; I do not feel the strength to put my will in chastising any of Your creatures. What would be the torment of my poor heart in hearing that that person or that other has been chastised, and I have put my will in it. May it never be – may it never be, O Lord.’ Then, the confessor came to call me into myself, and so it ended.


V2 – 8/1/199 – (Luisa):  This morning my most gentle Jesus, carrying me outside of myself, made me see the corruption into which mankind has decayed. It is horrifying to think about it! While I was in the midst of these people, almost crying, Jesus was saying: “Oh, man, how you have disfigured, deformed, disennobled yourself! Oh, man, I (Jesus) made you so that you might be My living temple, but you have made of yourself the dwelling of the devil. Look, even the plants, by being covered with leaves, flowers and fruits, teach you honesty and the modesty you must have with your body; but you, having lost any modesty and even the natural reserve you should have, have become worse than the animals, so much so, that I (Jesus) have nothing else to which to compare you. You were My Image, but now I no longer recognize you; even more, I AM so horrified at your impurities, that the mere sight of you nauseates Me, and you yourself force Me to flee from you.”

While Jesus was saying this, I felt tortured with the pain of seeing my beloved Jesus so embittered, so I said to Him: ‘Lord, You are right that You find nothing good in man any more, and that he has reached such blindness as to no longer be able even to keep to the laws of nature. So, if You want to look at man, You will do nothing but send chastisements; therefore I pray You to keep Your Gaze on Your Mercy, and in this way everything will be remedied.’ As I was saying this, Jesus told me: “Daughter (Luisa), give Me a refreshment for My Pains.” In the act of saying this, He removed the Crown of Thorns, which seemed to be sunken into His adorable Head, and He drove it into mine. I felt most bitter pains, but I was content that Jesus was being refreshed. After this, He told me: “Daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) greatly Love pure souls, and just as I AM forced to flee from the impure, I AM drawn by the pure, as by a magnet, to dwell with them. To pure souls I gladly lend My Mouth to let them speak with My own Tongue, therefore they have to make no effort to convert souls. With these souls, I (Jesus) delight not only in continuing My Passion within them, and so continuing Redemption, but what is more, I greatly delight in glorifying My own Virtues in them.”


V2 – 8/2/99 – (Luisa):  This morning my adorable Jesus made Himself seen all afflicted and almost angry with men, threatening to send the usual chastisements and to make people die suddenly under lightnings, hail and fire. I prayed Him very much to placate Himself, and Jesus told me: “The iniquities that rise from the earth to Heaven are so many, that if prayer and souls who are victims before Me were missing for a quarter of an hour, I (Jesus) would make fire come out of the earth and inundate the people.”

Then He added: “See how many Graces I was supposed to pour over the creatures, but since I find no correspondence, I AM forced to hold them back within Myself; even more, they make Me change them into chastisement. Be careful, you, O My daughter (Luisa), to correspond to Me in the so many Graces I AM pouring into you, because correspondence is the open door to let Me enter into the heart and form My Residence in it. Correspondence is like that good welcome, that esteem, which is used with people when they come to visit us, in such a way that, drawn by that respect, by those affable manners used with them, they are forced to come again, and reach the point of not being able to detach themselves. Everything is in corresponding to Me, and according to how souls correspond to Me and treat Me on earth, so will I (Jesus) behave with them in Heaven. Making them find the doors open, I will invite the whole Celestial Court to welcome them, and I will place them on the most sublime throne; but it will be all the opposite for those who do not correspond to Me.”


V2 – 8/13/99 – (Luisa):  He continued to make Himself seen this morning, for just a little, always threatening to send chastisements; and as I would go about praying Him to placate Himself, He would escape me like a flash. The last time He came, He made Himself seen crucified. I placed myself near Him to kiss His most Holy Wounds, doing various adorations, but while I was doing this, instead of Jesus Christ I saw my own Image. I was surprised, and I said: ‘Lord, what am I doing? Am I doing the adorations to myself? This cannot be done.’

At that very instant He changed into the person of Jesus Christ, and He told me: “Do not be surprised that I (Jesus) have assumed your own Image. If I suffer in you (Lusia) continuously, what is the wonder that I have assumed your very shape? Besides, is it not to make of you an Image of Myself that I make you suffer?” I remained all confused, and Jesus disappeared. May everything be for His Glory, and may His Holy Name be always blessed.


V2 – 8/30/99 – (Luisa):  This morning my beloved Jesus transported me outside of myself, and made me see the decadence of religion in men and a preparation for war. I said to Him: ‘O Lord, in what a heart-rending state the world finds itself in these times, in the things of religion. It seems that she who ennobles man and makes him aspire to an Eternal Purpose is no longer recognized by the world. But that which makes one cry the most, is that religion is ignored by some of the very ones who call themselves religious, who should lay down their lives to defend her and revive her.’

And Jesus, assuming a most afflicted look, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), this is why man lives like a beast – he has lost religion. But even sadder times will come for man, because of the blindness in which he has immersed himself, so much so that My Heart aches in seeing him. But the blood which I (Jesus) will cause to be shed by every kind of people – secular and religious – will revive this holy religion, and will water the rest of the people, grown wild, that will be left; and by civilizing them once again, it will restore their nobility. Here is the necessity for blood to be shed and for churches themselves to be almost destroyed – so that they may be restored anew and exist with their original prestige and splendor.” But who can say the cruel torment they will make for them in the times to come? I let it pass in silence because I don’t remember very well, and I don’t see it very clearly. If the Lord wants me to talk about it, He will give me more clarity, and then I will take the pen again on this topic. So, for now I stop here.


V2 – 10/7/99 – (Luisa):  ‘Lord, if You want to lay hands to chastisements, I want to come – I no longer want to be on this earth. How will My Heart be able to resist in seeing your creatures suffer?’ And Jesus, assuming a benign appearance, told me: “If you (Luisa) come, where shall I (Jesus) dwell on this earth? For now let us think about being together down here, for we will have much time to be in Heaven – the whole of Eternity. And then, too soon have you (Lusia) forgotten your office of acting as My mother on earth. So, while I (Jesus) chastise the people, I will come to take refuge and to dwell with you.”

And I: ‘Ah, Lord, what is the purpose of my state of victim for so many years? What Good has come to the peoples, while You said that You wanted me victim so as to spare people? And now You show how these chastisements, instead of happening many years ago, are happening later – nothing more and nothing less than this.’ And He: “My daughter (Luisa), don’t say this, I (Jesus) have been forbearing for Love of you, and the Good that came from this has been that while terrible chastisements were to rage for a very long time, they will be shorter. Is this not a Good – that instead of being under the weight of a chastisement for many years, one remains under it only for a few? Moreover, during the course of these past years, with wars and sudden deaths, they should not have had the time to convert, but they did and were saved – is this not a great Good? My beloved (Lusia), for now it is not necessary to make you understand the purpose of your state for yourself and for the peoples, but I (Jesus) will show it to you when you come to Heaven, and on the Day of Judgment I will show it to all nations. Therefore, do not speak like this any more.”


V2 – 10/14/99 – (Luisa):  And I, terrified more than ever for having to surrender to Justice, said to Him: ‘Ah, Lord, how can I do this? Ah, it seems impossible to me! The mere thought that You have to chastise people I cannot tolerate, because they are Your Images. Were they at least creatures that did not belong to You… Yet, this is nothing; but what tortures me the most is having to see You – I would almost say – being struck by Yourself, slapped, scourged and grieved by Yourself, because the chastisements will pour upon your own members – not upon others, and therefore You Yourself will suffer. Tell me, my sole and only Good, how will My Heart be able to bear seeing You suffer, struck by Your very Self? If creatures make You suffer, they are always creatures and it is more tolerable, but this is so hard that I cannot swallow it. Therefore, I cannot conform to You, nor can I surrender.’

And He, moved to pity and all touched by my words, assuming an afflicted and benign appearance, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), you are right that I (Jesus) will be struck in My own members, so much so, that in hearing you speak, I feel all My Interior moved to Compassion and Mercy, and I feel My Heart split with tenderness. But, believe Me, the chastisements are necessary, and if you (Luisa) do not want to see Me struck a little bit now, you will see Me struck more terribly later, because they will offend Me more. Would this not grieve you more? Therefore, conform to Me, otherwise you will force Me not to tell you anything any more so as not to see you grieved. And with this, you would deny Me the relief I (Jesus) receive in conversing with you (Luisa). Ah, yes, you would reduce Me to silence, with no one with whom to pour My Pains out!”


V2 – 10/16/99 – (Luisa):  This morning my sweet Jesus was not coming. I had not seen Him since last night, when He showed Himself with an appearance that moved one to pity and struck fear at the same time. He wanted to hide so as not to see the chastisements which He Himself was sending over the people and the way in which He was to destroy them. Oh, God, what a harrowing sight, never before seen! While waiting and waiting, in my interior I kept saying: ‘How is it that He is not coming? Who knows whether He does not come because I do not conform to His Justice? But how can I do this? It seems almost impossible for me to say “Fiat Voluntas Tua”.’ Then, again, I kept saying: ‘He is not coming because the confessor is not sending Him to me.’ Now, while I was thinking of this, I just barely saw Him, almost a shadow, and He told me: “Do not fear, the authority of priests is limited. According to the measure in which they are willing to pray Me to come to you (Luisa), and to offer you (Luisa) as victim to make you suffer so that I (Jesus) may spare the people, so will I heal them and spare them in the act in which I send the chastisements. If then they don’t give it a thought, neither will I (Jesus) have any regard for them.” Having said this, He disappeared, leaving me in a sea of affliction and of tears.


V2 – 10/21/99 – (Jesus): “Do you know how the senses of creatures have become? Like the screams of fierce animals, which drive men away with their roars, not allowing them to draw near. The rot and the multiplicity of sins is such that it spurts from their senses, which force me to flee.” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, how indignant I see You! If You want to continue sending chastisements, I want to come; otherwise, I want to go out of this state. Why remain in it, since I can no longer offer myself as victim to spare the people?’ And He, addressing me with seriousness, so much so that I felt terrified, told me: “You want to touch the two extremes – either you want Me to do nothing, or you want to come. Are you not content with the fact that people are spared in part? Do you think that Corato is the best, and the least in offending Me? Is the fact that I (Jesus) spared it compared to other towns, something trivial? So, content yourself and calm yourself, and while I occupy Myself with chastising the people, you (Luisa) – accompany Me with your sighs and with your sufferings, praying that the very chastisements may turn out for the conversion of the peoples.”


V2 0 10/24/99 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), man is a product of the Divine Being, and since Our Food is Love, always reciprocal, alike and constant among the Three Divine Persons, since he came out of Our Hands and from pure and disinterested Love, he is like a particle of Our Food. Now, this particle has become bitter for Us; not only this, but the majority of them, by moving away from Us, have made themselves pasture for the infernal flames and food for the implacable hatred of demons, Our capital enemies and theirs. This is the main cause of Our sorrow in the loss of souls: they are Ours – they are something that belongs to Us. Likewise, the cause that pushes Me to chastise them is the great Love that I (Jesus) have for them, so as to place their souls in safety.”

And I: ‘Ah, Lord, it seems that this time You have no other words to say but about chastisements! Your power has other means to save these souls. And then, if I were certain that all the pain would fall upon them and You would remain free, without suffering in them, I would resign myself; but I see that You are already suffering very much from those chastisements You have sent. What will happen if you continue sending more chastisements?’

And Jesus: “Even though I suffer, love pushes Me to send heavier scourges, and this, because in order to make man enter himself and recognize what his being is, there is no means more powerful than making him see himself undone. It seems that the other means make him grow bolder; therefore, conform to My Justice. I see well that the love you (Luisa) have for Me pushes you very much not to conform to Me, and you don’t have the heart to see Me suffer, but My Mother too Loved Me more than all creatures – no one can equal Her; and yet, in order to save these souls She conformed to Justice and She resigned Herself to see Me suffer so much. If My Mother did this, could you not do it yourself?” And as Jesus was speaking, I felt my will being drawn so much to His, that I was almost unable any more to withstand not conforming to His Justice. I did not know what to say, so much was I convinced; however, I have not yet manifested my will. Jesus disappeared, and I remained in this doubt, whether I must conform or not.


V2 – 10/30/99 – (Luisa):  This morning my benign Jesus came all afflicted, and the first words He spoke to me were: “Poor Rome, how you will be destroyed! In looking at you, I (Jesus) cry over you!” And He was saying this with such tenderness as to arouse compassion. But I could not understand whether it was only about the people, or also the buildings.

Since I had the Obedience not to conform to Justice, but to pray, I said to Him: ‘My beloved Jesus, when it is about chastisements, one must no longer argue, but only pray.’ And so I began to pray, to kiss His Wounds, and to make acts of reparation. And while I was doing this, every now and then He would say to me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not use violence on Me. By doing this, you want to use violence on Me by force; therefore, calm yourself.”

And I: ‘Lord, it is Obedience that wants it so – it is not I that do this.’ He added: “The river of iniquities is so great as to reach the point of preventing the redemption of souls, and prayer alone, and these Wounds of Mine, can prevent this raging river from absorbing them all into itself.”


V3 – 11/11/99 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and it seemed I was going around the earth.  Oh, how inundated it was with all sorts of iniquities!  It is horrifying to think about it!  Now, while going around, I arrived some place and I found a priest of holy life, and in another place a virgin of blameless and holy life.  We gathered, the three of us together, and we began to converse about the many chastisements that the Lord is sending, and about the many others that He keeps prepared.  I said to them:  ‘And you, what do you do?  Have you perhaps conformed to Divine Justice?’  And they:  “Seeing the strict necessity of these times, and that man would not surrender even if an apostle came out, or if the Lord sent another St. Vincent Ferrer who might induce him to conversion with miracles and prodigious signs; on the contrary, seeing that man has reached such obstinacy and a sort of insanity that the very Power of miracles would render him more incredulous – invested by this most strict necessity, for the Good of men, in order to arrest this rotten sea that inundates the face of the earth, and for the Glory of our God, so offended, we have conformed to Justice.  But we are praying and offering ourselves as victims, so that these chastisements may turn out for the conversion of the peoples.  And you, what do you do?  Have you not conformed with us?”

And I:  ‘Ah, no! I cannot, because Obedience does not want it, even though Jesus wants me to conform; but since Obedience does not want it, it must prevail over everything, and I am forced to be always in contrast with Blessed Jesus, which afflicts me very much.’  And they:  “When it is Obedience, surely one must not adhere.”

After this, finding myself inside myself, I saw dearest Jesus for just a little, and I wanted to know where that priest and that virgin were from, and He told me that they were from Peru.


V3 – 11/12/99 – (Luisa):  This morning my lovable Jesus came and transported me outside of myself, and I saw as if something was supposed to move from the heavens and touch the earth.  I was so frightened that I screamed, and I said to Him:  ‘O please, O please, Lord, what are You doing?  How much ruin will come if this happens!  You tell me that You Love me, and then you want me to be frightened.  You have seen it, haven’t You?  Don’t do it, no, no!  You cannot do it for I do not want it.’  And Jesus, all compassion for me, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not fear.  And then, when have you ever wanted Me to do anything?  I should not let you see anything when I chastise the people, otherwise you bind Me everywhere.  Well then, I will fortify your heart with fortitude, and I will make as though a trunk arise from it, so as to hold whatever you see still; and then I (Jesus) will pour so many Graces in you (Luisa) as to be able to nourish Myself and My children.”

At that moment, something like a trunk came out of My Heart, with two branches at the top in the shape of a fork which, rising up in the air, would catch in between them, anything that was about to move so that it would keep still in one single point; and far away it seemed to touch the earth.  Afterwards, I found myself inside myself, and I prayed Him to placate Himself; and it seemed that He would quite surrender, so much so, that He shared with me the Pains of the Cross.  Then He disappeared.


V3 – 11/13/99 – (Luisa):  This morning my adorable Jesus seemed to be restless; He would do nothing but come and go.  Now He would spend time with me, and now, almost drawn by His most ardent Love for creatures, He would go to see what they were doing, and with His whole Self He would suffer with them, from that which they were suffering, as if He Himself, and not they, were taken by those sufferings.  Several times I saw the confessor forcing Jesus by means of his priestly authority to make me suffer His Pains so as to be able to placate Him; and while it seemed that He did not want to be placated, He would then show Himself grateful, thanking wholeheartedly, the one who was occupying himself with holding back His indignant Arm, and so He would share with me now one suffering, now another.  Oh, how tender and moving it was to see Him in this state!  He would make one’s heart split with compassion.  Quite a few times He told me:  “Conform to My Justice, for I can take no more.  Ah, man is too ungrateful, and he almost forces Me from all sides to chastise him.  He himself snatches the chastisements from my hands.  If you knew how much I suffer in making use of My Justice…, but it is man himself that uses violence on Me.  Ah, had I (Jesus) not done anything other than purchase his freedom at the price of My Blood, he would still have to be grateful to Me; but out of greater spite, he keeps inventing new ways to render My payment useless.”

While saying this, He was crying bitterly, and to console Him, I said to Him:  ‘My sweet Good, do not afflict Yourself; I see that your affliction is mostly because You feel forced to chastise the people.  Ah, no, this will never be!  If You are all for me, I want to be all for You; therefore, You will send the chastisements upon me – here is the victim, always ready and at Your disposal; You can make me suffer whatever You want, and so Your Justice will be somehow placated, and You will be relieved from the affliction You feel in seeing creatures suffer.  My intention has always been this – not to conform to Justice, because if man suffers, You would suffer more than he does.’  While I was saying this, our Queen Mama came, and I remembered that as I had asked the confessor for the Obedience to conform to Justice, he had told me to ask the Most Holy Virgin, whether She wanted me to conform.  So I asked Her, and She said to me:  “No, no, but pray, My daughter (Luisa), and in these days try as much as you can to keep Him with You and to placate Him, because many chastisements have been prepared.”


V3 – 3/7/00 – (Jesus): “This morning I feel very embittered, and I feel the full necessity to lay hand to chastisements to free Myself of this load.”  And I, immediately:  ‘My dear, it is nothing, we will remedy it quickly; You will pour your bitternesses into me and so You will be relieved of this load, isn’t it true?’  And He, condescending to my words, poured His bitternesses into me.  Then, afterwards, clasping all of me to Himself, as if He had freed Himself of a heavy weight, He added:  “The soul who is conformed to My Will knows how to infiltrate herself so much into My Power as to reach the point of binding Me completely, and to her liking she disarms Me as she wants.  Ah, you (Luisa), you – how many times you bind Me!”  And while saying this, He assumed His usual sweet and benign Appearance.


V3 – 3/15/00 – (Luisa):  Now, while I was raving and crying, Jesus showed now one Hand, now one Arm.  Then I saw the confessor giving me the Obedience to suffer the crucifixion, and Jesus, as though forced by Obedience, made Himself seen, and immediately I said to Him:  ‘Why were You not letting Yourself be seen?’  And He, showing a serious appearance, said:  “It is nothing, it is nothing… It is that I (Jesus) want to chastise the earth, and if I AM in good relations even with one creature, I feel disarmed and I have no strength to lay hand to the chastisements, because when I (Jesus) make Myself seen, if you (Luisa) see that I have to send chastisements, you begin to say:  ‘Pour them into me – make me suffer’; and I (Jesus) feel conquered by you (Lusia),  so I never lay hand to the chastisements, and men do nothing but grow bolder.”

Now, as the confessor continued to repeat the Obedience of making me suffer the crucifixion, Jesus showed Himself slow in letting me do this Obedience, not like the other times in which He immediately wanted me to submit myself.  He said to me:  “And you (Luisa), what do you want to do?”  And I:  ‘Lord, whatever You want.’  So, turning to the confessor with a serious aspect, He said to him:  “You too want to bind Me by giving her this Obedience to suffer?”  And while saying this, He began to share the Pains of the Cross with me.  Then, showing Himself appeased, He poured His bitternesses, and then He added:  “Where is the confessor?”  And I:  ‘Lord, I don’t know where he went; indeed I don’t see him with us any more.’  And He:  “I want Him, because just as he refreshed Me, I want to refresh him.”


V3 – 3/20/00 – (Luisa):  Having received Communion, I saw my sweet Jesus inviting me to go out with Him, on the condition, however, that if I was to go with Him, wherever I would see that Jesus was forced to send chastisements because of sins, I should not oppose Him so that He would not send them.  With this condition we went out, going round the earth.  At first I began to see areas, not too far from us, which were all withered, especially at certain points; so, turning to Him I said:  ‘Lord, how can these poor people go on if they lack the food to nourish themselves?  O please! You can do anything – just as You made it wither, make it become green again.’  And since He had the Crown of Thorns, I stretched out my hand, telling Him:  ‘My Good, what have these people done to You?  Did they perhaps put this Crown of Thorns on You?  Well then, give it to me, so You will be placated, and will give them food so as not to let them perish.”  And removing it from Him, I pressed it onto my head.

While I was doing this, Jesus told me:  “It shows that I (Jesus) cannot take you (Luisa) with Me, because taking you and being unable to do anything is the same.”  And I:  ‘Lord, I have not done anything; forgive me if You know that I have done evil, but, O please! take me with You!’  And He:  “Your way of acting binds Me everywhere.”  And I:  ‘I am not the one who does this, it is You Yourself who make me operate in this way, because in being with You, I see that all things are Yours, and if I did not care about Your Things, it seems to me that I would not care about You Yourself.  Therefore, You must forgive me if I act in this way, because I do it for love of You, and You must not drive me away because of this.’

So we continued to go around.  I did as much as I could not to tell Him anything at certain points so that He would not chastise, in order not to give Him any occasion to make me withdraw and lose His lovable presence.  But where I could not, I would begin to oppose Him.  We arrived at some place in Italy where they were making a plot which was to cause a great disorder, but I did not understand what it was, because as I began to say, ‘Lord, do not allow this – poor people! How shall they go on?’ – seeing that I insisted and wanted to prevent Him, Jesus told me with authority:  “Withdraw! Withdraw!”  And removing a belt of nails and pins which He wore, sunken inside His flesh, and which made Him suffer very much, He added:  “Withdraw and take this belt with you (Luisa), for you will give Me great relief.”  And I:  ‘Yes, I will put it on myself in your place, but let me be with You.’  And He:  “No – withdraw!”  And He said this with such authority that, unable to resist, in one instant I found myself inside myself, and I was unable to understand what that plot was about.


V3 – 5/29/00 – (Luisa):  Continuing in the same state, I felt all oppressed and I had all the need of a support to be able to bear the privation of my highest Good.  Having compassion for me, Blessed Jesus showed His Face from within My Heart for a few minutes, but not with clarity; and letting me hear His most gentle voice, He told me:  “Courage, My daughter (Luisa), just a little longer; let Me finish chastising, for afterwards I (Jesus) will come as before.”  While He was saying this, in my mind I said:  ‘What are the chastisements that You have begun to send?’  And He added:  “The continuous rain that is pouring is more than hail, and it will cause sad consequences for the people.”

Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself outside of myself, inside a garden.  From there one could see crops withered in the vineyards, and within myself I kept saying:  “Poor people, poor people, how shall they go on?’  While I was saying this, a little boy appeared in that garden, crying and screaming so loud as to deafen Heaven and earth, but no one had compassion for him; even though everyone could hear him crying so much, they would not bother with him and they would leave him abandoned and alone.  A thought flashed within me:  ‘Who knows whether He is Jesus!’  But I was not sure about it.  So, drawing near Him, I said:  ‘What is it, that You are crying, dear child?  Do You want to come with me, since they all left You prey to tears and to sorrow, which oppresses You so much as to make You scream so loud?’  But – nothing!  Who could calm Him down?  He just barely answered with His Sobs that, yes, He wanted to come.  So I took Him by the hand to bring Him with me, and in the very act I was doing this I found myself inside myself.


V3 – 6/6/00 – (Luisa):  Since my adorable Jesus continued not to let Himself be seen with clarity, this morning, after I received Communion, the confessor placed the intention of the crucifixion.  While I was amid those sufferings, almost drawn by my pains, Blessed Jesus showed Himself with clarity.  Oh God! Who can say the Pains that Jesus was suffering and the violent state He was in – that while He was forced to send chastisements, He did such violence to Himself, for He did not want to send them!  It aroused such compassion to see Him in this state, that if men could see Him, even if their hearts were hard as diamonds, they would break with tenderness like fragile glass.  So I began to pray Him to placate Himself and to be content with making me suffer, sparing the people.  Then I added:  ‘Lord, if You do not want to listen to my prayers, I know I deserve that.  If You do not want to have compassion for the peoples, You are right, because great are our iniquities.  But I ask You, for pity’s sake, to have compassion for Yourself – have pity on the violence You do to Yourself in punishing Your Images.  Ah, yes! I ask You, for Love of Yourself, not to send chastisements to the point of taking bread away from Your children and letting them perish.  Ah, no! It is not in the nature of Your Heart to operate in this way; and this is the reason for the violence You feel, which would give You death if it had the power to.’

And He, all afflicted, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), it is Justice that makes violence on Me, and the Love I (Jesus) have for men uses even greater violence on Me, such as to put My Heart into anguishes of death in punishing the creatures.”  And I:  ‘Therefore, Lord, unload Justice upon me, and Your Love will no longer feel violence from Justice, and will not be in this contrast of chastising the people, who, truly…- how will they go on if You act as You let me understand, withering all that serves as nourishment of man?  O please! I beg You, let me suffer and spare them, if not completely, at least in part.’

And Jesus, as though seeing Himself forced by my prayers, drew near my mouth and poured a little bit of bitterness from His – dense and disgusting, such that, as soon as I swallowed it, it caused me such and so many kinds of pains that I felt I was dying.  Then Blessed Jesus, sustaining me in those pains otherwise I would have been dead (yet, He had poured nothing but a little bit; what must it be for His adorable Heart that contained so much of it?), heaved a sigh as if He had relieved Himself of a weight, and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Justice had decided to destroy everything, but now, unloading Itself a little bit over you, for Love of you (Luisa), concedes one third of what serves as nourishment of man.”  And I:  ‘Ah, Lord, it is too little – at least half!’  And He:  “No My daughter (Luisa), content yourself.”  And I:  ‘No Lord, if You do not want to content me for everyone, at least content me for Corato and for those who belong to me.’  And Jesus:  “Today there is hail ready, which must cause great damage.  You – remain with the pains of the cross; go out of yourself and in the form of the crucified go through the air and put to flight the demons from above Corato, since they will not be able to resist the Crucified Image, and will go somewhere else.”

So I went out of myself, Crucified, and I saw hail and lightnings which were about to break out over Corato.  Who can say the fright of the demons; how they took to their heels at the sight of my Crucified form; how they bit their fingers out of rage, and reached the point of getting angry with the confessor, who this morning had given me the Obedience of suffering the Crucifixion.  In fact, they could not get angry with me; on the contrary, they were forced to flee from me because of the sign of Redemption which they saw.  Then, after putting them to flight, I went back into myself, finding myself with a good dose of sufferings.  May everything be for the Glory of God.


V3 – 6/10/00 – (Luisa):  It seems to me that my adorable Jesus continues to halve Justice by pouring a little bit upon me, and the rest upon people.  This morning especially, when I found myself with Jesus, my soul was tormented in seeing the torture of His most sweet Heart in chastising the creatures.  The state of suffering Jesus was in, was such that He did nothing but let out continuous moans.  He had a thick Crown of Thorns on His Head, all sunken into His Flesh, to the point that His Head seemed a block of thorns.  So, to relieve Him a little bit I said to Him:  ‘Tell me, my Good, what is it – that You are suffering so much?  Allow me to remove these thorns that torment You not a little!’  But Jesus did not answer me; even more, He did not even listen to what I was saying.  So I began to remove those thorns, one by one, and then I placed them on my head.  Now, while I was doing this, I saw that somewhere far away there was to be an earthquake, which would make a slaughter of people.  Then Jesus disappeared from me and I returned inside myself, but with greatest affliction, thinking of the suffering state of Jesus and of the tragedies of miserable humanity.


V3 – 6/12/00 – (Luisa):  This morning, as my lovable Jesus came, I began to say:  ‘Lord, what are You doing?  It seems You are going too far with Justice.’  And while I wanted to continue speaking in order to excuse the human miseries, Jesus imposed silence on me, saying:  “Be quiet, if you (Luisa) want Me to remain with you; come to kiss Me and greet Me in all My suffering Members with your usual adorations.”  So I began from His Head, and then, little by little, the other Members.  Oh, how many deep Wounds that Sacrosanct Body contained! – It struck horror at the mere sight.  Then, as soon as I finished, He disappeared, leaving me with very little suffering and with a fear:  who knows how He will pour upon the people, since He did not deign to pour His bitternesses upon me!

After a little while, the confessor came and I told him what I have said above, and he said to me:  “Today, out of absolute Obedience, when you do your meditation you must pray Him to let you suffer the crucifixion and to cease to send scourges.”  So, when I did my meditation, I prayed Him according to the Obedience received.  He just barely made Himself seen, but without paying attention to me; on the contrary, He made Himself seen, now giving His back to the people, now sleeping so as not to be importuned by me, and even if I felt I was dying, He did not care about letting me do the Obedience.  So I plucked up courage, and placing all my trust in holy Obedience, I took Him by one Arm, and shaking Him in order to wake Him up, I said to Him:  ‘Lord, what are You doing?  Is this the Love You have for Your so favorite Virtue of Obedience?  Are these the praises You have given it so many times?  Are these the honors You have lavished on it, to the point of saying that You feel moved and cannot resist the Virtue of Obedience and You feel subjugated by the soul who gives herself to this Virtue, that now it seems You do not care about letting me obey?’  While I was saying this and other things – I would be too long if I wanted to write them – Blessed Jesus stirred Himself, and as though struck by a most acute pain, He burst into tears and, sobbing, said:  “I (Jesus) too do not want to send scourges, but it is Justice that compels Me almost by force.  But you (Luisa), with this speaking, want to cut Me to the quick and touch a key too delicate for Me and greatly loved by Me, so much so, that I wanted no other honor or title but that of Obedient.  So now, to show you that it is not that I do not care about letting you obey, in spite of the fact that My Justice forces Me not to do it, I will share with you (Luisa), in part, the Pains of the Cross.”  While doing this, He disappeared, leaving me content for He let me obey, and with a sorrow in my soul, as though I had been the cause of the Lord’s crying with my suffering.  Ah, Lord, I beg You to forgive me.


V3 – 6/20/00 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), My daughter (Luisa), do not add more torment to My Heart which is embittered to the summit, finding Itself in a continuous fight because of the violences that everyone does to me continuously.  The iniquities of men do violence to Me, as they draw Justice upon themselves and force Me to chastise them; and Justice, clashing in a continuous fight with the Love I (Jesus) have for men, tortures My Heart in such a painful way as to make Me die continuously!  You (Luisa) do violence to Me, because when I come, knowing the chastisements that I AM sending, you do not remain quiet – no, but you force Me, you do violence to Me, and do not want Me to chastise; and knowing that you (Luisa) cannot do otherwise in My Presence, so as not to expose My Heart to a yet fiercer fight, I (Jesus) abstain from coming.  Therefore, do not want to force Me to come for now; let Me give vent to My Fury, and do not want to increase My Pains with your speaking.


V3 – 6/24/00 – (Luisa):  ‘My sole and only Good, from your moans I perceive the too painful state You are in.  This happens because You want to suffer alone and do not want to let me share in Your Pains; even more, so as not to have me in Your company You made me fall asleep and You left me without letting me understand anything any more.  I understand where all this comes from:  it is so that You may be more free in chastising.  But, O please! – have compassion on me, for I am blind without You; and on Yourself, for it is always good in all circumstances to have someone who would keep You company, relieve You, and somehow break Your Fury.  In fact, now You are determined and You send chastisements, but when You see Your Images perish from misery, You will let out more moans than now, and maybe You will say to me:  “Ah, if you had tried harder to placate Me, if you had taken the pains of creatures upon yourself, I would not see My own Members so tormented!”  Isn’t it true, my most patient Jesus?  O please, relieve Yourself a little bit, and let me suffer in Your place!’

While I was saying this, He moaned continuously, almost in the act of wanting to be compassionated and relieved; but He wanted this relief to be snatched almost by force.  So, after my importunity, He stretched out His nailed Hands and Feet in my interior and shared a little bit of His Pains with me.  After this, giving a little respite to His Moans, He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), it is these sad times that force Me to this, because men have grown so bold and proud, that everyone thinks he is the god of himself; and if I do not lay hand to scourges, I (Jesus) would do harm to their souls, because the cross alone is the nourishment of humility.  So, if I did not do it, I Myself would cause them to lack the means to be humiliated and to surrender from their strange madness, even though the majority of them offends Me more.  But I do this like a father who breaks the bread for all to be nourished – a bread which some of his children do not want to take; even more, they use it to throw it in their father’s face.  What has the poor father done wrong?  So I AM.  Therefore, compassionate Me in My afflictions.”


V3 – 6/27/00 – (Luisa):  While He was saying this, I could see the terrible chastisement of plants withered, and how it must advance further.  I could only say:  ‘Ah, Lord, how will the poor people go on?’  And He, so as not to listen to me, escaped me like a flash and disappeared.  Who can say the bitterness of my soul in finding myself inside myself, not having been able to speak to Him even one word for myself and for my neighbor; and for my tendency to sleep with which I was again left?


V3 – 6/28/00 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), how many masks will be unmasked in these times of chastisements!  In fact, these present chastisements are nothing but the predisposition for all the chastisements which I (Jesus) manifested to you (Luisa) during the course of last year.”

As He was saying this, in my interior I said:  ‘If the Lord continues to behave the way He is behaving – that since He wants to send chastisements He does not come, He does not share His Pains with me and treats me with unusual manners – who would be able to endure?  Who will give me the strength to remain in this state?’  And Jesus, answering my thought, added in act of compassion:  “And so, do you want Me to suspend your state of victim for a little while, and to resume it later?”  As He said this, I felt such confusion and bitterness (for it seemed to me as if, with that proposal, the Lord was driving me away from Himself) that I was unable to say either yes or no – also in order to hear what Obedience decides.  So, without waiting for my word, He disappeared from me, leaving me as though a nail was stuck into in my heart, thinking that Jesus was rejecting me.  The pain was so great that I did nothing but shed bitter tears.


V3 – 7/2/00 – (Luisa):  I continue to be embittered and afflicted, as though dazed.  This morning He did not come at all.  The confessor came and placed the intention of the crucifixion.  At first Blessed Jesus did not concur, but then, after I prayed Him to deign to let me obey, He just barely made Himself seen and told me:  “What do you want?  Why do want to do violence to Me by force when it is necessary to chastise the peoples?”  And I:  ‘Lord, it is not I, it is Obedience that wants it so.’  And He:  “Well then, since it is Obedience I (Jesus) want to share with you (Luisa) My Crucifixion, and in the meantime I want to refresh Myself a little bit.  While saying this, He shared with me the Pains of the Cross, and while I was suffering, Jesus placed Himself near me and seemed to refresh Himself quite a bit.  Now, while I was in this position together with Him, He showed me a pitch-black cloud approaching from one point in the air, such that it struck terror and fright at the mere sight; and everyone was saying:  “This time we die.”  While all were terrified, a refulgent Cross rose from between Jesus and me, and advancing toward that storm, put it to flight in great part, so much so, that the people seemed to calm down.  I cannot tell for sure, but it seems to me that it was a hurricane accompanied by bolts of lightning and by hail so violent as to have the power to sweep factories away; and the Cross which dispelled it in great part seemed to be my little suffering, which Jesus has shared with me.  May the Lord be blessed, and may everything be for His Glory and Honor.


V3 – 7/3/00 – (Luisa):  This morning, having received Communion, as soon as I saw my adorable Jesus I said to Him:  ‘My beloved Lord, how is it that You are sending so many chastisements?  Why this time do You not want to placate Yourself for any reason?  It seems that all means have failed – both praying, and saying:  “Lord, pour your bitternesses upon me.”  Ah, it has not been your usual way to act like this!”  While I was saying this, interrupting my speaking, Blessed Jesus answered:  “Yet, My daughter (Luisa), the chastisements I AM sending are still nothing compared to those which have been prepared.  Therefore, do not want to afflict yourself with these, because they are not a matter of great affliction.”

As He was saying this, in front of me I saw many people affected by contagious diseases, who were dying; so, taken by horror, I said to Him:  ‘Ah! Lord, that’s all we need!  What are You doing? What are You doing?  If You want to do this, take me away from this earth, for My Heart cannot bear the sight of scenes so gloomy.  Besides, who can endure continuing in this state in which You put me – that You do not come, or You come like a shadow; and not only this, but You leave me dazed, sleepy, not letting me understand anything any more.  Yet, You told me that You would leave me like this until You would somehow give vent to Your Fury; but now You want to add Fury to Fury, and it seems You will not be done for now.  Poor me! Poor me!  Who will give me the strength to remain in this state?  Who would be able to endure?’

While I poured out my affliction, compassionating me, Jesus said to me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not be concerned by your state of sleepiness.  This says that just as I AM with people – as if I were sleeping, as if I (Jesus) did not hear them and look at them – in that same state have I placed you (Luisa).  After all, if you mind it, I told you last time:  do you want Me to suspend your state of victim?”  And I:  ‘Lord, Obedience does not want me to accept this suspension.’  And He:  “Well then, what do you want from Me?  Be quiet and obey!”


V3 – 7/11/00 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), break My Fury a little bit, otherwise…!”  And I, all frightened, said:  ‘What do You want me to do to break Your Fury?’  And He:  “By calling My Sufferings into yourself you will come to placate My Fury.”

At that moment, I saw as if He were calling the confessor by sending a ray of light, and immediately he placed the intention of having me suffer the crucifixion.  The Blessed Lord promptly concurred and I found myself in so many sufferings, that because of the intensity of the pains I felt my soul go out of my body.  When I thought I was about to breathe my last, and I was content that Jesus would receive my soul, I saw the confessor who, by saying “enough, enough”, was calling me back into myself.  Then Jesus said to me:  “Obedience is calling you.”  And I:  ‘Ah, Lord, I want to come!’  And Jesus:  “What can I do?  Obedience keeps calling you.”  And so it seems that this new Obedience did not allow the sufferings to go further; but indeed, a cruel Obedience for me, because while I seemed to seize the harbor, I was flung outside to navigate the way.

Then, afterwards, even though I was left in suffering, I no longer felt that thing of being about to die, and my benign Lord continued:  “My daughter (Luisa), if today you had not broken My Fury, I had reached such a limit, that I would have destroyed not only plants, but also men.  And if the confessor himself had not intervened by calling my suffering into you, I would have had no regard even for him.  It is true that chastisements are necessary, but every now and then, when My Fury advances, it is necessary that you (Luisa) break it; otherwise, My daughter Luisa), how many more scourges I (Jesus) would send!”  And while He was saying this, I seemed to see Him, all tired, saying, while moaning:  “My daughter (Luisa)…”; or:  “My children, poor children of mine, how reduced I (Jesus) see you!”  And to my surprise He made me understand that after He had calmed down a little bit, He was to resume His Fury to continue the chastisements, and that this had only served not to make Him rage too much against the people.  Ah, Lord, placate Yourself and have Mercy on those whom You Yourself call “My children”!


V3 – 7/14/00 – (Luisa):  It seems I have spent a few days without being immersed in the lethargy of sleep, and together with Blessed Jesus a little bit, giving a little refreshment to each other.  But how I fear that He may plunge me again into that sleep so profound.

Then, this morning, after He refreshed me with milk that flowed from His Mouth by pouring it into me, and I refreshed Him by removing the Crown of Thorns from His Head to drive it onto mine, all afflicted He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the decree of chastisements is signed; there is nothing left but to decide the time of the execution.”


V3 – 7/16/00 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), the best thing for you is to commend yourself to Me and to My Will, so that, by commending yourself to Me, since I AM Peace, even if you saw Me send chastisements you (Luisa) would remain at Peace, without feeling any disturbance.”  And I:  ‘Ah, Lord, You always get there – to chastisements.  Placate Yourself once and for all, and no more scourges.  Besides, I cannot commend myself to your Will in this regard.’  And He added:  “I cannot placate Myself.  What would you say if you saw someone naked who, instead of covering his nakedness, paid attention to adorning himself with trinkets, leaving the parts most necessary exposed to nakedness?”  And I:  ‘I would be horrified at seeing him, and I would certainly blame him.’  And He:  “Well then, such are souls.  Completely naked, they have no more Virtues to cover them, therefore it is necessary that I (Jesus) beat them, scourge them, deprive them, so as to make them come back to their senses and realize the nakedness of their souls, for this is more necessary than the body.  And if I did not do this, I (Jesus) would be paying attention to trinkets, like the person you blamed, which are the things that refer to the body, and I would not be paying attention to the most essential thing – the soul, which they have reduced to being so monstrous as to no longer be recognizable.”


V3 – 7/17/00 – (Jesus):  “Daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) was waiting for you to be able to rest a little bit in you, for I cannot take any more.  O please, give Me a relief!”

Immediately I took Him in my arms to content Him, and I saw that He had a deep Wound on His Shoulder, which aroused compassion and repugnance at the sight.  So He rested for a few minutes, and then, after that brief rest, I looked and I saw that that Wound was almost healed.  So, amid amazement and stupefaction, and seeing Him more relieved, I plucked up courage and I said to Him:  ‘Blessed Lord, my poor heart is tormented by a fear – that You do not Love me any more.  I fear I have incurred Your indignation and this is why You no longer come as before, You do not pour Your bitternesses into me, and You no longer give me my Good, which is suffering; and by denying this to me, You come to deny me Yourself.  O please! Give peace to a poor heart!  Tell me, assure me, swear to me – do You Love me?  Do You continue Loving me?’  And He:  “Yes, yes, yes, I Love you (Luisa).”  And I:  ‘How can I be sure of this, since when one really loves somebody, whatever he wants one gives him?  But I say to You:  “Do not chastise the people,” and You chastise them.  “Pour your bitternesses [into me],” and You do not pour them; on the contrary, it seems that this time You are going too far.  So, how can I rely on Your Loving me?’  And He:  “My daughter (Luisa), you take into account the chastisements I (Jesus) send, but those which I hold back you take into no account.  How many more chastisements I would have sent, how many more slaughters, and how much more blood I would have caused to be shed, if I had no regard for those few who love Me, and whom I Love with a special Love?”

Then, after this, it seemed that Jesus set on His way to go there where slaughters of human flesh were occurring.  I wanted to follow Him, but it was not given to me to do it, and to my highest sorrow I found myself inside myself.


V3 – 7/21/00 – (Luisa):  Then, forgetting all my miseries – and I have many – I remembered the poor people, and I said to Jesus:  ‘Placate Yourself, spare so many peoples torments so cruel.  Let us go together where such things are happening, that we may comfort and console those poor Christians who are in such a sad state.’  And He:  “My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) do not want to take you, for your heart would not bear seeing such a harrowing slaughter.”  And I:  ‘Ah, Lord, how is it that You have permitted this?’  And He:  “It is necessary, absolutely, for the sake of purgation in every place, because in the Field sowed by Me weeds and thorns have grown so much as to become trees.  And these thorny trees do nothing but inundate My Field with poisonous and pestilent waters, to the point that if some ear of grain remains intact, it receives nothing but punctures and stench, so much so, that it is impossible for more ears to germinate – first, because they lack the ground, which is occupied by so many noxious plants; second, because of the continuous punctures they receive, which give them no peace.  So, behold the necessity of the slaughter – to root out so many bad plants; and of shedding of blood – to purge my field of those poisonous and pestilent waters.  Therefore, do not want to grow sad at this beginning, because not only there where I (Jesus) have sent chastisements, but in all other places is purgation needed.”

Who can say the consternation of my heart in hearing this speaking of Jesus?  So, again, I insisted that I wanted to go see, but Jesus, not listening to me, disappeared.  Left alone, I took my way to go there, but I found now an Angel, who would make me go back, and now purging souls, to the point that I was forced to return into myself.


V3 – 7/25/00 – (Luisa):  This morning my adorable Jesus came and made me see a machine in which it seemed that many human members were being crushed, as well as something like two signs of chastisements in the air – chastisements that struck terror.  Who can say the consternation of my heart in seeing all this?   But Blessed Jesus, seeing me so embittered, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), let us move what so much afflicts us away from us for a little while, and let us cheer each other by playing together a little bit.”


V3 – 8/1/00 – (Luisa):  While He was saying this, I felt such trust being infused in me, that the thought came to me of wanting to talk to Him about the chastisements – who knows, He might grant me audience, and I might reach the intent of placating Him completely.  But while I was about to do it, He disappeared like a flash, and running after Him, my soul found herself outside of myself.  But I was unable to find Him any more, and to my highest sorrow I saw many people entering prisons; others, sectarians, going out to make attempts on the lives of other kings and of other leaders.  I saw that they were consumed with rage because they still lack the means to come out into the midst of the peoples and make a slaughter.  Yet, their time will come.  Then, afterwards, I found myself inside myself, all oppressed and afflicted.


V4 – 9/12/00 – (Luisa):  ‘My adorable Jesus, once You have poured [your bitternesses] into me and I suffer, don’t You have to spare the world – don’t You?’ And He: “My daughter (Luisa), do you think I (Jesus) have poured everything into you? Besides, how could you face all the chastisement I will pour over the world? You yourself have seen that you could not endure the little I poured, and had I not come to help you, you would have ended. Now, what would happen if I poured everything into you? My dear (Luisa), I (Jesus) gave you My Word – I will content you in part.”

After this, He transported me outside of myself, into the midst of the people, and I continued to see the so many evils, especially the plots of revolution against the Church and within society, to kill the Holy Father and priests. I felt my soul being tortured at the sight of these things, and I thought to myself: ‘If – may it never be – they came to carry out these machinations, what will happen? How many evils will come?’ All afflicted, I looked at Jesus, and He told me: “And what about that revolt that happened here – what do you say about it?” And I: ‘Which revolt? Nothing has happened in my town.’ And He: “Don’t you remember the revolt of Andria?”

‘Yes, Lord.’

“Well then, it seems nothing, but it is not so. That was the whole occasion and an incitement for other towns to revolt and shed blood, giving affront to sacred people and to My temples; and since everyone wants to show how much better he is in provoking evil, they will compete to see who can do more.” And I: ‘Ah, Lord! Give peace to the Church and do not allow so many troubles!’ And as I wanted to say more, He disappeared from me, leaving me all afflicted and concerned.


V4 – 9/16/00 – (Luisa):  Continuing to come, my lovable Jesus shared with me various pains of His Passion, and then He transported me outside of myself, showing me the neighboring towns. In particular, it seemed to me it was Andria, and if the Lord does not make use of His omnipotence for their chastisement, the turmoils will get serious; more so, since it seemed that there was the incitement of some priests to these turmoils, which embittered Our Lord more. Then, after I visited various churches together with Blessed Jesus, doing acts of reparation and adoration for the many profanations committed in the churches, Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), let Me pour a little bit, for the bitternesses are such and so many that I cannot swallow them alone, and My Heart cannot bear them.” So He poured and He disappeared, returning other times without telling me anything else.


V4 – 9/30/00 – (Luisa):  This morning my most sweet Jesus was not coming, and I had to have much patience in waiting for Him; I even reached the point of trying to go out of my usual state, for I felt no more strength to continue it. He was not coming, suffering seemed to have fled from me, I felt my senses within myself – there was nothing left but to add an effort to go out. But while I was doing this, Blessed Jesus came, and forming a circle with His Arms, He took my head in the middle. At that touch, I no longer felt myself within myself, and I saw Our Lord very indignant with the world. As I wanted to placate Him, He said to me: “Do not want to occupy yourself with Me for now, but I pray you to occupy yourself with My Mama. Console Her, for She is very afflicted because of the heavier chastisements I AM about to pour upon the earth.” Who can say how afflicted I remained?


V4 – 10/4/00 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), what I (Jesus) feel! What I feel! These are unspeakable pains and incomprehensible to the human nature. It is the flesh of my children being lacerated, and the pain I feel is such that I feel my own flesh being lacerated.” And while saying this, He moaned and grieved.

I felt moved in seeing Him in this state, and I did as much as I could to compassionate Him and pray Him to share His Pains with me. He contented me in part, and I could just say to Him: ‘Ah, Lord, did I not tell You: “Do not lay hand to chastisements, for what grieves me the most is that You Yourself will be struck in Your own members!” Ah, this time there has been no way nor prayers to placate You.’ But Jesus did not pay attention to my words; He seemed to have something serious in His Heart which pulled Him somewhere else, and in one instant He transported me outside of myself, taking me to the places where bloody slaughters were happening. Oh, how many sorrowful scenes could be seen in the world! How much human flesh tormented, torn to pieces, trampled upon as one tramples the earth, and left unburied. How many tragedies, how many miseries! And what is more, more terrible ones are to happen! Blessed Jesus looked and, all moved, began to cry bitterly. Unable to refrain, I cried with Him over the sad condition of the world; so much so, that my tears mixed with those of Jesus.

After crying for quite a while, I admired another trait of the Goodness of Our Lord. In order to make me stop crying, He turned His face away from me, He dried His tears hiddenly, and then, turning back again, with a cheerful face said to me: “My beloved (Luisa), do not cry – enough, enough; what you see serves to Iustificare Iustitiam Meam [Justify My Justice].” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, then I am right to say that my state is no longer your Will! Why my state of victim, if it is not given to me to spare your so very dear members, and to exempt the world from so many chastisements?’ And He: “It is not as you say. I (Jesus) too was Victim, but even though I was Victim, it was not given to Me to spare the world all chastisements. I opened Heaven for it, I released it from sin, yes; I carried its pains upon Myself, but it is Justice that man receive upon himself part of those chastisements which he himself draws upon himself by sinning. And if it were not for the victims, he would deserve not only the simple chastisement – that is, the destruction of his body – but also the loss of his soul. So, here is the necessity of the victims: whoever wants to avail himself of them – because man is always free in his will – can find the sparing of his pain and the port of his salvation.” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, how I would like to come before these chastisements advance more!’ And He: “If the world reaches such wickedness as to deserve no victim, surely I (Jesus) will take you (Luisa).”

On hearing this, I said: ‘Lord, do not permit that I remain here, present at such sorrowful scenes.’ And Jesus, almost reproaching me, added: “Instead of praying Me to spare, you say you want to come. If I (Jesus) were to take with Me all of My own of the poor world, what would happen? Indeed I would have nothing to do with it any more, and I would no longer have any regard.” After this, I prayed for various people; He disappeared from me, and I returned inside myself.


V4 – 10/10/00 – (Jesus):  ‘My beloved and only Good, what a chastisement it is for me, having to return so many times into my body. Because certainly now I do not have one – it is my soul alone that is together with You; but then, I don’t know how, I find myself imprisoned in my miserable body as though inside a dark prison, and there I lose that freedom which is given to me when I go out. Is this not a chastisement for me – the hardest that can be given?’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), what you say is not a chastisement, nor does this happen to you because of your fault. Rather, you must know that for two reasons alone can the soul go out of the body: by force of pain, which happens at natural death, or by force of the reciprocal Love between the soul and Me. In fact, when this Love is so strong, that neither could the soul last, nor could I (Jesus) endure for too long without enjoying her, I keep drawing her to Myself, and then I put her in her natural state again; and the soul, drawn more than by an electric wire, comes and goes as I please. And here is how what you (Luisa) think is a chastisement, is finest Love.” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, if my love were enough, and strong, I believe I would have the strength to remain before You, and would not be subject to returning into my body. But since it is very weak, I am subject to these circumstances.’ And He: “On the contrary, I tell you that this is greater Love, extracted from the Love of sacrifice, that for Love of Me and for Love of your brothers you deprive yourself and return to the miseries of life.”

After this, Blessed Jesus carried me to a city in which the sins committed were so many, that something like a fog was coming out, most dense and stinking, rising toward heaven; and another thick fog was coming down from heaven, with so many chastisements condensed within it, as to seem to be enough to exterminate this city. So I said: ‘Lord, where are we? What places are these?’ And He: “This is Rome, where the evils committed are so many, not only by secular but also by religious, that they deserve this fog to finish blinding them, deserving their own extermination.”

In one instant I saw the disaster that was happening, and it seemed that the Vatican would receive part of the shakings. Not even priests were being spared; therefore, all consternated, I said: ‘My Lord, spare your beloved city, so many ministers of Yours, the Pope… Oh, how gladly I offer You myself to suffer their torments, as long as You spare them.’ And Jesus, moved, told me: “Come with Me and I (Jesus) will show you (Luisa) to what extent the human malice reaches.” He transported me inside a palace, and in a secret room there were five or six deputies, saying among themselves: “Only then will we surrender when we have destroyed all Christians.” And it seemed that they wanted to force the king to write in his own hand the decree of death against Christians, and the promise of taking possession of their goods, saying that ‘as long as he would permit this to them, it did not matter if they would not do it for now, for they would do it at the right time and circumstance’.

After this, He transported me somewhere else, and showed me how one of those who are said to be leaders was going to die, and this one seemed so united with the devil, that not even at that point would he detach himself from him. All of his strength he took from the demons, who courted him like a faithful friend of theirs. On seeing me, the demons were shaken, and some wanted to beat me, some wanted to do one thing to me, some another; however, paying no attention to their bothers – because the salvation of that soul cost me more – I tried hard and I arrived near that man. Oh God, what a frightening sight – more than the demons themselves! In what a heart-rending state he lay! He aroused more than pity. He was not at all moved by our presence; on the contrary, he seemed to make fun of it. Jesus immediately pulled me away from that place, and I began to plead before Him for the salvation of that soul.


V4 – 10/15/00 – (Luisa): At that moment, I saw the confessor placing the intention of the crucifixion, and immediately, without the slightest hesitation, the Lord shared with me the Pains of the Cross. Then, after I was in those sufferings for a little while, the confessor called me to Obedience, Jesus withdrew, and I tried to submit to the one who commanded me; when, in one instant, my sweet Jesus came back again, wanting to subject me to the Pains of the Crucifixion for a second time, but father did not want it. When I would conform to Jesus – that is, to suffering – Jesus would come; when the confessor would see that I would begin to suffer, he would stop the suffering with the Obedience, and Jesus would withdraw. I would suffer a great pain indeed on seeing Him withdraw, but I would do as much as I could to obey; and at times, seeing the confessor present, I would let Them deal with it, waiting to see who would win – whether Obedience or Our Lord. Ah, I seemed to see Obedience and Jesus fighting – both powerful and capable of facing a fight. After they fought well, as I tried to see who was winning, the Queen Mama came who, drawing near father, said: “My son, this morning in which He Himself wants her to suffer, let Him do, otherwise none will be spared the chastisements, not even in part.” At that moment, it was as if father was distracted in going on with the fight, and Jesus, the winner, subjected me to the Pains again, but with such vehemence and bitter spasms, that I myself do not know how I remained alive. When I thought I was dying, Obedience called me again, and I just barely found myself inside myself. Blessed Jesus, being refreshed but not yet content, upon coming back, wanted to repeat it for the third time; however, arming herself with strength, this time Obedience won, and my beloved Jesus was defeated.

In spite of this, every now and then He would try – who knows, He might win again; so much so, that He gave me no respite, and I had to say: ‘But, my Lord, keep still a little bit and leave me alone – don’t You see that Obedience has armed herself and does not want to yield to You? So, have patience, and if You want to repeat it the third time, promise me that You will let me die.’ And Jesus: “Yes, come.” I told this to father and, also in this Obedience was inexorable, even though my sweet Good was calling me, saying: “Luisa, come.” I said He was calling me, but the answer was a curt “no”. What a nice Obedience this is; since she wants to act in everything and over everything like a Signora [Lady], she wants to meddle in things which do not belong to her, like dying. Besides, how nice – exposing a poor unhappy one to the dangers of dying, letting her touch the harbor of eternal happiness with her own hand; and then, to show that she can act like a Signora in everything, by dint of the strength she possesses she holds her back and makes her lie in the miserable prison of her body. And if one asks: “Why all this?” – first, she does not answer; and then, in her mute language she tells you: “Why? Because I am a Signora and I have empire over everything.” It seems that if one wants to be at peace with this blessed Obedience, it takes the patience of a saint – not only that, but the patience of Our Lord Himself; otherwise one would be in continuous frictions with her, because this is about her wanting to touch the extremes.

So, seeing that He could win nothing, the Blessed Lord calmed down at the Obedience and left me alone. He mitigated the pains I was suffering, and said to me: “My beloved (Luisa), in the Pains you have suffered I (Jesus) wanted to have you (Lusia) experience the Fury of My Justice by pouring it upon you a little bit. If you could see with clarity what point men have made It reach, and how the Fury of My Justice has armed itself against them, you would tremble like a leaf, and would do nothing but pray Me to pour the Pains upon yourself.” Then He seemed to sustain me in my sufferings, and to cheer me, He said: “I feel better, and you?” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, who can tell You what I feel! It seems to me as if I had been crushed inside a machine. I feel such exhaustion of strengths, that if You do not infuse vigor in me, I cannot come round.’ And He: “My beloved (Luisa), it is necessary that you feel the Pains with intensity, at least once in a while – first, for yourself, because as good as a piece of iron may be, if it is left for a long time without putting it in the fire, it always comes to contract a little bit of rust; second, for Me, because if I (Jesus) did not unload Myself upon you for too long, My Fury would become so ignited that I would have no regard for the world, nor would I spare it in the least. And if you (Luisa) did not take My Pains upon yourself, how could I (Jesus) maintain My Word of sparing the world the chastisements in part?” After this, the confessor came to call me to Obedience, and so I returned inside myself.


V4 – 10/22/00 – (Luisa):  I add – because so Obedience wants – that the other day I was thinking: ‘If the many chastisements about which I wrote in these books should really occur, who would have the heart to be spectator of them?’ And the Blessed Lord made me understand with clarity that some of them will occur while I am still on this earth, some after my death, and some will be spared in part. So I was a little relieved thinking that I will not have to see them all.


V4 – 1/15/01 – (Luisa):  Since in the past days my beloved Jesus made Himself seen as somehow indignant with the world, this morning, not seeing Him come, I kept thinking to myself: ‘Who knows whether He is not coming because He wants to send some chastisement? And what have I done wrong? Because He wants to send chastisements, He does not deign to come to Me. How nice – that while He wants to punish others, He has me get the greatest of chastisements, which is the privation of Him.’ Now, while I was saying this and other nonsense, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen for just a little, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), you form the greatest martyrdom for Me, because when I (Jesus) have to send some chastisement I cannot show Myself to you, since you (Luisa) bind Me everywhere and do not want Me to do anything. And as I do not come, you deafen Me with your complaints, with your laments and expectations; so much so, that while I AM occupied with chastising, I AM forced to think about you, to hear you, and My Heart is lacerated in seeing you (Luisa) in your painful state of My privation. In fact, the most painful martyrdom is the martyrdom of Love, and the more two persons Love each other, the more painful those pains become, which arise, not from others, but from between themselves. Therefore be quiet, be calm, and do not want to increase My Pains through your pains.” He disappeared, and I was left all mortified, thinking that I form the martyrdom of my dear Jesus, and that in order not to make Him suffer too much, when He does not come I must remain quiet. But who can make this sacrifice? It seems impossible to me, and I will be forced to continue martyring each other.


V4 – 1/24/01 – (Luisa):  Having spent the past days in silence and sometimes also without my adorable Jesus, this morning, as He came, I lamented to Him saying: ‘Lord, how is it that You do not come! How things have changed! It shows that it is either for the chastisement of my sins that You deprive me of your lovable presence, or because You no longer want me in this state of victim. O please! I beg You – let me know your Will. If I could not be opposed when You wanted the sacrifice from me, much less can I do it now that, finding me no longer worthy of being victim, You want to take me out of it.’

Interrupting my speaking, Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), by having made Myself Victim for mankind, taking upon Myself all weaknesses, miseries and everything that man deserved before the Divinity, I (Jesus) represent the Head of all; and since I AM the Head before the Divinity, the human nature finds in Me a most powerful shield that defends it, protects it, excuses it and intercedes for it. Now, since you (Luisa) are in the state of victim, you come to represent for Me the head of the present generation. Therefore, having to send some chastisement for the good of the peoples and to call them back to Me, if I came to you as usual, by just showing Myself to you, I already feel relieved, my pains are mitigated, and it happens to Me as to someone who feels a strong pain and screams because of the spasm: if his pain ceased, he would no longer feel like screaming and sending out laments. The same happens to Me: as My Pains are mitigated, naturally I (Jesus) no longer feel like sending that chastisement. You (Luisa) then, also naturally, in seeing Me, try to spare Me and to take the pains of others upon yourself; you cannot help doing your office of victim before My Presence, and if you did not do so, which can never be, I would be displeased with you. Here is the cause of My privation. It is not because I want to punish your sins – I have other ways to purge you. However, I (Jesus) will repay you (Lusia); on the days I come, I will double my visits – aren’t you happy?” And I: ‘No Lord, I want You always; whatever the cause might be, I do not give way to remaining a single day without You.’ While I was saying this, Jesus disappeared, and I returned inside myself.


V4 – 3/22/01 – (Luisa):  As I continued in my usual state of privation, and therefore of unspeakable bitternesses, this morning, my adorable Jesus came and transported me outside of myself. It seemed to me that it was Rome. How many spectacles one could see from all classes of people! Even in the Vatican one could see things that were repugnant. What to say, then, about the enemies of the Church? How consumed with rage they are against Her, how many slaughters they are plotting – but they cannot carry them out because Our Lord holds them bound still. But that which frightened me the most was to see my loving Jesus almost in the act of giving them freedom. Who can say how consternated I remained? Then, seeing my consternation, Jesus told me: “Daughter (Luisa), the chastisements are absolutely necessary. Rot and gangrene have entered all classes, therefore fire and sword are necessary so that not everyone may perish. So, this is the last time I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) to conform to My Will, and I promise you to spare in part.”

And I: ‘My dear Good, I don’t have the heart to conform to You in chastising people.’ And He: “If you do not conform, since it is of absolute necessity to do this, I (Jesus) will not come as usual, and I will not manifest to you (Lusia) when I send the chastisements; and since you would not know it and I would not find anyone who would somehow break My just indignation, I will give free vent to My Fury, and you will not even have the good of sparing the chastisement in part. In addition to this, not coming and not pouring in you those Graces which I should pour, is also a bitterness for Me; just like in these past days in which I have not come so much – I (Jesus) have the Grace constrained within Me.” And while saying this, He showed that He wanted to unload Himself, and drawing near my mouth, He poured a most sweet milk, and He disappeared.


V4 – 4/9/01 – (Luisa):  As I was in the fullness of delirium, I was speaking nonsense, and I believe I also mixed some defects with it. My poor nature felt all the weight of my state; the bed seemed worse to it than the state of those who are condemned to prison. It would have wanted to free itself of this state, with the addition of my refrain that ‘it is no longer Will of God, and this is why Jesus does not come’. And I kept thinking of what I should do. While I was doing this, my patient Jesus came out from within my interior, but with a grave and serious appearance, such as to strike fear in me; and He said to me: “What do you think I would have done had I (Jesus) been in your position?” In my interior I said: ‘Certainly the Will of God.’ And He, again: “Well then, that is what you are doing.” And He disappeared.

The gravity of Our Lord was such that in those words He spoke to me I felt all the power of His word – not only creative, but also destroying. My interior was so shaken by those words, it was so oppressed, embittered, that I did nothing but cry. I remembered especially the gravity with which Jesus had spoken to me, so much so, that I did not dare to say: ‘Come’. Now, being in this position, in the afternoon I did my meditation without asking for Him, when, all of a sudden, He came, and with a sweet appearance, all changed compared to the morning, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), what a disaster, what a disaster is about to happen.” And as He was saying this, I felt all of my interior changed – that He was not coming for no other reason but the chastisements. At that moment I saw four venerable persons who were crying at the words which Jesus had spoken…


V4 – 4/21/01 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), the world is always corrupted, but there are certain times in which it reaches such corruption, that if I (Jesus) did not pour part of My Cross upon the people, they would all perish in corruption. So it happened at the time when I (Jesus) came upon earth: My Cross alone saved many from the corruption in which they were immersed. The same in these times: corruption has reached such a point, that if I did not pour scourges, thorns, crosses, causing men even to shed blood, they would remain immersed in the waves of corruption.” And while saying this, He seemed to throw that Cross over the people, and chastisements would occur.


V4 – 7/30 01 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, Blessed Jesus transported me outside of myself into the midst of many people. What blindness! Almost all were blind, and a few, of short sight. Only very few appeared like the sun in the midst of the stars, with extremely sharp sight, all intent on the Divine Sun; and this sight was conceded to them because it was fixed in the light of the Humanate Word. All compassion, Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), how pride has ruined the world – it has reached the point of destroying that small light of reason which all carry with them at birth. Know, however, that the Virtue which most exalts God is humility, and the Virtue which most exalts the creature before God and men, is humility.” Having said this, He disappeared.

Later He came back all panting and afflicted, and He added: “My daughter (Luisa), three terrible chastisements are about to happen.”


V4 – 8/3/01 – (Luisa):  This morning my adorable Jesus was not coming. Then, after much waiting, the Virgin Mama came, bringing Him almost by force; but Jesus would escape. Then the Most Holy Virgin told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not become tired of asking for Him – rather, be importunate, because this escaping of His is a sign that He wants to send some chastisement, and therefore He escapes the sight of His beloved ones. You (Luisa), however, do not stop, because the soul who possesses Grace has authority over hell, over men and over God Himself. In fact, since Grace is part of God Himself, as the soul possesses It, does she perhaps not have power over that which she possesses?”


V4 – 3/3/02 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), it is necessary that sometimes I (Jesus) do not come, otherwise how would I give vent to My Justice? And men, seeing that I do not chastise them, would do nothing but grow ever bolder. Therefore, wars, slaughters, are necessary. The beginning and the means will be most painful, but the end will be most cheerful. Besides, you know that the first thing is resignation to My Will.”


V4 – 3/12/02 – (Luisa):  I continued to see my adorable Jesus in the same way – that is, in my interior – but I would see Him inside of me giving His back to the world, with a scourge in His Hand, in the act of casting it over the creatures; and with this, it seemed that chastisements would occur over crops, as well as mortality of people. In the act of sending that scourge He spoke words of threat, among which I can only remember: “I did not want this, but you yourselves have provoked Me to exterminate you. Well then, I will exterminate you.” Having said this, He disappeared.


V4 – 3/16/02 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), see what creatures do to Me – how can you want Me not to chastise them?” And while saying this, He seemed to take a tall cross, the arms of which were hanging over six or seven cities; and various chastisements would occur.


V4 – 3/18/02 – (Jesus):  “But if I (Jesus) come, you (Luisa) force Me not to chastise, when chastisements are so very necessary. In that case, then, you would have to conform to Me in wanting what I want.” And I, remembering what I had seen in the past days, said: ‘What chastisements? Do You want to make people die? Let them die; they must come to You and to their fatherland anyway – as long as You save them. What I want is that You free them of contagious diseases.’ The Lord did not pay attention to me, and He disappeared. As He came back, He made Himself seen always with His back to the world, and as much as I tried, I could not manage to have Him look at it; and when I wanted to induce Him by force, He said: “Do not force Me, otherwise you force Me to deprive you of My Presence.” So I was left with a remorse, and I feel I have committed many defects.


V4 – 6/29/02 – (Luisa):  This morning, I saw my adorable Jesus for just a little, and, I don’t know why, I heard Him say: “Poor France, poor France, you have raised up and have broken and split the most sacred laws, denying Me as your God. You have made of yourself an example for other nations to draw them toward evil, and your example has so much power, that the other nations are about to be ruined. Know, however, that as chastisement for this, you will be conquered.”

After this, He withdrew into my interior, and I heard Him ask for help, pity, compassion in His many pains. It was something harrowing to hear Blessed Jesus ask for help from His creatures.


V4 – 8/10/02 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), if you did not know the reason for My absence, perhaps you would have some reason to lament about my absence; but since you do know that I AM not coming because I (Jesus) want to chastise the world, wrongly do you lament.” And I: ‘What does the world have to do with me?’ And He: “Yes it does, because if I come you tell me: ‘Lord, I myself want to satisfy You on their behalf, I want to suffer for them.’ And since I AM most just, I (Jesus) cannot receive the satisfaction of a debt from both one and the other, and if I wanted to take the satisfaction from you (Luisa), the world would do nothing but grow ever bolder. Rather, in these times of rebellion, chastisements are so very necessary, and if I did not do so, darkness would become so thick that all would remain blinded.” While He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, and I saw the earth all full of darkness, with just barely a few trails of light. What will happen to the poor world? It causes one to think much about the most sad things that will happen.


V4 – 12/5/02 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, Blessed Jesus shared His Pains with me, and as I was suffering I saw a woman crying her heart out, and saying: “The kings have joined together, and the peoples perish; and not seeing themselves being helped, protected, but rather, stripped, they get lost, and kings without peoples cannot exist. But what makes me cry the most is to see that the fortresses of Justice are missing, which are the victims – the only and sole support that holds Justice back in these times most sad. You at least – do you give me your word that you will not move from this state of victim?” I don’t know why, but I felt so resolute that I answered: “This word I cannot give – no. I will stay as long as the Lord wants it; but as soon as He tells me that the time for this penance is ended, I will not stay even for one minute more.’ On hearing my unshakable will, she cried more, almost wanting to move me to say yes with her crying. But, more than ever resolute, I said: ‘No, no.’ And, crying, she said: “So, there will be justice, chastisements, slaughters, with no sparing.” However, as I related this to the confessor, he told me that out of Obedience I should withdraw my no.


V4 – 12/7/02 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I found myself amid most thick darkness. In it there were thousands of people whom that darkness rendered blind, to the point that they themselves could not understand what they were doing. It seemed it was part of Italy and part of France. Oh, how many errors could be seen in France – worse than those of Italy! It seemed that they had lost their human reason, the primary endowment of man, which distinguishes him from the beasts. But he has become worse than the beasts themselves. Near this darkness one could see a lamp; I approached it and I found my loving Jesus, but so afflicted and indignant with those people that I trembled like a leaf, and I only said: ‘Lord, placate Yourself and let me suffer by pouring your indignation upon me.’ And He told me: “How can I placate Myself if they want to exclude Me from them, as if they were not a work created by Me? Don’t you see how France has driven Me away from herself, considering herself honored in no longer recognizing Me? And how Italy wants to follow France, as there are some who would give their souls to the devil in order to win that point of forming the law of divorce – after they tried so many times and were left crushed and confused? Instead of placating Myself and pouring My indignation upon you (Luisa), I (Jesus) suspend you from the state of victim, because after My Justice has tried several times, using all of Its power so as not to give that chastisement wanted by man himself – and in spite of this, he still wants it – it is necessary for Justice to suspend one who holds It back, and to let the chastisement fall.” And I: ‘Lord, if You wanted to suspend me for other chastisements, I would easily have accepted, because it is right that the creature conform to your Holy Will in everything; but to accept it for this evil most grave… my soul cannot digest this suspension. Rather, invest me with Your Power and allow me to go into the midst of those people who want this.’ While saying this, I found myself with them; they seemed to be invested with diabolical forces, especially one of them, who seemed enraged. As though wanting to turn everything upside down, I spoke and spoke, but I could barely manage to cast a few glimmers of reason into him, making known to him the error they were committing. After this, I found myself inside myself, with sufferings extremely scarce.


V4 – 12/18/02 – (Jesus):  “Beloved (Luisa), do you want to see the evil that occurred during those days in which I (Jesus) kept you suspended from this state?” At that moment, I don’t know how, I saw Justice. I could see It as full of Light, of Grace, of chastisements and of darkness, and as many days as I had been suspended, so many were the streams of darkness that descended upon earth. Those who want to do evil and speak evil had become even more blind and had acquired strength to carry it out, turning against the Church and against sacred people. I was surprised, and Jesus told me: “You thought it was nothing, so much so, that you would not bother about it – but it was not so. Have you seen how much evil came about, and how much strength the enemies acquired, to the point of managing to do what they had not been able to do during the time in which I (Jesus) had continuously kept you (Luisa) in this state?”


V4 – 1/7/03 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking: ‘How is it possible, how can it be true, that because of a few sufferings of mine the Lord would suspend chastisements and debilitate the human strengths so that they may not start revolutions and form iniquitous laws? Besides, who am I to earn all this with a few sufferings? While I was thinking of this, Blessed Jesus came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), neither you nor the one who directs you have comprehended your state. Indeed, in your state of sufferings you disappear completely, and I alone, not mystically, but in Living Flesh, reproduce the very sufferings which My Humanity suffered. Was it perhaps not My Sufferings that debilitated demons, enlightened blinded minds, and, in a word, formed the Redemption of man? And if they could do this at that time in My Humanity, can they perhaps not do it now in yours?


V4 – 2/1/03 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I was feeling very afflicted, especially because my confessor had told me that this morning a Protestant Church would be opened in Corato, and that I should pray the Lord to make something happen that would confuse them, at the cost of any suffering of mine. But, seeing that the Lord was not coming and therefore I did not feel great sufferings – the only means to obtain these kinds of Graces – I felt a most great affliction. Then, after I struggled a lot, Blessed Jesus came, and I saw the confessor insisting very much, and praying that I might suffer. So it seemed that He shared with me the pains of the cross, and then He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) have made you suffer, forced by the priestly authority, and I will permit that those who go there, instead of being convinced by what the Protestants say, will make fun of them. However, since the chastisement swooped down on Corato in those days in which I kept you suspended from the state of victim, it must now have its course; and if you continue to suffer, I (Jesus) will dispose the hearts in such a way that, at the appropriate time, I will make use of some occasion to have them remain completely confused and destroyed.”


V5 – 4/7/03 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), the socialists have plotted among themselves to strike the Church. This they have done publicly in France, and in Italy in a more hidden way; and My Justice is looking for voids so as to lay hand to chastisements.”


V5 – 4/10/03 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I saw our Lord with a rod in His hand with which He touched the people. As they were touched, they scattered and rebelled, and the Lord said to them: “I have touched you to reunite you around Me, but instead of reuniting, you rebel and scatter away from Me, therefore it is necessary that I blow the trumpet.” And while saying this, He began to blow the trumpet. I understood that the Lord will send some chastisement, and men, instead of humbling themselves, will take the occasion to offend Him and to move away from Him; and on seeing this, the Lord will make the trumpet of more grave scourges resound.


V5 – 4/21/03 – (Luisa):  I went through most bitter days of privations and of tears, with the addition of seeing myself about to be suspended by the Lord from the state of victim – as indeed happened. In fact, as much as I tried, I could not manage to lose consciousness; but rather, I was surprised by so many pains in my bowels as to become restless, unable to make head or tail of anything. I only had a dream at night, in which I seemed to see an Angel who brought me inside a garden in which all plants were blackened; but I did not pay attention to this, I could only think of how Jesus had driven me away from Himself. Then, later on, the confessor came, and finding me inside myself He told me that the vineyards had frozen. I remained so very afflicted, thinking of the poor people, and with the fear that He would not allow me to fall into my usual state so as to be able to chastise freely. However, this morning Blessed Jesus came, making me fall into my usual state, and as soon as I saw Him, I said to Him: ‘Ah, Lord, what about yesterday – what did You do? You made your bravado, and besides, without even telling me anything, for at least I would have prayed You to hold back the chastisement in part.’ And He: “My daughter (Luisa), it was necessary for Me to suspend you, otherwise you would have prevented Me, and I (Jesus) would not have been free. Besides, how many times have I not done what you wanted? Ah, My daughter (Luisa), it is necessary that scourges pour upon the world, otherwise, in order to spare the bodies, souls will be lost.”

Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself outside of myself without my sweet Jesus. So I went around looking for Him, and in the meantime I saw a Sun in the vault of the heavens, which was different from the sun we see, and, behind it, a multitude of Saints who, in seeing the state of the world, its corruption, and how they make fun of God, all in one voice, cried out: “Revenge of your honor, of your glory! Make use of Justice, for man no longer wants to recognize the rights of his Creator!” But they were speaking in Latin; only, I could comprehend that this was the meaning. On hearing this, I trembled, I felt my blood run cold, and I implored pity and Mercy.


V5 – 10/27/03 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I saw my adorable Jesus for just a little, saying to me: “My daughter (Luisa), to accept mortifications and sufferings as penance and as chastisement is praiseworthy, it is good, but it has no connection with the Divine Way of operating. In fact, I (Jesus) did much, I suffered much, but the way I had in all this was only Love for the Father and for men. So, it shows immediately whether a creature has the way of operating and suffering in a Divine Manner – if it is Love alone that pushes her to do it and to suffer. If she has other ways, good as they may be, they are always the ways of creatures, and therefore she will find in them the merit that a creature can acquire, not the merit that the Creator can acquire, because there is no union of ways. But if she has My Way, the fire of Love will destroy any disparity and inequality, and will form one single thing between My Work and that of the creature.”


V6 – 3/4/04 – (Luisa):  As I lamented to Our Lord that, while I felt in suffering, He would still not take me to Heaven, Blessed Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), courage in suffering; I do not want you to afflict yourself in seeing yourself not yet taken to Heaven.  You (Luisa) must know that all Europe lays on your shoulders, and the good or bad outcome for Europe depends on your sufferings.  If you (Luisa) are strong and constant in suffering, things will be more bearable; if you are not strong and constant in suffering, or if I (Jesus) take you to Heaven, things will be so grave that Europe will be threatened with invasion and of being seized by foreigners.”

Even more, He added:  “If you remain on earth and suffer much with desire and constancy, all the chastisements that will happen in Europe will serve for the coming of the Triumph of the Church.  And if in spite of all this, Europe will not take advantage and will remain obstinate in sin, your sufferings will serve as preparation for your death, without Europe’s taking advantage of them.”  Father Gennaro De Gennaro.


V6 – 3/14/04 – (Jesus):  “Dearest daughter of Mine (Luisa), the necessity of the times brings silence, because if you speak to Me, your word binds My Hands and I (Jesus) never come to the deeds, chastising as appropriate, and so we are always at the beginning.  Therefore, it is necessary that there be silence between you and Me for some time.”  And while He was saying this, a sign came out with written on it:  “It is decreed:  scourges, pains and wars.”  And He disappeared.


V6 – 6/29/04 – (Luisa):  This morning, as I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen for just a little, and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the sign to know when My Justice can no longer bear man and is in the act of sending grave chastisements, is that man can no longer bear himself.  In fact, rejected by man, God withdraws from him and makes him feel all the weight of his nature, of sin, of miseries; and man, unable to bear the weight of his nature without Divine help, seeks, himself, the way to destroy himself.  Such is the state the present generation is now in.”


V6 – 8/23/04 (Luisa):  This morning I went through a most bitter time, almost completely deprived of my Blessed Jesus; only, I found myself outside of myself in the midst of wars, people killed, towns besieged, and it seemed that this was also in Italy.  What fright I felt!  I wanted to remove myself from scenes so sorrowful, but I could not – a Supreme Power kept me nailed.  Whether it was an Angel or a Saint I am unable to tell with certainty, but someone said:  “Poor Italy, how lacerated she will be by wars!”  On hearing this, I remained more than frightened, and I found myself inside myself.  Not having yet seen the One who is my life, and with all those scenes in my mind, I felt I was dying.  Then, I just barely saw His Arm, and He said to me:  “There will be something in Italy for certain.”


V6 – 10/27/04 – (Luisa):  While in my usual state, I was very agitated, not only because of the almost total privation of my only and sole Good, but also because, finding myself outside of myself, I saw how people were going to kill one another like many dogs, as if Italy was going to be involved in a war with other nations.  I saw many soldiers departing, crowds upon crowds, and as those would be claimed victims, yet more would be called.  Who can say how oppressed I felt, more so, since I felt almost without sufferings.  So I lamented, saying to myself:  “Why live?  Jesus does not come, suffering is lacking; my dearest and most inseparable companions, Jesus and suffering, have left me – and yet I live?  I thought that without both of them I would not be able to live, so inseparable were they from me; and yet, I still live?  Oh, God, what a change, what a painful point, what an unspeakable torment, what an unheard-of cruelty!  You have left other souls without You, but never without suffering; to no one have You given this affront, so ignominious.  Only for me, for me alone was this slap prepared, so terrible; I alone deserved this chastisement, so unbearable.  But, just chastisement for my sins – or rather, I deserved something worse!’  At that moment He came like a flash, telling me imposingly:  “What is the matter with you, speaking like this?  My Will is enough for you (Luisa) in everything.  It would be a chastisement if I (Jesus) put you (Luisa) out of the Divine Sphere and I caused the Food of My Will to be lacking to you, which I want you to cherish and esteem above everything.  Besides, it is necessary that you remain without suffering for some time in order to form a little void for Justice, so that It may chastise the people.”


V6 – 11/13/04 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), since I was Man and God, My Humanity could see, present, all sins, chastisements and lost souls.  It would have wanted to seize all this in one single point, destroy sins and chastisements, and save souls; It would have wanted to suffer, not one day of Passion, but all days, to be able to contain all these pains within Itself and spare the poor creatures.  But in spite of the fact that I would have wanted to, and could have done it – because I could have destroyed the free will of creatures and I would have destroyed these heaps of evils – yet, what would have happened to man without his own merits, without his own will in operating good?  What impression would he ever have made?  Would he ever have been an object worthy of my creative wisdom?  Certainly not.  Oh, would he not have been like a foreign son in someone else’s home, who, not having worked together with the other sons, has no right and no inheritance?  This son is always full of blushes if he eats or drinks, because he knows that he has done not one favorable act to prove his love for that father, therefore he can never be worthy of the love of that father for him.  So, the creature would never have been worthy of Divine Love without a free will.

On the other hand, My Humanity was not supposed to violate My Creative Wisdom; It was supposed to adore it, as It did adore it, and It resigned Itself to receiving the voids of Justice within Itself – but not in the Divinity, because these voids of Divine Justice are filled by the chastisements of this life, by hell and by Purgatory.  So, if My Humanity resigned Itself to all this, would you (Luisa) perhaps want to surpass Me and not receive any void of suffering upon yourself in order not to let Me chastise the people?  Daughter (Luisa), conform to Me and remain peaceful.”


V6 – 10/20/05 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, after I struggled very much, Blessed Jesus came for just a little, almost in the act of sending chastisements, and He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), sin is fire, My Justice is Fire.  Now, since My Justice must remain always the same, just always in Its operating, without receiving any profane fire into Itself, when the fire of sin wants to unite to Its own Fire, It pours it over the earth, converting it into fire of chastisement.”


V7 – 2/9/06 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I saw just the shadow of Blessed Jesus, all afflicted, and almost in the act of sending chastisements. Upon seeing Him, I said: ‘From the way He appeared, who will be able not just to escape the chastisements, but even to obtain salvation?’ And He, changing appearance, said: “My daughter (Luisa), the union of the human works with Mine is the guarantee to be saved, because if two persons work in the same field, their working in that field is the guarantee that both of them must harvest. In the same way, one who unites his works with Mine – it is as if he were working in My Field, therefore, will he not harvest in My Kingdom? Will he perhaps have to work united with Me in My Field, and then harvest in a kingdom completely foreign to Me? Certainly not.”


V7 – 3/9/06 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I just barely saw Blessed Jesus and many purging souls, whom Jesus Christ was sending to the help of the peoples. It seemed that many disgraces of contagious diseases were to happen to the peoples, and earthquakes in some places. Some were killing themselves, some were throwing themselves into wells or into the sea, and some were killing others. It seems that man is tired of himself, because without God he does not feel the strength to continue living. Oh, God, how many chastisements, and how many thousands of people will be victims of these scourges!


V7 – 4/26/06 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my poor state, I felt there were people around my bed who wanted me to see the chastisements which were happening in the world – earthquakes, wars and many other things, which I could not understand well – to make me intercede with the Lord. It seemed to me that they were Saints, but I cannot tell with certainty. In the meantime, Blessed Jesus came out from within my interior, and He said to them: “Do not molest her, do not afflict her by wanting to make her see sorrowful scenes. Rather, let her be tranquil, and leave her alone with Me.” They went away, and I remained concerned – ‘who knows what is happening, that He does not even want me to see…’

Then, afterwards, I found myself outside of myself, and I saw a priest who began to talk about the earthquakes which had occurred in the past days, saying: “The Lord is very indignant, I believe they are not yet finished.” And I: ‘Who knows whether we will be spared.’ He became enflamed, and it seemed that his heart was beating so strongly that I could feel it myself, and those heartbeats would reverberate in My Heart. I could not understand who he was, but I felt a certain something being communicated to me. Then he added: “How can grave things happen, with destructions and dying of people, where there is a heart that loves for all? At most, a few tremors might be felt, without considerable damage.”


V7 – 5/6/06 – (Luisa):  …I found myself inside a church, and it seemed that various people were saying: “Curse you, curse you…”, as if they wanted to curse the Blessed Lord and also creatures themselves. I don’t know how, I comprehended all the weight of those maledictions, as though they signified the destruction of God and of themselves, and I cried bitterly because of these maledictions. Then I saw a priest celebrating at the altar, as if he were Our Lord, and coming into the midst of those who had uttered those maledictions, He said with a solemn and authoritative voice: “Maledicti, maledicti!” at least twenty times or more; and while He was saying this, it seemed that many thousands of people would drop dead – some from revolutions, some from earthquakes, some in the fire, some in the water. It seemed to me that these chastisements were the precursors of nearing wars. I cried, and He, drawing near me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not fear, for I AM not cursing you (Luisa); on the contrary, I say to you (Luisa): ‘benedicta’ thousands and thousands of times. Cry and pray for these peoples.”


V7 – 5/7/06 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) do not want to come out, I AM well within you, because if I go out of your humanity – a humanity which contains tenderness, compassion, weakness, concern – it would be as if I went out of My Living Humanity. In fact, since you (Luisa) occupy My same Office of Victim, I (Jesus) should make you feel the weight of the pains of others, and therefore spare them. I will go out, yes, but not from within you; rather, from within God without a Humanity, and My Justice will make its course as appropriate to chastise the creatures.” And it seemed He would go deeper and deeper inside. I repeated to Him: ‘Lord, come out, spare Your children, Your very members, your images.’ And He, making a sign with His Hand, repeated: “I AM not coming out, I AM not coming out…” He repeated this quite a few times, and He communicated to me many things about what humanity contains, but I am unable to say them. I have them in my mind, but I cannot express them with words. I would rather have not written this, but Obedience did not want it. Fiat – always Fiat.


V7 – 10/20/06 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I found myself inside a church in which there were many people attending sacred services. In the meantime, it seemed that by the authority of the government other people were entering to profane this holy place. Some were jumping, some were using violence, and some were laying hands, sacrilegiously, on the Most Holy Sacrament and on the priests. On seeing this, I cried and prayed, saying to the Lord: ‘Do not permit that they arrive at this – profaning Your sacred Temples – because who knows how many terrible chastisements You would unload upon Your creatures because of these horrendous sins.’

While I was saying this, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the cause of all these enormous crimes – because one sin is the cause and chastisement of making others fall into more sins – have been the sins of priests. They have been the first to profane My holy Temple hiddenly with sacrilegious Masses, and by mixing impure acts in the administration of the Sacraments. And under the appearance of holy things, they have reached the point of profaning not only My Temples of stone, but of profaning and using violence on My Living temples, which are the souls, and of profaning My very Body. The secular have somehow perceived all this, and not seeing in them the Light necessary for their journey – or rather, they have found nothing but darkness – they have been left so clouded as to lose the beautiful Light of Faith; and without Light, it is no wonder that they reach such grave excesses.

Therefore, pray for priests, that they may be Light for the peoples, so that, as the Light arises again, the secular may acquire Life and may see the errors they commit; and by seeing them, they will feel disgusted to commit these grave excesses, which will be the cause of grave chastisements.”


V7 – 10/25/06 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and there seemed to be people who wanted to crucify me. While they were laying me on the cross, I saw Our Lord within me, and as I laid myself, He laid Himself too. So, in my hands there were His hands, and the nail was piercing my hands and His; whatever I suffered, He would suffer too. The pain that those nails without a point gave us was such that I felt I was dying – but, how sweet to die together with Jesus! I only feared that I would not die.

Now, as they were about to crucify my feet, Jesus escaped me from within, and was now in front of me; my sufferings took as though shapes of Light, and placed themselves before the Lord as though in act of adoration. After this, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), for one who receives It, Grace is Light, It is Way, It is Nourishment, It is Strength, It is Relief; but for one who does not receive It, in addition to the fact that he finds no Light and feels the ground missing under his feet, remaining on an empty stomach and without Strength, Grace converts into fire and chastisement.” While He was saying this, a torrent of Light came out of His Hand, which descended upon the creatures; this Light remained Light for some, and for some it turned into fire.


V7 – 1/25/07 – (Luisa):  I am going through most bitter days because of the almost continuous privations of Blessed Jesus. At the most, He makes Himself seen in passing and like a flash, and immediately He hides so very deep within my interior that I cannot even catch sight of Him; and always in silence. So, when I saw Him after much struggling, and He was all embittered and oppressed, I said to Him: ‘But, tell me at least – what is it that makes You suffer so much?’ And He, unwilling, only to content me, told me: “Ah, My daughter (Luisa), you do not know what must happen; if I (Jesus) told you (Luisa), you would break My indignation, and I would not do what I have to do. This is why I keep silent. So, calm yourself about the way I (Jesus) act with you (Luisa) in this period of time. But, courage, it will be so very bitter for you, but do it as an athlete, as a generous one, always living, but as though dead, in My Will, without even crying.” Having said this, He hid deeper within my interior, leaving me as though petrified, without even being able to cry for His privation.

Now, to obey, I write that even before the month of January, until now, I do nothing but find myself outside of myself; it may also be a dream, but I seem to see places in desolation, cities deserted, entire streets with the houses closed, with no one walking along them; and dead people. My fright at seeing these things is such as to render me as though dazed, and I would like to imitate my Good Jesus by remaining, I too, taciturn and silent. Why this, I am unable to say, because my Light Jesus does not tell me anything. I wrote this only to obey. Deo Gratias.


V8 – 8/6/07 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, inside a Church, and I seemed to see a most beautiful Lady, with her breasts so full of milk that it seemed that her skin was about to split. Calling me, She said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), this is the state of the Church. She is so full of interior bitternesses, and in addition to the interior bitternesses, She is about to receive external bitternesses. You, suffer a little, that they may be mitigated.”

And while saying this, She seemed to open her breasts, and forming a cup with her hand She filled it with milk and gave it to me to drink. It was so very bitter, and produced so many sufferings that I myself cannot explain. In the meantime, I saw people starting a revolution, entering churches, stripping altars and burning them, making attempts on the lives of priests, breaking statues… and a thousand other insults and evils. While they were doing this, the Lord was sending more scourges from Heaven, and many were killed; there seemed to be a general uproar against the Church, against the government, and against one another. I was frightened; I found myself within myself, and I kept seeing the Queen Mother, together with other saints, praying to Jesus Christ that He would let me suffer. It seemed He would not pay attention to them, and they kept insisting. Importuned, Blessed Jesus answered: “Do not importune Me, be quiet, otherwise I will take her with Me.” But in spite of this, it seemed that I suffered a little bit.

Now I am going to say, all together, that during almost all of these days, as I find myself in my usual state, I see nothing but revolutions and chastisements. Blessed Jesus is almost always taciturn, and every now and then He just tells me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not force Me, otherwise I (Jesus) will make you (Luisa) go out of this state.” And I say: ‘My Life and my All, if You want to be left free to do what You want, take me with You; then You will be able to do whatever You want.’ It seems that in these days it takes great patience in dealing with Blessed Jesus.


V8 – 9/07 – (Luisa):  I am going through most bitter days, with continuous privations. At the most, He comes like shadow and lightning, and with almost continuous threats of chastisements. Oh God, what an uproar! It seems that the world is shaken; all are in the attitude of making revolutions and of killing one another. The Lord seems to withdraw His Grace, and men become like many fierce animals. But after all, it is better to keep silent about these things, because talking about it embitters my poor soul too much, which is already full enough of bitternesses.


V8 – 10/29/07 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and I saw baby Jesus who, placing Himself on my bed, beat my whole body with His Hands, giving me also some kicks. After He beat me well and trampled me, He disappeared. As I returned into myself, I could not understand the reason for this beating; but I was content, remembering that I had drawn closer to Jesus to be beaten more. Then, while feeling all beaten up, I was surprised again by Blessed Jesus who, removing the Crown of Thorns from His Head, Himself, drove it into mine, but with such force that all the Thorns were driven into me. Then, placing Himself in my interior, almost in the act of moving forward, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), how are you doing? Let us go higher, let us go higher in chastising the world.”

I felt frightened on hearing that I was uniting my will to His in going higher with chastisements. And He added: “That which I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa), you must not forget. Remember that some time ago I showed you the present chastisements, as well as those which I was to send; and you (Luisa), presenting yourself before My Justice, pleaded so much for mankind, offering yourself to suffer anything, that it was conceded to you, as alms, that instead of doing ‘ten’, out of regard for you it would do ‘five’. This is why this morning I (Jesus) beat you – to be able to give you (Luisa) your intent: that, though having to do ten, I do five.”


V8 – 11/3/07 – (Luisa):  This morning, as I was in my usual state, I felt Him move in my interior, repeating: “Let us go higher…”

On hearing this, I shrugged my shoulders, saying: ‘Lord, why do You say, “Let us go higher”? Say, rather, “I will go higher with chastisements” – I am afraid to put my will into it.’ And He: “My daughter (Luisa), My Will and yours are one, and if I say ‘let us go higher with chastisements’, do I (Jesus) not say the same in the Good I do to creatures which surpasses – oh, by far! – the chastisements? Also, are you (Luisa) not united with Me in the many other chastisements which I do not send? So, one who is united in Good, should he not be united in mortifications? Between Me and you there must be no division.


V8 – 3/22/08 – (Luisa):  In the meantime, a venerable lady came out, and those who had received food from the young man drew around her and asked her what my state was. And the lady answered: “The state of this soul is a state of continuous prayer, of sacrifice and of union with God; and while being in this state, she is exposed to all the events of the Church, of the world and of the justice of God, praying, repairing, disarming and preventing, as much as she can, the chastisements which Justice wants to unload upon creatures. So, things are all suspended.”

Now, while hearing this, I said to myself: ‘I am so bad, yet they say that this is my state.’ But in spite of this, I found myself near a little window up high, and from it I could see all that was being done in the Church and in the world, and the scourges which were about to fall. But who could tell them all? I move on, so as not to be too long. And I – oh, how I moaned and prayed! I would have wanted to tear myself to pieces in order to prevent all this. But all of a sudden, everything disappeared and I found myself inside myself.


V8 – 5/12/08 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I was praying to Our Lord that He would concede to put peace in the hearts, which are all in discord – the poor want to attack the rich; there is such turmoil, a thirst for human blood… It seems that they themselves can no longer contain themselves. If the Lord does not put His hand in, we are already close to the chastisements which many times He has manifested. Then, He came for just a little and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), a just Justice Mine is. The rich have been the first to give a bad example to the poor, the first to move away from religion, from fulfilling their duties, to the point of feeling ashamed to enter a church, to attend Mass, to perform their obligation. The poor have nourished themselves with their poisonous slobber; and having fed themselves well with the poison of their bad example, with that same poison given by them, unable to contain it, they try to attack them and even to kill them. There is no order without subjection; the rich have subtracted themselves from God, and the peoples rebel against God, against the rich, and against everyone. The scale of My Justice is full, and I can no longer contain it.”


V8 – 8/10/08 – (Luisa):  And I: ‘My state is too hard, my dear Life – and what am I here for if You do not let Me suffer to spare my neighbor the chastisements? You have said many times that You would not allow rain – and it is not raining; so, I cannot beat You in anything. Whatever You say, You do; while if I had You near Me like before, I would tell You so much that You would let me win. How can You say that distance is nothing?’

And He: “It is precisely because of this that I AM forced to be far away – so as not to let you (Luisa) win, but give course to Justice. However, by keeping you here there is also some Good, because the lack of water will call for famine; during this time the peoples will be humiliated, and after slaughters and wars have taken place, Grace will find them more disposed to be saved. Is this not also a good, that while wars were about to overtake the famine, by keeping you here they will be postponed for a little longer, and so more souls will be saved?”


V8 – 1/2/09 – (Luisa):  To my great repugnance and only to obey, I continue to tell what has happened from December 28, regarding the earthquake. I was thinking to myself about the lot of so many poor people, alive under the rocks, and about the lot of my Lord in the Sacrament, He too alive and buried under the rubble; and I said to myself: ‘It seems as if the Lord is saying to those people: “I have had your same lot because of your sins. I AM together with you to help you, to give you Strength. I Love you so much that I AM waiting for one last act of Love to save you all, not taking into account all the evil you have done in the past”. Ah! my Good, my Life and my All, I send You my adorations under the rubble – wherever You are; and my embraces, kisses and all My Powers to keep You continuous company. Oh, how I wish I could come to dig you out, to put you in a more comfortable place, and more worthy of You!’

At that moment, my adorable Jesus told me in my interior: “My daughter (Luisa), you have somehow interpreted the excesses of Love which, even while scourging, I (Jesus) send to the peoples. But this is not all – there is more. Know that My Sacramental lot is perhaps less unhappy, less nauseating under the rocks than in the tabernacles. The number of sacrileges committed by priests, and also by the people, is such that I (Jesus) was tired of descending into their hands and into their hearts, to the point of being forced to destroy almost all of them. And then, what about the ambition and the scandals of priests? Everything was darkness in them, they were no longer the light which they should be; and when priests reach the point of no longer giving out light, the peoples reach the excesses, and My Justice is forced to destroy them.”

I was also thinking about His privations, and I felt a fear in me, as if some strong earthquake were also to happen here. In seeing myself so alone without Jesus, I felt so oppressed as to feel I was dying. Then, having compassion for me, good Jesus came, just a shadow, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not oppress yourself so much; out of regard for you (Luisa) I (Jesus) will spare this city most grave damages. See if I should not continue to chastise: instead of converting, of surrendering, in hearing of the destruction of other provinces they say that it is those places and lands that make this happen, and so they take their own good time, continuing to offend Me. How blind and foolish they are – is the whole earth not in the Palm of My Hand? Could I perhaps not open chasms in the earth and cause them to be swallowed in other places as well? And to show them this, I (Jesus) will cause earthquakes in other places, in which they do not usually occur.”

While saying this, He seemed to stretch out His Hand into the center of the earth, taking some fire and moving it closer to the surface of the earth; and the earth would shake and the earthquake would be felt, some places more intensely, some places less. And He added: “This is only the beginning of the chastisements – what will be the end of them?”


V9 – 10/1/09 – (Luisa):  Being very afflicted because of my poor state, I felt nauseating to myself, and abominable before God. I felt as if the Lord had left me halfway on the path, and without Him I feel I cannot go on any further. I feel He no longer wants to use me in order to spare the world the chastisements, and so He has moved crosses and thorns away from me; He has discontinued all my sharing in His Passion, the communications… The only thing I see is that He is on the alert so that I remain at Peace. My God, what pain! If You Yourself did not keep me distracted from these losses – of crosses, of You, and of everything, I would die of grief. Ah! if it wasn’t for Your Holy Will, into what a sea of troubles I would have fallen! Oh! keep me always in Your Holy Will – this is enough for me.

Now, as I was in my usual state, I was crying and saying to myself: ‘Good Jesus has taken me into no account, nor the years of bed, nor the sacrifices – nothing; otherwise He would not have left me – and I cried and cried. At that moment, I felt Him move in my interior and I lost consciousness, but also outside of myself I kept crying. Then, as if a door had opened in my interior, I saw Jesus. I felt huffy and I did not say anything to Him; I just kept crying. Jesus told me: “Calm yourself, calm yourself, do not cry; if you (Luisa) cry, I (Jesus) feel My Heart touched and I faint with Love for you (Luisa). Do you want to increase My Pains because of your love?”

Then, assuming a majestic air, as though sitting on a throne within My Heart, He seemed to hold a pen in His Hand and to write; and turning to me, He said: “See whether I do not take your things into account – not only the years of bed, the sacrifices, but even the thoughts you (Luisa)  have for Me. I AM writing your affections, your desires – everything… everything, even that which you (Luisa) would want to do or suffer, but you don’t because I (Jesus) do not concede it to you. I count, weigh and measure everything, so that nothing may be lost and you may be repaid for everything. And as I write it, I keep it in My own Heart.”

Then, I don’t now how, I found myself in Jesus, while before I was in my interior. It seemed that the Head of Jesus was in the place of my head, and all of my members served as His Body; and He repeated: “See how I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) – like the members of My own Body”; and He disappeared. After a little while, as I continued to be afflicted, bursting into crying every so often, Jesus came back and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), courage, I (Jesus) have not left you; rather, I AM hidden, because if I let Myself be seen as before, you would bind Me everywhere, and I would not be able to chastise the world in anything. Nor have I left you (Luisa) halfway on the path; don’t you remember what these last years of your life are? These are the years wanted by your confessor. Don’t you remember that, not once, but as many as four or five times you found yourself fighting with Me – I (Jesus) wanted to take you (Luisa) with Me, and you would tell me that Obedience did not want it; and while I had prepared you in order to take you with Me, I was forced to leave you again? Look now at the consequences you are bearing; these are years of pause and of patience. Charity and Obedience have their own thorns, which open large wounds and make the heart bleed; but they make the most ruby-red, fragrant and beautiful roses bloom. In fact, in seeing in your confessor the fruit of his good will, and charity, and fear that the world might be chastised – because of this I (Jesus) somehow concurred with him; but if I had not found anyone who would pray Me and interpose himself, you (Luisa) would certainly not be here. But, come – courage, the exile will not be too long after all, and I (Jesus) promise you (Luisa) that the day will come when I will not let myself be won by anyone.”


V9 – 10/14/09 – (Luisa):  I lamented to Jesus that He was not coming as before; that the great Love He had for me seemed to have turned into coldness… ‘It is true that as I lament to You, You always give excuses – that You want to chastise and this is why You do not come; but I don’t believe it. Who knows what evil there is in my soul, and because of it You do not come. Tell me at least, for at any cost, even of giving my life, I will remove it; but without You I cannot be. Think what You want; in this way I cannot go on – either with You on earth, or with You in Heaven.’ And Blessed Jesus, interrupting me, told me: “Calm yourself, calm yourself, I AM not far away from you (Luisa), but I AM always with you. You do not always see Me, but I AM always with you; even more, I AM in your inmost heart in order to rest, and as you (Luisa) look for Me and bear My privations with patience, you surround Me with flowers to cheer Me and make Me rest more peacefully.”

And while He was saying this, it seemed that there were many varieties of flowers around Jesus, which almost concealed Him. Then He added: “You don’t believe that I (Jesus) keep you (Lusia) deprived of Me in order to chastise; yet it is so. When you least expect it, you will hear of the things that will happen.” And while saying this, He showed me, in the world, wars, revolutions against the Church, churches on fire – and this was almost imminent.


V9 – 7/29/10 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), do not trouble yourself. Have I (Jesus) not said years ago that in order to chastise the world I would not come so often to relieve Myself with you, and as a consequence, I would not come too often, though I would never leave you; and in order to make up for My frequent coming and going, I (Jesus) would permit Mass and Communion every day, so that you (Luisa) might draw the Strength which you used to draw from My continuous visits; so much so, that I reached the point of threatening the confessor if he would not offer to do it? Yet, who does not know the chastisements that have happened in the meantime? Entire cities destroyed, rebellions, the withdrawal of Grace from the evil, and also from the very religious who are evil, so that those poisons, those wounds which they had inside, might come out… Ah! I (Jesus) can take no more, the sacrileges are enormous; yet, this is still nothing compared to the chastisements that will come! Had I not said this before, you would have some reason to become alarmed.

“You (Luisa), however, must lean on two pillars to be able to live with full confidence. One is My Will. In My Will there cannot be sins; My Will smashes all passions and sins to pieces – even more, It pulverizes them, to the point of destroying their roots. If you (Luisa) lean on the pillar of My Will, darkness will convert into Light, doubts into certainty, hopes into possession. The second pillar on which you (Luisa) must lean is the firm will and continuous attention not to offend Me, even slightly; disposing one’s own will to suffer everything, to face everything, to be submitted to everyone, rather than displease Me. When the soul sees that she is leaning continuously on these pillars, which form more than her very life, she can live with greater confidence than if she lived with My continuous favors. More so, since I (Jesus) permit this state also to dispose you (Luisa) to departing from this earth.”


V9 – 8/12/10 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), how offended I AM by priests! The superiors do not watch over My sacramental lot, and expose Me to enormous sacrileges. These whom you (Luisa) see are separated members, and although they offend Me very much, My Body has no more contact with their wicked actions; but the others who pretend they are not separated from Me and continue their actions as priests – oh! how much more they offend Me! To what an atrocious slaughter I AM exposed, how many chastisements they draw – I (Jesus) can bear them no more!”

And as He was saying this, I saw many priests running away from the Church and turning against the Church to wage war against Her. I looked at those priests with great sorrow, and I felt a Light that made me comprehend that the origin of this and all the evil of priests is in dealing with souls about human things, things all of a material nature, without a strict necessity. These human things form a net for the priest which blinds his mind, hardens his heart to Divine Things, and prevents his step on the path that befits him in the office of his ministry. Not only this, but it is a net for souls, because they bring what is human, and receive what is human, and Grace remains as though excluded from them. Oh! how much evil is committed by these – how many slaughters of souls they make!”

May the Lord enlighten everyone.


V9 – 8/19/10 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), I AM not the devil; what you (Luisa) see is nothing but the great iniquities that creatures do against Me, and which I (Jesus) will pour upon them, for I can no longer contain them. I poured some into you, and you were unable to contain everything, so you poured it to the ground. I will continue to pour upon them.”

And as He was saying this, He made me comprehend what chastisements He will make rain from Heaven. He will wrap the peoples in mourning, in most bitter and harrowing tears, and because of that little bit which He poured into me, He will spare, if not completely, part of our town. Then He showed a great mortality of peoples because of epidemics, earthquakes and other accidents. How many desolations, how many miseries!


V9 – 9/9/10 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, Blessed Jesus was not coming, and I was saying to myself: ‘How Jesus has changed with me; how He no longer Loves me as before! Before I was permanently bedridden, when there was the cholera, He Himself begged me that if I accepted sufferings for a few days, He would make the cholera cease; and since I accepted them, the scourge did cease. But now, He keeps me continuously in bed, one hears about the cholera and the torments it causes to the poor people, and He does not want to listen to me. How He no longer wants to make use of me!’ While saying this, I went about looking within me, and I saw Jesus there, with His Head raised, looking at me and listening to me, all moved. And when He saw that I noticed He was looking at me, He told me: “My good daughter (Luisa), how importunate you are to Me! You want to win by force, don’t you? All right, all right, but do not molest Me any more.” And He disappeared.


V9 – 10/29/10 – (Jesus):  ‘Ah, My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) was scourging and destroying cities and burying human lives – this is why I have not come. On this day of respite – for then I will take up the scourge in My Hand once again – immediately I have come to see you again. You (Luisa) must know that if I (Jesus) did not reward the things done with purity of intention, the upright works, and everything that is done for love of Me, I would fail a duty of Justice, and all of My other Attributes would remain obscured. Therefore, these are the three most powerful weapons to destroy this poisonous and infernal slobber of disturbance.

So, if the necessity to chastise should force Me not to come for a few days, and this air of hell wanted to invest you (Luisa), put these three weapons against it: purity of intention, work of victim – upright and good in itself, and sacrificing yourself for Me with the sole purpose of loving Me, and you will defeat any disturbance and will cast it away into the deepest hell. And with your indifference you will turn the key so that it may no longer be able to get out and molest you.”


V9 – 11/1/10 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), the Supreme Unity is when the soul reaches such tightness of Union with My Will as to consume any shadow of her own will, in such a way that it is no longer possible to discern which one is My Will and which one is hers. Then My Will becomes the Life of this soul, in such a way that whatever thing It may dispose over her as well as over others, she is content with everything. Anything seems to be suitable for her; death, life, cross, poverty, etc. – she looks at all of these as her own things, which serve to maintain her life. She reaches such an extent, that not even chastisements frighten her any more, but she is content with the Divine Will in everything, so much so, that it seems to her that if I want something, she wants it too; and if she wants it, the Lord does it. I do what she wants, and she does what I want.

This is the final breath of the consummation of your will in Mine which I (Jesus) have asked of you (Luisa) many times, and which Obedience and Charity toward the neighbor have not conceded you; so much so, that many times I (Jesus) have surrendered to you by not chastising, but you have not surrendered to Me, to the point that I AM forced to hide from you in order to be free when Justice forces Me and men reach the point of provoking Me to take up the scourge in My Hand and chastise the peoples. If I (Jesus) had you (Luisa) with Me, with My Will in the act of scourging, I would probably have fallen short and diminished the scourge, because there is no greater Power in Heaven and on earth than a soul who is totally and completely consumed in My Will. She reaches the point of debilitating Me, and she disarms Me as she pleases. This is the Supreme Unity. Then, there is the low unity in which the soul is resigned, yes, but she does not look at My dispositions as her own things – as her own life, nor does she delight in My Will, or dissolve hers in Mine. This one I look at, yes, but she does not reach the point of enamoring Me, nor do I (Jesus) reach the point of going mad for her, as I do for those of the Supreme Unity.”


V10 – 11/29/10 – (Jesus):  “…However, know that I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) always ready, and always at your post of victim, even if you should not always suffer. I want you like the soldiers in the battle field: even if the act of fighting is not continuous they remain with their weapons ready, and if necessary, seated in the quarters, so that every time the enemy tries to start the fight, they may always be ready to defeat him. The same for you, My daughter (Luisa): you will remain always ready, always at your post, so that every time I (Jesus) should want to make you suffer either for My relief or to hold back chastisements, or for anything else, I may find you always ready. I (Jesus) do not have to always call you (Luisa), or dispose you to the sacrifice each time; but rather, you will consider yourself as being always called, even if I should not always keep you in the act of suffering. So, we have understood each other, haven’t we? Be tranquil, and fear nothing.”


V10 – 1/8/10 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), tell father G. that I absolutely want this work. They already begin to raise difficulties, but tell him that it takes nothing but intrepidity, courage and lack of self-interest. It is necessary to close one’s ears to all that is human, and to open them to that which is Divine; otherwise, the human difficulties will become a net that will keep them entangled, in such a way that they will not be able to get out, and I (Jesus) will justly chastise them, rendering them the rags of the peoples. But if they promise to get down to work, I will be all for them, and they will be nothing but the shadows which will follow the work so yearned for by Me. Not only this, but they will have another great good. In fact, the Church needs to be purged and washed by the shedding of blood, because She has dirtied herself very, very much, to the point of giving Me nausea; but in the places where they will purify themselves in this way, I (Jesus) will spare the blood. What more do they want?”


V10 – 9/6/11 – (Luisa):  It continues almost always in the same way – that is, with most bitter privation and with silence. At most, He only makes Himself seen, and at most, it is about usual things, therefore I do not write them. I remember that when I emit some laments about my state, He tells me in my interior: “My daughter (Luisa), patience, do this as a stalwart – as a heroine. Courage, let Me chastise for now, and then I (Jesus) will come as before.”

I also remember that, as I was concerned about my state, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), one who wants to pay attention to difficulties, to doubts, to herself, is like those fussy persons who feel disgust for everything, and instead of thinking about nourishing themselves, they think of the rubbish, even if it’s not there, and therefore they grow thin, emaciated, and so they die.”

Some other little things, I don’t remember well.

Then, this morning, as I was outside of myself, I found Baby Jesus in my arms, crying so very strongly because He heard that they wanted to cast Him away from Italy. We made our way toward France, and they did not want to receive Him; and my always lovable Jesus, crying, said: “Everyone drives Me away, no one wants Me, and I (Jesus), forced by them themselves, will scourge them.”

In the meantime, I saw roads full of rocks, of fire, with great damage to the cities.

“Did you see? Let us retreat, My daughter (Luisa), let us retreat.”

And so we retreated into my bed, and He disappeared. Then, after a few days, as I was praying Him to placate Himself because of the many scourges that one hears about, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), they treat me like a dog, and I (Jesus) will make them kill one another like dogs.”

Oh God, what heartbreak! Placate Yourself, O Lord – placate Yourself!


V10 – 10/6/11 – (Luisa):  I was thinking to myself: ‘How is it possible that Blessed Jesus, in order to chastise the people, has to deprive me of His Lovable presence. I would like to see whether He does not go to other souls to make Himself seen. I believe that these are excuses, or that there is something in me which prevents Him from coming.’ And Jesus, just barely making Himself seen, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), it is really true that I (Jesus) do not come often because of the chastisements. And suppose, if you’d like, that I go to someone else – this says nothing; everything is in the state that the souls have reached through my Grace. For example: if I went to a soul who is a beginner, or has not reached the possession of Me as if I were all her own, she would do little or nothing to Me. She would not have that daring, that confidence to disarm Me, and to bind Me as she pleases. These are all timid before Me – and with reason, because they have not entered into Me as the owners, so as to be able to dispose as they wish. On the other hand, when the soul has reached the point of possessing Me, she is daring, confident; she knows all the Divine Secrets, and with reason she can say to Me: ‘If You are mine, I want to do what I want.’ And this is why I (Jesus) hide to be able to act – because they would suffer greatly in uniting with Me to chastise, or they would prevent Me from doing it. Here, My daughter (Luisa), is the necessity that I do not manifest Myself to you; otherwise… I (Jesus) want to hear it from you (Luisa) yourself – what would you do to Me? How much would you not be opposed?”

And I: ‘Certainly, Lord, I would have to stick to all that You Yourself have taught me – to love the creatures as Your Images and as Yourself. If I could see You as before, You would never be able to permit the war in Italy; but You hide, and I remain as nothing – and pure nothing. With You I can do everything; without You I can do nothing.’

And Jesus: “You see? You yourself say it; so, if I (Jesus) came to you (Luisa), the war would be reduced to a game, while My Will is for it to bring sad and grave consequences. Therefore I (Jesus) repeat to you (Lusia) My refrain: ‘Courage, be at peace, be faithful to Me; don’t act like a child who makes fusses for everything, but like a heroine. I do not really leave you, but I (Jesus) will remain hidden in your heart, and you (Luisa) will continue to Live of My Will; and if we don’t do it so, the peoples will reach such excesses as to strike terror and fright.”


V10 – 10/12/11 – (Luisa):  He continues by just barely making Himself seen, but in the act of drawing my will so much to Himself, that I almost feel as if I wanted the chastisements. What pain! It seems He let me suffer a little bit, telling me: “Things will be grave; this little suffering of yours serves to content you (Luisa) and to make Me keep My Word to you – of sparing in part.”

And I: ‘Thank You, O Jesus! But I am not content. I hope I can win You and placate You, because from the news one hears about the war, it seems that Italy is winning; therefore since Italy is winning, it will never get to the point that the foreigners may invade Italy.’

And Jesus: “Ah! My daughter (Luisa), how they deceive themselves! I (Jesus) will allow the first triumphs to make them blind, and then the enemy will plot their defeat. This is nothing yet; the triumphs they talk about are without battles, and therefore without certainty.”

And I: ‘Ah! I have seen it, Jesus. Keep me content – placate Yourself.’

And He: “Ah, My daughter (Luisa), My daughter (Luisa)!”


V10 – 10/17/11 – (Jesus):  “When I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) inside of Me I alone enjoy you; when I put you out everyone enjoys you, and you can take the defense of your brothers, you can plead for them, you can have them spared; so much so, that the Saints say that I (Jesus) content you (Luisa) more than them, and that I take more taste from your love than from theirs. And I say to them that I do this with love and with justice, because with you I can share My Pains, but not with them. Since you are a pilgrim soul, you can take the pains of others as well as Mine upon yourself, and by this you have the strength to disarm Me – unless I did not want to, like last night, when I (Jesus) bound your arms very tightly so that you (Luisa) might not oppose My Will. But they no longer have these weapons in their power, so much so, that if I have to chastise, I hide from you who can come up with something – but not from them.”


V10 – 10/19/11 – (Luisa):  In the meantime, it seemed that Mama was coming, and I: ‘Oh! Mama, Mama! Come, Oh Jesus! Oh Mama!’

And She: ‘Love Jesus very much. Keep Him content – love is His happiness.”

And I: ‘It seems that somehow He is content; I do what I can to love Him, but it seems to me that You can make Him content more than I can.’

And She: “My daughter (Luisa), the Love of Heaven is His own, but He wants to gain the love of the earth. This is why, on this side, you (Luisa) can make Him more content, by loving Him and, much more, by suffering.’

And I: ‘If You knew O Mama, what He does to me! He leaves me, He reaches the point of denying sufferings to me in order to chastise. Listen to what He told me the day before yesterday – that He wants to let foreign people come into Italy. How much ruin will they not produce? He really wants to do impertinences; and to make me surrender, He bound me very tightly to His Will.’

And Jesus: “Are you accusing Me?”

And I: ‘Certainly I have to accuse You before Mama, because She entrusts You to me, recommending that I be well attentive so as not to let You operate chastisements, and She told me even to be daring in order to disarm You. Isn’t it true, Mama?’

And She: “Yes, it is true, and I want you to continue on, because grave chastisements have been prepared. Therefore, love Him very much, for love will sweeten Him, at least.”

And I: ‘I will do what I can. I feel I love Him alone, so much so, that I can be without You, but without Jesus – no. And You certainly don’t feel sorry about that, because You know and You want that I must love Jesus the most, among everyone.’ And Mama seemed to be content.


V10 – 1/20/12 – (Jesus):  “My beloved daughter (Luisa), My squeezes are felt by one who, not letting herself be squeezed thoroughly by Me, cannot enter to Live in Me; but one who lets herself be squeezed by Me as I (Jesus) want, already passes to Living in Me, and by Living in Me, everything is wideness – constraints no longer exist. All the constraint lasts for as long as the soul has the patience to let herself be squeezed by Me, to the point of undoing the human being in order to Live in the Divine Life. But then, as she passes to Living in Me, I (Jesus) keep her safe; I let her wander throughout My endless Boundaries; I no longer need to use bonds. On the contrary, many times I Myself have to force her so as to put her out a little, to let her see the evils of the earth, to make her plead with greater yearning for the salvation of My children, and have them spared the deserved chastisements. And she is on tenterhooks, and pushes Me for she wants to enter into Me, lamenting, saying that the earth is not for her.


V11 – 7/23/12 – (Jesus):  “…You must know that when you (Luisa) do not feel anything from your heart, I (Jesus) pull your heart into My Heart and I keep it there, resting in sweet sleep, while I enjoy it. If you feel it, then the enjoyment is together. If you let Me do, after I (Jesus) have given you rest in My Heart and enjoyed in you (Luisa), I will come to rest within you and I will make you enjoy the contentments of My Heart.

Ah, My daughter (Luisa), this was necessary for you, for Me and for the world. For you: if you had been awake, you would have suffered very much in seeing the chastisements that I AM sending now, and the others that I will send. Therefore, it is necessary to make you content not to make you suffer greatly. It is necessary for Me: how much I would have suffered, had I not made you content – had I not conceded what you would have wanted, since you would not permit Me to send chastisements. This is why it was necessary to put you to sleep. In certain sad times of necessity and chastisements, it is necessary to choose ways in the middle in order to be less unhappy.

It is necessary for the world: if I (Jesus) wanted to pour Myself out with you (Luisa) and make you suffer, as I once made you suffer – therefore making you content by saving the world from the chastisements – faith, religion and salvation would be even more banned by the world, especially considering the attitude of the souls during these times. Ah, My daughter (Luisa), let Me do, whether I (Jesus) have to keep you awake or asleep. Didn’t you tell Me to make of you (Luisa) whatever I wanted? Do you perhaps want to withdraw your word?”


V11 – 11/25/12 – (Jesus):  “Dear daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) cannot find the nails, but in order to make you content, I will pierce you with a piece of iron.” So He took my hands and ripped them open, very far; and then my feet. I suffered, yes; I felt as if I was swimming in a sea of pain, but also of love and sweetness. It seemed that Jesus could not remove His tender and Loving Gaze from me; arranging me and covering me completely with His Royal Mantle, He told me: “My sweet daughter (Luisa), cease now any doubt about My Love for you. Even more, in order to give you courage I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) that no matter your state, or whether you see Me concerned, or flashing by, or silent, remember that one single renewal of My thorns or nails to you will be enough to place us again in our Loving closeness and intimacy – more than before. Therefore, be content, and I (Jesus) will continue with the scourges of the world.”

He told me other things, but the intensity of the pain does not allow me to remember them well. Then I remained alone again, without Jesus, and I poured myself out with my sweet Mama, crying and praying Her to make Jesus come back. My Mama told me: “My sweet daughter (Luisa), do not cry. You must thank Jesus for the way He behaves with you and for the Grace He gives you, not allowing you to move away from His Most Holy Will, in these times of chastisements. Greater Grace He could not give you.”


V11 – 3/21/13 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I was telling sweet Jesus to condescend to let me share in His Pains. He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), My Will is the opium of the soul. My opium is the will of the soul abandoned in my Will – united to pure Love. This opium, which the soul gives to Me, makes the thorns lose their capacity to prick Me, the nails to pierce Me, the wounds to give Me pain; it soothes and puts everything to sleep. Therefore, if you have given Me opium, how can you want Me to let you share in my pains? If I don’t have them for Myself, neither do I have them for you.”

And I: ‘Ah, Jesus, how Good You are to come up with this! It seems that You want to make fun of me, coming up with these terms so as not to make me content.” And He: “No, no, it’s true. It is really like this. I (Jesus) need a lot of opium, and I want you (Luisa) completely abandoned in Me, so that you will no longer feel yourself, and so I will tell you that you are My Soul, My Flesh, My Bones. During these times I (Jesus) need plenty of opium because, if I wake up, I will pour down a deluge of chastisements.” And He disappeared.


V11 – 8/27/13 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), poor daughter of Mine, they want to sadden you, don’t they? Ah, My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) do so much to keep you at peace, and they want to disturb you! No, no. Know that if you dared to offend Me, I would be the first one to be saddened, and the first one to tell you. So, if I do not say anything – don’t worry. But do you want to know who is the cause of this? The devil. He is consumed with rage. And every time you (Luisa) speak about the effects of My Will to those who approach you, he blows up in fury and, unable to approach directly the one who does My Will, he goes around, approaching those who can get close to you under the appearance of Good, in order to obtain at least the miserable purpose of disturbing the serene heaven of the soul in whom I (Jesus) delight to dwell. So, he thunders and lightenings from afar, thinking of doing something, but – unhappy him! – the Power of My Will breaks his legs, making those thunders and lightenings fall upon himself. So he remains more furious than before.

Furthermore, what you say is not true, ‘What’s the purpose of my state?’ You must know that, for the soul who really does My Will, the Virtue of My Will is so great that if I (Jesus) get close to the place where that soul is in order to send chastisements, finding there My Will and My own Love, I don’t feel like punishing Myself in that soul; rather, I remain wounded and I faint. So, instead of chastising, I throw Myself in the arms of that soul, who contains My Will and My Love. I rest and I remain all cheered.


V11 – 9/6/13 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), one gains something through the prayers with indulgences. But the Hours of My Passion, which are My own Prayers, My Reparations and all My Love, came really from the depth of My Heart. Did you perhaps forget how many times I united Myself with you to do them together, and I (Jesus) turned chastisements into Graces over the entire earth? So, My satisfaction is such that, instead of the indulgence, I give the soul a handful of Love, which contains infinite Love of incalculable price. Further, when things are done for pure Love, My Love finds Its outpouring – and it is not inconsiderable that the creature can give relief and expression to the Love of her Creator.”


V11 – 9/12/13 – (Jesus): “Yes, My Volition is true and perfect Ecstasy. And you (Luisa) break this Ecstasy whenever you want to think about yourself. But I (Jesus) will not let you win. Great chastisements will come in the near times, although you don’t believe it. You and the one who directs you will believe when you see. Therefore, it is necessary that the ecstasy of My Humanity be interrupted – but not completely, otherwise you would bind Me everywhere. Then, I will let the sweet enchantment of My Volition come in order to make you (Luisa) suffer less when you see the chastisements.”


V11 – 3/14/14 – (Luisa): Today I was fusing all of myself in Jesus, to the extent of feeling Jesus alive and real within me. As I was feeling Him, He said to me in such a tender and touching way that I felt my poor heart crack: ‘My daughter (Luisa), it is too hard for Me not to content one who does My Will. As you see, I (Jesus) no longer have Hands, Feet, Heart, Eyes, or Mouth. I have nothing left of My Will, since you (Luisa) took everything – you took possession of everything. I have nothing left which is not yours. This is why deserved chastisements are not being poured upon the many and great evils which inundate the earth: because it is hard for Me not to content you. Further, how can I (Jesus) do that if I do not have Hands? You don’t believe Me, do you? If hands were to be absolutely necessary to Me, I would be forced to steal them from you, or to convince you so that you yourself would give them to Me. How hard this is – how hard it is for Me to displease one who does My Will! I would displease Myself.”

I remained astonished at this speaking of Jesus. Not only this, but I could really see that I had the Hands, the Feet and the Eyes of Jesus; so I said to Him: ‘Jesus, let me come.’ And He: “Give Me a little more of Life in you (Luisa), and then you will come.”


V11 – 11/20/14 – (Luisa):  I was feeling very afflicted because of the privations of Blessed Jesus and, even more, for the chastisements which are currently pouring down upon earth, and about which many times Jesus had spoken to me many years before. It really seems to me that, during so many years in which He has kept me in bed, we have been sharing the weight of the world, suffering and working together for the good of all creatures. It seems to me that the state of victim, in which adorable Jesus had placed me, bound all the creatures together, between me and Him. There was nothing that Jesus would do, nor chastisement He would send, without letting me know. And in the meantime, I would behave with Him in such a way that He would either reduce the chastisement by half, or not send it at all…. Oh, how I grieve at the thought that Jesus may have drawn all the weight of the creatures upon Himself, leaving me aside, as if unworthy to work together with Him!

But there are more afflictions: in the darting little visits that He makes, He keeps telling me that the wars and the scourges which are occurring now, are still nothing, while it seems that they are too much; that other nations will go to war – and not only this, but that they will wage war against the Church, attack sacred people and kill them…. How many Churches will be profaned! In reality, for about two years I have omitted writing about the chastisements which Jesus very often showed to me; partly because they were repetitions, and partly because writing about chastisements hurts me so much that I just cannot continue. However, one night, while I was writing what He had told me about His Most Holy Will, and having skipped what He had told me about the chastisements, Jesus reproached me sweetly and told me: “Why didn’t you write everything?” And I: ‘My Love, it didn’t seem necessary to me. Moreover, You know how much I suffer.’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), if it were not necessary, I (Jesus) wouldn’t have told you. Furthermore, since your state of victim is linked to the events that My Providence disposes on the creatures, and since this link between you (Luisa), Myself and the creatures, as well as your sufferings in order to prevent chastisements appear from your writings, this gap would be noticed. This would appear as clashing and incomplete, and I (Jesus) do not know how to do clashing and incomplete things.” Shrugging my shoulders, I – bad one – said: ‘It is too hard for me to do this; and then, who is going to remember everything?’ Jesus added smiling: “And if after your death I will put in your hands a pen of fire in Purgatory, what will you say?” So, that’s why I made up my mind to mention the chastisements. I hope that Jesus will forgive my omission, and I promise to be more diligent in the future.
V11 – 12/21/14 – (Luisa):  I was in my usual state and Blessed Jesus, coming all afflicted, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), I can’t take the world any more. Relieve Me for all; let Me palpitate in your heart, so that in hearing the heartbeats of all through the heartbeats of your heart, sins may not come to Me directly, but indirectly – through your heart. Otherwise, My Justice will send chastisements never seen before.”

In the act of saying this, He identified His Heart with mine, making me feel His heartbeat. Who can tell all that I could feel in It? Sins, like flashes, wounded that Heart; and as I shared in it, Jesus felt relieved. Then, as I felt completely identified with Him, it seemed as if I was enclosing His Intelligence, His Hands, His Feet, and all the rest; and I shared in all the offenses of creatures against each one of the senses…. But who can tell how this happened? Then Jesus added: “To have company in My Pains is the greatest relief for Me. This is why My Divine Father was not so inexorable after My Incarnation, but milder: He no longer received direct offenses, but indirect ones – that is, through My Humanity, which was a continuous shield for Him. In the same way, I (Jesus) keep searching for souls who may place themselves between Me and the creatures; otherwise I will make of the world a heap of ruins.”


V11 – 2/8/15 – (Luisa):  I continue very afflicted because of the ways my always adorable Jesus uses with me, but I am resigned to His Most Holy Volition. If I lament with Jesus because of His privations and His silence, He says to me: “This is not the time to think about this. These are childish fusses, and of very weak souls, who care about themselves and not about Me; who think of what they feel rather than of what they have to do. These souls reek of human to Me, and I cannot trust them. From you (Luisa) I (Jesus) do not expect this; I want the heroism of the souls who, forgetting about themselves, care only about Me and, united with Me, occupy themselves with the salvation of My children, whom the devil tries to snatch from My Arms with all his tricks. I (Jesus) want you (Lusia) to adapt yourself to the times – now sorrowful, now mournful, now tragic – and to pray and cry together with Me for the blindness of creatures. Your life must disappear and let My whole Life permeate you. If you (Luisa) do this, I (Jesus) will feel in you the fragrance of My Divinity, and I will trust you in these sad times, which are nothing less than preludes of chastisements…. What will happen when things go further? Poor children, poor children…!”

It seems that Jesus suffers so much that He remains speechless; He hides more deeply than inside the heart so as to disappear completely. When I renew my laments because of my sorrowful state, and I call Him over and over again telling Him, ‘Jesus, don’t You hear about the tragedies that are happening? How is it possible that Your merciful Heart can bear so much torment in your children?’ – it seems that He barely moves in my interior, as if He didn’t want to be heard. And I feel inside my breath another panting Breath, like a rattle… It is the Breath of Jesus because I recognize Its Sweetness. But as It refreshes me completely, it makes me feel deadly pains, because in that Breath I feel the breath of all, especially of many lives dying in war; and Jesus suffers in an agonizing rattle. Other times, it seems that He is in so much pain that He sends feeble moans, which would move the hardest hearts to pity.

Then, as I was continuing my laments, this morning He came and said: “My daughter (Luisa), the Union of our wills is such that the volition of one cannot be distinguished from that of the other. It is this Union of Wills that forms the perfection of the Three Divine Persons because, as We are equal in the Will, this Uniformity brings also the Uniformity of Sanctity, Wisdom, Beauty, Power, Love and of all the rest of Our Being. Therefore, We reflect Ourselves One to the Other, and Our satisfaction in looking at Ourselves is so great as to render Us fully Happy. So, each One is reflected in the Other, and each One pours into the Other all the Qualities of Our Being, like many Immense Seas of different Joys. If anything were dissimilar among Us, Our Being could not be Perfect, or fully Happy.

Now, in creating man, We infused into Him Our Image and Likeness in order to overwhelm him with Our Happiness and to be reflected and delighted in him. But man broke the first link of connection – the will – between himself and the Creator, therefore losing the true Happiness; even more, all evils swooped down upon him. So, We can neither reflect Ourselves nor delight in him. We can do it only in that soul who does Our Will in everything; in her We enjoy the complete Fruit of Creation. Even those who have some Virtues, who pray and attend the Sacraments do not allow Us to be reflected in them, if they do not conform to Our Volition because, since their will is broken from Ours, all things are in disorder and upside down.

Ah, My daughter (Luisa), only Our Will is acceptable, since It re-orders, delights and brings all Goods with It. Therefore, do My Will always and in everything, and may My Will be enough for you (Luisa) in every Sanctity.” And I: ‘My Love and my Life, how can I conform to your Will in regard to the many chastisements that you are sending? It takes too much to say ‘FIAT’… Furthermore, how many times have You told me that if I did your Will, You would do mine? And now, have You changed?’ And Jesus: “I (Jesus) have not changed; it is the creature that has reached the point of becoming unbearable. Come closer and suckle from My Mouth the offenses that creatures send Me. If you (Lusia) can swallow them, I will suspend the chastisements.”

I approached His Mouth and suckled with avidity. To my greatest regret, I tried hard to swallow but I couldn’t. I suffocated. I returned to try hard again, but I couldn’t. Then, with a tender Voice, sobbing, Jesus told me: “Have you seen? You cannot swallow it – it is too disgusting, nauseating and bitter. Spew it on the ground and it will fall upon creatures.” So I spewed it, and Jesus too spewed it upon the earth from His Mouth, saying: “This is nothing yet. This is nothing yet!” And He disappeared.


V11 – 3/6/15 – (Luisa):  “My daughter (Luisa), do you perhaps want Me to operate as before, when I (Jesus) not only commanded you to remain still, but I also tied you in such a way that you could not come round, if not for Obedience? If I did this now, My Love would be constrained and My Justice would find an obstacle in pouring Itself out completely upon creatures. And you (Luisa) might say to Me: ‘Just as You keep me tied as victim of suffering for love of You and for the creatures, I tie You so as to stop Your Justice from pouring Itself out upon creatures.’ So, should everything be compromised – the wars and the preparations that other nations are making to go to war? I can’t, I can’t! At the most, if you (Luisa) want to remain tied, or if the Confessor wants to keep you so – if you do, I (Jesus) will have some regard for Corato, and I will save something. But in the meantime things get tighter, and My Justice does not want you in this state of appeasement at all, in order to soon send more chastisements, make other nations go to war, and to lower the pride of creatures who will find defeats where they believe to find victories. Alas, My Love cries, but My Justice demands satisfaction! My daughter (Luisa), patience!”

After He said this, He disappeared. But who can say how I remained? I felt like dying, because I thought that, if I had left that state of immobility in suffering by myself, I might have been the cause of an increase in chastisements and for the entrance of other nations into the war – especially of Italy… What pain, what heartbreak! I felt all the weight of this suspension from Jesus. I thought to myself: ‘Who knows if Jesus is not permitting the Confessor to become well in order to give the final blow and make Italy enter the war?’ How many suspicions and fears! As I came out of the state of the usual morning suffering by myself, I spent a day of tears and intense bitterness.


V11 – 3/7/15 – (Lusia):  The thought of the chastisements, and of the fact that I might foment them by getting out of that state by myself, was transfixing my heart. The Confessor was still not well. I prayed and cried, and I couldn’t make up my mind. Blessed Jesus came flashing by, and left me free. Finally, moved by compassion, He came, and sympathizing with me and caressing me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), your constancy wins Me. Love and prayer bind Me and almost wage a battle against Me. This is why I (Jesus) came to be with you for a little while – I could not resist anymore… Poor daughter (Luisa), don’t cry – here I AM, all for you! Patience, courage; don’t lose heart! If you knew how much I suffer to punish men! But the ingratitude of creatures forces Me to do this – their enormous sins, their incredulity, their will to almost challenge Me…

And this is the least… If I told you about the religious side… how many sacrileges! How many rebellions! How many pretend to be My children, while they are My fiercest enemies! How many false sons are usurpers, self-interested and unbelievers. Their hearts are bilges of vice. These children will be the first to wage war against the Church; they will try to kill their own Mother… Oh, how many of them are already about to come out in the field! Now there is war among governments; soon they will make war against the Church, and its greatest enemies will be its own children… My Heart is shredded with Pain.

In spite of all, I (Jesus) will let this storm pass by, and the face of the earth and the churches be washed by the blood of the same ones who smeared and contaminated them. You (Luisa) too, unite yourself to My Pain – pray and be patient in watching this storm pass by.”


V11 – 4/3/15 – (Luisa):  My always adorable Jesus continues to come every now and then, but without changing His look of threats and chastisements. If sometimes He delays, He comes with such a look as to move to pity – tired, exhausted… He attracts me to Himself and transforms me into Himself; then He enters into me and transforms Himself into me. He wants me to kiss His Wounds, one by one, to adore them and to offer reparation. Then, after He has made me soothe His Most Holy Humanity, He tells me: “My daughter (Luisa), My daughter (Luisa), it is necessary that I (Jesus) come to you every once in a while to take rest in you, to be soothed, to pour Myself out; otherwise I would cause the world to be devoured by fire.” And without giving me time to tell Him anything, He escapes.


V11 – 5/2/15 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), sins snatch chastisements and wars from My Hands. I AM forced to allow them, and at the same time I (Jesus) cry and suffer with the creature.” I felt like dying for the pain, and Jesus, wanting to distract me, added: “My daughter (Luisa), don’t lose heart. This too is in My Will, because only the souls who Live in My Will can confront My Justice. Only those who Live in My Volition have free access to share in the Divine Decrees and plead for their brothers. Those who reside in My Will possess all the Fruits of My Humanity, because My Humanity had Its limits, while My Will has no limits. My Humanity Lived in My Will – drowned in It, inside and out.

Now, the souls who Live in My Will are the closest ones to My Humanity. Making My Humanity their own – because I (Jesus) gave It to them – they can present themselves before the Divinity being covered by It, like another Me, so as to disarm the Divine Justice and plead for forgiveness for the perverted creatures. As they Live in My Will, they Live in Me; and since I (Jesus) Live in everyone, they also Live in everyone and for everyone. They Live hovering in the air like the sun, while their prayers, acts, reparations and everything they do, are like the rays which descend from them for the Good of all.”


V11 – 5/18/15 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my poor state, I felt my poor nature succumbing. I am in a state of continuous violence: I want to do violence to my adorable Jesus, but He hides so as not to be violated more. Then, when He sees that I am not in the act of doing violence to Him because He is hidden, all of a sudden, He makes Himself seen and starts crying for all that miserable humanity is suffering and will suffer.

Other times, in a touching and almost imploring tone, He tells me: “Daughter (Luisa), do not use violence on Me. My state is already violent in itself because of the grave evils that the creatures suffer and will suffer; but I must give Justice Its Rights.”

And while He says this, He cries and I cry together with Him. Many times it seems that, transforming Himself completely into me, He cries through my eyes. All the tragedies – human bodies mutilated, floods of blood, towns destroyed, churches profaned – which Jesus had shown me many years before, pass before my mind. My poor heart is shredded with pain; now I feel it writhing with the spasm, now freezing. And while I suffer this, I hear the voice of Jesus saying, “How I grieve! How I grieve!” And He bursts into sobs. But who can say everything?

Now, as I was in this state, my sweet Jesus, in order to somehow calm my fears and frights, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), courage. It is true that great will be the tragedy, but know that I (Jesus) will have regard for the souls who Live from My Will, and for the places where these souls are. Just as the kings of the earth have their own courts and quarters in which they keep safe in the midst of dangers and among the fiercest enemies – since their strength is such that while the enemies destroy other places, they do not dare to look at that point for fear of being defeated – in the same way, I (Jesus) too, King of Heaven, have My quarters and My courts on earth. These are the souls who Live in My Volition, in whom I Live; and the Court of Heaven crowds round them. The strength of My Will keeps them safe, rendering the bullets cold, and driving back the fiercest enemies.

My daughter (Luisa), why do the Blessed themselves remain safe and fully happy even when they see that the creatures suffer and that the earth is in flames? Exactly because they Live completely in My Will.  Know that I (Jesus) put the souls who Live completely from My Will on earth in the same condition as the Blessed. Therefore, Live in My Will and fear nothing. Even more, in these times of human carnage, not only do I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to Live in My Will, but to Live also among your brothers – between Me and them. You (Luisa) will hold Me tightly, sheltered from the offenses that creatures send Me. As I (Jesus) give you the Gift of My Humanity and of all that I suffered, while you keep Me sheltered, you (Luisa) will give to your brothers My Blood, My Wounds, My Thorns – My Merits for their salvation.”
V11 – 5/25/15 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus barely made Himself seen, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the chastisement is great. Yet, people do not stir themselves; rather, they remain almost indifferent, as if they had to be present at a tragic scene, not a reality. Instead of all coming as one to cry at My Feet, imploring Mercy and forgiveness, they are, instead, attentive to hear what is happening. Ah, My daughter (Luisa), how great is human perfidy! Look at how obedient they are to governments: priests and lay people do not demand anything, they do not refuse sacrifices, and must be ready to give their own lives… Ah, for Me only there is no Obedience and no sacrifices. And if they do anything at all, it is more pretensions and interests. This, because the government resorts to force. But since I (Jesus) make use of Love, this Love is disregarded by the creatures; they remain indifferent as if I did not deserve anything from them!”

As He was saying this, He burst into Tears. What a cruel torment to see Jesus crying! Then He continued: “Blood and fire will purify everything and will restore the repentant man. And the more he delays, the more blood will be shed, and the carnage will be such as man has never contemplated.” While saying this, He showed the human carnage… What a torment to live in these times! But may the Divine Volition be always done.


V11 – 8/14/15 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), My Passion, My Wounds, My Blood, all that I (Jesus) did and suffered – everything is in continuous action in the midst of souls, as if I were operating and suffering at that very moment. They serve Me as the supports on which I can lean, and on which souls can lean so as not to fall into sin, and be saved. Now, during these times of chastisements, I AM like the person who Lives up in the air, with no ground underneath, and between continuous blows: My Justice knocks Me from Heaven, and creatures with their guilt from the earth.

Now, the more the soul remains around Me, kissing My Wounds, repairing Me, offering My Blood – in a word, re-doing all that I (Jesus) did during the course of My Life and My Passion – the more supports she forms so that I can lean on them and not fall, and the larger the circle becomes in which souls find the support not to fall into sin, and be saved.

Do not get tired, My daughter (Luisa), of being around Me, and of going over My Wounds, over and over again. I Myself will administer the thoughts, the affections, the words, so that you may remain around Me. Be faithful to Me – time is tight. Justice wants to display Its fury, and creatures irritate It. It is necessary to multiply more supports; so, do not fail the work.”

V11 – 9/20/15 –
(Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen as He was touching and striking the creatures with chastisements in His Hands. It seemed that the chastisements were spreading more. Among many things, it seemed that a conspiracy was being plotted against the Holy Church, and they were mentioning Rome. Blessed Jesus was afflicted and seemed covered by a black mantle. He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), scourges make people rise again, but there will be so many that all people will be covered by sorrow and mourning. And since the creatures are My members, I AM covered by a black mantle because of them.”

I was all dismayed and I begged Him to calm Himself; and He, to relieve me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the FIAT must be the sweet tie that will bind all your acts. My Will and yours will form the knot. Know that every thought, word and act done, tied with My Will, will be like many channels of communication opened between Myself and the creature. If all your acts will be tied to My Will, not one channel of Divine Communication will be closed between you and Me.”


V11 – 10/2/15 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) cannot take any more, I cannot take any more… The creature has reached the brim. She fills Me with such bitterness that My Justice was in the act of decreeing the general destruction. But you (Luisa) arrived in time to snatch a little bit of bitterness away from Me, so that My Justice might still hold off. However, the chastisements will spread more. Ah, man incites Me, he disposes Me to fill him, almost stuff him with sorrows and chastisements, otherwise he will not change his mind.”

I hastened to pray Him that He would calm down; and with a moving tone He told me: “Ah, My daughter (Luisa)! Ah, My daughter (Luisa)!” And He disappeared.


V11 – 11/4/15 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself together with the Queen Mama, and I prayed that she would intercede with Jesus to stop the scourge of the war. I said to her: ‘Mama, Mercy for so many poor victims! Don’t you see how much blood, how many members torn to pieces, how many moans and tears? You are the Mama of Jesus, but ours too; so it is up to you to reconcile your children.”

As I was praying, She cried for them; but though crying she seemed inflexible. I cried along and continued to pray for peace. And my dear Mama told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the earth is not purged yet; people are still hardened; and then, if the chastisement ends, who will save the Priests? Who will convert them? The garment that covers the life of many of them is so deplorable that even the lay people are disgusted in approaching them.”

Let us pray, let us pray!


V11 – 11/21/15 – (Luisa):  Finding myself in my usual state, as soon as I saw my always adorable Jesus, I begged Him, for pity’s sake, that He would change the decrees of the Divine Justice. I said to Him: ‘My Jesus, I cannot take any more! My poor heart is crushed in hearing about so many tragedies. Jesus, enough, these are Your dear Images, Your beloved children, who moan, cry and ache under the weight of instruments that are almost infernal!’

And He: “Ah, My daughter (Luisa), yet, all the terrible things that are happening now are only the sketch of the design. Don’t you see what a large circle I AM marking? What will happen when I (Jesus) will complete the design? At many points they will say: ‘Here there was such a city, here such buildings.’ Some points will disappear completely. Time is tight. Man reached the extent of forcing Me to chastise him. He wanted to almost challenge Me, incite Me, and I remained patient – but all times arrive. They didn’t want to recognize Me through Love and Mercy – they will know Me through Justice. Therefore, courage – do not lose heart so soon.”


V11 – 12/10/15 – (Luisa):  I was feeling very afflicted because my sweet Jesus, my Life, my all, did not make Himself seen. I was lamenting: ‘If I could, I would like to deafen Heaven and earth with my laments. What a great misfortune: to know Him, love Him, and remain without Him! Can a greater misfortune ever be given?’ But while I was lamenting, Blessed Jesus, making Himself seen in my interior, told me with a severe look: “My daughter (Luisa), do not tempt Me! What! I (Jesus) told you everything to make you be tranquil. I told you that when I do not come, it is because I have to inflict greater chastisements, because My Justice wants it; and I even told you the reasons. Before you did not believe that it was in order to chastise that I was not coming as usual – because you did not hear that great chastisements were occurring in the world. Now you hear them, and in spite of this, you still doubt? Isn’t this tempting Me?”


V11 – 1/12/16 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), you cry for the present times, and I cry for the future. Oh, in what a maze will the nations find themselves, to the extent of one becoming the terror and the massacre of the other, and of being unable to get out by themselves! They will do things as though crazy and blind, to the point of acting against themselves… And the maze which poor Italy is in! How many shocks she will receive! Remember how many years ago I (Jesus) told you (Luisa) that she deserved the chastisement of being invaded by foreign nations. And this is the conspiracy that they are weaving for her. How humiliated and annihilated she will remain! Too ungrateful has she been with Me.

The nations for which I had predilection, Italy and France, are those which denied Me the most; they held hands in offending me. Fair chastisement: they will hold hands in being humiliated. And they will also be the ones who will start war against the Church… Ah, My daughter (Luisa), almost all nations united to offend Me; they plotted against Me. What wrong did I do them? Almost all of them deserve chastisement.”

But who can say the sorrow of Jesus, the state of violence in which He was, and also my fright? Out of fear, I said to my Jesus: ‘How can I live in the midst of so many tragedies? Let me be the victim; save the people, or take me with You!’


V11 – 1/28/16 – (Jesus):  “Ah, My daughter (Luisa), constrained Love is the greatest bitterness, which tortures a poor heart the most. If you remain quiet while suffering, I (Jesus) don’t suffer so much; but if you trouble yourself and worry in your suffering, I fidget and become delirious, and I AM forced to come to pour Myself out and to let you pour yourself out, since My Pains and yours are sisters. Furthermore, your state of victim is not over. My Works are Eternal and I (Jesus)  do not suspend them without a just reason; I do not let them end. Moreover, I look at things in the will; so, you (Luisa) are just as you used to be, because your will has not changed. And if you don’t have sufferings, you are not the one who is harmed; rather, creatures do not receive the effects of your pains – that is, to be spared from chastisements.


V11 – 2/5/16 – (Luisa):  I continue in my afflicted days, especially for the almost continuous threats of Jesus, that chastisements will spread more. Last night, then, I remained terrorized. I found myself out of myself and I found my afflicted Jesus. I felt reborn to New Life in finding Him. But no! As I was about to console Him, some people snatched Him from me and reduced Him to pieces! What heartbreak! What fright! I threw myself on the ground, close to one of those pieces, and a Voice from Heaven resounded in that place: “Firmness, courage to the few good! May they not move in anything; may they not neglect anything. They will be exposed to great trials, both from God and from men. Only through faithfulness will they not stagger, and be saved. The earth will be covered with unseen scourges. Creatures will try to destroy the Creator, to have their own God, and to satisfy their whims at the cost of any slaughter. And with all this, not attaining their own purposes, they will arrive at the most awful brutalities. Everything will be terror and fright.”


V11 – 5/2/16 – (Luisa):  I continue my most bitter days. Blessed Jesus comes rarely; and if I lament, He answers with a sob of crying, or He says to me: “My daughter (Luisa), you know that I (Jesus) don’t come often, because the chastisements are encroaching more and more – so, why do you lament?”

But I reached such a point that I could not take any more, and I burst into tears. In order to calm me down and strengthen me Jesus came, and I spent almost the whole night with Jesus. Now He kissed me, caressed me, sustained me; now He threw Himself into my arms to take rest; now He showed me the terror among peoples – some ran away from one point, some from another…


V11 – 4/21/16 – (Jesus):  “Know that if I (Jesus) do not come to pour Myself out with you (Luisa) for a little while, it is because the world is receiving the last blow of destruction and all sorts of scourges.”

What fright! I remained terrified and petrified for the pain. So I continued to pray, saying: ‘My Jesus, for every moment of your privation I ask You that a New Life of Yours be created within the souls. You must give me this Grace. Only on this condition do I accept Your privation. I don’t deprive myself of a trifle – but of You, Immense, Infinite, Eternal Good. The cost is immense; therefore, let’s come to a deal.’ Jesus stretched His Arms around my neck, as if He were accepting. And looking at Him – ah, what a painful sight! Not only His Head, but all His Most Holy Humanity was surrounded by thorns, to the extent that I was pricked in hugging Him, but I wanted to enter into Jesus at any cost. And He, all Goodness, broke that garment of thorns at the point of His Heart, and placed me inside. I could see the Divinity of Jesus, and although His Divinity was one with His Humanity, while His Humanity was tortured, His Divinity remained untouchable.

Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), have you seen what a painful garment creatures made for Me, and how these thorns have penetrated into My Humanity? These thorns have closed the door to the Divinity, having surrounded all My Humanity, only from which could My Divinity come out for the good of creatures. Now it is necessary that I (Jesus) remove part of these thorns, and that I pour them on the creatures so that, as the Light of My Divinity flows from these thorns, I may save their souls. Therefore, it is necessary that the earth be invested by chastisements, earthquakes, famines, wars, etc., in order to break this garment of thorns that creatures made for Me. In this way, as the Light of the Divinity penetrates into their souls, I will be able to disillusion them, and to make better times arise.”


V12 – 7/25/17 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, I was lamenting to Jesus, and I also prayed Him to put an end to the many chastisements. And Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), why do you lament? This is nothing yet; the great chastisements will come. The creature has rendered herself unbearable. Under the blows, she rebels even more; and she does not even want to recognize My Hand that strikes her. I (Jesus) have no other means to use, other than to exterminate her. In this way I will be able to remove many lives which infect the earth and kill My growing Generation. So, do not expect an end for now, but rather, more and worse troubles. There will not be a place on earth, which will not be soaked in blood.”

On hearing this, I felt my heart being lacerated. And Jesus, wanting to cheer me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), come into My Will to do what I do. In My Will you will be able to run for the good of all creatures; and by the Power of My Volition, you (Luisa) will be able to rescue them from within the blood in which they are swimming, so as to bring them back to Me, washed with their own blood, with the touch of My Will.”


V12 – 8/6/17 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came; and since I was very afflicted because of the continuous threats of worse chastisements and because of His privations, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), be cheered, do not loose heart too much. My Will renders the soul happy, even in the midst of the greatest storms. Even more, she rises up so high that the storms cannot touch her, although she sees them and hears them. The place in which she dwells is not subject to storms, but is always serene, and with a smiling sun, because her origin is in Heaven, her nobility is Divine, her Sanctity is in God – and there she is kept by God Himself. Jealous of the sanctity of this soul who Lives in My Will, I keep her in My inmost Heart, and I say: ‘Nobody touch her. My Will is intangible, It is Sacred, and all must give Honor to My Will’.”


V12 – 10/4/17 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), My daughter (Luisa), resign yourself. Don’t you see what hardness man put into Me with sin, which prevents Me from sharing My bitternesses with the one who loves Me? Ah! don’t you remember when I (Jesus) told you (Luisa): ‘Let Me do, otherwise man will reach the point of doing so much evil as to exhaust evil itself, not knowing what more evil to do’ – and you did not want Me to strike man? Man is becoming worse and worse. He has accumulated so much pus within himself that not even the war managed to let this pus out. War did not knock man down; on the contrary, it made him grow bolder. The revolution will make him furious; misery will make him despair and will make him give himself to crime. All this will serve, somehow, to make all the rot which he contains come out; and then, My Goodness will strike man, not indirectly through creatures, but directly from Heaven. These chastisements will be like beneficial dew descending from Heaven, which will kill man; and he, touched by My Hand, will recognize himself, will wake up from the sleep of sin, and will recognize His Creator. Therefore, daughter, pray that everything may be for the Good of man.”


V12 – 11/2/17 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my state amid privations, pains and bitternesses, especially because of the many troubles that one hears about, and the entrance of the foreigners into Italy, I was praying good Jesus to stop the enemies, and I said to Him: ‘Is this perhaps the flood You were talking about in the last days?’ And Good Jesus came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), this was exactly the flood I (Jesus) was talking about, and the flood will continue to flow, and flow. The foreigners will continue to invade Italy – she has very much deserved it. I (Jesus) had chosen Italy as a second Jerusalem, but in return she has neglected My Laws, and has denied the Rights which were due to Me. Ah! I can say that she no longer behaved humanly, but as a beast. I (Jesus) have not been recognized, even under the scourge of the war, and she wanted to go on as My enemy. She has justly deserved this defeat, and I will continue to humiliate her to the dust.”

And I, interrupting Him: ‘Jesus, what are You saying? Poor homeland of mine, how torn you will be! Jesus, Mercy – stop the current of the foreigner!’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), to My sorrow, I have to allow the foreigner to advance. You would want victory because you do not love souls as I do; but if Italy wins, it will be a ruin for souls. Their pride would reach the point of ruining the little good which is left in the nation; she would have been pointed out as the nation which can do without God. Ah! My daughter (Luisa), the scourges will continue. Towns will be devastated; I (Jesus) will strip them of everything; the poor and the rich will be one single thing. They did not want to recognize My Laws; they made of the earth a god for each one; and I, by stripping them, will make them recognize what the earth is. I will purify the earth by fire, because the stench that emanates from it is such that I cannot bear it. Many will remain buried in the fire. In this way I (Jesus) will make the earth come to its senses. It is necessary – the salvation of souls requires it. I had spoken to you (Luisa) about these chastisements a long time ago. The time has come, yet not completely; more troubles will come. I will make the earth come to its senses – I will make the earth come to its senses.”

And I: ‘My Jesus, placate Yourself – enough for now.’ And He: “Ah, no! Pray, and I will render the enemy less cruel.”


V12 – 11/20/17 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my state, ever more painful, my always lovable Jesus comes and goes like a flash; and He does not give me time, even to pray to Him for the great evils that poor humanity is going through, especially my dear homeland. What a blow to my heart, the entrance of the foreigners into her! I thought that Jesus had told me this before to make me pray; but when He comes, if I beg Him, He says: “I will be inexorable.” And if I push Him by saying, ‘Jesus, don’t You want to have compassion? Don’t You see how the cities are destroyed, how people remain naked and starving? Ah, Jesus, how hard You have become!,’ He answers: “My daughter (Luisa), I AM not concerned about the cities, the great things of the earth – I AM concerned about souls. The cities, the churches and other things, after they have been destroyed, can be rebuilt. Didn’t I (Jesus) destroy everything in the Deluge? And wasn’t everything redone again? But if souls are lost, it is forever – there is no one who can give them back to Me. Ah! I cry for souls. They have denied Heaven for the earth, and I will destroy the earth; I will make the most beautiful things disappear which, like rope, bind man.”


V12 – 6/12/18 – (Luisa):  Finding myself in my usual state, I was saying to my always lovable Jesus: ‘How is it possible? You have done everything for us; You have satisfied everything; You have restored the Glory of the Father in everything on the part of creatures, so as to cover us all with a Mantle of Love, of Graces, of Blessings – yet, in spite of this, chastisements fall down, almost tearing through the Mantle of Protection with which You covered us.’ And my sweet Jesus, interrupting me, said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), all that you are saying is true. Everything – I (Jesus) have done everything for the creature. Love pushed Me toward her so much that I wanted to wrap her within My Works, as if within a Mantle of Defense, in order to be sure of putting her in safety. But the creature, ungrateful, rips this Mantle of Defense by voluntary sin; she escapes from beneath My Blessings, Graces and Love, and going outside, she is struck by the Lightnings of Divine Justice. I AM not the One who strikes man – he himself, by sinning, comes against Me to receive the blows. Pray, pray for the great blindness of creatures.”


V12 – 8/19/18 – (Jesus):  “Anyway, I AM tired of the vileness of Priests. I (Jesus) cannot take any more – I would want to finish them. Oh, how many devastated souls, how many of them disfigured, how many idolatrized! To use holy things to offend Me – this is My most bitter Pain, the most abominable sin, the mark of total ruin, which attracts the greatest maledictions and breaks all communications between Heaven and earth. I (Jesus) would want to eradicate these beings from the earth. Therefore, chastisements will continue and will multiply. Death will devastate the cities; many houses and roads will disappear; there will be no one to live there. Mourning, desolation will reign everywhere.”

I prayed Him, again and again. He remained with me for a good part of the night, and He was so in suffering that I felt My Heart split with pain. But I hope that my Jesus will placate Himself.


V12 – 10/14/18 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), governments feel the ground missing under their feet. I (Jesus) will use all means to make them surrender, to make them come back to their senses, and to make them know that only from Me can they hope for true Peace – and lasting Peace. So, now I humiliate one, now another; now I make them become friends, now enemies. I (Jesus)  will be up to all sorts of things; I will make their arms fall off; I will do unforeseen and unexpected things in order to confuse them, and make them comprehend the instability of human things and of themselves – to make them comprehend that God alone is the stable Being from Whom they can expect every Good, and that if they want Justice and Peace, they must come to the Fount of true Justice and of true Peace. Otherwise, they will not be able to do anything; they will continue to struggle; and if it may seem that they will arrange peace, it will not be lasting, and the brawls will start again, more strongly. My daughter (Luisa), the way things are now, only My Omnipotent Finger can fix them. At the right time I (Jesus) will place it, but great trials are needed and will occur in the world. Therefore, it takes great patience.”

Then, with a more moving and sorrowful tone, He added: “My daughter (Luisa), the greatest chastisement is the triumph of the evil. More purges are needed, and through their triumph the evil will purge My Church. Then I (Jesus) will crush them and scatter them, like dust in the wind. Therefore, do not be troubled at the triumphs that you hear, but cry with Me over their sad lot.”


V12 – 11/29/18 – (Luisa):  Afterwards, my lovable Jesus spent some time with me. It seemed that He was dipping the point of His Finger in His Most Precious Blood, and then traced it over my forehead, my eyes, my mouth, my heart. Then He kissed me. In seeing Him so affectionate and sweet, I tried to suckle from His Mouth the bitternesses which His Heart contained, as I used to do before. But Jesus immediately withdrew a little, and showed me a bundle which He had in His Hand, full of other chastisements; and He told me: “Look at how many other chastisements must be poured upon the earth; this is why I (Jesus) do not pour into you (Luisa). The enemies have prepared all their internal plans to make revolutions; now there is nothing left but to prepare their external plans. Ah, My daughter (Luisa), how My Heart grieves! I have no one with whom to pour out My Sorrow. I (Jesus) want to pour it out with you (Luisa). You will have to be patient in hearing Me speak very often about sad things. I know that you suffer, but it is Love that pushes Me to do this. Love wants to make Its Pains known to Its beloved. I (Jesus) almost could not do without coming to pour Myself out with you (Luisa).”


V12 – 1/8/19 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), hide Me; don’t you see how they persecute Me? Alas!, they want to put Me out, or give Me the last place. Let Me pour Myself out; it has been many days since I (Jesus) spoke to you about the destiny of the world, and the chastisements which they pull from Me with their evils. This pain is all concentrated in My Heart. I want to tell you about it to make you (Luisa) take part in it; so we will share the destiny of creatures, in order to pray, suffer and cry together for their Good.

Ah! My daughter (Luisa), there will be fights among them. Death will claim many lives, including Priests. Oh, how many masks dressed as Priests! I want to remove them before the rising of the persecution against My Church, and of revolutions. Who knows if they might convert at the moment of death. Otherwise, if I leave them there, during the persecution these masks will remove their mask, will unite with the sectarians, will be the fiercest enemies of the Church, and their salvation will be more difficult.”

All afflicted, I said: ‘Ah, my Jesus, what pain it is to hear You speak about these blessed chastisements! And the peoples? How will they do without Priests? They are already few enough – and You want to take away more of them? Who will administer the Sacraments? Who will teach Your Laws?’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), do not afflict yourself too much. The scarce number is nothing. I (Jesus) will give to one the Grace and the Strength that I give to ten, to twenty; and one will be worth ten, or twenty of them. I can compensate for everything. And then, the many Priests who are not Good, are the poison of the peoples; instead of Good, they do evil, so I (Jesus) will do nothing other than remove the prime elements who poison the peoples.”

Jesus disappeared, and I remained with a nail inside my heart because of what He had told me, and almost restless, thinking about the Pains of my sweet Jesus and the destiny of the poor creatures.


V12 – 1/25/19 – (Luisa):  While I was saying this and other nonsense, I felt I was losing consciousness, and I saw my sweet Jesus inside of me, alone and taciturn, walking from one point to another within my interior, as if He would now stumble at one point, now bump into another. I was all confused and did not dare to tell Him anything, but I thought: ‘Who knows how many sins there are in me, that make Jesus bump?’ But He looked at me all Goodness, although He seemed tired and was dripping sweat; and He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), poor martyr – not of Faith but of Love; not human, but Divine Martyr, because your most cruel martyrdom is My privation, which places on you (Luisa) the seal of Divine Martyr; why do you fear and doubt about My Love? And then, how can I (Jesus) ever leave you (Luisa)? I dwell in you as though within My Humanity; and just as I (Jesus) enclosed the entire world in My Humanity, I enclose it in you (Luisa). Didn’t you see that while I was walking, now I bumped, and now I stumbled? Those were the sins, the evil souls that I encountered. What pain for My Heart! It is from within you (Luisa) that I (Jesus) decide the destiny of the world. It is your humanity that shelters Me, just as Mine sheltered My Divinity. If My Divinity did not have My Humanity as shelter, the poor creatures would have had no escape, either in time or in Eternity, and Divine Justice would no longer look at the creature as Its Own, deserving preservation, but as an enemy, deserving destruction.

Now My Humanity is glorious, and I (Jesus) need a Humanity that may grieve, suffer, share the pains with Me, Love souls together with Me, and place its life in order to save them. I chose you (Luisa); aren’t you happy? Therefore I want to tell you everything – My Pains, the chastisements that creatures deserve, so that you (Luisa) may take part in everything and be one with Me. This is also why I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) in the Height of My Will, because wherever you cannot arrive with your own will, you will do it with Mine, reaching all that befits the office of My Humanity. Therefore, fear no longer; do not afflict yourself with your pains, with fears that I may abandon you. I receive enough from other creatures – do you want to increase My Pains with yours? No, no, be sure, your Jesus will not leave you.”

Then He came back again, showing Himself crucified, transforming me in Him and in His Pains; and He added: “My daughter (Luisa), My Will is Light and one who Lives of It becomes Light, and as Light, she enters easily into My most pure Light, having the Key to open and take whatever she wants. But in order to be able to open, a key must be without rust or mud; and the lock itself must be of iron, otherwise the key cannot open. In the same way, to be able to open with the Key of My Will, the soul must not mix the rust of her own will, nor a shadow of the mud of earthly things. Only in this way can we combine ourselves together – she can make whatever she wants of Me, and I whatever I want of her.”

After this, I saw my Mama and a late Confessor of mine. I wanted to tell them about my state, and they said to me: ‘In these days you have run the risk that the Lord would suspend you completely from your state of victim; and we, the whole of Purgatory and Heaven have prayed very much. How much we did, so that the Lord would not do that! From this you can comprehend how Justice is still full of grave chastisements. Therefore, be patient and do not become tired.’


V12 – 4/7/19 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), patience. In certain days your pains are necessary to Me, more than ever, so that the whole world may not be reduced to a flame. Therefore, I want to make you suffer more.” And with a lance which He had in His Hand, He ripped my heart open. I suffered very much, but I felt happy, thinking that Jesus was sharing His Pains with me, and pouring Himself out with me He could spare the peoples the imminent and terrible chastisements that will burst out. Then, after some hours of intense pains, my lovable Jesus told me: “My beloved daughter (Luisa), you suffer very much. Come, then, into My Will to take refreshment, and let us pray together for poor humanity.”

I don’t know how, I found myself in the Immensity of the Divine Volition, in the Arms of Jesus, and I repeated after Him all that He was saying in a low Voice… I will give some idea of what He was saying, because it is impossible for me to say everything. I remember that in the Will of Jesus I could see all of His Thoughts, all the Good He had done to us with His Intelligence, and how all human intelligences received Life from His Mind. But – oh God, what abuse they did – how many offenses! And I said: ‘Jesus, I multiply my thoughts in your Will, to give to each one of your thoughts the kiss of a Divine Thought, an adoration, a recognition of You, a reparation, a love of Divine Thoughts, as if another Jesus were doing it. This, in the name of all and for all the human thoughts, past, present and future; and I intend to compensate even for the intelligences of lost souls. I want that the glory on the part of the creatures be complete, and that no one miss the roll call; and whatever they do not do, I do it in Your Will, to give You Divine and complete Glory.”

Then, looking at me, Jesus was waiting, as if He wanted a reparation to His Eyes. And I said: ‘Jesus, I multiply myself in Your Gazes, so that I too may have as many gazes for as many times as You have looked at the creature with Love. I multiply myself in Your Tears, to cry, me too, for all the sins of the creatures, to be able to give You Gazes of Divine Love and Divine Tears in the name of all; to give You complete Glory and reparation for all the gazes of all creatures.’

Then, Jesus wanted me to continue the reparations to everything – to His Mouth, to His Heart, to His Desires, etc., multiplying myself in His Will, such that It would be too long to say everything, therefore I move forward. Then Jesus added: “My daughter (Luisa), as you did your acts in My Will, many Suns were being formed between Heaven and earth; and I look at the earth only through these Suns, otherwise the earth would be so disgusting to Me that I (Jesus) would not be able to look at it. But the earth receives little of these Suns, because the darkness that creatures spread is such that it places itself in front of these Suns, and they cannot receive of all Their Light, nor Their Heat.”

Afterwards, He transported me into the midst of creatures. But who can say what they were doing? I will just say that my Jesus, with sorrowful tone, added: “What disorder in the world! But this disorder is because of the leaders, both civilian and ecclesiastical. Their self-interested and corrupted lives did not have the strength to correct their subjects; so they closed their eyes to the evils of the members, since they already showed their own evils; and if they did, it was all in a superficial way, because, not having the Life of that Good within themselves, how could they infuse it in others? How many times these perverted leaders have put the evil before the good, to the extent that the few good have been shaken by this behavior of the leaders. Therefore, I will have the leaders struck in a special way.”

And I: ‘Jesus, spare the leaders of the Church – they are already few. If You strike them, the rulers will be missing.’ And Jesus: “Don’t you remember that I founded My Church with twelve Apostles? In the same way, those few who will remain, will be enough to reform the world. The enemy is already at their doors; revolutions are already in the field; nations will swim in blood and their leaders will be scattered. Pray, pray and suffer, so that the enemy may not have the freedom to reduce everything to ruin.”


V12 – 5/4/19 – (Jesus):  “In Heaven too I have the Center of My Throne, though I AM the Life of each Blessed, and by being Life of each Blessed, I (Jesus) do not exclude the fact that I have a Throne in which all of My Majesty, My Omnipotence, Immensity, Beauty, Wisdom, etc. dwell as though at the Central Point, since each Blessed cannot contain them – not having the capacity of containing all the Immensity of My Being. In the same way, I have My center upon earth; though I also dwell in others, I do have My Central Point, from which I decide, I command, I operate, I do Good, I chastise – which I do not do in My other dwellings.


V12 – 5/10/19 – (Jesus):  “Ah, you (Lusia) do not know the ruin the world will become! All that has happened until now can be called a game, compared to the chastisements which are coming. I (Jesus) do not show all of them to you so as not to oppress you too much; and I, in seeing the obstinacy of man, remain as though hiding within you (Luisa). And you, pray together with Me, and do not want to think about yourself.”


V12 – 6/16/19 – (Jesus):  “…And then, don’t you know that My Justice suspends your pains, when it is forced by the evil of peoples to pour out new chastisements? Evils will be so grave as to be horrifying. I (Jesus) know that this is a pain for you (Luisa), but I too had the same pain. I would have wanted to free creatures from all pains, both in time and in Eternity, but this was not granted to Me by the Wisdom of the Father, and I had to resign Myself. Would you perhaps want to surpass My very Humanity? Ah, daughter (Luisa), no kind of sanctity is without Cross! No Virtue can be acquired without union with pains. However, know that I (Jesus) will repay you (Luisa) at usurious interest for all My privations, and even for the pains that you (Luisa) would want to suffer, and you don’t.”


V12 – 8/6/19 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), calm yourself; this state of yours is the void which is being formed at the second preparation of the new chastisements which are coming. Read well what I made you write, and you will find out that not all the chastisements have yet occurred. How many more cities will be destroyed! Nations will continue to draw up, each one against the other… And Italy? Her friendly nations will become her fiercest enemies. Therefore, patience, My daughter (Luisa); when everything is prepared to call man back, I (Jesus) will come to you (Luisa) as before, and we will pray and cry together for ungrateful man.


V12 – 3/14/20 – (Jesus):  “Listen, My daughter (Luisa). If with the chastisement of war man had humbled himself and entered into himself, other chastisements would not be necessary. But man has raged even more. Therefore, in order to make man enter himself, more terrible chastisements than war itself are needed – which will occur. Therefore My Justice is forming voids; and if you knew what a void is being formed in My Justice through My not coming to you (Luisa), you would tremble. In fact, if I (Jesus) came to you (Luisa), you would make My Justice your own, and taking the pains upon yourself, you would fill the voids which man forms with sin. Haven’t you done this for many years? But now the obstinacy of man makes him unworthy of this great Good; and that is why I often deprive you of Myself. And in seeing you (Luisa) martyred because of Me, My Pain is so great that I (Jesus) become delirious, I moan, I sigh, and I AM forced to hide My Moans from you, without even a chance to pour them out with you (Luisa), so as not to give you more pains.”


V12 – 3/19/20 – (Jesus):  “Ah! My daughter (Luisa), calm yourself, otherwise You will hurt Me, opening deeper gashes in My Heart. Do you perhaps want to surpass Me? I too would have wanted to enclose in Me all the pains of the creatures. My Love toward creatures was so great that I (Jesus) would have wanted no pain to touch them; but I could not obtain this. I had to submit to the Wisdom and Justice of the Father Who, while allowing Me to satisfy for the great part of the pains of creatures, did not want satisfaction from Me for all the pains – and this, for the decorum and balance of His Justice. My Humanity would have wanted to suffer so much as to put an end to Hell, to Purgatory and to all chastisements, but the Divinity did not allow it; and Justice said to My Love: ‘You wanted the Right of Love; it has been granted to You. I too want the Rights of Justice.’


V12 – 3/2/21 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), be cheered – come into My Will. I (Jesus) chose you (Luisa) among thousands and thousands, so that My Will may have full completion in you (Luisa), and so that you may be like a Rainbow of Peace which, with its seven colors, attracts others to Live in My Will. Therefore, let us leave the earth aside. Up until now I (Jesus) have kept you (Luisa) with Me in order to appease My Justice and prevent greater chastisements from being poured upon the earth. Now, let us allow the current of human evil to run; I want you (Luisa) with Me, in My Volition, to be occupied with preparing the Era of My Will.

As you (Luisa) move forward on the path of My Volition, the Rainbow of Peace will form, which will form the Link of connection between the Divine Will and human will. From it, My Will will have Life on earth, and this will begin the fulfillment of My prayer, and the prayer of the whole Church: ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as It is in Heaven’.


V13 – 5/12/22 – (Jesus):  “…Now, the soul who Lives in My Will takes part in all of My Attributes, and together with Me she concurs in each one of My Acts. Therefore, she must concur with Me also in the Acts of Justice. This is why, when I want to chastise, I (Jesus) hide My Humanity from you (Lusia), which is more accessible to the human nature, in such a way that, at the reflections of My Humanity, you (Luisa) feel the Love and the Compassion that I have toward souls, and you snatch from Me the scourges with which I want to strike them. Then, when creatures do so much as to force Me to strike them, hiding My Humanity from you, I raise you into the Light of My Divinity; and as It absorbs you (Luisa) and delights you, you do not feel the reverberations of My Humanity, and I, being left free, strike the creatures.

Therefore, either I manifest My Humanity to you (Luisa), making you concur together with Me in the Acts of Mercy toward creatures, or I absorb you into the Light of My Divinity, making you concur in the Acts of Justice. But you (Luisa) are always with Me; even more, when I absorb you in the Light of My Divinity, it is a greater Grace that I give you, while you, not seeing My Humanity, lament that I (Jesus) deprive you of Me and do not appreciate the Grace you receive.”


V13 – 5/19/22 – (Luisa):  Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen within my interior, from which a little door opened, and He leaned His Arms on it and put His Head out, to see what the other creatures were doing. I looked together with Jesus; but who can say the evils that appeared, the offenses being given, and the chastisements that will pour down? This sight, so sorrowful, was horrifying. I also saw our poor country being struck by the Divine Scourge.

Now, seeing that Jesus was looking with such tenderness of Love and Sorrow, while in the previous days it had been impossible for Me to have Him look, and turn His Face toward the creatures, I said to Him: “My Love and my Life, do You see how much Your dear brothers and mine suffer – don’t You want to have pity? How willingly would I suffer everything so that they might be spared. See, this is a duty that the state of victim imposes on me – the imitation of You. Did You not suffer everything for us? And how could You want me not to suffer in order to spare them, and to imitate You, who suffered so much?’

And Jesus, interrupting me, told me: “Ah, My daughter (Luisa), man has reached such a point that I (Jesus) cannot look at him but with horror! And if I look at him, it is only from within you (Luisa) because, finding all the Tendernesses of My Humanity and My Prayers in you, I (Jesus) feel moved to look at him with compassion, and for Love of you (Luisa) I will spare their lives. Man needs strong purges; otherwise he will not change his mind. Therefore I will sweep everything away, so as to renew everything. I will do unexpected things, new chastisements, for which man will not be able to find the reason; and this, in order to confuse him. But do not fear; for Love of you (Luisa) I will spare something. In you (Luisa) I feel the current of the communications with all creatures, just as I felt it in My Humanity; therefore it is hard for Me not to give you anything, and not to make you content in anything.”


V13 – 9/1/22 – (Luisa):  After I spent a day feeling I was dying continuously, at night, as my sweet Jesus came back, He wanted, again, to inflate more the place of my heart, and I said to Him: ‘Jesus, I can take no more; I cannot contain what I have, and You want to add more?’ And He, taking me in His Arms to give me Strength, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), courage, let Me do it. It is necessary, otherwise I (Jesus) would not give you so much pain. Evils have reached such a point that there is all the necessity that you suffer My Pains – vividly, as if I were Living on earth again. The earth is about to unleash flames to chastise the creatures. My Love which runs toward them to cover them with Graces, being rejected, turns into fire to strike them. Therefore humanity finds itself in the middle of two fires – fire from Heaven and fire from the earth. There are so many evils that these fires are about to join, while the pains I (Jesus) make you (Luisa) suffer flow in the midst of these two fires and prevent them from uniting. If I did not do so, everything would be over for poor humanity. Therefore, let Me do it; I will give you strength and I will be with you.”

While He was saying this, He breathed in me again, and I, unable to take any more, prayed Him to touch Me with His Hands in order to sustain me and give me Strength. And Jesus touched me, yes, taking my heart in His hands and squeezing it so tightly that He alone knows what He made me feel. But, not content with this, He clasped my throat strongly with His Hands, to the point that I felt the bones and the nerves of my throat snap, so much so, as to feel suffocated. Then, after He left me in that position for some time, all tenderness, He told me: “Courage, such is the state in which the present generation finds itself – and in all classes. The passions that dominate it are such and so many that the creatures are drowned by their own passions and by the ugliest vices. The rot, the mud, is so much that it is about to submerge them. This is why I (Jesus) wanted to make you (Luisa)suffer the pain of suffocating your throat: this is the pain of the extreme excesses; and no longer able to bear the sight of humanity suffocated by its own evils, I wanted a reparation from you. However, know that I too suffered this pain. When they crucified Me, they stretched Me on the Cross so much as to tear all my nerves, to the point that I felt them snap and twist. And those of My Throat suffered a greater pain and tearing, which was such that I felt suffocated. It was the cry of humanity submerged by passions which, clasping my throat, drowned Me with Pains. This Pain of Mine was terrible and horrible – I felt the nerves and the bones of My Throat, all the nerves of My Head, of My Mouth, and even of My Eyes, being pulled to the point of breaking. The tension was such that every small movement made Me feel mortal pains – now I would become motionless, now I would writhe so much as to batter against the Cross in a horrible way, to the extent that even the enemies were terrorized. Therefore, I (Jesus) repeat to you (Luisa) – courage, My Will will give you Strength for everything.”


V14 – 1/10/23 – (Luisa):  I was lamenting to my sweet Jesus about His privations, and I thought to myself:  ‘Who knows what is the reason why He is not coming?  And, if it is true, as sometimes He made me understand, that He does not come because of the chastisements – since, given the state of victim in which He keeps me, if He comes, having to communicate pains to me because of the office I occupy, He feels His Arms being broken; and since Justice wants to punish as the creature forces it to do so, this is why He does not come – so, if this is the case, then He should remove me from the state of victim.


V15 – 7/14/23 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), I have come to make you suffer.  Don’t you remember when I wanted to chastise man and you did not want Me to, wanting to suffer yourself in their place, and in order to make you content, I told you that instead of doing ‘ten,’ for love of you I would do ‘five’?  Now the nations want to fight against one other, and those which believe themselves to be the most powerful are taking up arms to their teeth in order to destroy the weak nations.  This is about total destruction, My daughter (Luisa).  This is why I (Jesus) have come to make you (Luisa) suffer – to give you that ‘five’ which I promised you.  My Justice will give to fire and water the power of the office which they contain, in order to destroy peoples and entire cities; therefore, a little bit of your suffering is necessary in order to reduce the chastisements by half.”

Now, while He was saying this, He moved in my interior, as though holding many instruments in His Hands; and as He moved them, sufferings and pains were formed, with such tearing of all my members that I don’t know how I remained alive.  And when He would see me moaning and shivering because of the intensity of the pains, with the air of one who has triumphed over everything, Jesus would say to me:  “You (Luisa) are My Life, and with My Life I (Jesus) can do whatever I want.”  And He would continue His crafting to make me suffer.  May everything be for the Glory of God, for the Good of my soul, and for the salvation of all.

Then, afterwards, He added:  “My daughter (Luisa), the whole world is upside down, and everyone is awaiting changes, peace, new things.  They themselves gather to discuss about it, and are surprised at not being able to conclude anything and to come to serious decisions.  So, true Peace does not arise, and everything resolves into words, but no facts.  And they hope that more conferences may serve to make serious decisions, but they wait in vain.  In the meantime, in this waiting, they are in fear, and some prepare themselves for new wars, some hope for new conquests.  But, with this, the peoples are impoverished, are stripped alive, and while they are waiting, tired of the sad present era, dark and bloody, which enwraps them, they wait and hope for a New Era of Peace and of Light.

The world is exactly at the same point as when I was about to come upon earth.  All were awaiting a great event, a New Era, as indeed occurred.  The same now; since the great event, the New Era in which the Will of God may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, is coming – everyone is awaiting this New Era, tired of the present one, but without knowing what this New Thing, this change is about, just as they did not know it when I came upon earth.  This expectation is a sure sign that the hour is near.  But the surest sign is that I AM manifesting what I (Jesus) want to do, and that turning to a soul, just as I turned to My Mama in descending from Heaven to earth, I communicate to her My Will and the Goods and effects It contains, to make of them a Gift for the whole of humanity.


V16 – 10/20/23 – (Luisa):  ‘My Jesus, You told me that when You did not come it was because You wanted to chastise people, and now it is not because of this that You don’t come, but for something else.’

And Jesus, as though sighing: “They will come – the chastisements will come. Ah, if you knew.” And having said this, He disappeared.


V16 – 3/22/24 – (Jesus):  “…And while you (Luisa) occupy yourself with this, do you think that the earth receives no good? Ah, you are wrong! The generations are running on a vertiginous slope of evil. Who sustains them? Who prevents them from being submerged in their vertiginous race to extent of disappearing from the face of the earth?

Remember that not too long ago the sea broke its boundaries under the earth, threatening to swallow entire cities – and your own town was in great danger. Who stopped that chastisement? Who stopped the waters and enclosed them in their boundaries? This is exactly the great chastisement which is being prepared for the ugly, reckless race of the creatures. Nature itself is tired of so many evils, and would want to take revenge for the sake of the rights of its Creator. All natural things would want to hurl themselves at man; the sea, the fire, the wind, the earth, are about to come out of their boundaries to harm and strike the generations, in order to decimate them.

And does it seem trivial to you that while the human race is immersed in irreparable evils, I (Jesus) call you (Luisa); and raising you between Heaven and earth and identifying you (Luisa) with My own Acts, I (Jesus) make you (Luisa) run in My Will to prepare the act opposite to the so many evils that flood the earth, preparing Good and trying to conquer man with My Love, to stop him from his vertiginous race, giving him the greatest thing, which is the Light of My Will, so that, by knowing It, he may take It as nourishment in order to restore his lost Strengths, and so that, strengthened by It, he may stop it with recklessness and he may reacquire a firm step so as to no longer fall into evils?”

Then my Jesus disappeared, and I remained more embittered in thinking of the ugly, vertiginous race of creatures and of the turmoil which nature will cause against them. Then, as I went back to prayer, my Jesus returned in a pitiful state. He seemed restless; He moaned; He grieved. He lay down within me, turning now to the right, now to the left. I asked Him: “Jesus, my Love, what is it? O please, You suffer very much, let us share these pains; do not want to be alone. Don’t You see how much You suffer and how you cannot take it any more?”

Now, as I was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, in the Arms of a Priest. However, although the person looked like a Priest, the Voice seemed that of Jesus. And he said to me: “We will go for a very long journey; be attentive on what you see.”

And we walked without touching the earth. First, I carried Him in my arms, but since I was followed by a dog which almost wanted to bite me, I was afraid. So, to free me from that fear, we changed position, and He carried me. Then I said to Him: ‘Why did you not do it before? I was so scared but I did not say anything because I thought it was necessary that I carry You. Now I am content, for I am carried in Your Arms, so it won’t be able to do anything to me…’

And I kept saying: ‘Jesus is carrying me in His Arms.’

And He repeated: “I carry Jesus in My Arms.”

But that dog kept following us during our whole journey. It grabbed one of my feet with his mouth, but it did not bite it…

The journey was long, and I often asked: ‘How much longer do we have left?’ And He: “A hundred more miles.”

Then, when I asked again, He said: “Thirty more”, and so forth, until we arrived in the city…

And now, who can say what could be seen along the way? Somewhere, cities reduced to a heap of ruin; somewhere, places which were flooded and cities submerged by waters. Somewhere, seas were overflowing; somewhere else, rivers; and somewhere else abysses of fire were opened… It seemed to me that all the elements were in agreement among themselves to harm the human generations, forming the graves in which to bury them. That which could be seen more along the way and which was more frightening and horrifying was the evils of creatures. Everything was darkness which came from them – but thick darkness, accompanied by a rotten and poisonous closeness. There was so much darkness that many times one could not even understand where he was. Everything seemed pretense and duplicity; and if there was any good at all, it was only superficial and apparent, but inside the ugliest vices were smoldering, and they were plotting the most insidious snares, to displease the Lord more – more that if they were openly doing evil. And this from all classes of people, like a woodworm which gnaws at all the root of good. In other places, one could see revolutions, murdering of people by ambush… But who can say all that could be seen?

So, tired of watching so many evils, I often repeated: ‘When are we going to finish this long journey?’ And the One who was carrying me, all pensive, answered: “A little more – you have not seen everything yet.”


V16 – 4/11/24 – (Luisa):  Now, upset as I was by the chastisements which Jesus had talked to me about and by the sight of the turmoil of created things, I also heard from some people of the great evils that occurred during these last days in several parts of the world, up to the destruction of entire regions. But as I heard this, my Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), this is nothing yet. We will go further in purifying the face of the earth. I AM so disgusted in looking at it, that I cannot bear its sight.”

I remained oppressed more than ever, and the horrible picture of the turmoil of nature, which I had seen in the past days, became alive before my mind… Then, going back to prayer according to my usual way, I said to my adorable Jesus: ‘Since You are determined to use chastisements and I can no longer do anything – either suffer, or let people be spared from the troubles they deserve – You could free me from this state of victim, or suspend me for some time. I would at least spare others from the bother.’

And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), I do not want to displease you; if you want Me to suspend you, I will do it.”

And I, fearing that I might do my will, immediately added: ‘No, no, my Love, You should not say to me “if you want”; rather, You should say “I AM the one who wants to suspend you from this state”. It should not come from my will, but from Yours – then I would accept. So, not to make me content, but to allow your Will to be done in me.”

And Jesus again: “I do not want to displease you, I want to make you content. If you want me to suspend you, I will do it. However, know that Justice wants to follow its course, and you and I must surrender in part. There are certain Rights of Justice which one cannot do without; but since I (Jesus) placed you (Luisa) in the Center of My Will, in this state of victim, even though you should now sleep, now suffer, now pray, it is always an embankment for My Justice, in order to prevent the course of the almost total destruction of things. In fact, this is not only about chastisements – but about destruction.


V16 – 5/9/24 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), how embittered I (Jesus) feel! Creatures put in Me three nails – not to My Hands, but to My Heart and Breast, which give Me Pains of death. They are preparing three conspiracies, one uglier than the other, and in these conspiracies they are taking aim at My Church. In his evil, man does not want to surrender; on the contrary, he wants to hurl himself even more along his race”

And as He was saying this, He showed secret meetings, in which some were plotting how to assail the Church; some, how to cause new wars, and some, new revolutions… How many horrifying evils could be seen. And my sweet Jesus continued: “My daughter (Luisa), is it not right that My Justice take arms against man to strike him and to almost destroy the many lives which dirty the earth, and that It make disappear entire regions together with them, so that the earth may be purified by so many pestiferous lives and by so many incarnate devils which, disguised under a thin veil of apparent good, are plotting ruins for the Church and for society? Do you think that My absence from you is something trivial? No, no; on the contrary, the longer is My absence from you, the graver will be the chastisements. And then, remember how many things I have told you (Luisa) about My Will; so, the evils, the destructions, will serve to fulfill what I have told you – that My Will may come to Reign upon earth. But It wants to find it purified, and in order to purify it, destructions are needed. Therefore, patience, My daughter (Luisa), and never leave My Will, because everything that happens within you will serve the work: that My Will may have Its Dominion and may come triumphantly to Reign in the midst of men.”

At these words of Jesus, I remained resigned, yes, but highly afflicted. The thought of the grave evils of the world and His privation are like a double edge knife, which kills me and, to my greater torment, does not make me die. Then, the following morning my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, as though confined within me, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), I AM posted within you, and from your interior I (Jesus) look at what the world is doing. In you (Luisa) I find the Air of My Will, and I feel I can be there with the decorum which befits My Person. It is true that My Will is everywhere, but – oh, how different it is to find It as Life of the creature and the creature Living in It! In the midst of creatures, in the other places, My Will finds Itself isolated, offended, unable to carry out the Goods It contains and to form a Life all from Itself and for Itself. On the other hand, wherever It finds a creature who is willing to have no other Life but My Will, It finds company, It is loved, It carries out the Goods It contains and enjoys placing them in common with the soul in order to form a Life from Itself and for Itself. And in finding My own Things in the soul – that is, My Sanctity, My Light, and My very Will acting in her – I find Myself with Honors and Decorum, just as I (Jesus) was in My Humanity when I Lived on earth, in which My Divinity, Living in It, was as though posted and covered with the Garment of My Humanity.

In the same way, I (Jesus) cover Myself with the garment of the soul who does My Will; I Live hidden within her as in My own center, and from within her I look at the evils of creatures, and I cry and pray for them. And in seeing that one of their stock possesses My Will, also on earth, how many evils and chastisements do I (Jesus) not spare out of regard for her? How many times I AM in the act of destroying them and of making an end with them, because of the great evils they commit…but by just looking at you (Luisa), and seeing in you My Will and Its Fortress, I post Myself again and I refrain. Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), patience, and let My Will always have complete Life in you.”


V17 – 10/23/24 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), you do not know what My Will on earth is. It shows that, after so many of My Lessons, you have not understood well. You must know that the soul who, here, lets My Will live within her, as she prays, as she suffers, as she works, as she loves, etc., forms a sweet Enchantment to the Divine Pupils, in such a way as to enclose, with her acts, the Gaze of God in that Enchantment; and so the Omnipotent One, taken by the sweetness of this Enchantment, feels disarmed of many chastisements which the creatures draw upon themselves with their grave sins.

This enchantment has the Virtue of preventing My Justice from pouring out, with all Its Fury, upon the face of the earth, because My Justice too remains Enchanted by My Will operating in the creature.


V17 – 4/9/25 – (Luisa):  So I started to fuse myself in His Most Holy Will, and my adorable Jesus came out from within my interior, forming a Cloud of Light around me. Jesus leaned His Arms on this Cloud, and looked at the whole world, at all creatures. Oh, how many offenses, from all classes of people, came before His most pure Gaze, and wounded my sweet Jesus! How many plots! How many deceptions and pretenses! How many machinations of revolutions, ready for unexpected incidents! And all this drew the chastisements of God, and entire cities were destroyed. My sweet Jesus, leaning on that Cloud of Light, shook His Head and remained embittered, down to the intimate Place of His Heart; and turning to me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), look at the state of the world! It is so grave that I (Jesus) can look at it only through this Cloud. If I wanted to look at it outside of this Cloud, I would destroy great part of it. But do you know what this Cloud of Light is? It is My Will operating in you (Luisa), and your acts done in It. The more acts you do in It, the larger this Cloud of Light becomes, serving as My support, and to let Me look with that Love with which My Will created man. It forms an Enchantment to My Loving Eyes, and making present to Me all that I (Jesus) did for Love of him, makes a Merciful Will arise within My Heart; and I end up feeling compassion for the one whom I Love so much.


V17 – 7/9/25 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), don’t you want to convince yourself that when My Justice, out of a just reason, wants to chastise the peoples, I AM forced to hide from you? You are nothing other than a little particle which binds all the other particles of the creatures, and keeps them in a familiar relationship with you, and as though in feast. So, wanting to strike the other particles which are bound to you (Luisa), My Justice finds Itself in a contrast, and feels refrained from striking. This is why, during these last days, in which I (Jesus) sent chastisements to the world, I remained hidden from you, though still remaining within you.”

Now, as He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, and He showed me that in various points of the earth there had been – somewhere earthquakes, somewhere grave fires with death of peoples, and somewhere else other troubles; and it seemed that more grave evils would follow.


V17 – 8/15/25 – (Jesus):  “…Created things feel honored when they serve a creature who is animated by that same Will which forms their very life.  On the other hand, My Will takes the attitude of sorrow in those same created things when It has to serve one who does not fulfill My Will.  This is why it happens that many times created things place themselves against man, they strike him, they chastise him – because they become superior to man, as they keep intact within themselves that Divine Will by which they were animated from the very beginning of their creation, while man has descended down below, for he does not keep the Will of his Creator within himself.”


V18 – 1/24/26 – (Jesus):  “…Poor Mother, which is My Will, in the midst of so many daughters delivered by Her – She remains isolated, abandoned; and while all of them take from Her own in order to live, they use it to grow in dissimilarity from Her, and to offend Her.  Can there be greater sorrow for a mother than the abandonment of her children?  Not to be known by the fruit of her own womb, which, turning into enemies, offend the one who brought them to the light?  Therefore, the sorrow of isolation of My Will is great and inconceivable.  So, may your isolation be the company of this isolated Mother, who cries and searches for Her children; but as much as She cries, shouts, and calls Her children, whether with the most tender voices, with the most bitter tears, with the most ardent sighs, or with the most thundering voices of chastisements, these unruly children keep far away from the Womb of She who generated them.  My daughter (Luisa), do you not want to share, as true faithful daughter of My Will, in Her sorrow and in Her isolation?”

Then, after this, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Good; but before my mind passed a long line of soldiers, all armed up, which never ended.  I would have wanted to think about my Crucified Jesus, rather than see soldiers, but, against my will, I was forced to see these soldiers, equipped for anything.  So I prayed my sweet Jesus to take that sight away from me, that I might be free to be with Him; and Jesus, all afflicted, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the more it seems that the world is apparently in peace, and they sing the praises of peace, the more they hide wars, revolutions and tragic scenes for poor humanity, under that ephemeral and masked peace.  And the more it seems that they favor my Church, and sing hymns of victories and triumphs, and practices of union between State and Church, the closer the brawl is which they are preparing against Her.  The same was for Me.  Up until they acclaimed Me as King and received Me in triumph, I was able to live in the midst of the peoples; but after My triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, they no longer let Me live; and after a few days they shouted at Me: ‘Crucify Him!’; and all taking arms against Me, they made Me die.  When things do not start from a foundation of truth, they have no strength to reign for a long time, because, since truth is missing, love is missing, and the life that sustains it is missing.  Therefore, what they were hiding easily comes out, and they turn peace into war, and favors into revenges.  Oh! how many unexpected things they are preparing.”


V18 – 1/30/26 – (Luisa):  I was at the summit of my affliction because of the almost sudden death of my confessor.  To my many interior pains due to the frequent privations of my sweet Jesus, He wanted to add such a painful blow for my poor heart, depriving me of he who was the only one who knew my poor soul.  But may the Fiat Voluntas Tua be always done, loved and adored.  The earth was not worthy to possess such a person, therefore the Lord, to chastise us, brought him to Heaven with Himself.


V19 – 7/8/26 – (Luisa):  I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior with His Arms raised, in the act of preventing Divine Justice from pouring over the creatures, putting me also in His same position, to have me do what He Himself was doing.  But creatures seemed to incite Divine Justice to strike them; and Jesus, as though tired, lowering His Arms, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), what human perfidy!  But it is right – it is necessary that after so much tolerance I free Myself of so many old things that occupy Creation, which, being infected, bring the infection to the new things, to the new little plants.  I AM tired of the fact that Creation, My Dwelling given to man – but still Mine, because preserved and vivified by Me continuously – is occupied by servants, by ungrateful ones, by enemies, and even by those who don’t even recognize Me.

“Therefore I (Jesus) want to move on by destroying entire regions and what serves as their nourishment.  The ministers of Justice will be the elements which, investing them, will make them feel the Divine Power over them.  I want to purify the earth in order to prepare the Dwelling Place for My children.  You (Luisa) will be always with Me; My Will will always be your starting point even in your littlest acts, because even in the littlest things my Will wants to have Its Divine Life, Its beginning and Its end, nor does It tolerate that the human will may make its little appearances into Its Kingdom.  Otherwise, you would often go out into the kingdom of your will, which would disennoble you – and this does not at all befit one who must Live in the Kingdom of My Will.


V19 – 8/14/26 – (Luisa):  My poor heart swims in the sea of the bitternesses of the privations of my sweet Jesus.  If He comes at all, He is like a flash that escapes, and in that Light of the flash I see the poor world, its grave evils, the bonds among nations which are binding themselves to one another in order to start wars and revolutions, and by doing this, they draw the chastisements of Heaven – but so grave as to destroy entire cities and peoples.  Oh, God, how great is the human blindness!  But as the flash of His lovable presence ends, I remain in the dark, more than before, with the thought of my poor brothers, scattered in the hard exile of life!


V19 – 9/5/26 – (Luisa):  After this, Blessed Jesus brought me outside of myself and showed me how deformed His Image had become in creatures.  It was horrifying to see it so unrecognizable and ugly.  The Sanctity of the Gaze of Jesus was reluctant to look at them, but the compassion of His Most Holy Heart pushed Him to have pity on the works of His Hands, deformed into being so ugly because of their fault.  But while Jesus was grieved to the summit in seeing His Image so transformed, we arrived at some place in which the offenses they were giving Him were so many, that unable to take any more, He changed His appearance of Goodness, assuming the aspect of Justice.  He threatened chastisements, and earthquakes, water and fire were put against the peoples, to destroy men and cities.  I prayed Him to spare the peoples, and Jesus, taking me back into my bed, shared His Pains with me.


V19 – 9/12/26 – (Jesus):  “…My Will is Firmness and indissoluble Bond.  It seems unseemly for one who possesses My Will as Life to occupy herself with anything else; rather, you (Luisa) should remain firm on how to expand the boundaries of Its Kingdom, so that It may Triumph, It may be formed in you, and you (Luisa) may transmit It to the poor generations which are now wriggling about and forming the current of the chasms into which they will be swept.  But the chastisements also are necessary; this will serve to prepare the ground so that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may form in the midst of the human family.  So, many lives, which will be an obstacle to the Triumph of My Kingdom, will disappear from the face of the earth, and therefore many chastisements of destruction will take place; others will be formed by creatures themselves to destroy one another.  However, this must not worry you; rather, pray that everything may take place for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”  Having said this, He disappeared.


V20 – 11/6/26 – (Luisa):  Now, while I was tired and exhausted of waiting, my sweet Life, my dear Good, my sweet Jesus, moved in my interior, but all afflicted, as it seemed He was sending chastisements over the earth, and in order not to give me more pain, He did not want me to see them.  But from the way I saw Him, I understood the chastisements He was sending.


V20 – 11/16/26 –  (Luisa):  After this, He transported me outside of myself, making me see the great evil of the human generations; and resuming His speaking, He added:  “My daughter (Luisa), look at how much evil the human will has produced.  They have so blinded themselves, that they are preparing fierce wars and revolutions.  This time it will not be just Europe, but other races will unite together.  The circle will be more extensive; other parts of the world will participate.  How much evil does the human will—it blinds man, it impoverishes him, and it makes of him the murderer of himself.

“But I (Jesus) will use this for My highest Purposes, and the reunion of so many races will serve to facilitate the communications of the truths, so that they may dispose themselves for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  So, the chastisements that have occurred are nothing other than the preludes of those that will come.  How many more cities will be destroyed; how many peoples buried under the ruins; how many places buried and plunged into the abyss.  The elements will take the part of their Creator.  My Justice can bear no more; My Will wants to Triumph, and would want to Triumph by means of Love in order to establish Its Kingdom.  But man does not want to come to meet this Love, therefore it is necessary to use Justice.”

And while He was saying this, He showed an immense brazier of fire coming out of the earth; and those who were near it were invested by that fire, and disappeared.  I was left frightened, and I pray and hope that my beloved Good will placate Himself.


V20 – 11/19/26 – (Jesus):  “Now the Supreme Fiat wants to get out.  It is tired, and at any cost It wants to get out of this agony so prolonged; and if you hear of chastisements, of cities collapsed, of destructions, this is nothing other than the strong writhing of Its agony.  Unable to bear it any longer, It wants to make the human family feel Its painful state and how It writhes strongly within them, without anyone who has compassion for It.  And making use of violence, with Its writhing, It wants them to feel that It exists in them, but It does not want to be in agony any more—It wants freedom, dominion; It wants to carry out Its Life in them.

“What disorder in society, My daughter (Luisa), because My Will does not reign!  Their souls are like houses without order—everything is upside down; the stench is so horrible—more than that of a putrefied cadaver.  And My Will, with Its Immensity, such that it is not given to It to withdraw even from one heartbeat of creature, agonizes in the midst of so many evils.  And this happens in the general order of all.  In the particular order, then, it is even more:  in the religious, in the clergy, in those who call themselves Catholics, My Will not only agonizes, but is kept in a state of lethargy, as if It had no Life.  Oh! how much harder this is.

“In fact, in the Agony, at least I writhe, I have an outlet, I make Myself heard as existing in them, even though agonizing.  But in the state of lethargy there is total immobility—it is the continuous state of death.  And so, only the appearances—the clothing of religious life can be seen, because they keep My Will in lethargy; and because they keep It in lethargy, their interior is drowsy, as if the light, the good, were not for them.  And if they do anything externally, it is empty of Divine Life and it resolves into the smoke of vainglory, of self-esteem, of pleasing other creatures; and I, and My Supreme Volition, while being inside, go out of their works.

“My daughter (Luisa), what affront.  How I (Jesus) would want everyone to feel My tremendous agony, the continuous rattle, the lethargy in which they put My Will, because they want to do their own and not Mine, they do not want to let It Reign, they do not want to know It.  And this is why It wants to burst its banks with Its writhing, so that, if they do not want to know It and receive It by ways of Love, they may know It by way of Justice.  Tired of an agony of centuries, My Will wants to get out, and therefore It prepares two ways:  the Triumphant Way, that are Its Knowledges, Its Prodigies and all the Good that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will bring; and the Way of Justice, for those who do not want to know It as Triumphant.  It is up to the creatures to choose the way in which they want to receive It.”


V20 – 11/23/26 – (Luisa):  As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, His face leaning out from within my breast, His eyes sparkling with Light, looking far away.  Within that Light, I too looked, and I could see rivers overflowing, seas swelling and going out of their shore, ships being swept away, towns submerged by water, storms carrying away everything that they invested, and many other evils that, while they seemed to take respite in one point, regained their fury in other points.  Oh! how frightening it was to see the water, the wind, the sea, the earth, armed by Divine Justice to strike the poor creatures.  So I prayed my Highest Good that He would placate Himself and withdraw the command to make Justice, that He had given to these elements.

And my sweet Jesus, throwing His Arms around my neck and clasping me tightly to Himself, made me feel His Justice.  I felt myself succumbing, and my sweet Jesus, sighing, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), I can take no more; it is necessary that My Justice follow its course.  You, do not become alarmed at what you see, but rather, occupy yourself with the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.”

I remained in suffering and afflicted because of the great evils that will occur, and abandoning myself in the adorable Will of my Jesus, I enclosed in It all thoughts, gazes, words, works, steps and heartbeats, so that all might love and ask together with me that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come and be soon established in the midst of the human generations.


V20 – 12/27/26 – (Jesus):  “In addition to this, My Will maintains perfect Balance in the whole Creation.  It maintains the Balance of Love, of Goodness, of Mercy, of Fortitude, of Power and even of Justice.  Therefore, when you hear of chastisements and of troubles, it is nothing other than the effect of My Balanced Will that, as much as It Loves the creature, is not subject to becoming unbalanced; otherwise It would be defective and weak, if It lost Its Balance.  Indeed, all the Order and the Sanctity of It is here:  in Its perfect Balance—always the same, without ever changing.


V21 – 5/12/27 – (Luisa):  I was feeling oppressed, not only because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, but because of the continuous threats of grave chastisements, of nearing wars and revolutions with infernal methods, such as to be horrifying.  Oh! God, what pain—to be forced by a Supreme Power to see these evils, the blindness of the leaders of nations who want the destruction of the peoples, and my impotence in being able to stand before Divine Justice with my pains, to make the peoples be spared so many evils.  So, I felt the weight of life, and I ardently longed for the Celestial Fatherland, since I could not arrest the course of so many evils with my pains.

And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), how do you think I (Jesus) would have done more:  if I had freed the peoples from the chastisements they deserved because of so many sins, or by having formed the Redemption?  The chastisements were temporary pains; the Redemption was an Eternal Good that never ends.  Had I freed them from chastisements, I (Jesus) would not have opened Heaven for them, nor given them the Right to Glory; on the other hand, by forming the Redemption I (Jesus) opened Heaven for them and I placed them on the way to the Celestial Fatherland, giving them the lost Glory.

“When one must do a greater Good, he must content himself with putting the minor good aside; more so, since the minor was to serve the Balance of Justice, and My Humanity could not, nor did It want to oppose this Divine Balance.  Furthermore, the chastisements were to serve as a call for creatures, as speaking voice, as sentries, in order to shake them from the sleep of sin; as a spur, in order to place them on the way; as Light in order to lead them.  Therefore, they were also means in order to make them receive the Goods of Redemption; and I (Jesus) did not want to destroy these helps.  And this is why, in spite of My coming upon earth, the peoples were not completely exempted from the chastisements they deserved.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), you think you (Luisa) would have done more had you freed the peoples from the chastisements, so necessary in these times; and in seeing that this is not granted to you, life becomes bothersome for you, and you would want to come to the Celestial Fatherland.  Poor daughter (Luisa), you are such a child in the Knowledge of the true Goods, great, incalculable and never-ending, and of the goods that are little and finite.

“Is it not greater to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will in order to make It known; to prepare the way so as to let them enter into It, the Light of Its Knowledges in order to lead them; to give Happiness, the Original State of their creation, back to creatures; to enrich them with all the Goods that a Divine Will contains?  Comparing the good produced if you had freed the peoples from all chastisements to the great Good of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, the first would be nothing compared to the second.  So, you (Luisa) find yourself in My same condition of having to content yourself with forming the Kingdom of the Divine Will, that is greater than anything; while, as for the chastisements, you (Luisa) must content yourself with letting them follow their course in part.  More so, since I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) on earth for the Kingdom of My Will—this is your special mission.”

But the terror I felt within me because of the grave evils that Jesus had made me see was so great, that I would rather not be on this earth; and I thought to myself:  “It seems to me that a great adverse Power moves death away from me, and forces me to cross the exile.  Many times I feel as though I am about to die; and it has been but a few months since I felt as if I were about to reach my Celestial Dwelling.  But—nothing; everything went up in smoke.  This adverse Power drives me back, and I remain in the miserable prison of my poor humanity.  Who can this Power be that harms me so much?  Who is It that places himself across my Happiness?  Who prevents my step, my flight, barring my way and driving me back with such rude and cruel manners?”


V24 – 3/119/28 – (Jesus):  “All, even those who are said to be more good, feel that something necessary is missing in them; they feel that their works are not complete, and everyone longs for some other good, but they themselves do not know what it is.  It is the fullness and the totality of My Divine Fiat that is missing in their acts, and therefore their works are as though halved, because only with My Will and in My Will can complete works be done.  Therefore, It yearns to be known in order to bring Its Life and Fulfillment to the works of Its creatures; more so, since I AM preparing great events—sorrowful and prosperous, chastisements and Graces, unforeseen and unexpected wars—everything in order to dispose them to receive the Good of the Knowledges of My Fiat.  And if they let them sleep without flinging them into the midst of creatures, they will render the events that I AM preparing fruitless.  What an account will they not have to give Me?

“With these Knowledges I AM preparing the renewal and the restoration of the human family.  Therefore, on your (Luisa) part, do not place any obstacle and continue to pray that the Kingdom of My Divine Will may come soon.”


V24 – 4/30/28 – (Luisa):  I was thinking about the Divine Will and—oh! how many thoughts crowded my mind.  Having transported me outside of myself, my always lovable Jesus had shown me the many chastisements with which He wants to strike the human generations; and I, shaken, thought to myself:  “How can the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come if the earth abounds with evil, and Divine Justice is arming all the elements to destroy man and what serves man?  And besides, this Kingdom did not come when Jesus came upon earth with His visible Presence—how can It come now?  As things are now, it seems difficult to me.”

And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), everything you saw will serve to purify and prepare the human family.  The turmoils will serve to reorder, and the destructions to build more beautiful things.  If a collapsing building is not torn down, a new and more beautiful one cannot be formed upon those very ruins.  I will stir everything for the Fulfillment of My Divine Will.


V24 – 9/21/28 – (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), all things in My Hands can be means to obtain the intent that My Divine Will be known and Reign in the midst of creatures.  I will act like a king when he wants a city to surrender to his dominion:  he lays siege to it, he makes its people touch with their own hands how, if they do not surrender, he will make them die of starvation; and when the people see that they lack the means of life in order to live, they surrender.  And the king will lift the siege and, ruling, will enter the city, and will provide, in a superabundant way, all the means of life; he will give them feasts, amusements, and will render that people happy.

“So I (Jesus) will do:  I will lay siege to the human will, I will embitter and destroy what serves to nourish it, and therefore many chastisements will occur, that will be nothing other than the siege I (Jesus) will lay to all that is human, in such a way that, tired, disillusioned, they will feel the need for My Divine Fiat to Reign in their midst.  And as soon as It sees that they long for It, It will take Dominion, It will provide them with everything in abundance, and will render them happy.  Therefore, you (Luisa)—have no concern; I know how to dispose all the events in order to obtain the intent.”


V28 – 11/24/30 – (Luisa):  My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, but my poor existence goes on very often amid the bitternesses of the privations of my sweet Jesus; and while I long for Him, reaching the point of feeling life missing in me—because He is my Life, nor do I know any other life or other pleasure but Jesus—then, if He comes for a little, while I feel myself coming to Life again, ah! that Breath of Life that He gives me He embitters, because He tells me nothing other than the great chastisements that Divine Justice keeps prepared—how all the elements will put themselves against man; the water, the fire, the wind, the rocks, the mountains, will change into deadly weapons, and strong earthquakes will make many cities and people disappear—and in all nations; not even our own will be spared.  And then, the revolutions in which they are and will be engulfed; and the wars that are about to break out—it seems that almost all will be caught in the net that they themselves are preparing.  But He says this with such bitterness, and then He leaves me without my usual pains that He used to communicate to me.

So, while I was embittered, I continued my acts in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), rise—come into My Operating Will.  My Will is Immense, but in Its Immensity there is not one point in which It does not exercise special and distinct Acts toward mankind.  And even though My Will is one—one is Its Immensity, one is Its Act—however, in Its Immensity It holds the Order of all the Effects that come out as Acts from one single Act, to pour themselves out toward each creature, who receives them according to her dispositions.  If she is disposed to loving Me, she receives the effects of the Love that My Operating Will is pouring; if disposed to being good, she receives the Effects of Its Operating Goodness; if disposed to becoming holy, she receives the Effects of Its Sanctity.  So, according to their dispositions, the Immensity of My Fiat pours Itself—Its different Effects that convert for them into Acts—over each creature; and one who is not disposed receives nothing, even though My Divine Will is always there as Operating over each one of them.  And since they do not want to receive the Good It wants to give them, My Justice converts these Goods that the creature rejects into chastisements.

“This is the reason why My Divine Will is as though on the lookout from within the elements, to see whether they are disposed to receive the Good of Its continuous Operating; and in seeing Itself rejected, tired, It arms the elements against them.  Therefore, unforeseen chastisements and new phenomena are about to happen; the earth, with its almost continuous tremor, warns man to come to his senses, otherwise he will sink under his own steps because it can no longer sustain him.  The evils that are about to happen are grave, otherwise I (Jesus) would not have suspended you (Luisa) often from your usual state of victim.


V28 – 2/8/31 – (Jesus):  “Good daughter (Luisa), courage, you must know that My Divine Will Acts in two ways—in the wanted way and in the permissive way.  When It Acts in the wanted way, those are Designs that It accomplishes, Sanctities that It forms; and the creature who receives this wanted Act of My Will receives it equipped with Light, with Grace, with Help.  Nothing must be lacking to this fortunate creature in order to fulfill this Act wanted by My Will.

“On the other hand, when It Acts in the permissive way, and this happens when the creatures, with the free willing of the will that they have, try to bind the Hands of the Omnipotent One—as in this that they want from you (Luisa), wanting to change things to their own way, and not as I, with so much Love and for the Good of all, have disposed up to this day; and they force Me to Act in a permissive way—and My Permissive Will, by Justice and chastisement, is blinding, such that who knows where they go to hurl themselves.  Therefore, I will act with My Permissive Will.  Since they do not want it in the way wanted by Me, I will keep you suspended from the state of victim, and My Justice, not finding Its prop, will pour Itself out freely against the people.

“I AM doing the first round across all nations, so much so, that very often I (Jesus) suspend you (Luisa) from the state of victim because I (Jesus) see you too embittered because of Me and because of what they want, and of so much perfidy that they have had against you (Luisa); and in seeing you so embittered, I (Jesus) don’t have the heart to cast you into your usual state of pains, that you (Luisa), with so much Love, received; and I, with even greater Love, communicated to you.  Therefore I (Jesus) move forward; but if you knew My sorrow….  And in My sorrow I keep repeating:  ‘Human ingratitude, how horrendous you are.’  And I AM about to start the second round of chastisements across all nations, repeating earthquakes, mortalities, unforeseen phenomena, evils of every kind, such as to strike terror and fright.  The chastisements will swoop down like thick fog over the peoples, and many will remain naked and starving; and when I (Jesus) have completed the second round, I will do the third, and where the chastisements will rage more, there will the wars and revolutions be more fierce.

“My daughter (Luisa), what I (Jesus) recommend to you—patience.  O please! do not give Me the sorrow that your will be opposed to Mine.  Remember how many Graces I have given you—how much Love have I not had for you (Luisa) in order to win your will, to make it My own.  If you want to make Me content, assure Me that you will never—never do your will.”


V29 – 2/17/31 – (Jesus):  “…In fact, you (Luisa) must know that there is nothing that placates Justice more, and that reaches the point of changing the greatest chastisements into deeds of Graces, than voluntary suffering; and it is not those who suffer out of necessity, because of illness or misfortune, that can be called true victims—the whole world is full of these sufferings—but those who, voluntarily, offer themselves to suffer what I (Jesus) want and in the way I want.


V29 – 3/6/31 – (Jesus):  “…And I (Jesus) will continue, My daughter (Luisa), to pour the chastisements; I told you this before—that if even just one month would pass, of My keeping you (Luisa) suspended from your state of suffering, they will hear and see how many chastisements will pour down over the face of the earth.  And while My Justice does Its course, we will occupy ourselves together with My Divine Will—I (Jesus), making It known to you (Luisa); and you, receiving the good of Its Knowledges; because each Knowledge brings the growth of the Life of My Will in you, and for each act of yours done in the New Knowledge, My Fiat gains more ground in your soul and extends more Its Kingdom in it.  More so, since creatures have no power to enter into My Divine Will to disturb us and dictate to us the law; therefore we are free to do whatever we want—we have absolute freedom.  Therefore, be attentive to continue to cross Its Interminable Seas.”


V29 – 4/2/31 – (Luisa):  “My Jesus, yet, those who are above me tell me:  ‘How can this ever be possible—that because of four or five people who wanted to do evil, He would send so many chastisements?  Rather, Our Lord is right that the sins are many, and therefore the scourges,’ and many other things that they say, and that You know.”

And Jesus, all Goodness, added:  “My daughter (Luisa), how they deceive themselves; it is not because of the sin of the four or five who, with so much perfidy, have reached the point of calumnies.  These will be punished individually.  But it is the support that they have taken away from Me.  Your sufferings served Me as support; once the support is taken away from Me, My Justice finds no one who sustains It, and remaining without a place to lean on, It made continuous and terrible scourges pour down during the time in which you have been free of your usual pains.  But if the support had been there, even if it had happened, it would have been a tenth, or a fifth.  More so, since this support was formed of voluntary pains and was wanted by Me, and in voluntary pains enters a Divine Strength.  I (Jesus) could say that I Myself, in your pains, made Myself Support in order to sustain My Justice.  Now, not having your pains, I (Jesus) lack the material in order to form the support, and therefore My Justice remains free to do what It wants.  From this they should comprehend the great good I (Jesus) have done to all and to the entire world in keeping you (Luisa) for so many years in the state of voluntary pains.  Therefore, if you don’t want My Justice to continue to shake the earth, do not deny Me your voluntary pains; and I (Jesus) will help you (Luisa).  Do not fear, let Me do.”


V35 – 12/14/35 – (Jesus):  “…Many times, this loyal daughter of Ours—since true loyalty consists in Living in Our Divine Will—seeing that her brothers and sisters are about to be struck by the deserved chastisements for their sins, doesn’t close her Day, but prays and suffers to beseech Graces for their souls as well as for their bodies.  The Life of one who Lives in My Divine Will is New Joy and Glory for Heaven, and Help and Graces for the earth.”

V36 – 9/18/38 – (Jesus):  “My dear daughter (Luisa), if you knew how much I (Jesus) suffer, if I let you see it, you would die of pain.  I AM forced to hide everything—all the torment and the rawness of the Pain I feel—not to distress you even more.  Know that they didn’t condemn you (Luisa), but Me, together with you.  I (Jesus) Myself feel as though being condemned, since condemning Good is condemning Myself.  You, however, unite in My Will Our condemnation to the one I (Jesus) received when I was Crucified and I will give you (Luisa) the merit of My condemnation and all the Goods that It produces:  It made me die, then It called to Life My Resurrection, in which everyone was to find Life and Resurrection of all Goods.  With their sentence they believe they can kill what I (Jesus) said on My Divine Will, but I will allow such chastisements and sad events that I will make My Truths Rise Again more Beautifully—more Majestic, in the midst of the peoples.  Therefore, from your side and Mine, let’s move nothing.  Let’s keep doing what we have done, even if everybody should be against us.

“This is My Divine Way:  for all evils creatures may do, I (Jesus) never move My Works.  I always preserve them with My Creative Power and Virtue.  For Love of those who offend Me, I always Love them without ceasing.  If We never move, Our Works are accomplished, remaining always Beautiful, doing Good to all; but if We moved, all things would go into ruin and no Good would be accomplished. Therefore, in this too I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) with Me—always still, never moving from inside My Will, and doing what you’ve done until now—attentive to listen to Me, to be the narrator of My Will.  My daughter Luisa), what is not enjoyed today, will be enjoyed tomorrow; what now seems darkness because it finds blind minds, will turn into sun tomorrow for those who have eyes.  How much Good they will do.  So, let’s keep doing what we’ve done.  Let’s do what is needed from our side so that nothing may be missing of Help, Light, Good and Surprising Truth to make My Will known and to make It Reign.  I (Jesus) will use every means of Love, Grace and chastisement.  I will touch all sides of creatures in order to have My Will Reign.  When it will seem that the True Good is about to die, then, it will Rise Again more Beautiful and Majestic.”

But while He was saying this He showed me a sea of fire in which the whole world was about to be wrapped.  I was shaken, and my Adorable Jesus, pulling me towards Himself, told me: “My blessed daughter (Luisa)—Courage, don’t be afraid.  Come into My Divine Will so that Its Light may remove from you the sad sight of what is happening in the world, and as I  (Jesus) talk to you (Luisa) about My Will, let us soothe the pains that, unfortunately, both of us are suffering.  See, how Beautiful it is to Live in My Will.  What I do, the soul does; as she hears My ‘I Love you,’ she soon repeats to Me ‘I love You,’ and I, feeling Loved, Transform her so much into Myself that in one voice we say, ‘We Love everyone, we do Good to all, we give Life to all.’  If I (Jesus) bless, we bless together; we adore and glorify together; we run together to help anyone, and if they offend me we suffer together.  O! how Happy I AM in seeing that a creature never leaves Me alone.  How Beautiful is the company of one who wants what I (Jesus) want, does what I do.  The Union makes Happiness arise—heroism in doing Good, tolerance in bearing.  Even more, since she is a human creature, belonging to the human family—that does nothing other than send Me nails, thorns and Pains—not to sadden her, I (Jesus) abstain from sending their deserved chastisement, while finding in this creature My Hiding Place and My desired company.  I know that she would be sad if I punished them as they deserve.  Therefore, never leave Me alone.  Loneliness is one of the hardest and most intimate Pains of My Heart.  Not having one to whom to say a Word both in Sufferings and Joys makes Me so delirious of Pain and Love that, if you could experience it, you (Luisa) would die of pure pain.


V36 – 10/2/38 – (Jesus):  “Dearest daughter (Luisa) of Mine, pray together with Me. It breaks My Heart to see the chastisements that will invest the whole humanity.  The volubility of the leaders—today they say something, tomorrow something else—will throw the peoples in a sea of pains, and of blood, too.  Poor children of Mine!  Pray My daughter (Luisa), don’t leave Me alone in My Suffering.  May all happen for the Triumph of the Divine Will.”


V36 – 10/26/38 (Jesus):  “My daughter (Luisa), you don’t know yet all the Good the creature receives by Living in My Will, and the Great Glory she gives to her Creator.  Every act she does in It is a leaning of God on the creature, leaning His Power of Love and of Sanctity.  The more acts she repeats the more We trust her and the more We can lean on what is Ours, since Our Will is there, giving capacity and Strength to the creature to receive what We want to give.  But if We don’t find Our Will and her acts repeated in It, We don’t know where to lean; she doesn’t have Strength, capacity, or the space in which to receive Our Gifts and Graces, so that I (Jesus) can trust her.  Poor creature, without Our Will.  She, the True Citadel, without doors and without sentries to defend it—exposed to all the dangers. If We want to give, it would be like exposing Our Gifts and Our very Life to uselessness and to the danger of receiving offenses and ingratitude, so that they make Us turn Gifts and Graces into chastisements.


V36 – 10/30/38(Jesus):  “…We even reach the extent of giving her the right to Judge together with Us, and if We see that she suffers because the sinner is under a rigorous Judgment, to soothe her pain We mitigate Our Just chastisements.  She makes Us give the Kiss of Forgiveness, and to make her Happy We say to her:  ‘Poor daughter (Luisa), you are right.  You are Ours and belong also to them.  You (Luisa) feel in you the bonds of the human family, therefore you would want that We Forgive everybody.  We’ll do as much as We can to please you, unless he despises or refuses Our Forgiveness.’  This creature (Luisa) in Our Will is the New Esther wanting to rescue her peoples.  O! how Happy We are to keep her always with Us in Our Will because, through her, We feel more inclined to use Mercy, to concede Graces, to Forgive the most obstinate sinners, and to lessen the pains of the purging souls.  Poor daughter! She has a thought for everyone, and a pain similar to Ours, seeing the human family swimming in Our Will without recognizing It—living in the middle of enemies in the most wretched misery.”


V36 – 11/30/38 – (Jesus):  “…Furthermore, each act done in My Will is a messenger of Peace that leaves the earth and goes into Heaven.  It comes to bring Peace between Heaven and earth. Every single word said in My Will carries the Bond of Peace, and one who comes to Live in It receives, as the Prime Good, the Bond of Peace between herself and Us.  She feels as if embalmed by Our Divine Peace.  With this Bond of Peace, she feels within herself the Virtue of becoming the Peacemaker between Heaven and earth.  Everything is Peace within her:  Peaceful are the words, Peaceful the glances, Peaceful the movements.  O! how many times with one word she places Peace between Us and the creature.  One single glance from her—sweet and Peaceful, wounds Us and makes Us turn chastisements into Graces.  So, her acts are nothing other than Bonds of Peace—the Peaceful messengers that bring the Kiss of Peace of the creatures to God, and the Kiss of God to the creatures.


V36 – 12/8/38 – (Jesus):  “…The life of man was supposed to be the first, the Greatest Prodigy of Our Love and Omnipotence.  We had only to offer him, from within its veils, Our Sanctity and Our Love, covering him with Our Beauty—making him enjoy Our Delights.  But since he does not recognize Us, he keeps Us like the far away God—away from himself.  If We are not recognized, We cannot give Our Goods to the blind.  He is forced to live under the nightmare of his own miseries and passions.  Poor man, who does not recognize Us, either in the veils that hide Us within him, or in the veils of each created thing; he just keeps running away from Our Life and from the scope for which he was Created; so, many times, when We cannot tolerate his ingratitude, the very Goods contained in Our veils are turned into chastisement for him.  Therefore, do recognize that you are nothing other than a veil hiding your Creator, in order for you to receive, and for Us to administer, Our Divine Life in all your acts.  Recognize It in the veils of all created things, so that all may help you to receive a Good so Great.”