Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,                                                                  Have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,                                                 Have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Spirit,                                                                             Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God,                                                                           Have mercy on us.

Blood of Christ, only begotten Son of the Eternal Father,                     Save us.
Blood of Christ, Incarnate Word of God,                                                    **
Blood of Christ, of the New and Eternal Testament,
Blood of Christ, falling upon the earth in the Agony,
Blood of Christ, shed profusely in the Scourging,
Blood of Christ, flowing forth in the Crowning with Thorns,
Blood of Christ, poured out on the Cross,
Blood of Christ, price of our salvation,
Blood of Christ, without which there is no forgiveness,
Blood of Christ, Eucharistic drink and refreshment of souls,
Blood of Christ, stream of mercy,
Blood of Christ, victor over demons,
Blood of Christ, courage of martyrs,
Blood of Christ, strength of confessors,
Blood of Christ, bringing forth virgins,
Blood of Christ, help of those in peril,
Blood of Christ, relief of the burdened,
Blood of Christ, solace in sorrow,
Blood of Christ, hope of the penitent,
Blood of Christ, consolation of the dying,
Blood of Christ, peace and tenderness of hearts,
Blood of Christ, pledge of Eternal Life,
Blood of Christ, freeing souls from Purgatory,
Blood of Christ, most worthy of all glory and honor,
**Save us.

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,            Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,            Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,            Have mercy on us.
You have redeemed us, O Lord, in Your Blood – and made us, for our God, a Kingdom.

Let us Pray: 

Almighty and Eternal God, You have appointed Your only begotten Son the Redeemer of the world, and willed to be appeased by His Blood, grant, we beg of You, that we may worthily adore this price of our salvation, and through its power be safeguarded from the evils of this present life, so that we may rejoice in its fruits forever in Heaven. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

6/30 Commemoration of St. Paul (Traditional)

St. Paul

St. Paul wrote in his canticle of love (1 Cor. 13): “…and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”  St. Paul was perhaps the most powerfully dynamic of all priests.

Volume 8; December 16, 1908
Our Lord:  “…And then, I have not thrown you (Luisa)  to the ground; rather, I keep you more than ever clasped in My Arms.  Even more, I tell you (Luisa) that if to Paul I gave My efficacious Grace at the beginning of his conversion, to you I give it almost continually – and this is the sign of it:  that you continue in your interior everything that you used to do when I was with you almost continually – doing what now you seem to do by yourself. Your feeling all immersed in Me and bound to Me, always thinking of Me even though you do not see Me – this is not your own thing, nor an ordinary Grace, but Special and Efficacious Grace. And if I give you much, it is a sign that I Love you much, and I want to be loved much by you.”

6/30 The Veneration of the Martyrs

The Liturgical Year can be compared to the skies in which during the day the brilliant sun shines, radiating warmth and light, while at night the moon shines brightly and millions of stars glitter.  Similarly, in the skies of the Liturgical Year the most brilliant Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, always shines with His Most Blessed Mother beside Him, like the bright moon, and round them, like heavenly stars, the immense multitude of Saints.  Besides the festivals in honor of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, certain days of the Church Calendar are dedicated to the honor of various Saints of greater or lesser importance.

Among the various groups of Saints, the Holy Martyrs hold a special place, the reason for this is that they are the most beautiful flowers in the garden of Christ’s Church, and the first-fruits of the Christian faith, that God has chosen for Himself as a holocaust or burnt offering.  The Holy Martyrs are eloquent witnesses who by their heroic love of God testify to the truth and to our Holy Faith.  Because of their sufferings and martyrdom, the Christian faith grew with remarkable rapidity and became marvelously strong.  From the very beginning, their graves became the places where they were venervated.  As a matter of fact, it was with this veneration that the cult of the Saints originated.  The number of Martyrs is known only to God alone.  But the greater part of the Church Calendar is filled with their names.

Book of Heaven
3/15/12 – Vol. 11

The Divine Will is the sanctity of sanctities, and the soul who does It on earth as in Heaven is a queen soul, who gives life to all the good done on earth and in Heaven. These souls are the true Consecrated Hosts of the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt a great desire to do the Most Holy Will of Blessed Jesus; and He came and told me: “My daughter, my Will is the Sanctity of Sanctities. The soul who does my Will according to the perfection that I am teaching you – that is, on earth as It is in Heaven – however small, ignorant and ignored, leaves even other Saints behind in spite of their prodigies, the most clamorous conversions and the miracles. Really, in comparison, the souls who do my Will in the way It is in my third “FIAT” are queens, and it is as if all the others were at their service.

It seems that the souls who live in my Will do nothing, while they actually do everything, because being in my Will these souls act Divinely, in a hidden and surprising way. They are light which illuminates, wind which purifies, fire which burns, miracles which cause miracles. Those who do miracles are channels; but in these souls resides the power. Therefore, they are the foot of the missionary, the tongue of the preachers, the strength of the weak, the patience of the sick, the regime (of the superiors), the obedience of the subjects, the tolerance of the slandered, the firmness in the dangers, the heroism in the heroes, the courage in the martyrs, the sanctity in the saints, and so on with all the rest. Being in my Will, they concur with all the good that can be both in Heaven and on earth.

This is why I can surely say that they are my true Hosts – but living Hosts, not dead ones. The accidents that form the host are not full of life, neither do they influence my Life; but the soul who lives in my Divine Will is full of life and, doing my Will, she influences and concurs with all that I do. This is why these consecrated Hosts of my Will are more dear to Me than the very sacramental Hosts, and if I have reason to exist in the sacramental Hosts, it is to form the sacramental Hosts of my Will.

My daughter, I take such delight in my Will that, in simply hearing talk about It, I feel overjoyed and I call the whole of Heaven to make feast. Imagine what will become of those souls who will do It: I find in them all the joys, so I give all the joys to them. Their life is the life of the Blessed. They care about, desire and yearn for two things only: my Will and Love. They need to do very little else, while in fact they do everything. The virtues themselves remain absorbed in my Will and in Love. Therefore, they have nothing to do with them, since my Will contains, possesses and absorbs all; but in a Divine manner – immense and endless. This is the life of the Blessed.”

6/29 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Apostolic Princes of the Church

Hours of the Passion
Eighth Hour:  From Midnight to 1 AM

… But, again, I (Luisa) hear Your (Our Lord’s) most tender voice that says, as You go to meet Your enemies, “Who are you looking for?”  And they answer, “Jesus the Nazarene.”  And You, to them, “It is I.”  With only this word You say everything, and You let Yourself be known for who You are; so much so, that the enemies tremble and fall to the ground, as though dead.  And You, Love that has no equal, repeating again, “It is I,” call them back to life and You give Yourself, on Your own, into the power of the enemies.  Perfidious and ungrateful, instead of falling at Your feet, humbled and palpitating, to ask for Your Forgiveness, taking advantage of Your Goodness and despising Your Graces and Prodigies, they lay hands on You, they bind You with ropes and chains, they grip You, they cast You to the ground, they trample upon You, they tear Your hair.  And You, with unheard-of patience, remain silent, suffering and Repairing for the offenses of those who, in spite of miracles, do not surrender to Your Grace, and become more obstinate.

With those ropes and chains, You impetrate from the Father the grace to snap the chains of our sins, and You bind us with the sweet chain of Love.  And, Lovingly, You correct Peter, who wants to defend You to the point of cutting off the ear of Malchus.  With this, You intend to Repair for the good works, which are not done with holy prudence, or which fall into sin because of excessive zeal.

Book of Heaven
12/16/08 – Vol. 8

 “Even more, I (Our Lord) tell you (Luisa) that if to Paul I gave my efficacious grace at the beginning of his conversion, to you I give it almost continually – and this is the sign of it: that you continue in your interior everything that you used to do when I was with you almost continually – doing what now you seem to do by yourself. Your feeling all immersed in Me and bound to Me, always thinking of Me even though you do not see Me – this is not your own thing, nor an ordinary grace, but special and efficacious grace. And if I (Our Lord) give you (Luisa) much, it is a sign that I love you much, and I want to be loved much by you.”3/9/03 – Vol. 4

3/9/03 – Vol. 4

“My daughter, how terrible it can be for those souls who have been much fecundated by my grace, but have not corresponded to it. The Jewish nation was the favorite one, the most fecundated, and yet, the most sterile; and the whole of my Person could not obtain that fruit which Paul obtained in other nations, less fecundated, but more corresponding. In fact, lack of correspondence to grace blinds the soul, it makes her deceive herself, and disposes her to obstinacy, even in the face of any miracle.”

6/29 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (New and Traditional c67)

Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta
On this Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (New and Trad c.67), the little children of the Divine Will remember and celebrate the Apostolic Princes of the Church and the ordination of Pope Benedict XVI. This day in 1951 Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger was ordained into the holy priesthood of Christ. He shares the namesake “Aloysius’ with the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Aloysiusa as on her baptismal certificate.
In today’s Breviary, June 29, 2020, St. Peter says to Our Lord Jesus, “You are Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but the Father has Revealed it.” Why? From a homily of St. Jerome, ‘What flesh and blood could not reveal was revealed by the Grace of the Holy Spirit. By his profession also he earns a right to his name; receiving a Revelation from the Holy Spirit, he should be called son of the Holy Spirit, and indeed Bar-Jona means “Son of the Dove.”
In this time of Sanctification, the Holy Spirit is bringing awareness to the little children, through the little daughter of the Divine Will, of the Wonders God is doing.
Volume 17 – May 4, 1925 – The Most Essential Thing to know about the Holy Divine Will
Jesus said to Luisa – “What if I told you, Luisa, that you did not write everything? Rather, you have left out the Most Essential thing. So, continue to write, and add: ‘The Mission of My Will shall Conceal the Most Holy Trinity upon earth.  Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Inseparable but Distinct among Themselves, Who Form all the Beatitude of Heaven, in the Same Way, on earth there will be three Persons who, because of their Missions, will be Distinct and Inseparable among themselves: the Virgin Mary, with Her Maternity which Conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and Encloses His Power in order to Fulfill Her Mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; My Humanity, for the Mission of Redeemer, which was Enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, in order to Manifest My Celestial Wisdom, adding the Bond of becoming Inseparable from My Mama; and you Luisa, for the Mission of My Will, as the Holy Spirit will Display His Love in you Luisa, Manifesting to you His Secrets, the Prodigies of My Will, the Goods It Contains, in order to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much Good this Supreme Will Contains, to Love It and to let It Reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It Dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to Form Its Life in them. And the Bond of Inseparability will be added, between you Luisa, the Mother and the Eternal Word.
… being Light, The Divine Will shall make Its Way by Itself, More than a Second Sun, in order to Illuminate the human generations and to Bring about the Fulfillment of Our Works: that Our Will be Known and Loved, and that It Reign as Life within the creatures.
Therefore, be attentive, because this is about Rescuing that Eternal Will which, with So Much Love, Wants to Dwell in the creatures.  But It wants to be Known, It does not want to be like a stranger; rather, It Wants to give out Its Goods and become Life of each one, but It Wants Its Rights Whole – Its Place of Honor. It wants the human will to be banished – the only enemy for It, and for man.
The Mission of My Will was the Purpose of the Creation of man.  My Divinity did not Depart from Heaven, from Its Throne; My Will, instead, not only Departed, but Descended into all Created things and Formed Its Life in them.  However, while all things Recognized Me, and I Dwell in them with Majesty and Decorum, man alone drove Me away.  But I, Jesus Want to Conquer him and Win him; and this is why My Mission is not finished.  So I Called you, Luisa, Entrusting to you My Own Mission, that you, Luisa, may place the one (man – the Holy Father will be the first) who drove Me away, on the Lap of My Will, and everything may Return to Me, in My Will.
Therefore, do not be surprised at the Great and Marvelous things I may tell you for the Sake of This Mission, or at the Many Graces I may Give you; because this is not about making a Saint, but about Saving the generations.  This is about Rescuing a Divine Will, for which everything Must Return to the Beginning, to the Origin from which everything came, so that the Purpose of My Will may have Its Complete Fulfillment.”
“As the Source of our New Life in Christ, the Holy Spirit is also, in a Very Real Way, the Soul of the Church, the Love that Binds us to the Lord and to one another, and the Light that Opens our eyes to see all around us the Wonders of God’s Grace.” Pope (now Emeritis) Benedict XVI

6/28 Feast Day of St. Irenaeus

S_St IrenaeusSt. Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr

Quite rightly we sing in the Gloria in excelsis: “We praise you, we bless you . . . we give you thanks for your great glory.” These statements can be applied in a special way to the action of the Holy Spirit, who, in the First Letter of Peter, is called “the spirit of glory” (1 Peter 4:14). This is a glory which is pure gratuitousness: It does not consist of taking or receiving, but only of giving. In giving us His Spirit, who is the source of life, the Father manifests His glory, making it visible in our lives. In this regard, St. Irenaeus says that “the glory of God is the living man” (Adv. Haer. IV, 20, 7).


Book of Heaven
7/14/28 – Vol. 24

How one who lives in the Divine Will forms her little seas within God Himself.  How the Divine Will is light and It looks for light, and how all evils become lost before Its light.  Prodigy of the Fiat.

I feel myself completely in the Divine Fiat, and my adorable Jesus showed before my mind an interminable Sea of light; and within this Sea one could see many other little seas, little rivers, formed in the same Sea.  It was beautiful, delightful, enchanting, to see these little seas formed very often within the Divine Sea—some smaller, some a little larger.  It seemed to me as when, possibly, we are in the sea and, as we dive into it, the water divides, and forming a circle around us, it gives us the place in order to be able to stay in the sea, in such a way that one can see many people in it, who are not seas, because the sea does not have the virtue of converting us into water, while Our God has the virtue of converting us into His very Light, and in spite of this, one can see that a human will has gone to dive into the Divine Sea to take its place in It, and according to its much or little operating, it forms a small or a larger little sea within the Divine Sea.

Now, while I was delighting in watching a scene so beautiful and enrapturing, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, these little seas and rivers that you see in the Eternal Sea of the Divine Majesty are of those who operate in the Divine Will.  The Creator gives and forms the place within His own Sea for those who want to live in the Fiat; He admits them into His house and lets them form their own properties.  And while forming their own, they enjoy all the goods of the interminable Sea of the Supreme Being, who gives wide freedom to these children of His to expand their own little seas within His very Sea, as much as they can.

“In this Sea there are the little seas of My Humanity and those of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and there will also be those of the ones who will live in My Will.  None of their acts will be done outside of this Divine Sea, and this will be the greatest Glory of God and the greatest honor for the children of my Divine Fiat.”…

6/27 Feast Day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help – “I am Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I will Help you Always.” (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem; these are Our Lady’s Words that Sister Mary Ephrem wrote to Rev. Leibold in a letter dated 3/57)

O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke Thy most powerful name, which is the safeguard of the living and the salvation of the dying. O Purest Mary, O Sweetest Mary, let thy name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not, O Blessed Lady, to help me whenever I call on Thee, for, in all my needs, in all my temptations I shall never cease to call on Thee, ever repeating thy sacred name, Mary, Mary.

O what consolation, what sweetness, what confidence, what emotion fill my soul when I pronounce thy sacred name, or even only think of Thee. I thank God for having given thee, for my good, so sweet, so powerful, so lovely a name. But I will not be content with merely pronouncing thy name: let my love for thee prompt me ever to hail Thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.


Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

1. Behold, O Mother of Perpetual Help, at thy feet a wretched 
sinner, who has recourse to thee and trusts in thee. O Mother of 
mercy, have pity on me; I hear all men call thee the refuge and 
hope of sinners: be therefore my refuge and my hope. Help me for 
the love of Jesus Christ: hold out thy hand to a fallen wretch, 
who commends himself to thee and dedicates himself to be thy 
servant forever. I praise and thank God, who of His great mercy 
hath given me this confidence in thee, a sure pledge of my eternal 
salvation. Alas, it is only too true that in the past I have 
fallen miserably, because I did not come to thee. I know that with 
thy help I shall conquer; I know that thou wilt help me, if I 
commend myself to thee; but I am fearful lest in the occasions of 
sin I shall forget to call upon thee and so I shall be lost. This 
grace, then, do I ask of thee; for this I implore thee, as much as 
I can and know how to do; namely, that in the assaults of hell I 
may ever run to thy protection and may say to thee: Mary, help me; 
Mother of Perpetual Help, permit me not to lose my God.

Hail Mary, three times.

2. O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant me ever to be able to call 
upon thy powerful name, since thy name is the help of the living 
and the salvation of the dying. Ah, Mary most pure, Mary most 
sweet, grant that thy name from this day forth may be to me the 
very breath of life. Dear Lady, delay not to come to my assistance 
whenever I call upon thee; for in all the temptations that assail 
me, in all the necessities that befall me, I will never leave off 
calling upon thee, ever repeating: Mary, Mary. What comfort, what 
sweetness, what confidence, what tenderness fills my soul at the 
sound of thy name, at the very thought of thee! I give thanks to 
our Lord, who for my sake hath given thee a name so sweet, so 
lovable, so mighty. But I am not content merely to speak thy name; 
I would utter it for very love of thee; it is my desire that love 
should ever remind me to name thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.

Hail Mary, three times.

3. O Mother of Perpetual Help, thou art the dispenser of every 
grace that God grants us in our misery; it is for this cause that 
He hath made thee so powerful, so rich, so kind, that thou 
mightest assist us in our miseries. Thou art the advocate of the 
most wretched and abandoned sinners, if they but come unto thee; 
come once more to my assistance, for I commend myself to thee. In 
thy hands I place my eternal salvation; to thee I entrust my soul. 
Enroll me among thy most faithful servants; take me under thy 
protection and it is enough for me: yes, for if thou protect me, I 
shall fear nothing; not my sins, for thou wilt obtain for me their 
pardon and remission; not the evil spirits, for thou art mightier 
than all the powers of hell; not even Jesus, my Judge, for He is 
appeased by a single prayer from thee. I fear only that through my 
own negligence I may forget to recommend myself to thee and so I 
shall be lost. My dear Lady, obtain for me the forgiveness of my 
sins, love for Jesus, final perseverance and the grace to have 
recourse to thee at all times, O Mother of Perpetual Help.

Hail Mary, three times.


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