1/14 The episcopal ordination of Msgr. Leonardo D’Ascenzo, the Archbishop of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie

“I expand the circle, and, like a fisherman, I catch those who must serve Me for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”

Msgr. Leonardo D’Ascenzo, the Archbishop of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie
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On Sunday January 14,  2018, at 4:30 p.m., at the sports hall “S. Bandinelli “in Velletri, there was the Eucharistic Celebration for the Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. Leonardo D’Ascenzo who was elected Archbishop of our Diocese (Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie).

The celebration was presided by Msgr. Vincenzo Apicella, bishop of Velletri-Segni (the main officiator) and by numerous bishops of Lazio and Puglia, including the Archbishop of Bari, Msgr. Francesco Cacucci and the bishop of Anagni-Alatri Msgr. Lorenzo Loppa, serving as co-consecrators.

All the liturgy of ordination was sober, authoritative and full of emotions, and after the imposition of hands and the prayer of ordination, Msgr. Apicella oiled Msgr. Leonardo with the Sacred Chrism and with great emotion by all there was the delivery of the Gospel, of the ring, of the miter, and of the pastoral.

The rite ended with the first blessing of Msgr. Leonardo, who with great amazement and general emotion, made himself small among us climbing up the terraces of the sports hall to symbolically embrace all of us.

The harvest is plentiful. This is the expression that I chose as my motto after the announcement of my appointment as archbishop of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie. It is the expression that more than any other recurs in pastoral work for vocations, the area that characterized in particular my priestly ministry. It is the expression that marked my whole story”. Those were the first words of thanksgiving that the newly ordained Archbishop Leonardo D’Ascenzo said in his greeting at the celebration.

“You can imagine how I was deeply surprised – Msgr. D’Ascenzo continued – when I learned that the readings of tonight would have been those that are considered texts with an evident vocational content.  Reflecting on this Word of God, I was able to get some of my similarities with the biblical character of Samuel in particular his ability to return to sleep at least three times after being awakened during the night. Like him, I’m very good at sleeping, I think I look like him. I hope to be like him in the availability to the call, in the capacity to grow and not to let a single Word of the Lord fall into emptiness”. Archbishop D’Ascenzo stole a smile and applause with a frank and reassuring air that convinced the more than 1500 participants in the celebration at the sports hall.

Moreover, also Bishop Apicella in his homily mentioned the theme of vocation. He recalled that “the inscrutable mystery of the Trinity is the divine act par excellence. So for us Christians to transmit the Spirit of God, with the power of the Father and the Son in the inscrutable mystery of the Trinity, is the correct meaning of “tradition”.

That was the wish for don Leonardo, rector of the Seminary of Anagni, now called to lead the new community of Puglia. Bishop Apicella continued: “we often get confused between voices and bells: we seek the first places, the greetings in the squares, the titles, the honors, but we forget that Christ is the center, and that we as disciples must make us small, servants, and occupy the last place. It is an apprenticeship that lasts a lifetime. Precisely in the logic of the parish, Don Leonardo could experience that the logic of service is the meaning of life”. Bishop Apicella concluded: “Don Leonardo is a true man, that is, he loves the truth, even if it is inconvenient, he tells the truth, he does the truth. We are sure that he will be a true shepherd for the people who is awaiting him and we wish him in his presbytery as many priests as those he educated in the Seminary of Anagni. ”

“We will walk together, in communion, in search of what God has in His heart for us, a portion of His people at the school of the Gospel. Supported by the Eucharist, we trust in the maternal intercession of Mary, Mother of Graces, to be the beginning of a renewed experience with Jesus”. The  new ordained archbishop concluded with those words taking leave of the assembly.

At the end of his episcopal ordination, Msgr. D’Ascenzo greeted his community of origin and all those who had been close to him in these years, his whole family, in particular his father Giairo. Almost all the 19 bishops of Puglia were present, about 700 representatives of the Church of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie, as well as civil authorities and mayors. Archbishop D’Ascenzo will officially enter the Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie on January 27.

The celebration, thanks to the descent of the Holy Spirit, was enriched with love. It gripped the new Bishop and his faithful in an embrace so rich in love that we cried with joy.

We thank the Lord for this great gift that He has given us. May He bless, enlighten and protect our Shepherd in sharing his life with ours.

It is our necessary duty, as sons and daughters of the Divine Will, to commit ourselves to pray for our new Archbishop Leonardo, so that he can, as his predecessors did  (Bishops Carata, Cassati and Pichierri), accompany the last stretch (we hope) of the journey for the beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. We are aware that God, in order to carry out His work, uses His ministers so that the Kingdom of the Divine Will  can spread and build up His Church, just as Jesus Himself told Luisa on January 18, 1928: “My daughter, all of my works hold hands, and this is the sign that they are my works – that one does not oppose the other; on the contrary, they are so bound among themselves, that they sustain one another… With my coming upon earth, I did not destroy Sacred Scriptures; on the contrary, I supported them; and my Gospel, which I announced, opposed them in nothing; on the contrary, they sustained each other in an admirable way. And in forming the new nascent Church, I formed the new priesthood, which does not detach itself either from Sacred Scriptures or from the Gospel. All are intent upon them…Now, that which I manifest on my Divine Will, and which you write, can be called ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will’. In nothing does It oppose either Sacred Scriptures or the Gospel which I announced while being on earth; on the contrary, It can be called the support of one and of the other. And this is why I allow and I call priests to come – to read the Gospel, all of Heaven, of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, so as to say, as I said to the Apostles: ‘Preach It throughout the whole world.’ In fact, in my works I make use of the priesthood; and just as I had the priesthood before my coming in order to prepare the people, and the priesthood of my Church in order to confirm my coming and everything I did and said, so will I have the priesthood of the Kingdom of my Will…

And I enjoy that more of my ministers get to know that there is this treasure so great, of making known the Kingdom of my Divine Will; and I use this to form the first priests of my coming Kingdom of my Fiat. My daughter, it is a great necessity to form the first priests; they will serve Me like the Apostles served Me to form my Church; and the ones who will occupy themselves with these writings in order to publish them, putting them out to print them – to make them known, will be the new evangelists of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will… Therefore, in these circumstances I expand the circle, and, like a fisherman, I catch those who must serve Me for a Kingdom so holy. Therefore, let Me do, and do not be worried.”




Giuseppina Ferri


20 C + M + B 18 

May Christ bless this House 

All who dwell and pray in it… 

And All Whom they Welcome in His Name 



Saturday, January 6. A.D. 2018 Traditional 

Sunday, January 7. A.D. 2018 New 

Epiphany, the 12th day after Christmas, celebrates the visit of the three kings or wise men to the Christ Child, signifying the extension of salvation to the Gentiles. 


  1. On entering the house the Magi found the child Jesus with Mary his mother.
  2. They did him homage and presented to Jesus symbolic gifts: gold to the great king, incense to the true God, and myrrh as a foreshadowing of his suffering and death.

Let us pray, 

God, our Father, by the guidance of a star, you revealed your only Son as the Savior of all nations. 

Grant that we who already know you by faith, may be brought to the contemplation of your glory in our heavenly home. We ask this through Christ your Son Our Lord. Amen. 

All may recite the Canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary (The MAGNIFICAT) by which Mary praised God at the time of her Visitation to the house of Elizabeth.( Luke 1:46-55.) 

  1. V. Be enlightened, O Jerusalem, and shine forth for your light has come.
  2. R. And upon you is risen the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.
  3. All nations shall walk in your light and kings in the splendor of your birth.
  4. And upon you is risen the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.

Reading of the Gospel for the Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord. (Matthew 2:112) 

  1. Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, has appeared and been revealed to the nations.
  2. The prophets foretold his coming, and the angels and shepherds adored him.
  3. The Magi rejoiced to find him and they lay their treasures before him.
  4. All you nations and peoples, come and adore him.

All recite the OUR FATHER as the rooms of the house are sprinkled with holy water. 

Let us pray. 

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have received all benefits. 

Come, visit and bless + this house so that it may be a shelter of health, chastity, self-conquest, humility, goodness, mildness, obedience to the Commandments, – and thanksgiving to God, – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. 

May the love and blessings of God, + The Father, and + The Son, and + The Holy Spirit, descend 

upon this house, all those who reside within it, and upon all those whom they welcome in the Name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And may God’s grace and peace remain with all of them forever. Amen. 

The initials of the names ascribed by tradition to the Magi (Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar), and the numerals of the current year are written with the blessed chalk upon the entry doors of the house in the following manner: 

20 C + M + B 18 

Some interpret the letters to stand for 

Christus Mansioni Benedicat! 

May Christ bless this house! 

Luisa, the simple dove of Jesus

Volume 2; September 9, 1899
Faith, Hope and Charity.  The soul, royal palace of God.

Jesus continues to come, but with an appearance all new.  It seemed that the trunk of a tree was coming out of His blessed Heart, which contained three distinct roots.  This trunk was leaning out of His Heart into mine, and coming out of my heart, it formed many beautiful branches, loaded with flowers, with fruits, with pearls and precious stones, shining like most refulgent stars.  Now, seeing Himself in the shade of this tree, my loving Jesus was all amused; more so, since many pearls were falling from the tree, forming a beautiful ornament for His Most Holy Humanity.  While He was in this position, He told me:  “Dearest daughter of mine, the three roots that you see, which this tree contains, are Faith, Hope and Charity.  The fact that you see this trunk coming out of Me and entering into your heart means that there is no good that souls possess which does not come from Me.  So, after Faith, Hope and Charity, the first development that this trunk does is to make known that everything good comes from God, that creatures have nothing of their own but their nothingness, and that this nothingness does nothing other than give Me the freedom to enter into them and do what I want.  But there are other ‘nothings’ – that is, other souls – who make opposition with their own free will; so, because this knowledge is lacking, the trunk produces neither branches, nor fruits, nor anything else that is good.  The branches that this tree contains, with all the apparatus of flowers, fruits, pearls and precious stones, are all the different virtues that a soul can possess.  Now, who has given life to such a beautiful tree?  Certainly the roots.  This means that Faith, Hope and Charity embrace everything and contain all virtues; so much so, that they are placed there as the base and foundation of the tree, and without them no other virtue can be produced.”

I also understood that the flowers signify the virtues; the fruits, sufferings; the precious stones and pearls, suffering only out of pure love for God.  This is why those pearls which were falling formed that beautiful ornament for Our Lord.

Now, while sitting in the shade of this tree, Jesus looked at me with tenderness, all paternal, and taken by a surge of love, such that it seemed He could not contain it within Himself, He embraced me tightly and began to say:  “How beautiful you are!  You are my simple dove, my beloved dwelling, my living temple, in which I am pleased to delight united with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Your continuous languishing for Me relieves Me and refreshes Me from the continuous offenses that creatures give Me.  Know that the love I have for you is so great that I am forced to hide it in part, so that you may not become insane, but may live.  In fact, if I showed it to you, you would not only become insane, but would not be able to continue to live; your weak nature would be consumed by the flames of my love.”  While He was saying this, I felt all confused and annihilated, and I felt myself sinking into the abyss of my nothingness, because I saw myself all imperfect; especially, I noted my ingratitude and coldness at the so many graces that the Lord gives me.  But I hope that everything will be for His glory and honor, hoping, with firm confidence, that in an effort of His love He may want to conquer my hardness.


Volume 4; November 22, 1901
The self carries the mark of all ruin, while without the self everything is safety.

After going through most bitter days of tears, of privation and of silence, my poor heart can bear no more.  The torment of being outside of my center, God, is so great, that I am continuously battered amid dense waves of a fierce storm in a state of strong violence, such that I suffer death at each moment, and, what’s more, I cannot die.

As I was in this position, He made Himself seen for a little while and told me:  “My daughter, when a soul does the will of someone else in everything, it is said that she has trust in that person, therefore she lives from someone else’s volition, and not from her own.  In the same way, when the soul does my Will in everything, I say that she has faith.  So, Divine Will and faith are branches produced by the same trunk; and since faith is simple, faith and Divine Will produce a third branch, that of simplicity.  And here is how the soul comes to reacquire the characteristics of a dove in everything.  Don’t you want, then, to be my dove?”

On another occasion, another day He told me:  “My daughter, pearls, gold, gems, the most precious things, are kept in good custody inside some safe, and with double locks.  What do you fear, then, if I keep you in good custody inside the safe of holy obedience – most safe custody, in which, not one, but two keys keep the door well closed so as to preclude the entrance of any thief, and even of a shadow of any defect?  Only the self carries the mark of all ruin, but without the self everything is safety.”


Volume 12; May 23, 1918
The flights of the soul in the Divine Will.

This morning my sweet Jesus did not come, and I spent it amid sighs, anxieties and bitternesses, but all immersed in His Will.  As the night came, I could not take any more, and I kept calling Him over and over again.  My eyes could not close, I felt restless – I wanted Jesus at any cost.  At that point He came, and said to me:  “My dove, who can say to you the flights that you take in my Will, the space that you cover, the air that you swallow?  No one, no one – not even you would be able to say it.  I alone – I alone can say it; I, who measure the fibers; I, who number the flights of your thoughts, of your heartbeats; and as you fly, I see the hearts that you touch.  But, do not stop – fly to more hearts, and knock, again and again; and fly over again, and on your wings bring my ‘I love you’ to more hearts, to make Me loved; and then, in one single flight, come to my Heart to take refreshment, to then start again more rapid flights.  I amuse Myself with my dove, and I call the Angels and my little Mama to amuse themselves with Me.  But, you know?  I am not telling you everything; the rest I will tell you in Heaven.  Oh! how many surprising things I will tell you.”

Then He placed His hand on my forehead and added:  “I leave you the shadow of my Will, the breath of my Volition.  Sleep.”  And I fell asleep.


Volume 16; October 30, 1923
The soul who lives in the Divine Will is nourished by the flames of Jesus.  She must be filtered through the most pure light of the Divine Will, and must be exposed to the rays of Its burning and eternal sun, so as to be deified in God.

I live always embittered and with my heart petrified by the pain of the privation of my sweet Jesus.  I feel I am without life, because the One who is true life is not with me.  Oh! how often I repeat:  ‘Tell me, O my only and highest Good, where did You direct your steps, so that, by following them, I may find You?  Ah! from afar I kiss those hands of yours which, with so much love, used to embrace me and press me to your Heart.  I adore and kiss that face which, so much grace and beauty, would let itself be seen by me, and now it hides and is far away from me.  Tell me, where are You?  Which way should I take so as to come and reach You?  Tell me, what should I do?  Where have I offended You, that You run far away from me?  Yet, You told me that You would never leave me – and now You leave me?  Ah! Jesus, Jesus, come back to the one who cannot live without You, to your little daughter, to the poor exiled one.’

But who can say all my laments and the nonsense I spoke?  Then, in the meantime, I felt I was losing consciousness, and I saw a dove, all afire, which was agonizing, and someone near it who, with his burning breath, was feeding the dove with his flames in order to nourish it, preventing it from taking any other food, holding it tightly and so close to his mouth, that it could do nothing other than breathe and swallow the flames which came from him.  And the poor dove agonized and turned into those flames with which it was nourished.  I was surprised in seeing this, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, why do you fear that I might leave you?  In order to leave you, I should leave Myself, which I cannot do.  As much power as I have, I do not have the power to detach from Myself.  The same for one who does my Will:  since he becomes inseparable from Me, I lack the power to detach from him; not only this, but I keep nourishing him with my own flames.  Have you not seen that dove, all afire?  It was the image of your soul, and the one who was feeding it with his burning breath was I, who delight so much in nourishing one who lives in my Will with only the flames unleashed by my Heart, through my breath.

Don’t you know that one who lives in my Will must be filtered through Its most pure light?  And to be filtered is more than to be put under a press, because even though the press smashes everything to pieces, it lets everything out – skin and seeds, which settle down at the bottom and leave always something cloudy.  On the other hand, when something is filtered, especially then, if it is filtered through the thick light of my Will, there is no danger that it might deposit something cloudy; rather, everything is clear, similar to the clearness of the light through which it has been filtered.  And this is a great honor for the soul who lives in my Will – that whether she thinks, speaks, loves, etc., my Will takes on the commitment to filter whatever she does through Its most pure light.  And this is necessary, so that in everything she does, there may be no distinction from what We do, but all things may hold hands and share their likeness.”

Now, as He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, inside a garden, and, tired, I sat down under a tree to rest.  But the rays of the sun darted through me in such a way that I felt I was burning.  I wanted to go under some other tree, a thicker one, which would produce more shade, so as not to be hurt by the sun; but a voice (it seems to me that it was my beloved Jesus) prevented me from doing so, saying:  “One who lives in my Will must be exposed to the rays of the burning and eternal sun, in order to live of light, see nothing but light, and touch nothing but light.  This leads to the deification of the soul.  Only when the soul is all deified in God – then can it be said that she lives in my Will.  Rather, come out from under this tree and stroll in this Celestial Eden of my Will, so that, scanning you thoroughly, the sun may convert you into light, and may give you the final brush stroke of the deification in God.”  I began to stroll, but as I was doing this, obedience called me back into myself.


Volume 19; June 20, 1926
“Ecce Homo”.  Jesus felt as many deaths for as many as were those who cried out:  “Crucify Him!”  One who lives in the Divine Will takes the fruit of the pains of Jesus.  The ideal of Jesus in Creation was the Kingdom of His Will in souls.

After going through most bitter days because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, I felt I could take no more; I moaned under a press that crushed my soul and body, and I longed for my Celestial Fatherland, in which not even for one instant would I be without the One who is all my life and my highest and only Good.  Then, when I reduced myself to the extremes without Jesus, I felt myself being filled completely with Him, in such a way that I remained like a veil that covered Him.  And since I was thinking about the pains of His Passion and accompanying Him, especially in the act in which Pilate showed Him to the people, saying, ‘Ecce Homo’, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, as Pilate said ‘Ecce Homo’, all cried out:  ‘Crucify Him, crucify Him – we want Him dead!’  And so did my very Celestial Father and my inseparable and pierced Mama, and not only those who were present, but all the absent and all generations, past and future.  And if someone did not say it with words, he said it with facts, because there was not a single one who said he wanted Me alive, and to keep silent is confirmation of what others want.

This cry of death from all was so very painful for Me; I felt as many deaths for as many as were the people who cried out:  ‘Crucify Him!’  I felt as though drowned with pains and with death; more so, since I could see that each death of mine would not bring life to each one, and those who received life because of my death would not receive all the complete fruit of my Passion and Death.  My sorrow was so great, that my moaning Humanity was about to succumb and breathe Its last; but while I was dying, with Its all-seeingness my Supreme Will made present to my dying Humanity all those who would let the Eternal Volition reign in them with absolute dominion, who would take the complete fruit of my Passion and Death.  Among them there was my dear Mother, as their head.  She took all the deposit of all my goods and of the fruits contained in my Life, Passion and Death – not even one breath of mine did She allow to be lost, nor did She fail to keep its precious fruit in Her custody.  And from Her they were to be transmitted to the little newborn of my Will and to all those in whom the Supreme Volition would have Its Life and Its Kingdom.

When my extinguishing Humanity saw the complete fruit of my Life, Passion and Death placed in safety and secured, It was able to resume and continue the course of Its sorrowful Passion.  So, it is my Will alone that brings all the fullness of my goods and the complete fruit contained in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Wherever It reigns, Our works are all full of life – nothing is halved or incomplete; while where It does not reign, even if some virtues were present, everything is misery, everything incomplete, and if they produce any fruit at all, it is unripe and without maturity.  And if they take the fruits of my Redemption, they take them with measure and without abundance, therefore they grow as weak, sick and feverish; and if they do a little bit of good, they do it strained and they feel crushed under the weight of that bit of good that they do.  On the other hand, my Will empties the human will and in that void It places the divine strength and the life of good.  Therefore, one who lets It reign within herself does good without strain, and the life she contains leads her to operate good with an irresistible strength.  So, my Humanity found life in my Passion and Death, and in those in whom my Will would reign; therefore Creation and Redemption will always be incomplete until my Will has Its Kingdom in souls.”

After this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, followed everything I did with His gaze.  And since He saw that all my acts identified with His, and by virtue of the Supreme Will, they followed the same course as His acts, and repeated the same good and the same glory for our Celestial Father, taken by emphasis of love He clasped me to His Heart and told me:  “My daughter, even though you are little and newly born in my Will, and you live in the Kingdom of my Will, your littleness is my triumph; and when I see you operate in It I find Myself in the Kingdom of my Will like a king who has fought a long war.  Since his ideal was victory, in seeing himself victorious he feels cheered of the bloody battle, from the hardships suffered and from the wounds still impressed on his person, and his triumph is formed as he sees himself surrounded by the conquests he has made.  The king wants to look at everything, his gaze wants to delight in the kingdom conquered, and, triumphant, he smiles and makes feast.

So I am.  My ideal in Creation was the Kingdom of my Will in the soul of the creature; my primary purpose was to make of man the image of the Divine Trinity by virtue of the fulfillment of my Will upon him.  But as man withdrew from It, I lost my Kingdom in him, and for as long as six thousand years I had to sustain a long battle.  But, long as it has been, I have not dismissed my ideal and my primary purpose, nor will I dismiss it; and if I came in Redemption, I came to realize my ideal and my primary purpose – that is, the Kingdom of my Will in souls.  This is so true, that in order to come, I formed my first Kingdom of the Supreme Volition in the Heart of my Immaculate Mama – outside of my Kingdom I would never have come upon earth.  Then I suffered hardships and pains, I was wounded and killed at last, but the Kingdom of my Will was not realized; I laid the foundations, I made some preparations, but the bloody battle between the human will and the Divine has yet continued.

Now, my little daughter, when I see you operate in the Kingdom of my Will and, as you operate, Its Kingdom is established more and more in you, I feel victorious in my long battle and everything around Me takes the attitude of triumph and feast.  My pains, the hardships, the wounds, smile at Me, and my very death gives Me back the life of my Will in you.  So I feel victorious in Creation and in Redemption; even more, they serve to form the long rounds for the newborn of my Will – her rapid flights, her endless strolls in the Kingdom of my Will.  And so I boast in triumph, and delighting, I follow with my gaze all the steps and acts of my little daughter.

See, all have their ideal, and when they realize it, only then are they content.  The little baby also has his ideal – to attach himself to the breast of his mama – and while he cries and sobs, as soon as his mama opens her lap to him, the baby stops crying, takes on a smile, and flinging himself, he attaches himself to the breast of his mama and, victorious, he suckles and suckles until he is full; and while he suckles, triumphant, he takes his sweet sleep.  So I am.  After long crying, when I see the lap of a soul who opens the doors to Me, to give place to the Kingdom of my Will, my tears stop, and flinging Myself onto her lap, I attach Myself to her, and suckling her love and the fruits of the Kingdom of my Will, I take my sweet sleep and I rest victorious.  Even the tiny little bird – its ideal is the seed, and when it sees it, it beats its wings, it runs, hurls itself over the seed; victorious, it grabs it with its beak and, triumphant, it continues its flight.  So I am.  I fly and fly, I go round and round to form the Kingdom of my Will in the soul, that she may form for Me the seed to nourish Me, because I use no other food but that which is formed in my Kingdom; and when I see this celestial seed, more than little bird, I fly to make of it my food.

So, for each, everything is in realizing the ideal one has set for himself.  This is why, when I see you operate in the Kingdom of my Will, I see my ideal realized, and I feel repaid for the work of Creation and Redemption, and the triumph of my Will established in you.  Therefore be attentive, and let the victory of your Jesus be permanent in you.”

Then after this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and, all tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, tell Me, what about your ideal, your purpose – what is it?”  And I:  ‘My love, Jesus, my ideal is to fulfill your Will, and all my purpose is to reach the point at which no thought, word, heartbeat and work of mine may ever go out of the Kingdom of your Supreme Will; even more, in It may they be conceived, nourished, raised and form their life, and if needed, also their death, though I know that in your Will no act dies, but once it is born it lives eternally.  So, it is the Kingdom of your Will in my poor soul that I long for, and this is all my ideal and my primary and ultimate purpose.’  And Jesus, all love and making feast, added:  “My daughter, so, my ideal and yours are one, and therefore one is our purpose.  Brava, brava, the little daughter of my Will!  And since your ideal and mine are one, you too have sustained the battle of long years to conquer the Kingdom of my Will.  You had to endure pains, privations, and have been even a prisoner in your little room, bound to your little bed, to conquer that Kingdom so much wanted and longed for by Me and by you.  It cost much to both of us, and now we are both triumphant and conquerors.  So, you too are the little queen in the Kingdom of my Will, and even though little, you are always queen because you are the daughter of the great King – of our Celestial Father.  Therefore, as conqueror of a Kingdom so great, take possession of all Creation, of all Redemption and of all Heaven – everything is yours, because your rights of possession extend wherever my Will reigns as whole and permanent.  All are waiting for you to give you the honors that befit your victory.

You too are the little baby who has so much cried and longed for her Jesus.  But as soon as you have seen Me your tears have stopped, and flinging yourself onto my lap, you have attached yourself to my breast and, victorious, you have suckled my Will and my love.  As though in triumph, you have taken rest in my very arms, and I rocked you so that your sleep might be longer, and I might enjoy my newborn in my own arms; and, triumphant, I extended the Kingdom of my Will in you.  Also, you are the tiny little dove that has gone around and around Me, and while I spoke to you about my Will, manifesting to you the knowledges about It, Its goods, Its prodigies and even Its sorrow, you beat your wings, and hurling yourself over the many seeds I placed before you, you grabbed them with your beak and, triumphant, you continued your flight around Me, waiting for more seeds of my Will which I would place before you.  And, again, grabbing them with your beak, you nourished yourself and, victorious, continued your flight, manifesting the Kingdom of my Will.  So, my prerogatives are yours, my Kingdom and yours are one; we have suffered together – it is right that together we enjoy our conquests.”

I remained surprised on hearing this, and I thought to myself:  ‘But, is it really true that in my poor soul there is this Kingdom of the Supreme Will?’  I felt all confused, and if I wrote this, I did it to obey.  But, as I am writing, Jesus has surprised me, and coming out from within my interior He has thrown His arms around my neck, squeezing me so very tightly, to the point that I could not write any more because my poor head was no longer in me.  But immediately Jesus disappeared, and I continue writing….

So, while I was afraid, Jesus told me:  “My daughter, my Celestial Mama was able to give Me to others because She conceived Me within Herself, She raised Me and nourished Me.  No one can give something he does not have, and if She gave Me to the other creatures it was because She possessed Me.  Now, I would never have told you so much about my Will had I not wanted to form Its Kingdom in you; nor would you have loved It so much had It not been yours.  The things that are not one’s own are kept reluctantly, and cause bother and weight.  Had you not had the springing fount of the Kingdom of my Will within you, you would not have been able to repeat what I have told you, nor put it on paper; lacking the possession, you would lack the light and the love to manifest it.  So, if the Sun shines in you, and with Its rays It feeds you the words, the knowledges, and how It wants to reign, it is a sign that you possess It, and therefore your task is to make It known, just as the task of the Sovereign Queen was to make Me known and to give Me for the salvation of all.”

1/3. Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

What a beautiful time to pray the Rosary!

Joyful Mysteries
Luminous Mysteries
Sorrowful Mysteries
Glorious Mysteries 

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Day Twenty-Three:

The Blessed Mother to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

… Now, dear daughter (Luisa), you must know that the eighth day arrived after the Celestial Baby (Jesus) had been Born to the light of the day, and the Divine Fiat sounded the hour of sorrow, commanding us (the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph) to circumcise the charming Little Baby (Jesus). It was a most painful cut which Little Jesus was to undergo. It was the law of those times that all the firstborn had to undergo this painful cut. It can be called the law of sin, but My (the Blessed Mother’s) (Son (Jesus) was Innocent and His Law was the Law of Love; but in spite of this, because He (Jesus) came to find, not the man-king, but the man degraded, in order to make Himself his brother and to elevate him, He wanted to lower Himself, and He submitted Himself to the law.

My daughter, Saint Joseph and I felt a shiver of pain, but intrepid and without hesitating, we called the minister and we had Him circumcised with a most painful cut. At the bitter pain, Baby Jesus cried and flung Himself into My arms, asking for My Help. Saint Joseph and I mixed our tears with His; we (the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph) gathered the First Blood shed by Jesus for Love of creatures, and we gave Him the Name of Jesus—Powerful Name, which was to make Heaven and earth tremble, and even hell; a Name which was to be Balm, Defense, Help for every heart. …

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Meditation Two:

The Blessed Mother to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

Now, you must know that only eight days had passed from the Birth of the Divine Infant. Everything was Feast and Happiness; the very Creation, taking a festive attitude, celebrated the Baby Creator. But duty interrupted Our Joys, because in those times there was a law that all firstborn sons were to undergo the harsh cut of circumcision. My Heart of Mother bled with Sorrow in having to submit My Dear Son, My Life, My own Creator, to such a Bitter Pain. O! How I would have wanted to take His place. But the Supreme Volition imposed Itself on My Love, and giving Me Heroism, Commanded Me to circumcise the Baby God. My daughter, you cannot comprehend how much it cost Me; but the Divine Fiat won, and I obeyed, united with Saint Joseph. In mutual agreement, we had My Dear Son circumcised. At the painful cut, I felt My Heart being torn, and I cried. Saint Joseph cried, and My Dear Baby sobbed, and His Pain was such that He shivered, and looking at me, He sought help in Me. What an hour of Pain and of spasm for the three of us. It was such that, more than sea, it engulfed all creatures, to bring to them the First Pledge and the very Life of My Son, in order to place them in safety.

Now, blessed daughter, you must know that this cut enclosed Profound Mysteries: first, it was the Seal that impressed in the Little Humanity of the Celestial Baby His brotherhood with the whole human family; and the Blood that He Shed was the first disbursement before Divine Justice in order to Ransom all human generations. The Dear Baby was Innocent, He was not obliged to the law; but He wanted to submit Himself—first, to give the example; and then, to infuse Trust, Courage, and say to all: “Do not fear; I am a Little Brother of yours, similar to you. Let us Love one another, and I will place you all in safety; I will bring you all to My Celestial Father, as My dear brothers.”

My daughter, what an example the Celestial Baby gives: He, who is the Author of the law, Obeys the law. He is Born only eight days ago, and He makes it a duty for Himself, and submits Himself to the harsh cut of circumcision; an indelible cut—as indelible as the Union He came to form with degraded humanity. This says that Sanctity is in doing one’s own duty, in the observance of the laws, and in fulfilling the Divine Will. Sanctity without duty does not exist. It is duty that places Order, Harmony, and the Seal on Sanctity.

Furthermore, My daughter, you must know that as Adam withdrew from the Divine Will, after his brief Life of Innocence, his human will remained wounded, more than by a deadly knife, and through this wound entered sin and passions. He lost the Beautiful Day of the Divine Will, and degraded himself so much as to arouse pity. And My Dear Son, after the Joys of His Birth, wanted to be circumcised, so that this, His Wound, might heal the wound that Adam did to himself by doing his own will; and with His Blood, He prepared for him the Bath to Wash him of all his sins, to Fortify him, to Embellish him, in such a way as to render him Worthy to receive again that Divine Will he had rejected, which formed his Sanctity and his Happiness. Daughter, there was not one Work or Pain that He suffered, which did not seek to Reorder again the Divine Will in the creatures.

Therefore, in all circumstances, even painful and humiliating, may you take to heart doing the Divine Will in everything, because they are the raw material in which It hides in order to Operate in the creature, so as to let her acquire Its Life Acting in the creature.

Now, dearest daughter (Luisa), in so much Sorrow, the Most Beautiful Joy arises, such as to stop our tears. As He (Jesus) was circumcised, we (the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph) gave Him the Most Holy Name of Jesus, wanted by the Angel. In pronouncing this Most Holy Name, the Joy, the Contentment, was such as to sweeten our Sorrow. More so, since in this Name (Jesus), whoever wanted to, would find Balm for his pains, the Defense in dangers, the Victory in temptations, the Hand so as not to fall into sin, the Medicine for all his evils. This Most Holy Name of Jesus makes hell tremble; the Angels revere It, and It sounds Sweet to the ear of the Celestial Father. Before this Name, all bow down and adore. Powerful Name, Holy Name, Great Name; whoever invokes It with faith will feel the Marvels, the Miraculous Secret of the Virtue of this Most Holy Name.

Now, My daughter, I (the Blessed Mother) recommend to you (Luisa): always pronounce this Name, “Jesus.” When you see that your human will, weak, vacillating, hesitates in doing the Divine, the Name of Jesus will make it Rise Again for you in the Divine Fiat. If you are oppressed, call upon Jesus; if you work, call upon Jesus; if you sleep, call upon Jesus; and when you wake up, may your first word be “Jesus.” Call Him always; it is a Name that contains Seas of Grace, but which He gives to those who call Him and love Him.


Book of Heaven
The Call of the Creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose
for which He was Created by God
Volume 30 – January 3, 1932

Certainty of the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  How all difficulties will melt like snow before a burning sun.  The human will is the dark room of the creature.

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

My abandonment continues in the Divine Fiat, but I felt worried by the thought:  “How will this Kingdom of the Divine Will ever be able to come?  Sin abounds, evils get worse, it seems to me that the creatures are not disposed to receive such a great Good; so much so, that there is not a soul, as good as they may be, who truly wants to occupy himself with making known what regards the Divine Will.  If God does not operate a prodigy of His Omnipotence, the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may be in Heaven, but as for the earth, it is useless to think about it.”

But while I was thinking of this and other things, my beloved Jesus, making His usual visit to my soul, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), everything is possible for Us (God).  The impossibilities, the difficulties, the insurmountable obstacles of creatures melt before Our Supreme Majesty like snow in front of a burning sun.  Everything is in whether We want it; all the rest is nothing.  Did the same not happen in Redemption?  Sin abounded more than ever; only a small group of people was awaiting the Messiah, and in the midst of this group, how many hypocrisies, how many sins of all kinds—they were often idolatrous.  But it was decreed that I was to come upon earth.  In the face of Our (Triune God) Decrees, all evils cannot prevent what We (God) want to do.  We (God) are glorified more by one act alone of Our Will than We are offended by all the evils and sins committed by creatures, because Our Act of the Will is Divine and immense, and in its Immensity it embraces all eternity, all centuries, it extends to all.  Therefore, it is not of Our infinite Wisdom not to give Life to even just one act of Our Will because of the evils of creatures.  We place Ourselves on Our Divine Side, and We do what We have to do; and the creatures We leave by their human side; and acting as Sovereigns, We lord it over everything and everyone, even over evil, and We put out Our Decrees.

“Now, just as My (Jesus’) Coming upon earth was Our (Triune God) Decree, so is Our (God’s) Decree the Kingdom of Our Will upon earth; even more, it can be said that one and the other are one single Decree, and having carried out the first act of this Decree, We are to carry out the second.  It is true that We pace Ourselves according to the good disposition of the creatures in order to give the great Good that an Act of Our Will can produce, and therefore at most We take time, and We make Our Way in the midst of their evils in order to dispose them.  It is true that the times are sad; the peoples themselves are tired, they see all the ways closed to them, they can find no way out even for the necessary natural means; the oppressions, the demands of the leaders are unbearable—just penalty, since they have elected as leaders godless men, of evil life, without a just right to be leaders, who deserved a prison more than the right of regime.  Many thrones and empires have been overthrown, and those few that are left are all vacillating and about to be overthrown.  So, the earth will remain almost without kings, in the hands of iniquitous men.

“Poor peoples, poor children of Mine—under the regime of men without pity, without heart, and without the grace to be able to act as guides for their subjects.  Indeed, the epoch of the Jewish people is being repeated, as they remained without a king when I was near to coming upon earth, and were under the dominion of an alien empire, of barbarous and idolatrous men who did not even know their Creator.  Yet, this was the sign of My nearing Coming into their midst.  That epoch and this one hold hands in many things, and the disappearance of thrones and empires is the announcement that the Kingdom of My Divine Will is not far.  It having to be a Universal, pacific Kingdom, there will be no need of kings to dominate It—each one will be king to himself.  My Will will be for them Law, Guide, Support, Life and absolute King of all and of each one; and all the arbitrary and rightless leaders will be shattered like dust in the wind.  The nations will continue to fight against one another—some by war, some by revolution, among themselves and against My Church.  They have a fire in their midst that devours them, that gives them no peace, and they can give no peace.  It is the fire of sin, and the fire of acting without God that gives them no peace; and they will never make peace if they do not call God into their midst, as regime and bond of Union and of Peace.  And I let them do, and I will make them touch with their own hands what it means to act without God.

“But this does not prevent the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat from coming; this is all creature’s stuff, of the low world, that My Power knocks down and disperses whenever it wants, and it makes the most serene sky and the most refulgent sun arise from the storm.  On the other hand, the Kingdom of My Divine Will is from on high, from the Heavens, formed and decreed in the midst of the Divine Persons—no one can touch It or disperse It.  First We will deal about It with one creature alone, forming the first Kingdom in her; then with few; and then, making use of Our Omnipotence, we will divulge It everywhere.  Be certain, do not worry because evils get worse; Our Power, Our winning Love that has the Virtue of always winning, Our Will that can do everything and, with invincible Patience, knows how to wait even for centuries—but what It wants and has to do is worth more than all the evils of creatures—in the face of Its invincible Power and Its infinite Value, their evils will be like little drops of water, like many trifles that will serve for the Triumph of Our Love and for the greater Glory of Our fulfilled Will.

“And then, when We have the great Glory of forming this Kingdom inside one creature alone, she will be like sun, such that all have the right to enjoy and possess its Light.  More than sun, she will give to all creatures the right to possess a Kingdom so holy; and We, with infinite Wisdom, will abound with Graces, with Light, with Helps, with surprising Means, so that they may let the Kingdom of My Will reign in their midst.  Therefore, let Me do; when it is your Jesus that has told you this, that’s enough—it is as though already done.  All evils and all creatures together have no power and no right over Our Will, nor can they prevent a single Act of Our Will, wanted by Decrees of Our Wisdom.”

Then, I continued to think about the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), My (God’s) Will is Light, the human will is the dark room in which the poor creature lives.  As My (God’s) Will enters into this dark room, it remains all invested by this Light that illumines everything, even the most remote and little hiding places of the soul.  It makes Itself Light of the thought, of the word, of the works, of the steps—but with a marvelous variety.  The thought takes on a variety of colors animated by the Light; the word takes on another variety of colors; the action, the step, other varieties of colors.  And as she (the soul) repeats the thought, the word, the action, the step, animated by the Light of My (God’s) Will, so are the hues of the Divine Colors formed; and the beauty of it is that they are all colors animated by Light.

O! how beautiful it is to see the creature animated by the Rainbow of Our (Triune God’s) Divine Colors—it is one of the most beautiful scenes that she (the creature) presents to Us (God) and makes Us enjoy.  We look at her and We see that those are nothing other that the reflection of Our Thoughts, of Our Actions, and so forth, that has formed that variety of Our Divine Colors; and Our Will makes display of Light in the acts of the creature who, with her sweet enchantment, enraptures Us and makes Us the Spectators of Our Acts; and—O! how We await with all Love the repetition of these scenes so beautiful and delightful.”

1/1 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Divine Motherhood

Letter #87 to Federico Abresch by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta


In Voluntate Dei – Fiat!

Most esteemed son in the Divine Volition,

Thank you for everything; may good Jesus reward you by dissolving you completely in the Divine Will, and by keeping your will as a footstool under His divine feet.  How happy you will feel, because by living together with the Divine Will, what is of Jesus and of the Queen Mama, is ours; ours His sanctity, His life, and the immense seas of His riches.  Jesus and the Queen feel happy, for They are not alone in their happiness and in the goods they possess, but have the children of the Fiat, who are also their children, to keep them company and live with them.  And what is more is that, if we lack something, They take to heart our sanctity; They compensate for us in everything; They give us their love and everything They have done as our courting and dowry, so that we may live with Them.  Therefore, by living in the Divine Will, everything is ours, and we can give everything to God.  Even more, every act of Will of God that we do, creates His Life in us, and we form the long generation of God in our acts.

Therefore, the thing that facilitates the most to live in the Divine Will, is to do whatever we can, and because God wants it; a Fiat is impressed in our act, and the Divine Life is formed.  By not living in the Divine Will, we prevent the divine generation in our acts, because He does not find in us the adaptable material in order to form His Life – that is, He does not find His sanctity, His virtues, to be able to generate.  How many Divine Lives repressed and not come to light, because the life of His Will is missing in the souls!  What pain, what unspeakable bitterness!  So, let us pray that the living in the Divine Will be known. . . .

Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, April 10, 1940