11/6 The good that the Hours of the Passion produce for Jesus and for the soul who does them.


Jesus’ voice led the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta to detachment from herself and from everyone. At about eighteen, from the balcony of her house in Via Nazario Sauro, she had a vision of Jesus suffering under the weight of the Cross, who raised his eyes to her saying: O soul, help Me! From that moment an insatiable longing to suffer for Jesus and for the salvation of souls was enkindled in Luisa.  

 Balcony of Luisa’s home at Via Nazario Sauro
now named Via Luisa Piccarreta
The Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta
is now located in Luisa’s former home on Via Luisa Piccarreta


Book of Heaven
11/6/14 – Vol. 11

The good that the Hours of the Passion produce for Jesus and for the soul who does them.

As I continued the usual Hours of the Passion, my adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, the world is in continuous act of renewing my Passion; and since my Immensity envelopes everything, inside and outside the creatures, I am forced to receive from their contact nails, thorns, scourges, scorns, spits and all the rest which I suffered in the Passion – and still more. Now, at the contact with souls who do these Hours of my Passion I feel the nails being removed, the thorns shattered, the wounds soothed, the spits taken away. I feel compensated by good for the evil that others do to Me. Feeling that their contact does not do harm to Me, but good, I lean more and more on them.”

Furthermore, returning to speak about these Hours of the Passion, blessed Jesus said: “My daughter, know that by doing these Hours the soul takes my thoughts and makes them her own; she takes my reparations, my prayers, desires, affections, and even my most intimate fibers and makes them her own. So, rising up between Heaven and earth, she does my same office, and as co-redemptrix, she says to Me: ‘Ecce ego, mitte me [Here I am, send me]. I want to repair for all, answer to You for all, and plead good for all.’”

11/5 The Tree of Life, rooted in the Heart of Jesus.

Book of Heaven
11/5/02 – Vol. 4

Mulberry Tree at  Torre Disperata
Luisa used to hide in its trunk when she was little in order to pray, unnoticed

      Nicola Piccarreta, Luisa’s father, was a worker on a farm that belonged to the Mastrorilli family. Luisa spent many years of her childhood and adolescence on that farm located at the middle of Via delle Murge in a neighborhood called Torre Disperata, 27 kilometers from Corato.
     In front of the old house on that farm, this impressive, centuries-old mulberry tree still stands, with the great hollow in its trunk where Luisa used to hide when she was little in order to pray, far from prying eyes.   

Book of Heaven
11/5/02 – Vol. 4

This morning my adorable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, and He seemed to have a tree planted in His Heart, and so rooted into It, that its roots arose from the center of His Heart. In sum, it seemed to be born together with It, with the same nature. I was amazed at seeing its beauty, strikingness and height, which seemed to touch the heavens; and its branches extended out to the farthest ends of the world. Now, on seeing me so amazed, blessed Jesus told me: “My daughter, this Tree was conceived together with Me, in the center of my Heart, and from that moment I felt in my inmost Heart all the good and the evil that man would do with this Tree of Redemption, called Tree of Life’. In fact, all those souls who remain united to this Tree will receive the life of grace in time, and when the Tree has raised them well, It will administer to them the life of glory in eternity. Yet, what is not my sorrow? Even though they cannot root out the Tree, nor can they touch the trunk, many try to cut some branches so that souls may not receive life, and to take away from Me all the glory and the pleasure that this Tree of Life would have produced for Me.” While saying this, He disappeared.

Luisa with the Tree of Life

12/25 Merry Christmas in the Most Holy Divine Will!

What a beautiful time to pray The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

Micah 5:2 :  “And thou Bethlehem Ephrata, art a little one among the thousands of Judah, out of thee shall He come forth unto Me that is to be the ruler in Israel: and His going forth is from the beginning, from the days of Eternity.”

The future ruler of Israel, will be born in Bethlehem,
a name that means “House of Bread”

Book of Heaven
The Call of the Creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose
for which He was Created by God
Volume 8 – December 25, 1908

How to make Jesus be born and grow in your hearts.

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

Finding myself in my usual state, I was longing for little Baby Jesus, and after many hardships, He made Himself seen in my interior as a little Baby, and told me: “My daughter (Luissa), the best way to make Me (Jesus) be born in one’s own heart, is to empty oneself of everything, because in finding empty space, I can place all My goods in it. And only then can I remain in it forever, if there is room to be able to carry all that belongs to Me, all that is My own. A person who went to live in the house of someone else, could be called happy only if he found empty space in which to be able to put all of his belongings; otherwise, he would be unhappy. So I am.

The second thing in order to make Me be born and to increase My happiness, is that everything the soul contains, both internal and external – everything, must be done for Me; everything must serve to honor Me, to execute My orders. If only one thing, one thought, one word, is not for Me, I feel unhappy, and while I should be the master, they make Me a slave. Can I tolerate all this?

The third one is heroic love, magnified love, love of sacrifice. These three loves make My happiness grow in a marvelous way, because they render the soul capable of works which are superior to her strengths, as she does them with my strength alone. They will expand her, by making not only her, but also others love Me. And she will reach the point of enduring anything, even death, in order to triumph in everything, and be able to say to Me: ‘I have nothing else; everything is only love for You.’ In this way, she will not only make Me be born, but will make Me grow, and will form a beautiful paradise in her heart.”

As He was saying this, I looked at Him, and from little, in one instant He became big, in such a way that I remained completely filled with Him. Then everything disappeared.


12/24 – The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will – Day Twenty-two

Preparation for Holy Christmas
The Nine Excesses of Love in the Incarnation of the Word

Journey to Bethlehem

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Day Twenty-two

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Little King Jesus is Born. The Angels point to Him and call the Shepherds to adore Him.
Heaven and Earth exult, and the Sun of the Eternal Word, following Its Course, dispels the Night of Sin and gives rise to the Full Day of Grace.
The Home of Bethlehem.


The soul to her Celestial Mama:

Today, Holy Mama, I feel an ardor of love, and I feel that I cannot be without coming onto Your Maternal knees to find the Celestial Little Baby in Your arms. His Beauty Enraptures me, His Gazes Wound me, His lips, in the Act of moaning and bursting into tears, capture my heart to love Him. My dearest Mama, I know that You Love me, and therefore I ask You to give me a little place in Your arms, so that I may give Him my first kiss, pour my heart into little King Jesus, and entrust to Him my interesting secrets, which so much oppress me. And in order to make Him smile, I will say to Him: “My will is Yours and Yours is mine; therefore, form in me the Kingdom of Your Divine Fiat.”


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven to her daughter:

My dearest daughter (Luisa), O! How I long for you to be in My (the Blessed Mother’s) arms, to have the great contentment of being able to say to our Little Baby King (Jesus): “Do not cry, My Pretty One. See, here with us is My little daughter, who wants to recognize You as King and give You Dominion in her soul, to let You lay the Kingdom of Your Will within her.”

Now, daughter of My Heart, while you are all intent on longing for the Little Child Jesus, pay attention and listen to Me. You must know that it was midnight when the Little Newborn King came out of My Maternal Womb. But the night turned into Day; He who was the Lord of Light put to flight the night of the human will, the night of sin, the night of all evils; and as the Sign of what He was doing in the order of souls, with His usual Omnipotent Fiat the midnight turned into Most Refulgent Daylight. All created things ran to sing Praise to their Creator in that Little Humanity. The sun ran to give its first kisses of light to Little Baby Jesus, and to warm Him with its heat; the ruling wind, with its waves, purified the air of the stable, and with its sweet moaning said to Him: “I love You”; the heavens were shaken from their very foundations; the earth exulted and trembled down to the abyss; the sea roared with its gigantic waves. In sum, all created things recognized that their Creator was now in their midst, and they all competed in singing His praises. The very Angels, forming light in the air, with melodious voices that could be heard by all, said: “Glory to God in the highest, and Peace on earth to men of Good Will. The Celestial Baby is now born in the grotto of Bethlehem, wrapped in poor swaddling clothes…”so much so, that the shepherds who were in vigil, listened to the Angelic voices and ran to visit the Little Divine King.

My dear daughter, continue to listen to Me. As I received Him into My arms and gave Him My first Kiss, I felt the need of Love to give something of My own to My Baby Son; and offering Him My Breast, I gave Him Abundant Milk—Milk formed in My Person by the Divine Fiat Itself, in order to Nourish Little King Jesus. But who can tell you what I experienced in doing this; and the Seas of Grace, of Love, of Sanctity, that My Son gave to Me in return? Then I wrapped Him in poor but clean little clothes, and I placed Him in the manger. This was His Will, and I could not do without executing It. But before doing this, I shared Him with dear Saint Joseph, placing Him in his arms; and—O! How he rejoiced. He pressed Him to his heart, and the Sweet Little Baby poured torrents of Grace into his soul. Then, together with Saint Joseph, we arranged a little hay in the manger, and detaching Him from My Maternal arms, I laid Him in it. And your Mama, enraptured by the Beauty of the Divine Infant, remained kneeling before Him most of the time. I put all My Seas of Love into motion, which the Divine Will had formed in Me, to Love Him, to Adore Him, and to Thank Him. And what did the Celestial Little Child do in the manger? A Continuous Act of the Will of Our Celestial Father, which was also His; and emitting moans and sighs, He wailed, cried and called to everyone, saying in His Loving Moans: “Come all of you, children of Mine; for Love of you I Am Born to Sorrow and to Tears. Come all of you, to know the Excess of My Love. Give Me shelter in your hearts.” And there was a coming and going of shepherds, who came to visit Him, and to all He gave His Sweet Gaze and His Smile of Love, amid His very Tears.

Now, My daughter, a little word to you: you must know that all My Joy was to hold My Dear Son Jesus on My lap, but the Divine Will made Me understand that I should place Him in the manger, at everyone’s disposal, so that whoever wanted to, could caress Him, kiss Him, and take Him in his arms, as if He were his own. He was the Little King of all, therefore they had the right to make of Him a sweet pledge of love. And I, in order to fulfill the Supreme Volition, deprived Myself of My innocent Joys, beginning, with Works and Sacrifices, the Office of Mother, of Giving Jesus to all. My daughter, the Divine Will is demanding and wants everything, even the sacrifice of the holiest things; and according to the circumstances, the great sacrifice of depriving oneself of Jesus Himself; but this, in order to extend Its Kingdom even more, and to multiply the Life of Jesus Himself. In fact, when the creature, out of love for Him, deprives herself of Him, her heroism and sacrifice is so great, as to have the virtue of producing a New Life of Jesus, to be able to form another dwelling for Jesus. Therefore, dear daughter (Luisa), be attentive and never, under any pretext, deny anything to the Divine Will.


The soul:

Holy Mama, Your Beautiful Lessons confound me; but if You want me to put them into practice, do not leave me alone, so that, when You see me succumb under the enormous weight of the Divine Privations, You may press me to Your Maternal Heart; and I will feel the Strength never to deny anything to the Divine Will.


Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come as many as three times to visit Little Baby Jesus, and to kiss His tiny little hands; and you will say to Him five acts of Love, to honor His Tears and to calm His Crying.


Ejaculatory Prayer:

Holy Mama, pour the Tears of Jesus into my heart, that He may dispose in me the Triumph of the Will of God.

Photo of the painting of Luisa’s vision
of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ